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  1. *Jaw his the floor* SHIPWRECKED IS THAT YOU!?! *Fangirl screams*
  2. Klei we need to talk...

    Legit I was hoping for a flying Trapeze skin from the circus collection for the drying racks...
  3. The thread topic is listed as BETA so I'd assume they're in the beta branch as well.
  4. Yes, which is why I included shots about the Turf as well. Because that is a condition as well. Depending on turf priority it may look like you're on the turf but not be and thus not growing nettles. Which is why the shot has a withered one as well. Wild nettles you can get lucky with and be able to harvest them during and near the end of a rainstorm after fog in the humid season, but thats about the only time you'll get wild nettle harvests.
  5. These are both very important points to notice. You MUST: Have Nettles planted on the Deep Jungle Turf (Natural) OR the Jungle Turf (player made) MUST have 3 days of CONTINUOUS water for them to bloom Also when planting nettles visually it can get a bit confusing depending on the turf priority to where they will grow. But TECHNICALLY speaking if you are using Geometric Placement as long as you're in the same square of turf that you put down, the nettles are good (they do not require fertilizer like grass does). Any placed outside that square will look withered and need to be dug up and moved (as seen in the image). The second Image I have is of my live Wagstaff file and I've had zero trouble growing nettles. As long as I put 2 manure in the sprinkler per day, I get 10 nettles every harvest. Edit for clarification: Both of these images were taken TODAY in the Hamlet_Interiors Beta branch.
  6. The gorge 2019

    The original roadmap was hoping to have the character revamps done I think by the end of this year. Now that they've pushed the roadmap back even further with the recent update. I'd expect Gorge 2 & Forge 3 (if they happen) to not take place till well into 2020 or 2021. Which surprised me cuz I hadn't thought of it that way. This was pointed out to me by my chat the other day so just passing the thought along!
  7. Indeed Warframe does this. It's referred to as TennoGen. They are community created cosmetics for the game, voted on by the community and implemented by the Warframe Developers. Then the creator of the skin and the developers both take a cut of the profits. These items are ONLY purchasable with IRL money though. So to apply this theory to Klei then we wouldn't be able to spool these NOR get them as daily/in game drops. Wanted to point that out before people would jump that bandwagon. These would be strictly Pay-to-have skins.
  8. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    So my take so far on Wheeler, (and i preface this with the fact I had a knee jerk reaction to NOT liking her kit at all and haven't played to much of her) The loss of 5 inventory slots, especially in the beginning is HUGE to me. Especially the fact that you have 2 custom items added to your inventory right off the bat, so you start with 8 slots. No more, no less. The dodge/dash seems clunky to me. But this may be simply for the fact that i'm not used to the timings yet. The main thing I noticed is the fact you have to stop moving to dash (or at least in my experience when playing her - not sure if its been changed yet). No unique crafting like Wagstaff - Personally after the Winona rework and the addition to Wagstaff, I'm already in the mindset that each character should have something unique to them to build. Maybe I was setting my hopes to high for the reworks from DST. Overall (in relation to my playstyle) there is nothing that draws me to her kit that makes me want to play her. But that being said, idk what I would change or suggest to change to fix that. I realize not every character is for every person and there are people who probably love her already. So for the time being I'm just going to say, I trust in Klei to do any fine tuning they feel necessary to Wheeler. But she's just not my cup of tea... Or "can of airhorn" as it is
  9. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    As someone who is literally as blind as Wagstaff without his glasses on. I don't understand the point of "hurting others with real life disabilities" statement. Blindness is a disability (and the varying degrees of blindness). Its just that we've normalized it so much in society people often forget it is a disability. And this is my personal opinion, I fell in love immediately with Wagstaff for the simple fact that "This is a character I can personally identify with" because of the struggle to see, miss-identify things and otherwise struggle with vision related tasks that others take for granted. Heck, even the concept of headwear being limited due to glasses is mirrored from real life. And those of you who do wear glasses know the struggle especially with winter hats and trying to keep your glasses straight on your head.
  10. I've honestly had issues for awhile getting the pig king event going as well. Maybe I misunderstood but I thought they said that this year the lunar event would go year round.
  11. Iron Hulk has hardly any payoff

    Another thing to keep in mind is the fact most "boss" monsters started their lives with little to no loot in Hamlet. Even the Ancient "HERALD" (not guardian cuz I'm a dummy sometimes ) didn't get loot until this recent beta branch. So don't count it as "non-rewarding" just yet imo.
  12. [Game Update] - 327257

    Legit was hoping for DST news today, but getting surprised with this is even better! Thank you guys for all the hard work you've been doing (got your plates full with DS/DST & ONI Lately) Can't wait to play around with all this new stuff tonight!
  13. I keep hopping for a trapeze rope drying rack (or something very similar...
  14. Legit the newer trap in hamlet (Looks like a small pig statue that rotates and shoots darts) was a mimic at first. I saw it and YEARS of D&D knowledge screamed in my brain so fast that i NOPED outta that room. Only to figure out it was a stationary dart trap later on...