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  1. Funny enough, my chat was asking me if I knew anything about when the woodie update was coming or the next update was dropping. Told them my guess was next week (and it was a complete random guess). Glad to see more stuff incoming! So hyped!
  2. Why you gotta tease me like that
  4. [Hotfix] - 355302

    AHHHHHH The push to experimental! YASSSSSS!
  5. Everything I've found out about the Early access look at Warly from streaming last night. Shoutout to those in my chat that were helping me figure all this out! <3
  6. Thank you for this. What I'd been doing was letting Fssh kill the assassin so I didn't get penalized by the people the assassin was friends with.
  7. I must be the oddball out when it comes to negotiations. I've been finding a good amount of luck with Hostility decks (Rip Overbear change though). I even upgrade Sal's Instincts into Hostile intentions for the consistent damage and the fact I can still add Influence if i need it. As for the battle deck. I tried a combo deck the other night and absolutely mopped the floor with the Shroog. Bleeds are nice and benefit from having allies, but the combo/counter deck I made wants you to be the sole bastion of defense. I think I was gaining 15/20 counter and block a turn with a few cards. Anything with a multi attack just murdered itself. Still can't wait for the possibility of a compendium so I can really start planning out ideas for decks. I've got certain cards I look for already. But I know I'm probably missing a power combo or two for both Battle & Negotiations.
  8. Ok so I wasn't the only one that saw that
  9. [Game Update] - 352774

    Ok, So world retrofitting works (at least for me). BUT I currently can't play the world. From what I can tell, its due to mods. So i'm going to give it 24-48 hrs for the authors to update things with this new patch before I panic. But holy jebus this update excites me! Ty for allowing me to keep my stream world !ScienceCity. If I disable all the mods the world loads but looks really wonky (I have some custom stuff in there, like Hamlet items/turf/etc that just show as a void). So, so far, so good! LMK if you guys want any information from me for my world for testing purposes (files, mod list, etc). But the instructions worked perfectly for anyone else reading this thread and wondering!
  10. Personally I kinda like the evoke cards. There's one in the negotiation deck I can't think of the name off the top of my head. But basically you play three hostility cards in a turn and you get to draw a free card. Combo this with Sal's Instincts (or its upgraded version) and this combo becomes even easier. Plus if I recall correctly these evoke cards activate EVEN if they're in your deck and you meet the condition (just not your discard pile). So for me they're rarely in my actual hand unless I happen to draw them on a turn. As for being dead cards in your hand. I know there's cards in the diplomatic decks that cause you to exhaust another card to play it (making these card's perfect targets if you want to thin your deck during a diplomacy fight). Idk maybe its my years playing card games but I enjoy the mechanic and the difficulty of the game. Especially knowing what combos I want to get for my deck and hoping I can maximize my chances of finding those cards. That's part of the strategy of the game, can I play in a way to maximize my chances to get certain cards (even with the RNG of it). Kinda like Slay the Spire, some runs are just stacked against you.
  11. AHHHHHHHH I'm so happy and I haven't even watched the short yet! Soon being today? or soon as in the future? Just curious
  12. *Jaw his the floor* SHIPWRECKED IS THAT YOU!?! *Fangirl screams*
  13. [Game Update] - 327257

    Legit was hoping for DST news today, but getting surprised with this is even better! Thank you guys for all the hard work you've been doing (got your plates full with DS/DST & ONI Lately) Can't wait to play around with all this new stuff tonight!
  14. [Game Update] - 319878

    Tagging @GLERMZ to see if he's noticed this yet! The key to the city change ALONE makes me excited!
  15. [Game Update] - 309895

    mind = blown Why did I not think of this earlier today when I saw the patch notes!?! Oh baby no more panic runs to the calender anymore!