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  1. YES! Can't wait for this next week! As someone who learning DS on Wickerbottom this update has been a long time coming for me!
  2. Hostile Flares?!?! Oh boy this should be interesting to see what it does.
  3. Weird I had it happen twice last night on stream. Once with Insight running and once without.
  4. Haven't pinpointed the exact cause of the crash, but upon trying to read a few of the new wickerbottom books my game kept crashing tonight.
  5. Man I'm going to have to invest in some energy drinks for next week. Between starting a new job and streaming all this. I'm super hyped but omg I'm going to be so exhausted. Can't wait to see what all you have in store for us that day!
  6. Not sure what is exactly causing it but summer just hit in my beta world and as soon as I start the Antlion fight she does one spike attack and one sandcastle attack then the game crashes upon her 3rd attack. Had it happen twice in a row on stream.
  7. Today is a good day. Can't wait to check all this out this evening!
  8. This is awesome! You guys are always working hard at bringing us new content and features at your own expense. Even if I wasn't an ambassador I'd still tell people to buy the skin packs to support you guys in your efforts. Great company and great community. <3
  9. So I've gotten to play some more on the Beta branch with Wolfgang. I'm in agreement with some of the people here that with some tweeks the previous version of Wolfgang was almost perfect. It felt like I wasn't constantly watching my might meter, yet still had to keep a small eye on it. It encouraged kiting instead of face tanking (looking at you Wigfrid players ). Overall it felt like a better updated version of Wolfgang with the rework.
  10. This would be an awesome buff to the bush hat. I can just see the comedy where suddenly a whole server vanishes in hats right before a hound wave.
  11. Looking forward to testing out all this stuff tonight! Really looking forward to the Wolfgang changes. Seems to be a push in the right direction in maintaining his mightiness. Edit: *AHEM* Who do I need to kiss for this? "Multiple world events (Winters Feast, Year of the Carrat, Midsummer Cawnival, ect) can now be enabled at the same time, you can find these new settings in the world settings menu."
  12. I have 3,566 hrs in DST and 2,177 hrs in DS and I've NEVER unlocked Wes in Adventure mode... *hides in shame*