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  1. I honestly don't have the brain power atm to add anything meaty to this conversation. But, that being said, I am adding my name to the hat of streamers greater than myself in this thread about merging the two categories. I started my streaming career off on the Solo Don't Starve adventure and only switched to DST because of the drop system (DS didn't originally get it on launch) and the massively increased viewer pool for DST. Which lead to me growing my audience. I'll probably come back and edit this post later tonight after I stream (and when my brain is working better) but I just want to say thanks to everyone who's saying this would be a good thing. Its something I've wanted for a long time. *stares longingly at my old abandoned solo mega base* Ok so edit/update to my post here. I said something about this thread on twitter and apparently Klei has already asked to do this once. When hamlet came out (@Klei_Corey stopped by my chat to explain). Twitch gave the response that they were separate games thus needed to be in separate categories. So I guess now as a community, can we raise enough awareness that we want this to happen to make Twitch make the change? My response to Klei's tweet:
  2. So I've got 2 things to say. 1) The most important question was answered <3 2) Have you embraced our new dark lord of the constant? >:) (Yes thats non god mode, standing a night, next to a Night Light with Dark Sword/ Nightmare Armor and the Seaweed crown WITHOUT loosing sanity.)
  3. Guys, We haven't even asked the most important question here... Can we pet the doggo?!? I'm patiently waiting to know.
  4. Klei: Here's a QoL update for everyone. *everyone liked this* Also YAAAAAAS That new Twitch drop. I can't wait for stream tonight to get it!
  5. Is there a way to get a larger version of the image? At least for me its almost impossible to read the information about individual fish. I'd love to share this on my stream but right now I can't get the image large enough and maintain the quality to do so. Other than that, amazing work and I love the formatting. <3
  6. Just when I'd thought I'd put this game down for awhile. My ONI Dealer shows up and tells me they got new stuffz... Time to embrace the addiction again!
  7. You guys 100% didn't have to add it in. I had just noticed it when Year of the Rat released that it didn't follow the previous item treads. Thanks for going ABOVE and beyond again. You guys always knock it out of the park! <3
  8. Hence why I said "Not sure if this was an oversight or intentional"
  9. When testing out all the new skins today I noticed that there was not a matching scalemail design for the new logsuit. Not sure if this was an oversight or intentional, but wanted to bring it to the teams attention as there is currently a matching scalemail design for all the log suit skins.
  10. I just woke up from a nap on a rough day I'm having. You guys must have known. Thanks for the update! I've always got people asking in chat to when the pig king event was coming back. They loved watching me get slapped around Keep up all the hard work! It really is appreciated! <3
  11. And now I can't unsee the bat signal... thanks LOL
  12. Here ya go... I swear, Klei and their puns. It gets me every time!