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  1. [Game Update] - 309895

    mind = blown Why did I not think of this earlier today when I saw the patch notes!?! Oh baby no more panic runs to the calender anymore!
  2. [Game Update] - 309027

    SAME! <3 It was always terrifying being around those birds!
  3. Why we need merged crafting.

    I have to agree with this as well. I used to use a mod back in early SW that allowed me to have merged crafting recipes. It wasn't a workshop mod (found it here on the forums) and it eventually became out of date and stopped working. It's something I sorely miss tbh. Here's hoping in the future it's something Klei would at least consider OR even give us feedback to why its not a feature yet.
  4. Adventure mode was the usual method, but world hopping does work as well. Unless you have a map you don't want to sacrifice Personal opinion, as is mine. I'd love to see the character switching come to solo tbh. Makes the overall play experience (in my opinion) greater. But I am but a single person among the masses. Also there's cost attached to switching in DST. Granted its an item cost rather than a multiple hour time investment compared to solo play. As for turning the characters into tools, I disagree. At least when I'm playing I have specific parts of my worlds that cater to each of the characters strengths for me to utilize while I'm on them.
  5. It is. I guess I should have been more specific, A simpler way to switch characters like DST compared to the convoluted way you currently do it in Solo play. My bad.
  6. So I have a few questions about this Q.O.L patch. Are any of the following things from DST planned on being added in the future? Salt Lick (Seems rather important to the current additions) Scaled Furnace/Flooring Fixing the large animation (and time) difference between opening gates in DS vs DST DST bosses? (Bee Queen/Ant Lion) Any of the Moonrock content Ability to switch characters like DST? Mushroom Farming/mushroom spores And then the biggest request - Skins pl0x?!? ^_^ I know some of these line items are rather tricky and its wishful thinking on my part (especially since DS & DST content are supposed to have differences) but I'm loving that you're brining in some of the quality stuff from DST to solo play. I know you guys don't want to reveal your whole hand and you've given us tidbits of upcoming stuff for both DS & DST but a few hints for the rumor mill would be savory!
  7. qol control_scrollback crash

    Having the same issue (mostly in Hamlet worlds) Testing RoG atm but I'm currently not crashing as much.
  8. QOL update report

    Thanks for the update. Do what needs to be done, we'll all wait patiently! <3
  9. Created a new world today to see how the fix was to the World gen settings and I noticed a new issue. Tumbleweeds no longer gather at the edge of the world in RoG, When a tumbleweed hits the "map edge" before the water it now dissapears and despawns. I know this is a minor issue but Tumbleweeds are like crack to me in this game! ^_^ Thanks again for all the hard work!
  10. No RoG Biomes When SW Compatible

    Noticed the same issue tonight while streaming. Tested the following: With Mods RoG - SW compatible RoG - Hamlet compatible No RoG Without Mods RoG - SW compatible RoG - Hamlet compatible No RoG RoG NO other DLC enabled. The "RoG NO Other DLC enabled" was the only one that gave me the proper world generation settings. Biggest tip off was the Mod "Always on Status" that showed only 2 seasons on the season clock setting.
  11. I left 1 hut up out of the way for farming purposes... Everything else went the way of the DoyDoy....
  12. I have to agree with the OP here, Shadow Splumonkeys have been the bane of my DS experience for ages. That being said, after this specific incident they aren't as much of a problem anymore (and I made sure to clear them ALL out in my current world). The ruins are so much more peaceful with them gone! LOL Also I wholly accept any crud I get from this clip... This was 100% my own doing
  13. QOL update report

    Just found this thread after a viewer told me at the end of stream today. While I was super hyped for tomorrow, I hope everyone gets to feeling better, you guys have an enjoyable holiday break and we'll see you all on the flip side for the update! <3 * PS - TY again for all the support lately. <3