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  1. I don't know if it's happening to you. But every time the hounds are coming several people from my server fall down! Very weird!
  2. I like the idea. Don't Starve is a graphically clean game, and would have a lot of potential for effects. It would certainly give more prominence and make the game even more beautiful than it already is.
  3. To be or not to be, that is the question .... To leave food or not for the allies, that is the question ....
  4. It was a magnificent moment, I spent minutes admiring, thrilled.... Up to 20 shadows start chasing me
  5. Now I know the origin of Bearger Unfortunately there is no way to reduce the size of the video
  6. I say the sea mist, my friend. Hamlet's Fog, away from me. In a way in the DST there have always been small puddles when there is much rain. Only it are very old and do not cause any effect. Even though the Shipwrecked floods have a more negative impact, it would be much more up-to-date and different.
  7. I don't expect drastic changes in the seasons. More simple things, or interactions involving only specific biomes.
  8. Since the launch of the DST little has changed in the seasons. (Or Nothing...?) However, small details could be added to make them very cool. The idea is part of the principle of the elements of Shipwrecked: winds and floods and hail. Autumn: 1. During the autumn rains have light winds. 2. Variation in the colors of the Pines. 3. Fog in continent (rare event). Winter: 1. During the rains of the beginning of winter fall hail. 2. During snowfall possess strongs winds. 3. Light winds overnight. 4. Pine tree tend not to regenerate. (Stay in maximum form) Spring: 1. After a long period of rain, at the peak of the season, occur floods. 2. Increase in the general regeneration of vegetation. Summer: 1. During the summer rain have winds. 2. Pines tend to run out of leaves. 3. The winds in the summer make the fire foci spread faster. Oasis: 1. During the wind have sandstorms.
  9. This problem happens when Walrus Camp spawn near the sea. This problem was already happens before the implementation of the new seas. Suggestions to solve: 1. Add a swim animation (would be more fun) or.... 2. Add the spawn of the house as a static layout, so centralized avoiding the spawn of it in the water.
  10. Literally anything: a Woodie from my group: by : Viviane Duarte
  11. Today is Woodie's Day by: Maycon Gode (Brazilian group)
  12. Woodie Refresh coming.... Woodie Players: I never criticized Woodie
  13. When you are trying to extinguish the fire with the balloon but by "accident " hits other player Surely it was not my intention to hit him
  14. I want to be alive to see the moment Wendy and Abigail are together and alive again. I think it would be something very interesting in Wendy's refresh. Even though in a few moments Abagil is alive again. Or perhaps in a future adventure mode Together.