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  1. Wagstaff would be really disappointed in Wilson
  2. Video.Guru_20210508_225337173.mp4
  3. I loved the ripple effect when it activates the three altares at the first time. It is very well done to be active for once. I think it would be amazing the same every time the lunar storm changes places or when the full moon starts constantly.
  4. I think it's fair, at least, Klei support to try to recover some important files
  5. I stayed all afternoon preparing staff and green amulet for the next update. I just saw that they made the change in the crown. As it was, it would be much easier to get infinite light...But I don't think the state that's right now is ideal. These crown fragments are better than festive lights, but in terms of accessibility things are quite disproportionate. To get this new item you need to spend a lot of time and resources to get an item with a function similar to festives lights, which are extremely easier to get. I expect an alternative way during the fight to get these fragments. Because it's a very late game item I don't think it's making up for.
  6. A year ago Wes received the well-deserved rework. That brought extremely useful skills to the character. I love you Klei! (needs nerf)
  7. "I have immunity and control to fire, my mind remains calm with black flames and in case I'm getting lost in my thoughts I have a bodyguard" "My mind is that of a superior and I can break it to the real plane. In addition to having knowledge of this world. " "I have knowledge of the spiritual world, and I can also keep in touch with them" "I do what's available for inventions in my favor" "I have a beard" by jeff and me
  8. How to play with Wigfrid. (Before the update)
  9. Wigfrid Rework Memes 1 * Deerclops coming. * Willow: Wigfrid after rework: 43261689_616907282228174_1723348482482548580_n.mp4 by: Diego Lourenço (Brazilian Community)