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  1. Same Energy! By João Pedro Souza Ramos‎
  2. Exactly! His personality and knowledge is not harnessed at all in gameplay. Maybe have science 1 already available as standard. It makes more sense than Wickerbottom.
  3. In a group I play I'm usually the only one who chooses he. I really like the character and I think he deserves more. Before the celestial portal only played with he. Now, with the possibility of changing characters, I'm more versatile about the other characters. I have several worlds 1000 days with him, I started one recently, again with him. The idea of refreshes is to make the characters more interesting to play. And make it in the game, be compatible with your skills, personality and history. Wilson, the only one who doesn't have anything special. A magnificent beard only. One of the characters with the most in-depth story, a scientist, who has nothing added in game.
  4. That absurd! What do you mean Wilson's the last on the list? He seemed right to be neutral. But we're at Don't Starve Together. Every character needs to have minimal utility. Proof of this is some other characters not being used much or falling out to the public's liking.In the old days I played and barely saw players from Winona, Willow and woodie. After refresh the situation is different. I've been playing with Wilson since 2014. In the single player it is justifiable to be neutral by the character's progress and unlocking system. (I'd rather him be neutral there). But in multiplayer things are quite different. He has a personality that does not match his abilities and utilities. Now I keep changing characters to be really useful and focus on a specific need. How to collect resources, kill bosses, make farms... But in the end I use Wilson when there's not much to do and I need to make the base. Wilson needs to be more interesting in gambling. It's great to be a nice poster boy. But Wilson's players feel he doesn't have a differential.
  5. If I'm not mistaken Joew said in early January that it would soon leave in the next few weeks. Last year the roadmap came out much earlier. Consider it like anxiety from a fan.
  6. Will we have a roadmap?
  7. I swear I didn't expect that from the Wortox boy! How naughty. Geonav (MrSoratori)i of the Brazilian community that cited this curiosity Total lines with that
  8. Flat world, dude
  9. Chester watching Wilson leave the eyebone on the boss's side as he runs away. (Image by Yuri)

    Excellent skins. I'm definitely going to buy them. They are skins of really useful items and structures that will be used even in the lategame.
  11. Will Wilson or Wendy get new skins? It's been over a year since the poor survivors don't get new skins sets. The mains cry
  12. Despair, hatred, scandal...