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  1. How to play with Wigfrid. (Before the update)
  2. Wigfrid Rework Memes 1 * Deerclops coming. * Willow: Wigfrid after rework: 43261689_616907282228174_1723348482482548580_n.mp4 by: Diego Lourenço (Brazilian Community)
  3. That facial expression from Charlie creeps me
  4. He is a basic character in the Don't Starve progression system. Where it makes sense for him to be neutral. In DS/T every character needs to be useful in some way, otherwise it is kept in oblivion. Wilson is only popular because he's the poster boy for the game, so most beginners play with him, but soon change characters. The idea of reworks is to make the characters become more special in some way, being compatible with their personality. Wilson's a failed scientist who only has a beard? It's not fair to me
  5. Falls into yet another illusion that the update would be today
  6. I think these boats should only have the purpose of collecting resources and fishing. Locomotion and Fighting are tedious in it!
  7. Tallbird after managing to kill the player who was trying to steal his egg 116163388_1507091139486506_8136128293792673402_n.mp4 Then the tallbird kills its chicks, but that doesn't matter... video by Pedro Luz
  8. Suggestion: Game-specific reactions only appear in the same game category. DON'T STARVE TOGETHER CATEGORY - Available Reactions: Wavey, Spools, Health, Hunger and Sanity.... Note: Potato Cup must be universal
  9. Sad and Confused Reaction ✞ 2017 - 2020 @JoeW Was this removal intentional or just a problem?
  10. Hey. Welcome to the forum. Loved the concepts, just amazing. I'd love to have them in game.