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  1. We will disclose them to the fullest in the Brazilian community. Thank you very much S2
  2. I present to you the best mod of this game. WOLFGANG MILOS is real! 2020-06-03 18-08-15.mp4 U Gotthat Version Mod link> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1915716397&searchtext=flex
  3. Wilson's best triumphant skin outfit This outfit is spectacular, for me, simply the best in the game. Matches most skins.
  4. I think the characters should be reworked depending on their gameplay. (I think it's more important and healthier for the game.) Now about lore's videos, its are very good but I don't think they should be limited to the past, I think it would be really cool to show the interaction between the characters in present, in Constant. for example, I would be very happy if there was a video of Wickerbottom's interaction with Woodie regarding his powers. (Text lore in last update)
  5. The community staff i collaborate also laughed that the beards were Wilson's rework. If Wilson's rework comes out this year, I'll cry. He have "the best skins" but barely get new skins (It's been 1 year and 6 months since the last one). With the new beards the quality of them has improved considerably. But some of them like Forge 2 and Halloween just aren't so good because of the beard that takes away the personality. It's not useless, but easily replaceable (Besides not having a gameplay focus set with his personality). That's his problem these days.
  6. Wilson controller of the elements. (Yes, you can swap the beard with the Sweeper)
  7. Who had the idea to raise this mob?
  8. Does anyone explain what happened here? 1763593457-offset-6680.mp4 Original clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentDeafSalamanderBudBlast
  9. When used wilson's Snowfallen skin beard is set to default instead of the new skin.
  10. The snowfallen beard isn't working here. And the Formal skin I don't have.
  11. Nowadays, people look at Wilson and laugh