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  1. Webber needs to ride a Spider Queen, that's right
  2. 1. This Spider Queen question is something else to be resolved. I still can not think of a good solution. 2. Because of that I suggested that for other characters it would be nothing viable to stay inside the nests. That would have been a good thing just for Webber. My idea with this "interior" Inside the nest. It would be a place for Webber to resort in difficult situations and somehow improve the farm of silk, gland and monster meat. •I'm still thinking about a spider system inside the nest. I think it could be something good to be added Yes. That would be great, too.
  3. First I think that Webber should not be the next to receive update, since there are other characters that require more major refresh. I consider Webber one of the coolest characters, although not playing with him. So I was wondering what would be a nice change in his refresh, since he is one of the most balanced characters in the game. One of his greatest traits is obviously his interaction with spiders. Since he's considered one of them. So that's the point I consider to be expanded. So come on... Spiders Nest 1) The possibility of entering the spider nests. Similar to Hamlet's interiors. But this interior would have interactions with the outside. ▸Since that in the Don't Starve, Time and Relative Dimension in Space is possible. At each level of the spider's Nest the size of that interior would increase. (Illustrative images made using a photo editor ) (Spider Nest 3) 1) Interactions with the interior ▸ The nest serves as protection. It will protect against hostile creatures. It has a certain amount of life per level, and the spiders present in it will protect against the outside. ▸ Possibility of making small constructions, serving as shelter. ▸ Webber gains sanity staying inside the nest. ▸ Webber moves more faster inside the nest. ▸ In winter the nest serves as insulation against the cold. ▸ During the summer, the temperature of the nest over drastically. ▸ During the rain, the nest protects against rain. 2) Interactions with the exterior ▸ The player will still receive attacks from hounds and bosses. But the spiders and nest will protect. ▸ Every hit on the outside, the inside will tremble alerting attacks. ▸ If the nest catches fire. All the spiders will come out, and the player present in him will receive damage until his leaves the nest. ▸ If the nest freezes, the player will also freeze. 3) Interactions with No-Webbers ▸ No-Webbers that enters the nest will walk extremely slowly. Similar to the sandstorm of the oasis. ▸ No-Webbers will lose drastically sanity. ▸ Spiders Will Attack No-Webbers. 3) Additional ▸ Spider breeding System. Inside the nest has some structure where the spiders grow to an adult age. Can Webber interact and control? ▸ Interaction with Spider Queen? ▸ There are several types of spider nests in the game. Will Webber be able to interact with them? ▸ Ways to reinforce the protection of the nest? ▸ Webber can put a friend spider on his head. Gaining sanity? ▸ Webber can give small jumps, similar to the warrior spider. ▸Can Webber ride in a Spider Queen? I hope you enjoy my suggestion. I'm open for opinions and other suggestions.
  4. I think a flamethrower in place of the lighter would be nice. Joking apart. I loved the Rework. It didn't make she so strong, not so weak, let's say balanced. In relation to a time of immunity to fire, I think fair, why someone would stay be more than 6 seconds in the fire? (do not know if it is that time even)
  5. 1. Open The gates (I have not tested with them closed), with the camera at certain angle 2.Step back a bit and rotate the camera (Walk a considerable distance) 3. Go back to the gates at this same angle. It is Also noted that when rotating the camera again the bug is corrected. I Hope this helps
  6. Surely this store needs improvement. There are a variety of rare items that can be added to this store. For example: 1. Root Trunk: A structure with a unique mechanics inside the game could not be that easy. 2. Ancient Wall 3. Ancient Turfs 4. Decorative plants of the city 5. Decorative structures of the city 6. More rares itens?
  7. I was hoping for the content to arrive yesterday. But I think it will be sometime between today and next Thursday. Think on the bright side, the longer, the more polished this update will be
  8. Dont Starve fanarts

    This Wilson is magnificent
  9. A friend told me that even after the little hotfix from yesterday, the Volt Goat bug persists. He said it is impossible to play RoG, as long as the game crash soon when it comes close to it. (He also said that the world is not connected to any dlc)
  10. I was making tests about the Telelocator Focus from outside the ruins to an interior. It worked very well (strategy to reach the apocalyptic clock without walking much). However, when using the Telelocator Staff (without having a telelocator focus active ), within a ruin, it causes a critical bug in the game, you get incapacitated from doing anything. In that case, for some reason I was taking damage, as if mobs from outside the ruins attacked me.
  11. I do not know if this is intentional, but the placement collision of lamp post is very bad. Anything, it's an obstacle to putting it. Size compared to placement Hitbox
  12. Infinite Aporkalypse

    Could it be that cause? I left and entered the world after resetting the event