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  1. So, I Just Woke up...

    good news: more bosses for us to kill bad news: more bosses to kill us
  2. Tumbleweed's drop table only includes 4 trinkets + 6 chess pieces, but we have more than 30 trinkets in-game. Do you think tumbleweed's drop table should include more trinkets? maybe all of them?
  3. Wilson -> Vintage Wilson Willow -> Fire Girl Wilson Wolfgang -> Strong Starving Wilson Wendy -> Weak Girl Wilson WX-78 -> Wilson 2.0 Wickerbottom -> Old Girl Wilson Woodie -> Ginger Wilson Wes -> Mute Wilson Maxwell -> Magic Wilson Wigfrid -> Strong Girl Wilson Webber -> Spider Wilson Warly -> Chef Wilson Wormwood -> Plant Wilson Winona -> Girl-Power Wilson Wortox -> Demon Wilson BONUS: Warbucks -> Deleted Wilson
  4. is it only me that thinks they look like sakura card captors' ? lol
  5. can we bring old worlds from the mainbranch to the beta and enjoy the new stuff?
  6. Vignettes are those super cool loading screen images, and it's been a long time since we got a new one, and I want to ask you guys what do you think about it.
  7. yes, you need to chop down the lunar trees, and gather 6 of those white flowers (dropped by the tree), go to the Lunar Altar and make a bathbomb (6 white flowers + 1 nitre), throw the bathbomb on a lake. On full moon the lake will crystalize and mining it will give you 5 moon shards (and maybe a gem)
  8. Moon glass shovel idea

    This perk would be great, and maybe we could enable diseases again on world setting (just to avoid it without cheats by using the glass shovel hehe) But this perk would be too much OP. No more travels to swamp, desert, underground, or even summoning the forest stalker
  9. each transformation can open 75 stone fruits. This number can be way bigger if it's a full moon
  10. This is not a megabase, but this was my first time basing on a boat This is the entrance of the base. The first boat was a real boat that I used to go to the islands, but after I built a bridge, it became my first storage área before creating the base. After that I made the first main-area of the base (firepits, kitchen, science/magic), and the second (main) storage unit. (the first become my garbage chests, with 1% tools) The scaled chest protected by gnomes if for trinkets. Later I had to make a third storage-boat next to lazy deserter but I didn't got a screen-shot of it. The chests by the wardrobe was for clothing, armor, hats. Since the base was getting bigger, I had to create another firepits boat. The chest protected by beach toys was full of desert stone. The boat with the furnace and icebox was my termal-stone storage. This was my hound-trap boats. I was going to make all 7 boats full of tooth traps, BUT I got distracted and just left it the way it was (sorry) The flingomatic in the middle was to prevent the boats catching fire from fire-hounds. I didn't got a screenshot, but there was 1 thing I couldn't place on the boats: bee boxes. Since we can't plant flowers on them, I had to build my bee farm on the ground next to the entrance.
  11. Only counts if the player picks the fruit, cracked or not. If the cracks fruits turns into dust on their own, it doesn't count
  12. This pool should be answered by players who actually play woodie, otherwise it will have a big bias... I don't know how the sanity drain for the werebeaver is going to be, but if it stays close to -90/min (current sanity drain) we need a way to recover from that
  13. if you don't have the beefalo hat when their butt is red (in heat), they will attack you right away. But if you do have a beefalo hat, you can feed them grass and twigs and do the attack like I said on the post
  14. Hidden Lighting Rod: it would be hidden on the ground, under a wodden door (like a trapdoor from minecraft) and then it would show itself when a lighting hit it, staying above ground until it lose charge
  15. sorry poll-haters but I like to create polls, deal with it, XoXo
  16. You can set your world to Endless instead of Survival, so the game won't reset when you die
  17. kite = the action of walking away just in time to avoid taking damage from the enemy's attack
  18. Feed some grass/twigs to the beefalo and lure it away from the herd. Don't hit it with a spear or any other weapon until you are 2 screens aqay from the herd. Grab your spear, equip your log suit, and let's battle! When you do your first hit, walk away (kite) so the beefalo do its attack on you, after that, hit it 5-6 times and walk away again (kite), repeat it until the beefalo is dead.
  19. kill some beefalos for their wool and horn. Use the horn and wool to make a beefalo hat. Open those animal steps (tracks) until you find a koalefant (pink if you're in autumn, blue in winter), kill the koalefant for its... thing. Use the beefalo wool + koalefant thing to make a nice jacket. (the blue jacket is better than the pink one). Mine some boulders, use the flint/rocks/pickaxe to make yourself a thermal stone. Now you are good to face winter