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If you were a Don't Starve character...

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Seero    818

Currently, if the character was based on me, I would effectively be as good as wes but have the global meta perk of knowing about the constant considering me and everyone else here has played the game. 

Low damage, faster hunger drain Stats would be

70 health, 100 sanity, 300 stomach points


But if I was a character that had perks I desired? 

Everything Maxwell has is what I want

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ShadowDuelist    4,650

I'd be wee tusk, mostly following the hunting party lead looking all brave, but essentially not doing anything productive.

I drop a large meat though.


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Brago-sama    1,402

Become the innkeeper and reap the rewards muahahaha... but no I'd probably be a Wes (someone be my gym partner I'm begging)

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GetNerfedOn    4,033


The Fool

125 health

100 sanity

150 hunger


- is nearsighted. can create eyeglasses that improve vision but do little else

 - is ever-so-mildly asthmatic. Spending too much time in the caves or oasis induces a mild asthma attack which works like Hayfever, curable by a craftable asthma spray.

 -knows how to properly cultivate and plant a Dragonfruit Cacti and craft its corresponding trellis. Cacti are susceptible to disease, but flower and grow Dragonfruit rapidly during Summer.

 - severe nyctophobia not only gives massive sanity drain at night and near monsters, but also negates sleep sanity, and has a chance to induce a panic attack while asleep, instantly waking up in the process.

 - has heat and rain resistance due to their living their lifetime in an either rainy or toasty hot tropical country

- decreased winter resistance because my body hasnt experienced winter, ever

 - (i would add "can cook native Filipino dishes" but there aint no soy sauce in DS, and neither do i know how to make it)

 - extra sanity boost from prototyping

 - Tam O' Shanter Sanity boost when Rosalina is around.

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PicklePet    39

Koalefant rider. That's all I want and all I need. XD
I believe my only trait that would translate into survival would be being pretty quick with my hands, so quicker actions and crafting would be appropriate : d. I'd just spend all my days workin' the fields, growing delicious fruits for me and my steed.
And Webber has always been nearest and dearest to my heart as a person. I like spiders, too.

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Terra M Welch    2,734

Well I'd be "Terra" but ingame i'd be "Welch", using my last name to stick with the W theme.


Health = 225
Hunger = 100
Sanity = 120
Damage Multiplier = 1x by default, but can change, see perks.


Custom Stats - See perks
Rage = 100-200, starts at 0, Mortality dependant, is 100 max by default.
Mortality = 500

-Has a pact with a powerful entity.


Can gain Rage through taking damage, equal to 20% of the unarmored physical damage recieved, armor does not affect how much rage is gained, this ratio is 50% for unblockable damage such as lightning but does not apply to crafting health costs, crafting does not give rage.
-Rage increases damage dealth and attack speed.
--Rage grants +1% attack damage and +0.5% attack speed per point of rage gained. Attack speed caps at +50% even if rage goes above 100%.
--Rage penalties reduce healing and sanity recieved from consumed food by 0.5% per point, capping at -75% at 150 rage. Rage also causes a sanity drain overtime, at -0.1/min per point of rage, capping at =10/min at 100.

Permenant 90 points of winter insulation(yes this negatively affects summer, by the same manner beards or willow's heat resistance would.)
-0.75x damage taken from freezing
-1.5x damage taken from overheating

Has to deal with Mortality issues due to this pact.
-At low health, low hunger, low santy, high lunacy/enlightenment or high rage, Terra looses Mortality overtime.
-Food items grant mortality equal to their health and sanity values combined, halved if not a crockpot dish or jerky, fighting monsters also restores a little mortality.
-At low mortality, Terra suffers "Mortality Withdrawl". which increases maximum potential rage up to 200, but has nasty side effects, such as randomly slowing her, putting her to sleep, increasing damage recieved(does not increase rage gain), causing general inconvenient lethargy(which can disrupt kiting) and other such penalties. Mortality Withdrawl is meant to be a hard counter to how powerful rage is, in order to be more balanced.
-Mortality drains rapidly during full moons, and mortality recovery methods are halved during this time.
-When Mortality reaches 0, The "powerful enitity" takes over, causing Terra to become a powerful beast of rage, but her mortal stats rapidly deteriorate, raising mortality up enough(to 200/500 minimum) will revert her back to her normal form. It is very easy to die in this form due to the deterioration, so keeping mortality up is highly advised.
-Upon sucessfully reverting, Terra suffers pact withdrawl, the rage meter becomes a 200 point withdrawl meter that drains slowly overtime, but can be pre-emptively drained through normal rage gain methods, Terra also does 0.75x damage in this state.

-Is on a strict diet


Terra suffers normal "spoiled food" penalties from eating stale food, and spoiled food itself is even worse, penalizing 20 sanity and only giving 1/8 the hunger.
Terra also dislikes binge eating, if her hunger is at 85% or higher, eating 3 food items(anything with a hunger value) will trigger "Anti-Binge"
Rage reduces the threshold at which Anti-Binge activates, by 0.3% per point of rage capping at a minimum of 55% hunger at 100 rage.
While under the effect of Anti Binge, Terra's hunger rate slows by 25%, but she'll refuse to eat any food, and looses sanity at 5/min, so you won't be able to spam pierogi/dragonpie to heal! Keep in mind, hunger max is 100.
Terra's mortality also drains very slowly during anti=binge.
Anti-Binge ends upon reaching 15% of max hunger.

-Detests spiders and wet clothing.


2x sanity drain from spiders, wetness and wet clothing.
Lightning inflicts 15 points of sanity damage.

I liked the idea of a really OP power, but with a downside equally as bad to counter it. I've had this idea forever now, and now that a thread like this has been made I thought I'd share!

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minespatch    65,879


I want to be a catcoon herder.

As listed, my downsides are low due to me being a goober that can be a handful to the group(like Wes).

Also, my constant pointing out things reminding me of other things will annoy people a lot. Happened in real life too.

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__IvoCZE__    6,863

I would have 69 health, gaster blasters and an anime thighs-sword on me.

laugh because this is the workshop in a nutshell

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Coolderclim    305
19 minutes ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

I would have 69 health, gaster blasters and an anime thighs-sword on me.

laugh because this is the workshop in a nutshell

That profile picture scares me.

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LunarCat    2,558

welp this is gonna be wordy

*aggressive sips tea*


Lunar, The restless

200 sanity 200 health 200 hunger

perk: when its the time of the nightmare phase where splumonkeys turn into nightmare splumonkeys, if she eats 3 monster meat related items, her form changes. 

monster form: she is much faster, stronger, and can see in the dark, she has 300 of all stats and can craft, build and wear Armor and hats, however in this form she also scares pigs and bunnymen due to her appearance. it lasts until the phase where nightmare splumonkeys turn back to normal, she also has fur on her body except head, so she can stay warm, but overheat quickly. she also wont loose sanity around certain monsters and bosses. she has arachnophobia so she looses A HECK TON of sanity around cave spiders and lunar spiders because of their appreance and she will loose 50 sanity per minute around the spider queen





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Hx380    819


1.Can run really fast for a while, but gets tired quickly, 

2.Always calm, so lower sanity drain 

3.Rarely feels hungry

4. A bit better at combat than your usual Wilson 


1.Unmotivated (meaning i would do everything slower then anyone else) 

2.Talks to himself constantly 

3.Weak eyesight , lower ranged weapon dmg 


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Articestone    21

I would have 150 hunger but lose hunger 10% quicker 

75-100 sanity due to trauma 

150 health 

I would travel 15% faster and my eating animation is faster

Im nearsighted so I can craft spectacle, same recipe as wagstaff While wearing my spectacle I can see better and have a 10% chance to dodge attacks. However im very blind i might not be able to see attacks by wearing normal specs so I need to build a better one using purple gem, gold and spectacle, this will allow me to see all attacks, 15% chance to dodge and sometimes have a +65 dmg to whatever im attacking, dark sword dmg

Im calm so I will have constantly gain sanity but at a slower rate than maxwell 

Im not a picky eater so all negative effects from food reduce by 10%

Due to my trauma I cannot sleep and sometimes see nightmares at night, these will not drop nightmare fuel as they are imaginary, still can hurt though 

I have an incredible general knowledge but very weak in school subjects,crafting prototype and blueprints will take twice as long, I harvest, pick up and do things 5% faster 

Forgetful, every 5 days I will forgot a random recipe that need to be protype again 

Im a pacifist, peacemaker most of the time so I have a 75% dmg reduction, however after I take 50 dmg while fighting I turn to a klaus with the same hunger and health and sanity, during this form my sanity and hunger will be constantly draining if it turns 0 I turn back to my original form and my specs drop I can do hambat dmg and have a chance to burn or freeze the enemy.

As an avid reader I can read wickerbottom books and read a peace book, this will result in alll enemies to stop attacking and will not aggro on players until 1 min is over plus a book that will give me and other players to full sanity at the cost of my health 

I can build a shrine to klaus and every few days I can give a trinket. For a chance of krampus sack I do less dmg to klaus and krampus by 50%

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Regnester    4

I had this idea not so long ago and I already made some pretty sweet art 'bout it, but the perks i came up with didn't really feel that unique or creative, so i trashed that thought.

But after looking at some of the extremely interesting and fun ideas in this discussion, i got some inspiration and this is what i ended on after some thinking:


Lore, The (something)

Stats: 175hunger 200sanity 100health



Quite the company: Has a nice sanity aura about 2.5 - 3 sanity/min

Perfect Timing: Attacking right before an enemy attacks cancels said attack. It has a very small window, and doesn't work on bosses / it has a certain chance of working.

Book Worm: Can read wicker's books



Easily Bored: He falls asleep/loses sanity after doing the same task for some time. For example: cutting down 3-5 trees, crafting 3-4 items, planting stuff, harvesting, you get the idea.

Slow: Decreased movement speed.


Cheerful, but sarcastic and a bit of a smart*ss, He'd be around Wicker and Maxwell.


F*ck, how do i remove spoilers?




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galaxybread    906

 Well for me it'd be confusing on how I would be a Don't Starve (Together) character. (I only play DST)
I kinda got an idea from @Terra M Welch for the spoiler thing to put my things in.


Hunger: 100 | Sanity: 100 | Health: 250



Has a special craft of making a red panda plush in magic tab with a small sanity aura 4 per 5 minutes.
Turns into a wolf whenever, press the 1 to change into form.
Draws to gain a 4+ sanity boost, paper is in tools tab and uses feather pencil to draw.
When Saladmanders get mad (Like when you attack them and they CONTINUOUSLY hiss at you, yeah it's annoying ;w;) they won't hiss at Moon (My OC's name)
Coldness makes her sanity up by 2 every 2 minutes and doesn't make her cold as much.



Has a sanity drain of 5 every 5 minutes.
Hates vegetables, will not eat even one.

(I may add more things to all of these things and maybe art in one of my Status Updates.)

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pedregales    355

Interesting concept. Let's see...


  • 125 health.
  • 150 hunger.
  • 250 sanity.


  • Slow hunger drain.
  • Prepared for anything. Brings their own backpack (seriously love the convenience of extra space, IRL I mean), plus an umbrella, and a compass.
  • Hyperactive. After a while of walking, gets a very tiny buff to speed.



  • Picky eater. Only eats crock pot foods.
  • Fashion disaster. Gets no dapperness from clothing.


  • Sleep lover. Sleeping restores slightly more sanity and takes less hunger. Simultaneously: not sleeping for too long takes away health and sanity periodically (it technically should work like that for all characters, but "game mechanic reasons" saved us from that hell).

I guess that would be it.

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Pedrito    350

100 hunger / slower food drain x0.5
200 Sanity 
150 health
15 % speed boost
food have no healing effects / sleeping reduces sanity and food twice as normal
sanity is restored half of the speed / food give half of sanity
shadows do x1.5 dmg
default dmg
can see the health of others
can heal others using sanity

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also i accidentally erased everything i wrote while trying to figure out how to do the "spoiler" thing and I still couldn't figure it out and now i have to rewrite it all akjd njkanjdnlanelf

normal game


-Starts with a backpack (School themed because i am still required to partake in the education system)

-Has a much higher max hunger stat

-Gains sanity when building structures, gains much more sanity when around recruitables

-Much higher speed when around/recently around with big bad monsters

very epic and cool power-

-I dunno maybe like...being able to make little cactus minions using cactus flesh (mainly so if i need to fight i can make them do it)

-Cactus minions with a flower are slightly better fighters...maybe using flower as a shield... or something...


-Much lower health stat and damage, slightly lower sanity stat

-Hunger starts draining a lot faster at random intervals for random durations of time

-sanity loss when hit or when killing recruitable, afraid of dark and monsters


-Good with darts? I dont know i dont think i'd do good in the forge


-faster movement than other characters i guess


Subtitle?-The Squeamish/The Decorator/???

-would most likely refer to WX as a "Funky little robot man" and presumably be WX's least favorite minion

-Probably went to constant out of boredom and desire for adventure (but didnt know it was gonna be that dangerous)


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