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  1. Oh yeah, its time to uncover the truth about the ancient archives and unlock new knowledge. Knowledge of how to craft... dirt. The thing that's been in mods for like 8 years and hasn't wasted such cool art and design.
  2. And then we can have characters remark how the truth is really boring and disappointing, which makes it a good joke!!11!!!
  3. I am saying it is a fact that Wes drains more resources than other character picks, for no unique upside. There is no opinion there, that is a fact.
  4. "Now, a good player can kinda ignore hunger as a threat and collect mountains of food, but that goes for any character pick. " - Me, in the same post you are quoting. The fact that Wes as a character drains more resources for no extra upside is inarguable.
  5. For a low skill player sure, as a high skill player he is a cake walk. I tend to think of the higher tier of player when judging character skill, rather than the lower tier, obviously someone like Wortox takes a decent amount of knowledge that a lower skill player just naturally wouldn't have until they have experienced the game more.
  6. The hunger drain, and the fact that he's going to use more hits to kill mobs which means more resources taken for equipment (If you dont include the Hambat of course). It's an objective fact that you are draining more food over all, for no unique benefit. Now, a good player can kinda ignore hunger as a threat and collect mountains of food, but that goes for any character pick. Edit: If a player picks Wes, my first thought is that "oh, they are just going to require more food than anyone else". Now, maybe that player is good and it doesn't matter, or maybe that player is really bad and is making it worse by picking Wes, but from a first glance all you can get from Wes is that he takes more resources for no CHARACTER output. With someone like Warly, he may be taking more food, but I can hopefully shower him with honey and get some honey crystals in return, something that ONLY Warly can provide.
  7. Big laugh Wortox is by far one of the easiest characters, due to the ability to abuse his souls hunger and health effects simply by farming mobs like butterflies and spiders. And his downsides are fairly negligible. Wes though is FAR from the hardest character, he's really not that bad, you're right about the negative stereotype. The issue is that by picking him, you are objectively being more of a drain on your teams resources than a majority of other characters, and he has no good perk to give back to your team like Warly does.
  8. ...Other than it being good? Or the possibility that the person who posted that meme didn't know about shipwrecked? Or to share a funny experience in a meme thread because why not?
  9. Its upsetting that people have the wrong kinda expectations for the game, and in an effort to appeal to everyone, its possible that future gruesome designs could have been scrapped.
  10. I dont know why people are expeting a softer more child friendly experience from Don't Starve. Sounds like a problem for the younger more casual audience, and not the people who have been with the franchise for awhile now. I just hope designs like these havent been cut from future development just because some people decided that dont starve shouldnt have more gruesome or frightening imagery. Wish I had the gif of Maxwell on hand, where he collapses and screams in agony as his body disintegrates into dust, reducing him to nothing but a skeleton, before his skeleton crumbles away into dust as well. Might give some of the people complaining a good scare. You know most people would have scrolled by and not known what Axe was talking about, OR, some people will stop and understand the joke. You specifically went out of your way to complain about something that doesnt hurt anyone, and isnt even a "plug", YOU understand it, but why point it out? Why are you starting to hate on anything related to us? I get that you left the team because you werent happy with the direction and some of the people in our community, but why did you leave without talking about it, only to harbor some strange grudge for no good reason?
  11. Like with Walter and Warly, you could interpret what happens as a sort of time jump, skipping past what ACTUALLY happened just so Klei doesn't have to answer questions. I'm going to continue believing this is the case, and that the lore isn't being slowly degraded into something worse.
  12. Why did Wilson need to construct an entire portal just to be able to be transported, while Wigfrid simply shakes a hand, and Walter PRESSES A BUTTON? I'm willing to over look Warly simply disappearing as a representation of Maman Angeline's failing memory, and maybe Walter's was just a time jump past what actually happened, in the interest of speeding up his short so he's in the constant. My theory for Wigfrid though... is that whoever was responsible for the lore has long since been replaced.