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  1. I wish it took MORE work, once you have decent knowledge of the system its easy to mass farm giant crops.
  2. You have to factor in working hours with team wide priority with specific code and networking knowledge and many other factors.
  3. "Just find the issue and fix it!" Because its always just as simple as that. I'm sure they are aware of the issue, but there is a lot more involved in solving these problems than "just do it".
  4. Axe found an issue when skipping time, where a math.max calculation fails to find its max, because the variable it needs is set to nil inside the same block. Check it out: function Growable:Resume() if self.pausedremaining ~= nil then self.pausedremaining = nil <-- Why is self.pausedremaining set to nil... local _usetimemultiplier = self.usetimemultiplier self:StartGrowing(math.max(0, self.pausedremaining)) <-- Then asked to give a value here? self.usetimemultiplier = _usetimemultiplier return true end end The current Live code looks like this: function Growable:Resume() if self.pausedremaining ~= nil then local remainingtime = math.max(0, self.pausedremaining) self.pausedremaining = nil self:StartGrowing(remainingtime) return true end end Unsure why the change was made, but it seems to crash the game when called, sometimes.
  5. Will there be customization presets that can be set through mods? Changes to things like shadow creatures may make some of our increases redundant, just wondering if its possible to set certain values automatically when enabling a mod.
  6. Nah, get good. Sinkholes ARE worthless though, they are pathetic. Bring back Summerfly, need some actual challenge.
  7. I'm not used to playing with Vanilla Wendy to be honest, I forgot how insane Klei made her after they made a bad snap call to over buff her.
  8. Wilson's lack of a downside would matter more if characters like WX, Wolfgang, and Wicker had downsides that were impactful in the slightest.
  9. We've had to switch between the old and (previously) new tools when compiling animations based on if the anim was large or small, hope this stops that from being an issue!
  10. Max, because everything sucks and I hate everyone. : )
  11. Bad idea, the game was deaigned to be an "Uncompromising Wilderness Survival" experience, the entire game is wrapped around that idea. Settings that change the difficulty would split the online playerbase and would compromise on the games vision.
  12. I don't mind the idea of having a Woodlegs TYPE of character, just not Woodlegs himself. I mean, just look at this guy. That should NOT belong in Don't Starve, as a joke character who is probably non canon, then yeah sure whatever, but if he was added to DST he would kinda HAVE to be canon. I'd rather have Walani, she used to be a pirate, they could give her a bit of a refresh alongside her being added.