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  1. I hate to do this, but I have been receiving reports of insulation checks crashing the game. This seems to be entirely unrelated to Uncompromising Mode, but we are receiving reports about it anyways when people are interacting with some assets that involve electricity. We are using identical code to how Volt Goats check for insulation. When trying to replicate, we've tried every character, with or without clothing, with or without WX's electric modules, and we can't replicate the issue. If some nil checks were in place in the function below, this crash presumably wouldn't happen. function Inventory:IsInsulated() -- from electricity, not temperature for k,v in pairs(self.equipslots) do if v and v.components.equippable:IsInsulated() then return true end end return self.isexternallyinsulated:Get() end We can't find any correlation between us, and the crash, but we are also having a hard time tracking down other mods that may be causing the problem. I hate to report on a crash that is likely mod related, but I also hate to see people crashing, and attributing it to us.
  2. Game audio will now try to play out of a changed default speaker from Sound Settings on Windows Finally, no more accidentally hitting the cord of my sound card causing it to disconnect for a sec, muting the game and requiring a full restart!
  3. Nah, it's not really that complicated, you can plant and forget and still end up rolling in tons of crops. I often just randomly put water and fertilizer on the crops and end up with giant crops, somehow, without knowing how any of the system works.
  4. I understand animation is expensive but god damn do I hate the fact that the entire games animated art style has been babied down, and klei is stepping away from the creepy elements of Don't Starve, just look at this...
  5. Downsides can make a character feel much more unique, and in some cases rewarding. Weighing a characters strengths and weaknesses feels great, and it's a shame a lot of people (And Klei, it seems...) don't fully appreciate the values of risk and reward, and 'highs and lows' as a gameplay mechanic. WX's circuits would feel so much more rewarding if there was a catch, or further cost, you spend a lot of time as a generally weaker character, having to gather extra resources for modules, but when you put the work in you are rewarded with unique buffs that feel good to use. Those dynamics are softened when WX doesn't have any impactful downside, and by default could even be said to be a better character than Wilson due to the lack of spoilage effecting food stats.
  6. Any decent player can completely avoid charge loss, and right now the 3 best modules seem to completely outweigh all other options, that being the Movement Speed Modules, and the Thermal/Cooling Modules. In theory, I really like the modules. When I first saw the announcement I thought that the modules would actively drain power, in exchange for powerful effects, and the balance behind WX would be about actively monitoring their charge level, and not over using modules. Instead, WX basically gets permanent upgrades, and the biggest decision to be made is: "Do I swap my speed modules out for thermal ones in winter/summer, or just keep the speed?" The problem isn't that the speed/thermal modules are just too good, it's that there's little to no reason NOT to use them. There's no strings attached, no downside. All I can give is my own personal opinion, but if I was to suggest a... change in direction for WX, it would be to make modules actively drain charge, and have the module remover only remove a small amount of charge at a time. Along side these changes, you can create an additional 'balancing point' by having different modules inflict different drain rates. If speed/thermal modules inflicted a very high drain rate, it could deter players from completely relying on them and never swapping, I could see myself using the music box or health modules if it meant I wasn't draining as much power, reserving the speed for more situational uses. You could even do fun things like having modules give different effects based on power level, and even add an overcharge mechanic which overclocks the modules. Or you could even have an overclock module. Of course, it would likely make sense for modules to not be disabled if power drains below a certain threshold. This is all a seemingly drastic change of direction for WX, but for me, I like characters with interesting, dynamic decisions to make, and WX right now doesn't do that for me, and my ideas represent a more in depth playstyle. As far as current Beta WX goes, the biggest decision I'm making is whether or not to unplug my speed modules for seasonal modules, which just doesn't seem like a fun way to play. Either way, I know I'm going to have a ton of fun modding and experimenting with WX-78!
  7. I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about technology in Don't Starve like, ever. Technology and magic are wacky and make no sense and that's just fine. Questioning why you can make stuff like an Alchemy Engine out of sticks and rocks, and how it even does... whatever it does takes the fun out of it.
  8. It needs a visual rework, it's way too cluttered still and it still strains my eyes. Every other feature was a fantastic addition though. The Craft Menu Tweak Mod goes a long way in improving the crafting UI, it would be great if Klei took some inspiration and made further improvements in a similar way.
  9. Honestly? It's probably because Wolfgang already had the animations, and would need new assets if he had seamless transformations, like how Wanda has the various shadow effects that disguise her transition to different ages.
  10. I've heard they were dmca taken down before, and subsequent reports have done nothing.
  11. This can become difficult when having a large project where configs can impact many different components and prefabs, etc, and for dedicated users (as I understand it), certain settings need to be manually added to the dedicated server settings. So if we went the route of renaming the option, then from my understanding that would mean every dedicated server would need to be aware of the change, and would need to update their settings anyways. Regardless, I will use your suggestion for now, as its critical to making things work. Thank you Zark!
  12. As someone who has been stolen from, and knows people who also have been stolen from, I can assure you that the creator is lying when they say people are fine with it. I wouldn't call telling them to remove the stolen content and filing a report with Klei being "fine with it".
  13. I mean that they have literally stolen content from myself and other users, and when confronted about it they will add us to their 'credits'. When reported to Klei, nothing happens.