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  1. The only thing im not 100% down with is being able to pacify spiders against other players, otherwise this actually sounds really awesome!
  2. Frankly I never wanted it continued from DS, that ending was perfect. Until it was instantly retconned.
  3. Reap what you Sow apparently isnt a part of RoT, so RoT is a solid 2 out of 10 for me. So much unfinished and undercooked content, Lunar crafting tab got nothing interesting after its initial addition, and its crafts are hardly worth it, Malbatross fight is unenjoyable and its rewards are awful, Crab Kings fight is unenjoyable and its rewards are awful, the Archives dont contain any content of much value, sailing is still slow and theres not much in the water. We know just as much about Charlies plan as we did nearly 4 years ago, shes got a plan... and, Wagstaff has... a plan? We know the moon is alive but people were predicting that over a year ago, and we didnt learn anything new. Yes, indeed, its alive, but thats all we really know. Every single update people said "Just wait next patch, ___ will be improved! Just wait until RoT is finished before judging it!" Well, now its over, and most of its content is just as bad as it was added.
  4. Walters Slingshot and the Alter Guardians hat both share the "hand_inv" type of container, if you equip the slingshot, then the alter guardian hat, it will auto close the slingshot inventory, and you cannot reopen it unless you unequip, then reequip it. The Alter Guardians hat is able to be opened and closed manually, but not the slingshot, not sure why exactly. If the Slingshot was given the ability to be opened and closed manually, you could easily swap between the inventories, alternatively, add a hat_inv type as well? If the latter is chosen, could we get a body_inv slot to match as well? Could be handy...
  5. ?????? You can't be serious, you can say that about any difficult game, just adjust to the learning curve and its no longer difficult. If you die, fail, and then die and fail some more and learn from it, I would consider that to be difficult, unless your definition of difficulty is a game where you literally cannot learn and get better and will always struggle all the time, and I can't think of a single game that falls under that definition.
  6. Because Klei isn't adding content to the game that stays true to what Don't Starve is supposed to be, a difficult, perma death, wilderness survival game.
  7. Seen a lot of people asking this question lately. Its funny, because there isn't an answer, not until we finally get told any details. 4 year long "mystery" and we have next to no details and very little new lore to speculate on.
  8. In the Gorge, beings are transformed into Merms by a god in the sky. The Gorge prominently features Goats as a race. Wurt is a Goat who turned into a merm?
  9. After 4 years since a New Reign, maybe we will finally know a slight detail about what Charlie is even doing.
  10. I would love to hear your feedback since you're familiar with the mod.
  11. More config options are coming in the future, we want to get as much feedback as possible in BETA so were limiting what can be turned off for now. But I don't want to get too off topic, JoeW will give me the boot.
  12. Maybe Klei should improve the core game content instead of adding content that has no real depth, that people will forget about, and a huge portion of the player base will never experience, or never have any REASON to experience it. Am I allowed to advertise Uncompromising Mode yet? If you want snowstorms, new hounds, new shadows, new miscellaneous mobs, the return of the RoG Dragonfly, new items, rewards, unique random night events, and soon to be added brand new hand animated attacks for mobs like the Bearger, Gmoose, Krampus, etc, then it sounds like the mod for you?
  13. Having to do a repetitive menial task to progress counts as grinding.
  14. Doing the Hermit Crabs quests, grinding for the materials for Wagstaff, doing all the fetch quests and nonsense time wasting tasks that remind me of a boring MMO. There are so many menial little tasks that have strayed so far away from the core of the game.
  15. Oh boy time for more grinding. Since when was Don't Starve a Korean MMO?