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  1. Why isnt the "Leafy Meatloaf" called "Meatleaf"
  2. ok if anyone figures out what this refers to tell me cuz i wasnt able to figure it out
  3. ' It's that one animation meme every form of media has content of! Also i probably should've made the captions bigger but eh
  4. but like he got pulled into the dont starve world because he was investigating the werebeaver so he must have heard about it somewhere though
  5. can you PLEASE give walter more campfire stories i am BEGGING you have him talk about how he learned of the werebeaver or like...the mothman. hold a contest for people who can write the best campfire stories or don't lol i just wanna hear more than just stuff about hook handio and bog monstah
  6. this is that idea i mentioned before and though i couldn't quite make it to my desired level of quality the general joke is still there
  7. oh, you know, y'don't really have to, i was gonna use it for a video but figured I could reach a similar effect by just putting character heads over the characters. But, uh, whenever they do replace it with the HD version, do tell me
  8. if i recall correctly, i think i've seen mods before where they gave base characters custom quotes for mod characters and i was wondering how to do that, or if it even is
  9. side note:i got a really good idea for a dont starve internet funnypost video recently, i just need to get the assets to make it first
  10. 1. 2.i figured not counting the animated shorts as trailers was implied
  11. they've done it! They've learned how to emote instead of just standing around doing nothing! also i made a tier list of how often a character has shown up in the animated sections of the DST trailers and all my favorite characters are in the bottom half!!!!!!!!!!!!