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  1. So I've watched some videos about this game and now I'm hooked--I just want to know if the devs have any plans to make it mac compatible on steam any time soon?
  2. I just mean it's the opposite of kiting--but you get the point
  3. It definitely saves on the lazy explorer since you don't need to use it in this phase; I wanted to calculate exactly how much armor and healing it saves, but it would seem that sometimes the bone cage hurts you and sometimes it doesn't--so it's a somewhat rng based situation and cannot be calculated into a specific number. And of course I only recommend this method if you have a beequeen crown available, otherwise the sanity drain from the the prolonged fight is most definitely not worth it. In the end I just wanna introduce this hilarious use for such an underutilized item to other players, it eventually depend on each individual players' playing style to determine if this is a good method : )
  4. Hi guys, So I'm not sure if people have posted this on the forum before, but you can use the extended attack range of the cat whip to tank Fuelweaver without cost of armor and healing since it has a pathetic attack range. This is very useful especially in the first phase, since FW won't cast its woven shadows or shadow hands--you can tank it basically without cost on your armor, healing, or lazy explorer usage. I made a video to illustrate this mechanic if you guys are interested:
  5. Hopefully soon I can play ONI without turning my computer into a heater
  6. Theoretically you could use the green gem trick on the salt box to multiply salt... with a giant cost
  7. Hi, when I log into the game and try to get into the servers I play at, I can only see a small fraction of all the servers, and uninstalling-reinstalling didn't work.