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  1. This Wendy quote on the Friendly Fruit Fly is one the most badass quote in all of DST
  2. This is like asking "Would I love chocolate over cake"... we'll at least need some sense of your tastes and preferences before we can help you with it. In other news, chocolate is ALWAYS better than cake
  3. I don't see your particular solution solving the problem--in my experience you get too many orange gems playing solo anyways. But I agree that desert stone is mostly useless when playing solo. Maybe they can add an expensive recipe (like 5 desert stones?) that let's you teleport to a deserter without anyone activating it?
  4. Wildfire mechanic is fair. There are various legit ways to counter it--you could easily base in the oasis or the cave during summer, or you could cover your base with flingos. It's just a matter of players thinking it's too much hassle to work with. While disease is broken. You cannot counter it with a reasonable prevention method other than gathering all your replanted plants almost none stop. At the end of the day you can choose to turn off game features if that's not your thing, but asking for something to be removed since you don't like it is, in my opinion, unjustified.
  5. A certain Slasher would like to know the location of this mole
  6. Theoretically you could use the green gem trick on the salt box to multiply salt... with a giant cost
  7. Hi, when I log into the game and try to get into the servers I play at, I can only see a small fraction of all the servers, and uninstalling-reinstalling didn't work.