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  1. 10 both have three fingers Now I'm convinced that they're related!
  2. I would add wx to the mix, he is arguably the best character for this as you get insane amount of gears in adventure mode.
  3. WINTER HAS PENGULLS. It's challenging enough as it is
  4. Wortox strategies or tips

    Get a moleworm farm near your base, they are very easy to kill and regenerate pretty fast
  5. Or maybe insanity gradually reduce the player's vision range (like the fuelweaver attack)? It could be an incentive to not be insane all the time
  6. My boy WX is not a pick-n-drop! (Because you'll lose like ten gears each time you change lol)
  7. On Base Locations

    I really love a good moonstone base--the eternal light and coldness is really convenient for lazy players like me
  8. Food tip

    In general
  9. Food tip

    Nice tip lol, I also recommend making surf&turf in the ruins if shipwrecked is enabled
  10. This actually sounds like a great idea!
  11. If you like volt goats, you can make some ice cream with their milk, each restores 50 san
  12. It would seem 2019 is gonna be a good year for DST!
  13. lol lv 35 and no elegant here
  14. Another one coming this Thursday I think