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  1. My only "perk" : getting scared to death by spiders on sight
  2. I don't think it could be earthquakes, they don't destroy trinkets to the best of my knowledge. My bet is on the monkeys
  3. BiliBili Lass 22 by DST map

    可以可以 真大佬
  4. I mean, if you have a Wortox teammate for the fight, fuelweaver is going to be pretty easy anyways
  5. Just as Wendy wandered off, heavy rain pours from the sky, snuffing the torches in the survivors' hands. Everything descend into chaos: Winona swiftly dodges an attack from nowhere, Wigfrid waves manically into the dark trying to strike Charlie, and WX evilly laughs at everyone's incompetence as his sparks in the rain ward off the darkness.
  6. [Game Update] - 368562

    Theoretically you could use the green gem trick on the salt box to multiply salt... with a giant cost
  7. Wigfrid's biggest fear: Wormwood
  8. Little did Woodie know that it's spring already...
  9. ...while yelling obscure words such as "MEATBAG" and "PATHETIC PILE OF HUMAN"
  10. I think what we really need is spyglass for lazy players like me)
  11. Road kill: Get killed by a moleworm
  12. It would seem 2019 is gonna be a good year for DST!
  13. lol lv 35 and no elegant here
  14. Another one coming this Thursday I think
  15. Hi, when I log into the game and try to get into the servers I play at, I can only see a small fraction of all the servers, and uninstalling-reinstalling didn't work.