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  1. What games have you been playing?

    Figured I'd share my dingy shoggoth farm in Sevtech Ages.(What I've been playing recently.)
  2. The mod is customizable, not every feature has to be enabled.
  3. My recipe rebalancer is a bit outdated and lacks any config options. :s Also heres my handicaper. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1839297490
  4. What games have you been playing?

    I've gotten back into minecraft again recently(though still playing solo worlds in DST too) I've started playing a 1.12.2 modpack a couple days ago called Sevtech Ages. It's been fun so far, gotten past "Age 0" and are about halfway through "Age 1".
  5. Oh look a mod of mine was linked, I should get around to updated the overhauled version to support the warly update recipes. But I've been distracted as of late... Between Sevtech Ages in MC and a couple of my DST solo worlds. Suprised my handicaper isn't one of the mods. >.<
  6. If klei implemented QoL changes currently present in mods I actually wouldn't think it would be that bad tbh. I'm talking small things like Quick Drop, Less Placement Blocking and heck, Geometric Placement. Doesn't have to be the mods exact, rather just some kinda QoL changes similar to it. Mainly I'd just want birds and their seeds not blocking placement anymore, that's gotta be the most annoying thing in DST.
  7. Some of the tiny QoL tweaks, yes. Most mods on the workshop, hell no.
  8. Screenshot showcase

    A couple pics from my old pre-RoT modded megabase world! (The one I've done with friends prior to RoT. Heres the retrofitted moon island! 12 springs on this one! A high roll! Also just as I was leaving, ELDRITCH PENGULLS REEE! Yes we made a boat bridge, we've got over 2000 wood in this world due to all the bearger tree farming. >.<
  9. I'd love a way to stop world regrowth in an area. It's saddening to build something that is meant to look natural only to have world regrowth be like "LUL LEMME PUT THESE LUMPY EVERGREENS HERE" and ruin it.
  10. I can confirm it was that mod. 100% Removed it and the hound attack functioned fine. No crash occured. A shame really, I was using that mod in that world for really large but really infrequent hound attacks. Like "Hound Hordes"
  11. Looking at the mod page for the one mod I could see it being I think I'm certain I know the culprit. one of the mods is more/less hounded, which people on the mod page have reported is broken in Return of Them. Hopefully the mod gets updated, if not then I hope a fork is made.
  12. So I've had this about 430 day or so modded megabase attempt world that I've had since before Return of Them. Now everything retrofitted into this world fine, the world even loads! I was super duper happy to see this world make it into RoT despite how modded it is. That was until the periodic hound attacks happen. When periodic hounds occur in this world, the server dies completely. I've attached the log below. I do see a "player_classified.lua" thing here. So I think it has to do with hound count for players, something broke there. server_log.txt If anyone knows if this is fixable I would love help, otherwise I think this world is dead in the mud... All cause of hound attacks.
  13. I still think bath bomb spam was a good fix. I like the idea of the following. -Make hot springs become filled with water after mining them if it's been at least 20 days since the spring crystalized. I feel like currently it's either be 100% optimal with going back to moon island or be punished for going at your own pace. -Add an option to try to dig new hot springs on the island, in the event the world doesn't add enough, maybe using a complicated method. So late game it would be possible to increase the yield of moon glass per harvest and have a reason to make lots of bath bombs.
  14. Continuing from my previous post, heres how I think the springs should work. If it's been at least 20 days since a hot spring has crystalized, it should become a spring with water rather then a dried up spring when mined. That way the nerf could be kept how it is without punishing players who like to take it slow. Going to moon island every 40 days just feels like a required chore for a resource not too worth it. :s
  15. Okay I do agree on one thing, it was nerfed TOO much. I agree on a nerf, the bath bomb spam imo deserved the nerf. But this is just punishing players for not literally dropping everything their doing to go boat back to moon island every 40 days. I wish the springs still returned like pre-nerf if it's not a full moon. This threw a wrench in my autumn routine. I dislike the moon island during Winter or Summer, and I'd rather not dump spring plans to go babysit moon island. The autumn routine was how I liked it. Klei please, this is nerfing the springs TOO much. Punishing the players for not dropping everything they do to go back to this island again and deal with the easilly ignorable lunacy mechanic every 40 days is absurd, considering most moon glass stuff is hardly worth it, heck later in a world, moon glass axes imo are just a waste of resources, and glass cutters I have literally for one purpose, shadows. Tempted to just go back to my old method of farming shadows with a hambat, cause having to do my moon island routine every other autumn doesn't sound like fun. I feel like Klei wanted to fix an exploit, but patched it so hard it screwed those of us just trying to play at our own pace...