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  1. If other categories already have something like this implemented then I don't see why Don't Starve shouldn't also have it. I wish you luck with getting twitch to listen though.
  2. I made another abomination for maxwell memes before I go to sleep. I call this one the Poggerfly. It's what happens when the Dragonfly watches too much twitch. (This abomination was inspired by an image someone made of the wall of flesh from Terraria using the pogchamp emote eyes and mouth.)
  3. Low quality meme based on my old "Wendy Inquisition" meme. Felt it was long overdue.
  4. I can always rely on glommer buddy when my days go bad.
  5. Thanks! I was wondering too about the custom titles. After seeing I had over 1k posts I there was only one title I could think of. >.<
  6. I play with music on all the time, I use the dusk+night music mod and a mod that restores the old autumn music. I even wound up merging the two in a personal use mod in order to have a version that fixes the new music themes like crab king and malbatross.(I am aware of how to make the mods load the new themes instead of AG's theme)
  7. So I plan on getting a new computer at some point in the future as my current one is showing signs of its age. I want to transfer all my worlds I've made on this one to the new one, anyone know if that is possible? Not 100% certain if the saveindex files can survive such a transfer.
  8. I already posted a thread about this a while back, but I agree nonetheless.
  9. I'm not that good at art, but I made a glommer buddy in Terraria. >.< I had to, I love glommer buddy.
  10. The forum isn't just guys y'know! Also I gotta say glommer, I couldn't call myself a glommer fangirl if I didn't absolutely adore that adorable, huggable fuzzy bug friend! I love glommer buddy! Glommer buddy always helps me feel better on a bad day.
  11. Pengulls, every damn time they have to make a gather spot near my base.
  12. Don't worry everyone, Wilson has found base. Kyle the Guide on the other hand failed to find base and died this blood moon.