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  1. I am not on the beta branch
  2. I don't think so, I'm still getting the year of the carrat menu.
  3. Anyone else got an update today? I looked around the forums and didn't see any changelogs. I just woke up, got my coffee and breakfast, booted up my computer and when I clicked on DST it had to download an update, so I came to these forums expecting one of the dev update changelog threads and found nothing. So uh... What got changed? Was it just bug fixes?
  4. What would you think would be done for wilson whenever he gets reworked? Personally I was thinking his beard would be an aid in all seasons instead of just winter. It would keep its current winter insulation, but would also provide water resistance based on how long it is and would give summer insulation aswell. Multipurpose beard! It could also still be shaved of course. Discuss
  5. updates characters need

    That hamster wheel always makes me laugh.
  6. make it a sub-forum for general discussion(or some kind of shortcut link), so it's easier to spot for those who tend to stick to general discussion.
  7. updates characters need

    whenever wilson gets a change, make his beard more of an aid for all seasons, have the beard give some water resistance, and instead of a penalty in summer, make his almighty beard of science help him out in summer too! (Sorry for bad suggestion)
  8. Honestly, dragonfly, she's my favorite boss to solo rush on pubs, I like the prep, I like the kiting timing, and generally just enjoy the fight.
  9. Not going to lie, when I saw runes I thought of Diablo 2. (Jah Ith Ber anyone?)
  10. This is EXACTLY what makes me feel worried.
  11. While I can't wait for the Wendy rework, I can't help but feel a little worried...
  12. Just curious, are there any items in DST you consider crafting soely due to a skin you have for them? Even if said item is useless or not something you'd normally use? I've wanted to ask this ever since I got my pink winter hat as it made me want to use winter hats again just because it's cute(in my opinion).
  13. What is WX's Gender

    According to the game code WX78's gender is "ROBOT". Also WX78 is refered to as "it" no?
  14. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    And now, my most recent wind waker randomizer playthrough comes to a close. It started with some checks, digging up sunken chests, clearing out some dungeons, getting general junk... Neddle Rock Isle chest was the tingle tuner, not useful. Checked forbidden woods, a useless chart, and of course junk. I did however get 20 golden feathers from going through forbidden woods, and turning those in got me one of the two sword upgrades I needed for go mode(from the resulting letter), one down one to go. I started looting more sunken chests, taking out reefs, clearing isle of steel, stuff like that. Nothing much to note, a few charts, a coupon... but then one fateful triforce chart, triforce chart 2, led me to the sunken chest of fire mountain, where my final item lies. Bingo, with my final sword upgrade, I have everything required to beat this run, GO MODE TIME! I head to hyrule, and proceed to go to fight ganon. Badass cheerleader anyone? XD and then the barrier shatters. I proceed through ganon's tower, randomizer doesn't require the refights. I go kill phantom ganon, having light arrows triggers him to spawn in the room, so I didnt have to do the maze. and I make my way up the final set of stairs to ganon, getting one final moblin butt slash in the process. I have a rather sloppy puppet ganon fight, but get through the three forms nonetheless. I was more then prepared for this fight. Way too many heart containers plus I had 2 blue potions and elixir soup. I climb to the top, ready for the final battle. And then I stab ganondorf right in his face with the master sword, ending this run! Final stats on the file select. and heres the final tracker. If anyone wants to look at it, Heres a link to the spoiler log.
  15. Mutated skin sets for all the characters, the most obvious skin set being webber as a shattered spider.