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  1. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    You'd be amazed how much Klei changed DST to make it more noob-friendly compared to RoG
  2. Wigfrid: Kill stuff Everyone else: Cactus Flesh or Green Caps. Those are basically my methods of sanity management earlygame. Later on I have jerky so jerky becomes my sanity food.
  3. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    Woodie has a permenant -45 insulation due to his beard yes, meaning for example wearing an eyebrella means he only has 195 insulation in summer instead of 240. However if woodie isn't wearing any summer gear at all his summer insulation is still 0, meaning he still overheats as fast as anyone else in summer when not wearing any insulators.
  4. Here's a Wigfrid outfit I made recently and liked so I decided to use it when playing wigfrid.
  5. Screenshot showcase

    Compass HUD mod IIRC. Speaking of mods though, here's some worldgen I got by combining the Island Adventures mod and the More Worldgen Config mod. I got this worldgen here, I like the spawn area, and the oasis on its own island too. I think for my next playthrough of Island Adventures I am definately going to use More Worldgen Config again, it feels a little more like SW while keeping the RoG feel too.
  6. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    Well I updated the OP last night nonetheless, my understanding of the mechanics now should be more accurate, I've included some bold text for more specific stuff. So if anyone missed the updated OP feel free to give it a read. Hopefully I've done a better job making the info accurate.
  7. I wasn't expecting to get quoted, I was just spouting out memes. Sorry. >.<
  8. My only understanding of wigfrid is she like to eat the metbal. (In all seriousness though, after reading this post though it did make me a bit more curious as to what wigfrid's backstory in DS lore might be. Like if sigurd's weak point was his back, what would wigfrid's be? The things I wonder.) EDIT: (I guess wigfrid is the one with the spear in this case, so I guess I'm spouting nonsense, I need to understand mythology and stuff like that more.)
  9. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    I have updated the OP to include my new understanding of the insulation mechanic in DST, including what I understand of how beards work in it.
  10. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    @PuffinBy So I must state that you are partially correct for the beard, allow me to quote a friend. my friend had dug into the info regarding the beard a bit further, this is their information on it.
  11. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    Are you absolutely positivly certain you tested this in Don't Starve Together and not Don't Starve: Reign of Giants? If you read the note in the OP, you'd find they have very different insulation mechanics. Keep in mind woodie has a constant unremovable 45 winter insulation, yet as far as I've seen he doesn't overheat any faster in summer then others. Also heres some test gifs, just to show the insulation priority.(Note that gfycat speeds up gifs slightly, but it shows the point nonetheless) Note that without any insulation protection at all, temperature raises/lowers at a rate of 1 point per second. For these tests, I have used Not Enough Items to set the season, and Combined Status is used to show both my character's temperature and the world temperature. The first test, Beefalo Hat in winter, while standing next to an endothermic fire. Result: The rate at which I cooled off was slowed the moment I put on the beefalo hat. The second test, Beefalo Hat in summer, while standing next to an endothermic fire. Result: The rate at which I cooled was NOT slowed upon equipping the beefalo hat. The third test, Eyebrella in Winter next to a scaled furnace. Result: Temperature's rate ot rising was not delayed by the eyebrella, heat insulation was ignored. And lastly, the fourth test, Eyebrella in Summer while next to a Scaled Furnace. Result: Eyebrella delays the heat as intended, even while next to the furnace. So for those telling me that insulators aren't ignored depending on the world temperature in DST, you're either playing the wrong game or are full of bullcrud.
  12. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    No I mean all world settings set to default. Autumn day 1 is weird in the sense it's world temperature starts at like 30, whereas the first day of autumn after a summer is like around 62 in temperature.
  13. DST's Insulation Mechanic

    That may be the case in the singleplayer game, but I just wanted to point out I noticed alot of DST's insulation mechanic from using the scaled furnace, sometimes my eyebrella would actually delay the scaled furnace's heat, some other times it wouldn't and I'd overheat really quick as if I didn't have it on at all. That was basically how I got my understanding of DST's insulation mechanics, and I do believe they apply to the beards aswell, woodie has a constant 45 winter insulation in DST due to his beard(This is ONLY in DST, not singleplayer), yet it does not make him overheat any faster then anyone else. So yeah in singleplayer ROG your values would apply, but in DST the summer insulation value would still be 240, as the beard is ignored. Hate to break it to you, but the wiki isn't always correct. The wiki actually gets ALOT of stuff wrong. It may get it correct for the singleplayer game, but it is not correct at all for DST. Please actually test things ingame rather then just quoting the wiki all the time, before you go calling me wrong.
  14. Screenshot showcase

    Just getting a dragonfly solo rush done on a klei official server before I go to bed. A couple others watched, but I guess I can actually decently kite dfly with ping, TIL. Guess I'm too used to thinking I can only kite as host when clearly that isn't the case. Names were actually blotted out this time, cause I really should respect other peoples privacy.
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Thought I'd include another one of my crappy memes to add to the recent removal of warbucks in hamlet.