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  1. Willow is based on novels about young people related to pyrokinesis, mainly “Firestarter” (or “Charlie” in some editions) by Stephen king: During her childhood, Charlene ("Charlie") McGee had a teddy bear which she ignited on fire by simply looking at it, through the power of her mind. Bernie is not only based on Firestarter, he´s inspired by the classic haunted dolls, animated by magic or spirits, who will harm or protect certain persons. One of the big traits of Charlie is having a strong (but fiery) temper and little patience, always manifesting in her behavior. Willow acts in this way too: -"You jerk! Let me in!" (Pig House occupied, lights off) -"A cone full of jerks." (Killer Bee Hive) -"Jerks that slither." (Snake) -"Jerks that swim." (Sea Hound) -"Stay back, you big jerk!" (Krampus) -"Hurry up, dirtpile. Feed me!" (Farm, growing) -"But I want more berries!" (Berry Bush, picked) -"Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you." (Rabbit Hole) While Telekinesis is the ability to influence actions in objects with the mind, Pyrokinesis is the ability of creating and controlling fire by thought: The name Willow is related to magic, witchcraft, to be more exact. For example the willow tree is know as "witchs´s tree" due to its parts being used as ingredients for potions, and rituals in old times by witches and warlocks. Interestingly Willow was also portrayed as a witch in her Funko Pops and Halloween art. "A symbol of stake-burnt sisterhood." (Fiery Witch's Hat description) In old times, people accused of witchcraft were burned in stakes. Between 1920 & 1930, Japan started to produce lighters under the brand “Willow”, with different models and decorations. One of the most popular models. (Looks familiar, right?)
  2. So I wanted to know if CAPY, the ones who partnered with klei to create don’t starve shipwrecked, had partial ownership of shipwrecked assets. This would hinder and sort of shipwrecked together cross overs because of legal issues if CAPY really wanted to get involved. That would really suck because adding the shipwrecked characters (specifically Wilbur and warly because woodlegs and wilani wouldn’t really work) would be a great addition to the team, variety is always nice especially as a team. But it’s not just characters, there’s also shipwreckeds extensive list of biomes that’s in question. So in conclusion that’s what I’d like to know.
  3. WX-78 is based on the clockwork automatons, most interesting automatons were made between 1700-1920. The main feature of a automaton: they´re made of gears and cams. Automatons are mechanical imitations of life, they copy some activities of living beings. Unlike robots, automatons were present since the old times (even mentioned in legends of Ancient Greece). For example the concept of Talos, albeit fictitious, was a giant mechanical guardian made out of bronze, whose most prominent feature was overheating its body´s plaques with the purpose of inflict scorching death to captured enemies. Through time, various machines were made, for example, one of the oldest automatons is “Clockwork Lute Player Lady” (44cm of size, moving her right hand and turning the head from right to left) made by the spanish-italian enginer Juanelo Turriano in 1550. Not only that, Juanelo dedicated his life in the creation of other automatons, like the “Clockwork Prayer” (39cm, old monk with a lot of movements) made in 1560, who still operating today. (Also, there´s some records about creation of Clockworks prototypes for war.) When he passed away, his various creations ended up in different parts of the world. The exact number of inventions made by him is unknown. Probably, some machines still operating, like the Prayer. Years later, other automatons appeared, like “The Writer” (capable of produce short texts of more or less 40 words), “The Draughtsman” (making 4 draws: A portrait of Louis XV of France, A dog, A couple and Cupid) & “The Musician” (who plays a real piano), made by the french watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz during 1768-1774. Automatons were also related to magic shows, like the ones of french magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, also a great inventor of diverse kinds of artifact and automatons for his performances. Not limited to the human figure, automatons exist in a myriad of other shapes and sizes like animal or insect ones. For example, the miniature “Singing Bird Box Nº 11”, made by the french inventor Blaise Bontems and his son, approximately in 1890. In 1918, the famous illusionist Erik Weisz (well known as “Harry Houdini”) starred in The Master Mystery film as the agent Quentin Locke, investigating a series of events and eventually confronting the mysterious and evil Q The Automaton. During 1920 & 1925, when the radio still being something pretty new, some people and mass media speculated about new inventions in the future, making curious combinations related to automatons. Personally, my favourite is “La Joueuse De Tympanon”, dulcimer player automaton of 45cm made by the german clockmaker Peter Kinzing in 1784, as gift for the queen Marie Antoinette:
  4. Here's how I would make some Do not Starve characters more useful and why: Wilson, the one who can survive everything: His beard is really something magnificent! Warm and confortable in winter, cool and breathable in summer, able to filter 70% of rainwater and hard enough to prevent the fog from annoying, as well as slow down the pollen and decrease sneezing per minute. With his beard Wilson can withstand any adversity! (Designed for players who have difficulty surviving the various seasons) Willow, an inextinguishable fire that devours it internally: Immune to the flames, is pathologically attracted by the flames, so as to have a brain's regeneration of +20 per minute in front of a fire. With 1 torch + 1 papyrus you can turn every weapon in the game into a variant with the same characteristics but that inflicts fire on enemies! It also deals 33% more damage to the enemies that burn, a real psychopath! (Designed for players who find it difficult to remain sane and have fun watching the game world burn) Wendy, she is not dead what she can live forever, and in strange eons even death can die: Her sister Abigail is an apocalyptic cosmic presence: 1200 of life, 5 of regeneration per second when in "hostile" mode and 10 when in "peaceful" mode, 20 of day damage, 40 at sunset and 80 at night, as well as total control over the behavior of the sister, to whom she can say whether to follow her, leave, attack or make the pole. (Designed for particularly warmongers who have the desire to kill everything in front of them) Wes, crazy among the crazy: at the cost of fifteen of sanity, Wes can "mimic" any prototype equipment and "use" it for a minute, before it disappears. Including sources of lights, clothes, magical items ... careful not to fall asleep with the imaginary flute that holds in your hands! (Designed to give Wes the uniqueness and madness it deserves)
  5. I'm a main Wendy & Abigail and I always have their last name. Reasoning, I came to find out: Maxwell is called William Carter for the registry office. We know, from a letter sent to him by his brother, who had a brother: Jack Carter. We know that Jack was thrilled to be in America and that their mother, who remained overseas, had not yet seen the twins, presumably her daughters. Now, it does not take a genius to figure out which twins he is referring to, since there are only two in the Do not Starve universe: they are clearly Wendy & Abigail. But if Wendy & Abigail are Jack's daughters, and Jack's surname is Carter ... their full names are Wendy Carter & Abigail Carter, latest carter ramps from the Carter family, grandchildren of William Carter, Maxwell! And that explains why Wendy finds Maxwell familiar. He does not recognize him because he was too young to remember his uncle clearly, but some vague reminiscence makes her understand that he is not a stranger!
  6. Howdy youdy dowdy! I'm here to present to you all a little project I'm working on! Currently I'm calling it: The Living Forest. It's a mod pack that I plan to have add at least 13 different characters that are all based on DS's trees! A rather odd pick, I'll agree there, but a unique one, I feel. I currently have 1 character almost finished and in public testing, and that one happens to be the Mushtree. In this thread, I'll continue to post concepts and updates for all the characters as they come along in progress! I decided to move here to the forums to soak up some interest. Figured while I worked I could see what you all had in mind, perk wise and new content wise! With that said, I'm excited to share this with everyone. Link to the mod is here! And those concepts I mentioned are in the spoilers! SW Trees: Hamlet Trees: DST Trees: Thanks for lookin'. ;D (P.S None of this is finished! Stare at with a grain of salt!)
  7. So we've gotten a few insights on the near future of Don't Starve. Both for Together, Hamlet and a little bit vanilla. And a lot of it has been about the Characters, not all, but a lot of it. So we're getting revamps for a lot of DST characters, 1 new character for vanilla, 1 new unknown character for Hamlet, Wormwood for Hamlet, and several new characters for DST. Plus a little lore about some of the characters as the devs claimed. We havent gotten that many new characters in a long time, Klei must've been VERY inspired on wanting to see new character playstyles. Shipwrecked brought a lot of new elements so 4 characters made sense, Reign of Giants added 2 characters that were surprisingly not that much about the new mechanics in RoG, and Hamlet as of now going to have 3 characters. But now they want several new for DST, and overhauling some of the existing. This brought a little worry for me, that some characters will fill the same niche, making them less unique. But with Wormwood as we saw, he has quite a different playstyle. Which is good. But at the other side of the flipcoin, Wilba sort of has a similar niche as Woodie. They're clashing for the same spot in some ways. So I hope that the sudden surge in Klei wanting to throw all the characters around will pay off. Anyone else surprised to see Klei be this interested in Characters?
  8. Wigfrid is based on the Nordic/German legend of Sigurd/Siegfried (“Sigrid” in danish & norwegian, “Sigfrid” in swedish & spanish): warrior who gains more strength from dead enemies´s essence (That´s why Wigfrid gets Health and Sanity by killing others). In the first adventure, he managed to kill the dragon Fafnir (thanks to strategy and father´s old magic sword) and end up making contact with the dragon's blood. Due this event, his skin became hard as the dragon´s one, making him “invulnerable” basically. Yet, Sigurd had a weak point: his back still having a place not touched by Fafnir´s blood. The cuase of his death: fatally wounded in that zone by a battle spear (yes, Battle Spear). Theres diverse versions about the life of Sigurd/Siegfried, but all share common points (and final death): Sigurd grew up in the forest, having a appreciation for the nature. -“I feel at höme in the wööds.” (Wigfrid, when examines Evergreen) -“A wönder öf the woods.” (Wigfrid, when examines Glommer's Flower) Fafnir's blood not only affected Sigurd´s skin, the contact with the lips & eyes made him able to comprehend some sensations of the animals (especially birds) and feel empathy about them: -“Raven friend.” (Wigfrid, when examines Crow) -“This bird knöws aböut the cold” (Wigfrid, when examines Snowbird) Sigurd used some pieces of Fafnir to make his helmet and armor (for have extra protection by dragon´s magic properties): “The unicorn is what protects you” (Battle Helm´s description) -“The pöwer öf the unicörn is great.” (Wigfrid, when examines Battle Helm) ¿Why Wigfrid have a Unicorn exactly? In some legends, the unicorns acted as enemies of dragons, being the opposite. Sigfrid is male and use dragon´s powers & Wigfrid is female and use unicorn´s powers. So, ¿Her old-self (Before wigfrid) was vanished completely by her new-self (After wigfrid)? No, that´s still inside (Wigfrid recognizes "modern things" yet) and guides her current personality: -“It's a stuffed bear.” (Wigfrid, when examines Bernie) -“Cööking utensils dö nöt interest me.” (Wigfrid, when examines Beaten Beater) -“Tea is a luxury that warriörs cannöt afförd.” (Wigfrid, when examines Leaky Teacup) “The valor and confidence of a valkyrie didn't always come naturally to Wigfrid. She cultivated her strength and persona over many years through sheer force of will.” (Vignette´s description)
  9. It was recently announced that the main cast would be revisited. Along with bringing them some much needed changes, their backstories would be revealed. The only two characters that we really have any info on are Maxwell and Wilson, so I thought I'd try to guess what Klei would bring to the table. Wilson would most likely be shown as his younger self: ...And would probably explore how he became obsessed with science in the first place. If he gets revamped, Wilson will probably get this as a skin. I guess that for Maxwell, they'd show more of the part of his life where he was a down-on-his-luck magician. While the events as to why he ended up the Constant have been long revealed, they might animate it and show more of the characters involved with his backstory. As for Wickerbottom, they'll probably also introduce her younger self as a skin and how she found out about the forbidden magics. Younger self shown here: Feel free to share your theories.
  10. So I was trying to get a new version of my mod to use in play, it's called Kar, thing is, I had an outdated version, which I deleted in the mods folder, I probably did something wrong, and It may require some more explanation, but long story short, my updated character mod is not being shown in the game (despite being shown in the autocompiler ) and TWO outdated versions of it appear in the game (ahh it's multiplying!) I'm not any decent at computer things, so I definitely did something wrong, can anyone help me pinpoint to what that is??? I'll give you any information you need, here are two images that should describe what's going on, to a small degree: The in game copy of two outdated versions. The current state of my mods folder Pls send help ;-;
  11. The story and lore of don't starve is possibly my favorite aspect of the game. However, out of all playable characters, only Wilson and Maxwell have an in depth backstory that's been shown. So, I wanted to write a backstory and possibly hear your backstories of characters in the universe. Wigfrid Wigfrid grew up in a cabin in the woods, not too far from a small town. Growing up, her father hunted, mostly for game. Sometimes a younger Wigfrid was taken on these journeys and learned the in and outs of hunting. They trudged through the snow and dirt to find elks, deer, and sometimes even bears. On rare occasion she watched her father stand up against a mighty bear with his spear in hand, trying to intimidate the large beast. This would usually end in the bear toppling to the ground, and a new bear skin rug for the cabin. That was until one day, when her father came up against a bear that did not wait to play the intimidation game. The bear swiped at his face, scarring his eye and lip. Her father stabbed it in its chest, but it didn't seem to leave a dent. The bear took another swipe, and Wigfrid's once powerful, bear killing father, was bit back by nature. Wigfrid still remembers the moment where she stood shocked with fear at the sight. No inclination to fight; just shock. She remembers running through the forest, tears streaming down her face, fear overwhelming her. That moment made her promise to herself and to her deceased father: I won't back down from a fight. I won't have fear. As Wigfrid grew into her late teens, she spent her days training in not only hunting, but fighting. Her goal was to find the bear and avenge her father's death, but for years and years, she never found the beast. As time went on, a life of training and hunting for seemingly nothing weighed down on her, and she went into a more calm life. Discovering a nearby theatre, she applied for auditions as a mighty warrior, capable of fighting any foe. Her battle cries and combat skills got her in on day one. She enjoyed theatre, acting out scenes that she wished would happen in her real life. She fought dragons and monsters and whatever was apart of the play. But it wasn't enough. She remembered her goal: avenge her father. It's been years, she is in her mid-twenties. She's been sitting in this theatre growing an acting career. This wasn't her life. And so, she began the hunt again. And she found that bear. And she fought the bear, and she killed the bear. And the bear took off his head and said "Great job today, Wigfrid. We knocked em dead." The whole play was too real for Wigfrid. She started a downward spiral. Years and years of training in her life lead to a mundane acting career. Slumping down in her dressing room chair, Wigfrid looked at a strong, powerful reflection through a faded, dirty mirror. She needed a test of her strength. She needed to show the world that she isn't just an actor, that she is a warrior. Wigfrid slammed the desk and was about to punch the mirror too, until she heard a crackly voice behind her, coming from the radio. "Say, pal, you got a warrior's spirit huh? Why are you wasting your time in this shabby theatre? Say, if you just follow my instructions, you can show everyone all that training you did." I'm not sure if I will continue to write backstories. I also want to see others try this, and I could only really think of this one for Wigfrid.
  12. Headcanons?

    If you had any headcanons regarding the characters or the setting of this game, feel free to post them here. To start, here's a few of mine: Wickerbottom's first name is Wanda. Woodlegs' real name is Wally. The Beefalo Trader's name is Wade. Willow sometimes makes large makeshift cigars for herself out of various materials she finds lying around, often leaves and grass. Shipwrecked takes place on the open sea surrounding the island of regular Don't Starve, and it's where a character would end up if they tried sailing off the island. Webber liked and emphasized with spiders even before getting eaten by one.
  13. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    We need a new RP riiiighhht here! BAZAM. This is going to serve as a resurrection of sorts for another roleplay that bit the dust recently. But, the general concepts were so good, i'm carrying it over to something a LOT more stable and not-likely-to-die. Enrollments are as following: There are no slots remaining, and each other roleplayer may add up to 5 OCs, and, if they so desire, 1 of the original DS characters. Please, no more Shadow Creatures! We already have enough of those as is. A human OC has a much higher chance of getting accepted in. Other types of OCs MAY be accepted in, depending on circumstances and the uniqueness of their abilities/weaknesses/personalities. Allow me to remind people that they should not feel it is neccessary to fill all of the character slots. We don't HAVE to crowd things to ridiculous proportions, you know! Flowchart: @Silentdarkness1 : Wilson Higgsbury: Race: Human Powers: The Beard! The well-known Mr. Higgsbury, still making a life out in the wilderness of Their playground. WX-78: Race: Robot Powers: Gains power through eating machinery and being struck by lightning. A soulless automaton of unknown origin. Rustlung The Wicked: Race: Human? Powers: Darkness, Shadow and Light Little is known about Rustlung, only that he seems to be an assassin of some sort, and targets people who have displeased Them. His weapons are two special war axes. Charlie: Race: ??? Powers: ??? Nothing is clear about Charlie's current form. Never has been. ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown @Lord_Battal : Name: Valsig Race: Shadow Powers: Formmolding Valsig the Shadow thrives on madness, for only in its presence can he use his considerably powerful abilities. While around the sane, he is barely physical, more of a ghost than anything. But while those around him are insane, he becomes physical. Valsig's primary power of shape shifting. He can turn into anything he can conceive, but the more complex and powerful the form, the more energy it takes. If Valsig runs himself dry, he will be unable to keep himself even the slightest bit corporeal, and will basically die. @DwerBomb Lewis Race: Human Age: 14 Powers: Energy control and purification (and sanity) aura. Alma Race: Human/Banshee Age: 15/16 Powers: Can turn into banshee, a screaming ghost that is followed by death. She is also very clever and intuitive. @Hugos10 : Hugos: Race: ??? Powers: Bloodlust - The more things he kills, the stronger hugos becomes Agility - Able to easily sneak through undergrowth and climb trees Likes the dark - Can see in dark Cons: Sugoh - Very annoying sanity creature that follows him around, becomes reality when Hugos is near-insanity Hungry - Hugos is ALWAYS hungry A creature of mystery, having a very unknown origin. Very adventurous and sometimes cynical. @Blewcheese : Name: Entropy Race: Shadow Chaos consummation: His abilities grow stronger the more chaos there is around. Conversely, order weakens him. Shadow form: His only appearance seems to be a man's shadow on the floor. He is tangible, though, one must only align their shadow with his to make physical contact, but this is fairly disorienting for anyone. He can only be touched by things with the intent to contact him, or things he wishes to contact, thus he can phase through walls and trees and things. Light: He's even afraid of flashlights, so he really doesn't like like light. Pretty much at all. Shadow manipulation: speaks for itself. Backstory: he was once a part of Them, be it a large hive mind or many different beings. However, he had something that most of the others didn't. Morals. He didn't feel any joy from inflicting pain on the visitors, thus he was exiled. Now he wanders the islands, helping out when he can. @ : Name: Everett Race: Sentient Shadow Invocation Age: Ageless Gender: Genderless. Backstory: Formerly Everett Falco, it used to be a male being of important power, a notable voice among many. At the peak of his life, he was proclaimed as the salvation and speaking voice of his homeland. Unfortunately, as most of us would well know, most famous figures in history either met grizzly ends or went downhill of their own accord; his strange disappearences to distant places brought suspicion and though-provoking ideas into the crowd. From suspicion comes the idea of betrayal, and from betrayal is where tyranny is born.. (Just a short introduction to the backstory. More revealed later on?) Abilities Hospitality This horrifying creature has one flaw that has bound it whence it mingled with magic that no man shouldn't delve into, or perhaps it is just too overly conscious of its manners; it cannot enter households or other property unless the owner either invites it in or forces it in. Once it is brought onto the area, whether by force of by invitation, it can roam freely on the property in future points of time. Tinkering With Magic Ah yes, magic. Most of us classify this strange permeating essence into many parts; light, dark, earth, among others. But magic isn't a closet that can be sorted by colors or qualities; it is a power that mingles and interacts; there are no such thing as "classifications" in magic. Those powers that people experience with it are merely excitations of a normally calm power, an sudden manipulation of this power like a pebble falling into water, or an otherwise unnatural force. This being can call forth essences of this field that can thus be manipulated to its own uses. Of course, finding essences or other physical forms of magic is hard, as magic isn't forgiving to those that delve in it; it requires the proper knowledge and tools. Fortunately for us, or unfortunately, depending on your view, he has correct divining tools... Mute, but Knowledgeable Technically, this creature isn't mute; it can still create noises or of the like, but these noises are akin to the screech of those that have been damned to Eternity Inc. Hell. Therefore, it prefers to keep itself quiet, using writing or body language to communicate with other beings. The Light Deters Me While this creature can withstand the light and doesn't show other effects that other shadow based creatures suffer, it's divining powers and interaction on the world slowly diminishes as a power of light grows more intense. Appearance: A tall slender figure, this almost ethereal creature has no noticeable clothing, except for a blue shawl-like hood, the end of the cloth curling up into the air, crooked and twisted. It had claw-like fingers and feet, the hands with four protrusions and the feet with three, though it seems to have no attacking purpose; certainly menacing though. The head has two gray, almost seethrough eyes that stare deeply off into the distance; it has teeth that mesh together over each other so perfectly that, with it's jaws closed, the teeth look like a mesh filter. On its back is a small purple satchel, embossed with gold around the border curling designs over each other; this is where all its divining tools are kept and stored. Small, but handy. Personality: Unnerving, mostly due to it's calls and appearance, most people would stay well away and beyond from this creature, and I don't blame them. Of course, not all creatures of darkness are a threat to survival; this one, for example, would be glad to help those requiring its help. Unfortunately for those that need its aid, it is a cautious, albeit kind, monster. Side Notes: The satchel contains at least one of the following, if not more; Divining Rod (Cobalt Rod)Spirit StonesDiffusing Wand (Silver Capped, Oak Rod)Invocation Spectacles (Purple Lens)Bell Jar (Cork Stopper, Stained Glass)HerbsAxe (Stained Purple) Name: Bastion Race: The Living Runes Age: 34 Years Gender: Genderless Backstory: All of us know the practice of pilgrimage, where a mass of a certain religion travels to a place of holy power to fufill their religious needs. Well, these type of creatures take a similar trip, but it is much, much more dangerous; many of these beings go forward to fufill their magic needs to only be smashed, mutilated, destroyed, or condemned along the journey. Many thirst for the power of the Rune Rocke, but, unsurprisingly, many would prefer the tired, sullen life, slowly fading away into runes, then the dangerous journey for power and control. (Again, just another snippet; you'll have to figure it out from interaction.) Abilities Invoking the Runes An extremely fragile being, this being doesn't appear to have much stamina or strength on its own; in fact, it spends most of its time running from creatures, not wanting to squander it's valuable power on something they could just as easily outrun. The true power it has is stored in the cloth that trails from its hood. Those with a trained eye would see the different runes inscribed on the cloth; to most, however, it is blank, a crimson slate. I Have A Mouth But I Cannot Scream If one were lucky enough to take a glance underneath the hood of this being, they would see two eyes of light shining purely and a mouth sewn forcefully together with both thread and staples. Apparently, this creature doesn't have the ability to speak, unless someone removed the bindings of the mouth. Of course, it can still make several sounds, albeit quiet; it's cries sound like the wind stroking the strings of a harp or violin, mingled with the faint sound of a wooden flute. Appearance: It's legs and arm simple slivers of blue, this creature's actual appearance is hidden underneath an intricate robe; the robe is broken into two pieces of cloth; the pale red clothing covering the torso down to the knees and a small hood colored pale blue. The hood has a long, scarf-like cloth moving out from underneath the hood, trailing behind this creature as it walks. The edges of both articles of clothing is bordered with purple. Once you got over the strange disconcerting difference in color, the effect of it was quite pleasant. Side Notes: The powers that is has can only be replenished with either time or invoking runes to help speed up the time required for the magic to return. Depending on where the creature is, different runes can form; Lighte (Forms around or in areas of holy importance or of safety)Voide (Forms around or in areas tainted by evil or in threat of evil powers)Flyte (Forms around or in areas of a high power or in heightened areas)Physik (Forms where knowledge roams freely or where creativity reigns)Healoc (Forms where beings can recover or where there is bloodshed)Etc.
  14. I wasn't sure where to put this thread so I just put it here. If you're not familiar with MMD, basicly it's a free animation program that allows you to create and animate whoever and whatever you like (almost). When I started getting into DS, I was wondering is there was MMD models of the character but could on find two (one with an actual DL). Here's some images I found on Google: And a YouTube dance video I found (there's actually two but I liked this one more) : I didn't create any of these nor do I have the skill to but I would love to get all the other models, other than just Wilson.
  15. So, after all the hard work of drawing the DS characters in my 'art style' I decided to make a thread for them in the hope of getting the artist badge good wishes for Christmas. Here you are, take a look at my precious triangles. Look at them! Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX-78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Wigfrid Webber If you are satisfied with my work take a look at the original thread in the OT. †ґḯαηℊʟℯṧ❣ (original thread)
  16. It sure has been a long time, hasn't it? I'd like to get back into doing fanart and the gaming of Don't Starve instead of just roleplaying on tumblr, my muse finally getting back as well as my courage to draw Maxwell again. Since my old art thread is unable to be posted on and is closed I removed all images from it and placed them all into the spoiler below. Any new art will be posted as soon as I create it. Though- don't expect a lot of art from me since I am slow to making it. I take 4 art classes at school and am busy managing clubs there so personal full-colored art is minimal- as for my Original Character (OC) art, that is frequent as I enjoy doodling them in my spare time. Maxwell as well, if I get ideas for drawing him of course! Enjoy the art, or don't! Your choice my friends~ Old Art- Most of this old art is on my devientart account if you'd rather view it there. It being a bit more organized and all. New art will be slowly uploaded.
  17. Hi there, I have few ideas to make DS Together a more fun experience, since there will be more players playing. Philosophy: As with all survival and every work position in the world - specialization is the key to success. The team is stronger, if each player is specialized in something which gives him and the team benefits in the end. Where I aim - it would be great, if players had a set of skills they could explore and get better at. I am not saying it should look like some old RPG stuff, loaded with clutter of useless stuff. Just some basics. Skills: - hunting/fighting skills - crafting skills - cooking skills - harvesting skills Mechanic: - levels of each skills - basic, intermediate, expert - all skills would be increased by a small amount when the character would be doing the thing (either fighting, crafting, cooking meals or cutting trees or rocks down) - after some time (up to developers to decide, but should be long, so it is not easy), a player would become an expert and would have some benefits - benefits could be for example: - 10/20/30 % increased damage and armor for basic, intermediate and expert (hunting/fighting) - 10/20/30 % less resources needed for crafting - 10/20/30 % less resources or time of cooking needed - 10/20/30 % less time to cut down or pick up anything This way players would have another goal and could specify their place in the team of survivors. It is always like that - when few people are surviving, not everyone is making the fire , because they wouldn't last long that way. Also, this could be even more fun to see some combination of characters and roles they would play in the game. For example Woodie would be the best to use and get some harvesting skills. And Wigfried would be best for hunting/fighting. What do you think? Would you like some taint of roles in the survival wilderness? Any feedback appreciated. P.S.: Another idea, which doesn't concern skills - it would be great to have bow and arrow. Even the oldest tribes had bows and arrows. It is just that simple that this weapon is essential in surviving or killing something from a distance.
  18. Adventure's and pictures Some examples of art I do
  19. Don't Starve multiplayer roleplay?

    I haven't been able to figure out where to post this topic because it deals with two things: one being multiplayer (Yess!) and another being role-play (Yesss!) So my question to you is, what do you think of this idea. Multiplayer-role-play-servers in Don't Starve? Would it be to hectic and take away from the story arch? Would everyone be so focused on survival that it would harm the role-play aspect of things? I personally think that role-playing in multiplayer would be amazing for so many reasons. 1] Having the ability to visually perceive each character. Most times in a role-play I forget who is what character. If I can see which role-player is Willow and which is Wilson, than it is easier to act on. I don't need to break the feel and say "Hold on, who are you again?" 2] The exploration aspect. Being able to explore the world as a group is very beneficial to the story arch. If someone sees a cave, or a monster, or whatever, than they can thicken the plot with it. When a story is done solely through text, it can often times get confusing and convoluted. 3] The feeling of unity. When I role-play, I like to feel like everyone is participating and adding to the story. In multiplayer, everyone could have jobs and that alone would add to the story. Wilson could say "Willow, go get fire wood, Wolfgang, go collect food, Wes, go get flint." And everyone would work together as a team to achieve the same goal, to survive. 4] Sharing beard hair. I would just adore being able to make greasy beard sweaters for all my buddies. Webber could make everyone gross silky hats. So, what's your take on this? Would you keep role-playing in the forum, or will you brave the treacherous wilderness and wear a sticky beard sweater?
  20. "you mean a simple billion volt discharge like this will fry any human's main processor? How pathetic!"
  21. Ohey! You found my art thread! Well, I'm sure you know what goes on here- ART of course! Doodles and assorted pieces of digital art I make related to the Game Don't Starve. Granted I'm not bloody brilliant at art but I do the best I can at it and enjoy any smile it either gives or receives. I am very keen on Illustrations and fantasy so that is what inspires my drawings mainly. Portraits are nice too! In any case, glad you came and feel free to have a look around. There's snacks in the kitchen, all the art stuff is in the gallery. I'm open to critiques and comments. In any case, thanks for popping in! Here's a sample of something I made.
  22. I just thought of this and I think it's worth implementing.Not for all worlds, but each player can have one persistent world. When you start a new game, you choose whether to start it in that persistent world, if it's empty, or to make a fresh non-persistent one.So, for example, you create a character in a Persistent World. It collects stuffs, settles a headquarter, and then dies. Then, you create another character in that Persistent World, exactly as it was when you first character died. No decaying of buildings, no rotting of foodpiles (though they'd probably be rotten by the time you found them), no regeneration of nature. On the one hand, it would be harder because some resources would be already exhausted. On the other, it could be easier in that you'd already have some structures built. But, most of all, this would be optional and limited, so I guess it wouldn't hurt.
  23. My first little attempt to create fanart. But i got seriously better so give me a chance and continue scrolling!
  24. Hello everybody!I like to draw and play games and lately I have been playing Don't Starve, a game that really sucked me in.Even talked my Girlfriend to try it and she loved it Also she encouraged me to draw all characters and post it here.So here are Wilson, Willow (her favorite) and WX-78. At the moment I am working on others and will post them as soon as I finish them, really hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them.Best of luck to you all! "VOODOO" WX-78 "HIPPIE" WILSON "WINTER" WILLOW "GENTLEMAN" WOLFGANG "IMMORTAL" WESToo bad it's not allowed to attach more than 5 pictures to a single post :)Good news are - Finished all characters except for Maxwell, since I haven't unlocked him yet.Cheers.
  25. So, I have problems editing the characters of the game, I can only edit Wilson! Whre's the files for Wes? Wendy? Wolfgang? Someone can help me?