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  1. the image on the left looks like minspatch, but horrified
  2. Im going to have nightmares about this
  3. He could make a beard clone of himself, kind of like maxwell makin his minions from his book.
  4. yep, JoeW is gonna close the thread again!
  5. lets play tic tac toe with his forehead, someone start
  6. new pfp. made in ms paint

  7. ive used the fact that the new characters name is "walter" and used pixlr to make this
  8. he made a rocket lawn chair a rocket lawn chair
  9. add a terrified emoji already, we need our ways to show who is superior
  10. they still havent made a terrified emote, a angry emote, etc. what the hell are the devs doing???
  11. i rarely go onto this website and at this point, i need to start checking it out more

    1. emin61



  12. i rarely go onto klei that much, and i think i found out why
  13. oh so no wonder I heard a noise at 10:19 at night
  14. I have no idea whats going on right now, I don't think I want an answer
  15. no one: Charlie when im in pitch black darkness: