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  1. Very nice! : D I always hear people talking about making a chessboard but haven't seen many - you really went all out!
  2. I heard everyone and their cousin was doing that when forge first came out. XP I refuse to ever dress Maxwell in any thing else. I'm a classic case of reverse psychology - I like sleek masculine Wendy and I put Wolfgang in all the dresses.
  3. Your farm formation is making me drool... I'm never satisfied with mine but here are two of the more acceptable ones. And I guess while I'm here I'll share a little bit of the dumb stuff I like to get up to: Back when I didn't have a job I used to like getting on and making I guess what I'd call 'virtual street art' on public servers. (Seeing that I used rock walls on the top one hurts me now, but it was just a pub after all)
  4. I have this issue as well, however for me the gauge looks empty but the extractor keeps on running. I believe for me the triggering event was restarting the game and opening a save file, when I initially built them they ran out normally.