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  1. Very nice! : D I always hear people talking about making a chessboard but haven't seen many - you really went all out!
  2. Personally I always turn her and disease off when I host... after 1 summer where I literally fished for 10 days just to get the goggles to go see her, I'm not a big fan of the whole ordeal. Of course that's not a year 2 problem, but I dunno. I've always seen it as a chore that subtracts from time that I could spend making flower arrangements or something. I can experiment with arrangements - whereas killing or appeasing Antlion is pretty ritualistic, I don't get much from doing it over and over. But so long as things like this have options on them I suppose we're both served!
  3. I heard everyone and their cousin was doing that when forge first came out. XP I refuse to ever dress Maxwell in any thing else. I'm a classic case of reverse psychology - I like sleek masculine Wendy and I put Wolfgang in all the dresses.
  4. Koalefant rider. That's all I want and all I need. XD I believe my only trait that would translate into survival would be being pretty quick with my hands, so quicker actions and crafting would be appropriate : d. I'd just spend all my days workin' the fields, growing delicious fruits for me and my steed. And Webber has always been nearest and dearest to my heart as a person. I like spiders, too.
  5. Bunny Hat

    I agree with Frashaw, that'd make them too easy. Shame I feel that way though, a bunny hat sounds like it could be very adorable.
  6. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    (I may regret sharing this knowledge) I just found out you can summon tentacles on boats... ... ... O_o
  7. Your farm formation is making me drool... I'm never satisfied with mine but here are two of the more acceptable ones. And I guess while I'm here I'll share a little bit of the dumb stuff I like to get up to: Back when I didn't have a job I used to like getting on and making I guess what I'd call 'virtual street art' on public servers. (Seeing that I used rock walls on the top one hurts me now, but it was just a pub after all)
  8. Re-Planter: (my best idea for what it looks like is a magical shovel, would love to hear any other suggestions) Allows you to dig up and re-place usually un-diggable plants. The more valuable the plant, the more durability digging it costs. Tier 1 (10%): Reeds, Cacti, Light flowers, Mysterious Plant (glow berries) Tier 2 (5%): Mushtrees, Totally Normal Trees, Mushrooms & Cave Lichen Tier 3 (1%): Ferns, Flowers & Succulent (*I know you can replant flowers over and over to get the one you want in the spot you want it, but that is TEDIOUS as all get out, and even more so for ferns & succulents which are so much rarer and you need to collect several to craft the darn potted version) Being able to do something so useful, I was thinking it should be loot from a pretty powerful boss. Toadstool could honestly use some better loot (and he is part plant himself) so he seems like a pretty good candidate. I haven't completely thought through the repercussions of being able to extract all the useful parts of a biome and condense them, giving you even less reason to ever leave home - I've mostly wanted the ability to place things for decoration's sake. I'm particularly trying to decide if being able to place underground plants above ground should be allowed as well (I hate going downstairs just to restock on light bulbs sometimes). So please if any one has some opinions to share, I would love to hear. EDIT: And this vaguely related, but I also really want to be able to use Wormwood's crops for decoration but can't because they just rot. : ( If he could use his compost wraps on them to make them rot-proof while in the ground (or a slightly cheaper version, maybe called 'plant food' or something), that would be amaaazing. As I believe they only rot to give them a downside vs. farms, if making them unrottable costs poop (the main farm ingredient) that should level it out.
  9. I cheesed the AG by hiding behind a pillar on the edge of the ruins while healing, but then got stuck and couldn't get back out no matter how I rotated my camera or what angle I tried to walk from. I was technically on land still so /rescue didn't work either. Died of starvation trying to get out. Even if I revived somewhere else I could never recover my stuff stuck back there so I rage quit. ;w; Aside from that - just the usual silliness. A big one is when I feel the need to type to someone when I'm insane or in the swamp and I think I'm safe but the tentacle is just taking longer than usual to surface. XD
  10. (I just told my sister - "You know you're real deep into a game when you'd rather discuss it on the forums than actually play it." Kudos to all of you here doing exactly that, haha.) Sorry there's way too much discussion for me to keep track of it all, but there's a recurring talk of a 'hard mode' or increasing difficulty that I'd like to chime in on. Something in general I'd like to say to all those that want something HARDER: The game really does have two major aspects : survival and sandbox. I can definitely see players that gravitate more towards the survival aspect and have become proficient at all the existing challenges want new content to be exactly that - new challenges for them to overcome. But not every update will do this! The sandboxers deserve love, too. Character refreshes are honestly about improving quality of life, not about adding too much new content or challenge. If you think about it, most of the prior DST additions were bosses, so it's about time some one else had a turn. Besides, The Return of Them (lunar island & ocean) are sure to have more of what you're looking for, so keep your pants on for that. I love hl3bekliyenadam's analogy that these updates are a raw meal, not finished cooking yet. And I'm thankful that Klei is cooking at all! I don't usually finish all that a game has to offer and then expect the creators to give me anything more without having to pay for it. But boy does it work to keep me reeled in - I've tried to kick my DST addiction several times and gosh dang it the updates keep bringing me back. In the meantime, what I like to do when I want a new challenge is come up with one for myself. Before Warly came out I was playing other characters with a diet restriction (only cooked meals, no repeats, no monster meat or sticks allowed [unless required by the recipe]), or I played Woodie for a year without ever building a light source (which was not the best of my challenges, was mostly tedious, but stuck out in my memory). I think 'darkness only' is a kind of popular one too. As for the idea of having a 'hard mode', it's definitely an option. But seeing as how Klei didn't want to bring shipwrecked to DST because they didn't want a pay wall to divide the playerbase, I can see a somewhat similar issue that might evolve here. I think the difficulty amping up as certain bosses are defeated is a pretty eloquent solution in terms of not having an option to check that would segregate players, but as somebody else said that could make things really annoying for the sandbox/builder-oriented players (if it affected the whole world at least, as I imagine it would). One thing I love about DST is the synergy of these two different play styles - often it's good to have an even split of builders and adventurers in a base, so some people are out killing things and getting loot and the other is maintaining the base and making use of that loot to provide supplies for more raids, keeps on in a positive feedback loop, yada yada. So maybe the loot from the bosses could be adjusted to equip a base against the aftermath difficulty - so then the base bodies who just want to farm in peace won't have to deal with it, but the adventurers (who want that extra survival challenge) who are going to be out and about will be, maybe? Of course this would discourage people from joining public year 2 servers even more than usual - unless it's just possible to survive the new conditions if you have the right strategy (kind of like joining in winter or summer right now but slightly harder). Then again, year 2 public servers are not the majority any ways so perhaps that wouldn't be much of a sacrifice at all.
  11. Tar Extractor fuel gauge glitch

    I have this issue as well, however for me the gauge looks empty but the extractor keeps on running. I believe for me the triggering event was restarting the game and opening a save file, when I initially built them they ran out normally.