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  1. They still have those ant fish and net they havnt put out too, long term ocean basing will probably be more viable in the future
  2. I think if they add walani, itll be after some time. Making new characters takes resources, and they have their hands full with the rest of the reworks and more content updates, along with wurt and other dlc character. Patience is king, ya know. Debate aside, i like some of your ideas for her
  3. Im hoping for swimming. More water based interactivity!!!! More locomotion charactersss!!!!
  4. It looks really good! Card games are awesome, ill definitely get this once it hits steam
  5. Yeah Yeah, I love the whole ‘buried ancient powerful’ the shadow magic has going on, i wouldnt want that to be overshadowed (lol) by an island full of super powerful eldritch moon magic just off the coast. Maybe the lunar isle will be the home of a gate? To a crazier land? The actual moon!?
  6. Maybe she made a grab for the moon and pulled a chunk down
  7. What does the ‘alone’ setting do for your game?
  8. All those years of “shipwrecked together” lol. Surprised and happy to see free characters getting mixed in, and the lunar island looks like a blast. Expert mode anyone? Optional ‘harder’ area
  9. It looks like the lights are gonna be much more useful now in the classic ‘fight at night’ moments. These look like some nice changes, good work!
  10. [Game Update] - 307715

    I’m normally just a lurker here, but I just wanna say i’m sorry that you have to take this abuse. I personally don’t really care for either side of the debate, but I support the devs in their decision making, and I trust them to do what they think will make the game good. Know that there are those of us that support you, even in this whole mess, either way. Cheers