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  1. Wurt

    These look too good, man. Now i’m going to be all dissapointed when he doesn’t look like this
  2. I mean i guess its kinda common sense. But for woodie sometimes it can be more effective to just chain wereforms with low hp than to try to recover. Go straight from moosing up spiders to weregoose scouting
  3. Wurt

    Could just go soft cap vegan, too. Loses sanity when eating meat dishes, but can still eat them
  4. Wurt

    someone else mentioned it, but there are those stone fruit bushes that make food all year round
  5. Wurt

    i think this is great, man! Pretty much what im hoping for in his design
  6. Wurt

    Since the goats had a victorian asthetoc, i could picture one of his skins could be real class. Gold monocle and tuxedo.. etc
  7. Wurt

    It didnt even occur to me that that couldve been an accident. Im used to klei’s sneaky ar games and hints and stuff, so i figured it was like that
  8. They still have those ant fish and net they havnt put out too, long term ocean basing will probably be more viable in the future
  9. Wurt

    Maybe an accordian? Im picturing some sea shanty esque instrument
  10. I think if they add walani, itll be after some time. Making new characters takes resources, and they have their hands full with the rest of the reworks and more content updates, along with wurt and other dlc character. Patience is king, ya know. Debate aside, i like some of your ideas for her
  11. Wurt

    Well to be fair, lore wise, the constant is an old, and huge place with many civilisations, it makes sense for alot of non humans to exist. All the humans that are here got dragged to some degree by maxwell or wagstaff. But weve seen like 5 races of at least semi intelligent races active in the various games
  12. Im hoping for swimming. More water based interactivity!!!! More locomotion charactersss!!!!
  13. Wurt

    Maybe he can swim!!! Also it says greenhorn, maybe hes a dragon?
  14. Wurt

    Where did this name come from? :0
  15. Sailing is Fun!

    Anchors dont totally remove inetia, they just add alot of drag. I think its so youcan ancchor, then slowly and safely paddle to shore