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  1. From what i understand, as stated overtly the elements are such: Red- Fire, heat. Blue- Water, Cold. Green- Work, Industry. Orange- Laziness, Convienience. Yellow- Daylight, Sanity. Purple- Darkness, Insanity. Irredescent- The moon, ???. Note that the only item with the iredescent gem is the moon caller staff, which has a cold effect.
  2. I personally really appreciate the communication. Having estimates is great, and if there are delays, hearing about them is also great. It feels nice to be in the loop with how things are progressing! I like hearing Dev feedback on their work. I don’t think we should admonish klei for what they’re doing here
  3. You guys have a great track record of polish and shine. Take your time, its always worth the wait
  4. Poll on insanity

    I play wortox alot, so i tend to be insane for most of the early days, just because i live completely off of souls until i get situated and start making sanity repair equips
  5. Woops, yeah. Should have clarified
  6. As for tips, im not sure if this counts. But if you have trouble during summer, you can make your base in the desert with the oasis, and your structures wont catch fire. Also, if youre underground, you will not overheat. Also, base structures are not damaged by earthquakes, as long as you can manage your sanity, underground is a very safe base location. Also, try to find and keep note of walrus camps, the mctusk spawn during winter, and drop a caluable sanity boosting hat, and materials for a cane, which boosts your speed and is a weapon with infinite durability
  7. It looks really good! Card games are awesome, ill definitely get this once it hits steam
  8. the moon

    The scene itself is actually super reminicent of darkest dungeon, at least to me.
  9. Id say just add more slots, yeah.
  10. Yeah, i think itd be cool, and in theme. To give her a group damage buff or something. To make combat, especially in groups more dynamic. Also, let her eat butterflies. Butterlfies is not vegggies
  11. That all looks really cool. But really involved on a technical side
  12. I would hope that basing in boats has inherent risk. For a more high risk, high reward playstyle. I can only imagine theyre going to add dangerous things to the water. Monsters and such. I don’t even know how likely i would be to for sure use them either, i definitely like options tho xD
  13. I think it could be cool if you could make some sort of immobile ‘dock’ or other such platform on the water. For seabases!
  14. Oh my god, you life changer you. Thanks
  15. I would like to see more moon magic items! It would be interesting to me if the lunar isle took on a disease like corruptiveness. Like the corruption andd the crimson in terraria. More moon mobs, and stuff to that agenda. a weird specific point, lunar tree seeds, because theyre pretty and i want them on my base. id also like the atrium and ruins to be added upon, and not left like somebodies basement in favour of the new lune stuff. Maybe you need the key for something on the idland? Or something on the island ineeded in the atrium