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If you were a Don't Starve character...

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Oh, I've made one of these before! (Kinda old art, sorry)

Me But Dst by Artistwonders77

Stats: 150 HP, 75 Sanity, 150 Hunger


~ Extremely Artistic

Rosy can craft sketchbooks of various sizes [5-15 pages]. Sketchbooks are [x] Papyrus and a Feather Pencil. When this item is dragged over something, in most cases Rosy will draw the item, giving her a sanity boost. If she draws another person and gives the drawing to them, it gives them a sanity boost as well.

~ Prone to mood swings

Every day after the sun rises, Rosy’s mood will change. Every mood has a 1/3 chance of happening. A happy mood gives a small sanity and health buff [+1.5 per minute], a normal mood has no effect, and a bad mood gives a small debuff, but just to sanity [-1.5 per minute.] Examination quotes are also affected if it’s a bad mood.

~ Has a phobia of bees

Rosy will actively lose sanity around beehives, around bees, and around the Bee queen. She takes significantly more damage from bee stings, even with a beekeeper hat on. She loses more sanity around killer bees/beehives than regular ones.

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galaxybread    943
21 hours ago, galaxybread said:

Well for me it'd be confusing on how I would be a Don't Starve (Together) character. (I only play DST)
I kinda got an idea from @Terra M Welch for the spoiler thing to put my things in.

  Reveal hidden contents

Hunger: 100 | Sanity: 100 | Health: 250


  Reveal hidden contents

Has a special craft of making a red panda plush in magic tab with a small sanity aura 4 per 5 minutes.
Turns into a wolf whenever, press the 1 to change into form.
Draws to gain a 4+ sanity boost, paper is in tools tab and uses feather pencil to draw.
When Saladmanders get mad (Like when you attack them and they CONTINUOUSLY hiss at you, yeah it's annoying ;w;) they won't hiss at Moon (My OC's name)
Coldness makes her sanity up by 2 every 2 minutes and doesn't make her cold as much.


  Reveal hidden contents

Has a sanity drain of 5 every 5 minutes.
Hates vegetables, will not eat even one.

(I may add more things to all of these things and maybe art in one of my Status Updates.)

The Art For It:5da0ed1e439e6_Me(Galaxy)AsADSTCharacter.thumb.jpg.e83abd6068d430942d7f5a80b7dcdb7f.jpga p i e c e o f p a p e r. NOT CAKE. Edit: I might make more art.

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Ellilea    781

I'd make a beeline for the Hamlet to get a house a bunker up inside it avoiding all social and insectuous interactions. Much like real life.




Cave Troll


Also I hate cold so I guess a higher overheating threshold and losing health in the presence of snow cause my will to live drains in winter unless I'm under a blanket.

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Ardcrumb    224

I honestly have no idea but it would probably involve the wetness meter and this 44DA9624-4FD7-4EEA-8979-CF695FE747B4.thumb.jpeg.6d9739ba1d613f8327df7db12f5e8e6e.jpeg

Might be something like battle helm but only usable for me?

possibly something related to geese to.

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Terra_Zina    5585

I'm the boon near spawn with 5 sticks next to them because I'm a complete loser irl that can't do anything right. That includes not bothering with a torch because I don't know how to craft one and thinking darkness isn't dangerous because I'm not afraid of the dark in real life.

Then I die. The end.

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Mike23Ua    5241
On 10/8/2019 at 3:19 PM, Mike23Ua said:

If I was a character in DST I would be a Merm.. living in my odd little worn down house and punching strangers in the face when they step foot on my property.

I posted this Before Wurt was leaked.. Lol I guess Everyone will get to be a Merm living in the swamp & punching their neighbors in the face too.

(does this mean I have to change my choice again?

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