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  1. I enjoy playing Wicker because not having to build expensive alchemy engines every time i forget to prototype something before going on a big adventure is just golden Plus I'm always running out of inventory space, and as Wicker i can just insta make backpacks and shovels
  2. I had this idea not so long ago and I already made some pretty sweet art 'bout it, but the perks i came up with didn't really feel that unique or creative, so i trashed that thought. But after looking at some of the extremely interesting and fun ideas in this discussion, i got some inspiration and this is what i ended on after some thinking: Lore, The (something) Stats: 175hunger 200sanity 100health Perks: Quite the company: Has a nice sanity aura about 2.5 - 3 sanity/min Perfect Timing: Attacking right before an enemy attacks cancels said attack. It has a very small window, and doesn't work on bosses / it has a certain chance of working. Book Worm: Can read wicker's books Downsides: Easily Bored: He falls asleep/loses sanity after doing the same task for some time. For example: cutting down 3-5 trees, crafting 3-4 items, planting stuff, harvesting, you get the idea. Slow: Decreased movement speed. Personality: Cheerful, but sarcastic and a bit of a smart*ss, He'd be around Wicker and Maxwell.