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  1. Interesting concept. Let's see... Stats: 125 health. 150 hunger. 250 sanity. Upsides: Slow hunger drain. Prepared for anything. Brings their own backpack (seriously love the convenience of extra space, IRL I mean), plus an umbrella, and a compass. Hyperactive. After a while of walking, gets a very tiny buff to speed. Downsides: Picky eater. Only eats crock pot foods. Fashion disaster. Gets no dapperness from clothing. Neutral: Sleep lover. Sleeping restores slightly more sanity and takes less hunger. Simultaneously: not sleeping for too long takes away health and sanity periodically (it technically should work like that for all characters, but "game mechanic reasons" saved us from that hell). I guess that would be it.
  2. The moose charge is great for weak mobs that like to stay together: bees, hounds, spiders, etc.
  3. Oh, I don't hate him. I just find him way too off-putting. I can get why people like him though: his mechanics are interesting, and he is lovable. But there are things that just throw me off with him (most notably the always open mouth, which I understand comes from the spiders).
  4. I only subtracted 25 health from her player-average 150 health, is not like she would be Maxwell frail, besides, healing health is easy, specially with Wicker. Her being able to bypass sanity cost per book-read is what let's her be completely busted, specially because you can stay insane to farm nightmare fuel, which is yet again why Maxwell reading is such a great way to bypass his second biggest downside: dapperness; plus again: recovering sanity is not that hard specially if you play Wicker. A 0.75 damage modifier is not that big of a deal: Wendy is a perfectly good character despite having it because Abigail offers more than enough usefulness on her own; and do you know what offers more usefulness than abigail? Wicker's books. And you can find plenty of people doing well with Wes. Wes is not that much of a "challenge" despite being the "challenge character". He is just a Wilson with worse stats, so whatever you do with Wilson, you do with Wes; battles will just be riskier and longer. But for Wicker, they wouldn't have to be longer or riskier because she can use on tentacles and sleepytime stories, plus any other new books that she could possibly use for combat after her rework (since I hope she gets more books). --- I mentioned those character rework nerfs because you said no character was nerfed during their rework, which as I proved: is wrong. I never mentioned Woodie (or any of them) were useless after their reworks (I mean, Woodie kind of was until his forms were buffed to last longer). All characters reworked have got nerfs, doesn't matter how useful they are now. As for Winona's nerf: I forgot to mention she can't speed craft when her hunger is below 50; sure, she also does not lose 5 hunger, but speed craft was Winona's biggest thing before the rework; now it costs hunger and is unactive under a certain hunger threshold. Not the biggest of deals, but it sure would be nice if she could bypass it like Wicker does so she can craft faster, oh, wait, you can't farm nightmare fuel on low hunger? What a shame /s. Not to mention speed crafting is still not as useful as any of Wicker's books. --- So you are telling me that a griefer would go to the extent of picking Wicker -> farming 8 cut reeds for 2 extra papyrus -> Get enough materials for an alchemy engine -> kill enough tentacles to get 2 tentacle spots (25% chance each) -> make the 2 on tentacles books and use them on spawn 10 times? Don't you think that is a little convoluted to be common place? Like, I can get people doing it or trying to do it because creativity and what not; but I don't think this is something griefers would do a lot. And again, there are plenty of ways to grief even with protective mods on: lure seasonal giants to base, eat all food, craft stuff you find into useless junk (say, who needs 4 lightning rods at the exact same place?), etc. And to add more: for the end is nigh you need a red gem, so you would have to also make a shovel, dig graves until you find a red gem, or wait for summer when fire hounds spawn, and kill them; plus you need to build a prestihatitator and a shadow manipulator to make the end is nigh. Griefing with Wicker would not be common place. You are right, you never mentioned PvP, I misread and jumped the gut there. Sorry about that. ------ A player doesn't have to be "actively" playing a character in order to give their overall opinion on them. Just with looking at how other people play the character, and trying the character themselves a couple times is enough to form a decent opinion on the character and what could be tweaked or not. Also, I do not have a main. I play whichever, whenever; except for Wortox and Wormwood as I can't play them. I enjoy each one of them (except Webber, his gameplay is interesting, but I don't like the character). And I have made my opinion on each of them, pre and post rework.
  5. I did not nerf her to the ground though... The first bullet point is something that should have been there since the beginning (below I will explain why), and the 3rd bullet point is easily avoidable since she can make fresh food almost anytime (even with the book cool down suggestion). That is the point. To give you an example: Wes consumes sanity when inflating balloons, once his sanity reaches 0 he cannot make more balloons, Maxwell can create some shadow minions at the expense of total sanity, but he has a maximum amount of minions he can summon. But Wicker (or a reader Maxwell) can keep reading and reading a book despite having 0 sanity, bypassing their sanity cost; this is even more problematic because most of Wicker's book offer far more utility than Wes' balloons and Maxwell's shadow minions, with only the end is nigh being a "bad" book (still can be used for a couple things: like charge up a lightning rod, charge up a volt goat for volt goat milk, or charge WX-78). To make it even worse, Wicker has the means to restore her sanity via Applied Horticulture while using it once, and get more than enough sanity food to go from 0 to full sanity (250 in her case). There is no good reason why Wicker (or Maxwell with his natural dapperness) should be able to bypass the sanity cost of her books. Considering the amount of utility Wicker offers to any team (even a "solo team"), she would be far from useless with any of the changes suggested. And sanity is barely a problem even for a character that can't sleep: ice cream restores 50 sanity; salsa fresca restores 33 sanity; melonsicle restores 20 sanity; cooked green caps, pumpkin cookie, fancy spiraled tubers, or taffy restore 15 sanity; cooked blue caps restore 10 sanity; and, as you suggest sanity, farm with bee queen hat. A damage nerf is not really that big of a deal if you have the means to deal damage through other ways or stay safe, and Wickerbottom has more than the means to do just that even if she had to recover her sanity in order to use her books. As for the characters not being nerfed... That is not true: Winona acquired 5 hunger cost per crafting, which then became 5 hunger cost per "batch crafting". Willow is more susceptible to freezing and takes more freezing damage, plus insulating items give less insulation on her. Warly now in DST is completely unable to eat anything that is not crock pot made (in SW he can eat raw and campfire cooked foods at a penalty). And Woodie lost his pinecone sanity heal and a proper way to detransform during a full moon (though that one seems more like an oversight). Eh. This is not a good argument considering there are so many other ways to grief and so much easier than using the end is nigh: what is stopping a player from grabbing a torch and burning a base? What is stopping a player to bring deerclops or bearger to base? What is stopping a player from crafting a hammer and destroying everything? What is stopping a player from crafting The End is Nigh and using it to kill other players anyway? Also, is PvP a thing? Don't get me wrong, but I have yet to play PvP, and it doesn't seem to be too big (at least when compared to PvE); so basing all game balance/changes on a game mode that is not played as much, is not a good idea. Plus hey are so different, they should have different mechanics in general.
  6. In general, I think Wickerbottom does not need many nerfs. Of course, looking at all the reworks, she will receive many changes. As for what I think could work (many of them are not simple) Nerfs: Her books can't be used if the reader doesn't have the sanity to pay. Kind of meaningless that she or Maxwell can keep using her books while having 0 sanity. Even worse is that this is a loophole of Maxwell's second biggest, and most ironic, downside: his dapperness. Her health is reduced to 125 and her damage multiplier to 0.75. She is an old lady, so it makes sense that she does not hit as hard as most characters, plus does not take as many hits. She is also very resourceful already with her tentacle traps, her ability to craft darts almost reliably, and farming techniques. And finally, she is a "smart" character, and there should be some encouragement to "play smart" (set up traps, attack from a distance, deal indirect damage like fire, use crowd control, etc.), not just use a spear/ham bat and fight like a Wigfrid or Wolfgang would (not that it wouldn't be smart in some situations, but I hope you get the point); and being more frail will for sure force you to "play smarter". Cannot eat stale or spolied food, or monster food. Straight up refuses it. Simultaneously, she gets less stat points from raw food, encouraging the use of a crock pot, or at the very least a campfire. Buffs: The books power can be casted wherever the player wants within a radius. Similar to The Forge. This gives her more leeway on where and how to use them, also makes the use of The End is Nigh much safer. And for funsies, similar to The Forge, her books can be used for hand-to-hand combat, it just does 15 base damage though. She needs more books! Specially battle focused books like the Petrifying Tome and Tome of Beckoning in The Forge. A big part of her fighting repertoire should be her books. Other (not quite buffs, not quite nerfs): Her books do not have durability, but instead have cool down (CD); they also have increased crafting cost, and increased sanity cost per use. You can bypass the CD by crafting more books. And books left on the ground are destroyed after some time. Examples: Birds of the World has a 30 second CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 20 eggs + 10 down feathers, and takes 50 sanity to use. Applied Horticulture has a 60 second (1 min) CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 20 manure + 20 living logs, and takes 50 sanity to use. This will only mildly affect you if you have an automated farm with lure plants or a very small farm, and for those you can make more than 1 book. Sleepytime Stories has a 30 second CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 40 nightmare fuel + 10 purple gems, and takes 50 sanity to use. Would have suggested 4 orange gems instead of the purple gems because they are tied with "lazy", but those are not renewable and way too difficult to get for a regular player... although it is very strong. On Tentacles has a 60 second CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 10 tentacle spots + 5 tentacle spikes, and takes 100 sanity to use. Once you make one you in theory will not need more, so I think the cost is more than fine. The End is Nigh has 15 second CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 40 nightmare fuel + 20 red gems, and takes 50 sanity to use. Petrifying Tome has 20 second CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 40 rocks + 20 moon rock, and takes 70 sanity to use. Would have suggested fossils instead of moon rock, but those are not renewable, so... Tome of Beckoning has a 20 second CD, a crafting cost of 10 papyrus + 30 desert stone + 1 telltale heart, and takes 70 sanity to use. She starts with 2 books: Applied Horticulture and Birds of the World, instead of 2 papyrus.
  7. This is mine: Fighter. Obviously kills things fast or more easily. This includes: Wolfgang (giant killer), Wendy (AoE killer), Willow (CC, + AoE killer since update), Wigfrid (semi-tank), WX-78 (tank). You could add Maxwell and his shadows, maybe; and Winona and her catapults (but since they are non-mobile, I count them more as support). Support. In some way shape or form makes the life easier for others.This includes: Wilson (pseudo-reviver), Wickerbottom (farmer), Woodie (farmer; though we need to see Woodie's rework to see if this stays), Maxwell (Currently Woodie but better), Winona (builder + repairer), Warly (buffer, or should I say buffet?), Wortox (healer), and Wormwood (farmer?). Explorer. Has an easier time with a nomadic playstyle. Willow (cooker), Warly (Willow but better [as an explorer]), Wortox (teleporter), Woodie (fast and night vision), Wigfrid (vampire), and WX-78 (lightning fast and hard to kill). Other. Because Wes and Webber doesn't fit in any of the aforementioned classes, I put them here.
  8. Antlion Gender

    The Antlion (giant) is based on an antlion larva (adults have wings), which was added a mane from a lion, and ant antennas. In general, antlions have little to no sexual dimorphism. Also, from what I could find, only 3 characters referred to it as female (Wilson, Webber, and Wigfrid), out of the 3, Wigfrid started calling it lion, which can be both neutral and male; but usually is used to refer to male lions. So I have 2 theories: They wanted to make Antlion a male but made a couple of writing mistakes and decided to keep it ambiguous for convenience. Or they wanted to make it apparent that there is more than one Antlion, but it became confusing having clear female pronouns with neutral/male pronouns in different characters, and decided to keep it neutral.
  9. In general, I think WX needs a rework and nerf. Their ability to upgrade should be more "complex" and slightly weaker, for example: they can upgrade up to 3 times, but you need 3 different objects for each upgrade: electrical doodad, gears, and frazzled wires. Wetness and rain should be a bigger problem (but there should be efficient ways to dry faster, like a towel). And they shouldn't heal as much health and sanity from foods since they can eat them for no penalty when they are spoiled, hunger is fine though. Wickerbottom in general needs mostly more books and a bit of nerfs. She is too resourceful, and yet she is as strong as Wilson; so as Canis suggested, reducing her damage and resistance would be good so she has to play safe; her speed being reduced is unnecessary IMO. Add more offensive books (and more books in general) that do not target her; or even better, make her able to summon The End is Nigh far away from her like in the Forge); 2 books they can add are the magma golem tome and the petrifying tome (though it is a bit hard to add because of how busted it is, plus it requires new animations for Giants; so I wouldn't mind if it is never added) from the Forge. Wolfgang mostly needs reworks. His mighty form should be slower than currently (should have regular speed), while his wimpy form should be faster (Fun fact: mighty and wimpy Wolfgang have no speed multiplier at all, the only reason for their speed change is because they are scaled up in size -making mighty faster-, and scaled down in size -making wimpy slower-). Make his mighty form unaffected by heavy objects speed lose when carrying suspicious marble and similar objects, but unable to carry suspicious marble and similar objects if they are wimpy. and reduce his sanity a bit. That is my simple idea of a rework.
  10. I think this is a good idea as it encourages making more stuff but... Characters in general should be able to eat non-crockpot foods with no penalty. As it has been stated: Warly starts with a crock pot, and a portable one that cooks faster; for him it makes sense to not eat non-crockpot foods. Menu variety should be much less aggressive than Warly's currently is for the other characters. As in, a regular character remembers food they have eaten up to 1 day (instead of up to 2 like Warly does), and the decrease in stats should be a bit more forgiving (instead of being -10/20/35/50/70%, it should be something like -5/10/20/35/50%). Just in case, non-crockpot food also counts for the menu variety (so the more berries you eat, the less effective they are). This way it serves it's purpose of encouraging eating different stuff, but is not completely detrimental for the character. Maybe Wickerbottom can keep it as hard as Warly since she has the means to produce lots of different foods thanks to her books. Wortox should not be affected by this since he doesn't care for food anyway and he already gets less benefits from eating them (also, his main source of food is souls). WX should also be in the same boat since he doesn't care for food and only uses it for fuel, but he is too strong already. There is just no winning with that robot...
  11. I guess people just need the right motivation/face to make a character with dementia/alzheimer... Anyway. From the short she seems to be almost catatonic. So making a character out of her would be hard, in concept, and gameplay. Stats: Health: 150. Sanity: 120. Hunger: 150. Perks: Negative: Has strong negative dapperness (think DS alone Maxwell, but in reverse). Moves slower than your average character (-5% seems about right). And does less damage (-10%, more than Wendy and Wes, but only because she is also slower). A player or follower death makes her instantly lose 20 sanity. Pigmen and bunnymen's end of contract makes her lose 10 sanity. Has Warly's eating mechanics were she doesn't like regular food, and she gets tired of the same food over and over. Positive: Any crock pot food restores extra sanity (+5 sanity from the base). Eating crock pot food removes her natural negative dapperness for 5 seconds; or 1 minute if seasoned (which only Warly can do). Followers (including critters from the critter den) and players around give her a sanity aura. Amount depends on follower type, were players give almost enough to combat her negative dapperness (it is not enough though), followers like pigmen and bunnymen give slightly less, and pets give the least. They do not stack and only the biggest sanity source available is applied. Immune to the insanity aura of darkness. Monsters still inflict their insanity aura on her s usual. Neutral: Cannot prototype anything beyond science 1 (science machine) so she requires to be near a crafting station. Of course, she will always get sanity as if she is prototyping stuff so it is a way to keep her sanity up. Completely based on sanity because why not.
  12. Whoa. Many new things! Specially those mad zombie hounds (I guess we will soon have zombies too). And Warly and Wormwood, nice! I wonder how they will change Warly though... I really hope he doesn't have exclusive crockpot recipes, but rather he cooks faster. Boy, I also can't imagine how will he be in the Gorge! I guess he will improve slightly all cooking stations similar to Wilson, Wendy and Wolfgang? But that seems too generic... With all the navigational stuff and Warly in it almost seems to be conveniently placed to make Woodie's werebeaver form able to swim and later on add Walani and Woodlegs...
  13. I did not forget, I just didn't think it was relevant because werebeaver has extra speed (as small as it is), meaning you can go for risky extra attacks (and deal slightly more damage), or stay on the safe side and keep doing the same pattern as with regular Woodie, essentially reducing damage taken. Woodie (and any other character) can almost do the same with a walking cane, and even better, only problem is correctly cycling between cane/weapon in-between attack intervals, requiring a more conscious effort. Healing is also mostly a problem against bosses, something werebeaver is ill-advised to fight against because of the nightmare creatures, and they usually have insanity auras. Yeah, we all agree Wilba is slightly busted, it is almost fine though because she is only in DS, and there are no plans of bringing her to DST. As for Wolfgang: yeah, it is doable to keep him Mighty all the time (or at the very least nearly all the time) with proper equipment or over-abundance of food, but that either requires caves (not all servers have them), or waiting a full in-game year to kill bearger (or patiently amass 90 little furs /s); which is not hard to kill, just have to wait a good time in-game before you can get the bearger vest. If you have caves though it is amazing, as not only you have access to slurpers, but also could potentially face toadstool to get the mushroom hats; though the latter is far more time and effort intensive. I still really think it is a bad idea to stay Mighty all the time.
  14. I really think comparing Woodie or werebeaver to Wolfgang and WX is a bad way to determine if it is self-reliant. As said in many posts, Wolfgang and WX are a bit overdue and I am sure most of us expect a nerf or 2 to them and Wicker once their re-works come (though that might not happen considering Bernie and Winona). As for Wilba, I agree that she has way more control over her form. But her hunger rate is indeed a problem: she can eat anything, but you got to be eating every few seconds and her health regen ain't helping that (although that alone is pretty cheap). Werebeaver is really good at farming, is just, as you said, that nightmare creatures crawl over him because of the insane amount of sanity he loses as werebeaver, but that could be toned down. He also really should be able to see the map, but that doesn't make it a mediocre explorer in the slightest; you don't need to make the lantern or eat the berries. I agree that the werebeaver should be more useful and their use shouldn't be discouraged, but that can be done in other ways other than damage: reduce insanity of beaver considerably, let him pick/drop things even if he is not able to use them, and let him see the map. I guess you are right about DST Woodie not having to be necessarily different to DS Woodie. Still think they should complement each other instead of being a "better version". I agree on wetness immunity. I am not entirely sure about cold immunity. It makes sense, but it is a lot like how some people want Willlow to be fire and heat immune, is a bit over the top. And winter is already an easier season than summer to an extent. My version would be like this: Wetness immunity as beaver. Higher armor (60%) and health (250) as Werebeaver. Or have no natural armor, and let it wear head gear items (he should be able to use them from inventory) and increase it's health (250) as werebeaver. Maybe even increase his natural speed to +25% instead of +10%. Some items to enter werebeaver form (moon rocks could work since they are moon related) or to avoid it even during full moon (I think cat cap is a good idea to give it a niche). Werebeaver should only lose 15 san/min, but should lose 90 san/min if log meter is at 0 (or maybe below 5) points. Also, 0 log meter does not start drain your health, of course werebeaver can starve from hunger (instead of log meter). Werebeaver should be able to open map, pick/drop items, and consume woodiness altering items (logs, boards, etc.). More effective wood and rocks gathering mechanics (less gnawing to chop and mine). Only one gnaw to dig up tree stumps. Increased dmg against tree guardians (I think it is already that way?).
  15. Agree to an extent. Not all of Werebeaver mechanics could be passed to Together, mainly when he de-transforms, time jumps a day and Woodie has lost around half of all of his stats, leaving him vulnerable until you ate something. Also, Woodie is fun in vanilla and RoG, in SW and part of Hamlet he is not so much because beaver drowns, and breaks boats upon transformation (also can't enter boats); he needs some improvements on those DLCs as well. The thing is Woodie is 2 entities in one, and both should be encouraged to be played, not just one. I agree the beaver is lackluster in combat, but 51 damage, 60% armor (or even 25% which is his actual armor), huge insulation from hot and cold, nightvision, and 10% speed buff really make for an insanely powerful entity, specially since he is not using resources at all; with the only downside being insanity (which also makes farming nightmare fuel easier, something that is seen as a "perk" of sorts) and headaches from all the sounds and effects in-game (which can be turned off with mods, though that is optional). This beaver would only pale against most bosses mostly because of nightmare creatures spawning, but everything else would be better to deal as a beaver, faming would be better as a beaver as you can not only chop faster, but mine faster as well. And all of that can be done in complete darkness with no lights. The insulation is mildly useful, the companions are gimmicky, but it does add to his character, he is a lumberjack, a beaver, and canadian (who are stereotyped as "very friendly people"), I would even go as far as say his lumberjack part comes from being a canadian (again, stereotypes). So, Woodie and beaver should balance themselves out at least a bit. Since beaver is already great at farming and scouting, leave Woodie as the combat part and simply improve beaver's farming and scouting capabilities. Beaver doesn't need more damage to be self-reliant, but he does need some quality of life changes, most notably being able to use the map, and at least pick up items on the floor, and also not dropping the frigging equipped items! I don't have a problem with 60% armor (I even suggested it alongside an increase to health to 250 in werebeaver form), or even 80% armor, I do have a problem with 51 damage (though I am not fully against it, I just see it as a bit too good when you consider the rest of things the werebeaver has, maybe with it's current armor or no armor at all it could be balanced), even 34 damage is a substantial increase considering he uses no durability on weapon or armor, and is a better inherent kiter than Woodie (who needs to equip-unequip walking cane to surpass or equal the beaver as a kiter). With 34 damage you are killing spiders in 3 hits instead of 4 and hounds in 5 hits instead of 6, and with 51 you are killing spiders in a mere 2 hits, and hounds in 3; with no durability loss in armor or weapon. Wilba is indeed Woodie 2.0; and is a bit OP in her own right. Of course, because of WereWilba's immense hunger rate, and the fact that you can't buy stuff and you will be attacked on sight by hamlets/pigmen/bunnymen, there is a reason to play as regular Wilba at least in some points of the game; otherwise you will be just killing and killing to keep the hunger up. With Woodie you wouldn't really have that dire necessity with this changes. With Wolfgang you don't want to stay Mighty all the time because of the hunger rate (just like Wilba, and just like her he is OP in his own right) so you have a reason to stay regular or Mighty depending on your necessity, and maybe even Wimpy if you are base building, also even if you are saving half the weapon durability as Mighty Wolfgang you are still using it, and you are also using armor and very likely insulation/summer items. Werebeaver uses none of that.