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  1. This sounds interesting! However, you might have more luck in the modders section of the forums and see if someone is willing to help you make the mod: You could also ask a modder directly. Good luck with that though!
  2. I was thinking just about this while playing the beta, "it would be cool if we could keep those giant crops as pure decoration without the produce scale... the plants would also be cool to 'petrify' in any growth stage, some of the flowers are kinda pretty, like pomegranate and potato". So cool to see it added without mentioning it (just in case: I know we can not "petrify" crop plants and this is only for giant crops, but it is still pretty cool!). I didn't think about the registry registering the weight of plants weighted, but it is very nice and makes the produce scale more interesting to use! Specially since beeswaxing would have the similar effect of preventing the giant crop from spoiling and serving as decoration. Overall, this has been the best update for me (well... maybe after Willow's rework). And funnily enough this farm re-work also serves as a "Wormwood re-work" (given how many changes were added to them) and indirectly improves Wurt and Warly, which I believe would have an easier time getting food or making dishes respectively. Thanks for this update!
  3. I have updated the main topic with more opinions on the beta, you can find it below UPDATE [2020 / 12 / 14]. @Psychomaniac I did try self-feeding crops the first time I played. The basic ones though: 2-pairings and 3-pairings. You don't have to re-fertilize the soil at all with this set-up and you will get giant crops guaranteed. It definitely is way more efficient than using fertilizers. But fertilizers are much better than I thought, specially with the changes to spoiled ocean fishes. @Nyr Yep, fertilizers are completely overshadowed by crop-pairing, although they are still a valid option. As for nutrients: The hardest nutrient to get by far is definitely growth formula, because you need to go to the ocean to get it (unless you have glommer's goop or Wormwood's compost wrap; however glommer's goop is not very efficient or effective, and not everyone has access to Wormwood): growth formula starter requires empty bottles and kelp frond, while spoiled fish can only be obtained from ocean fishes. Compost is probably the easiest nutrient to get now as you just need to let things rot and rot gives a decent amount of compost. You can also make compost with 1 rot and 1 cut grass for 3 times the effectiveness. Although rot would still be the most efficient form due to how easy it is to farm, specially if you have a juicy berry bush farm; compost would only be space-efficient. Manure is pretty easy to mass produce as well, just get a werepig and feed it stacks of veggies (do note flower petals and lightbulbs count as "veggies" for this, so you don't need to sacrifice crops, but whatever crops are close to spoiling, you can also use them to get manure). You could also "tame" a couple of koaleffants for manure, they poop like crazy. You could also find a beefalo herd and take advantage of their intensive digestive tracks. I personally think guano could use a good buff as a fertilizer considering how hard it is to get compared to regular manure. ----- Sidenote: the seed bag is not fireproof
  4. I see, will take that into consideration next time! I still find it unnecessary. You could just make a regular backpack or even a piggyback (since you are not going to move far the speed reduction is negligible, and it is fireproof, protecting your seeds) for that same function, and they are easier to make. You could also make chests or ice boxes (if you have the gears) near the garden. Maybe even salt boxes, but I don't know if you can store seeds in them? Having said that... maybe the seed bag is fireproof? Will have to try and burn it. I am also enjoying this beta so far. As for the seeds... dragonfruit seems to be naturally rarer than most other crops, but it seems to be true that random seeds grow into specific crops according to season. After all, I got my first dragonfruit and pomegranate in spring. Well... I tried manure fertilizing a crop and didn't like it. I imagine that compost (another nutrient) and growth formula would be much worse, because manure can be easily obtained in mass quantities: just get near a herd of beefalos, "tame" a koaleffant or, better yet, transform a werepig and feed them all your disposable crops for easy manure. You can then craft buckets-o-poop for 10 uses if you don't mind the bone shard cost. Meanwhile, from what I have read, for compost you need to gather some materials and wait for at least half a day (or 4 minutes), I imagine it gives more than 1 unit of compost per production, because otherwise, you might need to make several composting bins to remotely get close to the level of production of manure of a koaleffant. Growth formula is even more complicated because of the bottle requirement you mentioned, and in order to get full advantage of it, you would need to wait 3 days for maximum power and 5 uses. Having said that. I will give compost and growth formula a try in a new world.
  5. Before trying the beta, I already made a general comment in the post in General Discussion. You don't need to read it to understand this one, but in case you want to: And since I have properly tried the beta, I am going to give a proper review: As a quick note, I decided to go full Farmville and only played around the crops (had to lure Deerclops out though as I had no weapons or armor to fight it), however, I didn't pay much attention to nutrients. Only water and talking. The Good The Bad The Ugly (No experience) Suggestions and Improvements As for the final words, I have enjoyed the changes to farming so far. Hope it can be tweaked a little more for a more "smooth" experience. I will keep trying the beta and make comments here and there. Thanks for your time! ----- UPDATE [2020 / 12 / 14] Here is a quick update on my experience: That is all. Thanks for reading!
  6. I think just re-working the ice fling-o-matic might be easier? EDIT: does the fling-o-matic wet the fertile soil naturally?
  7. Wow. Take a "break" for a few weeks and you find that they are adding the Gorge into the game! I have yet to try the beta though. Everything I will say is based on the few videos and impromptu guides I have seen about the matter. So take everything I say with a grain of salt: So, that would be all. Roughly in 2-3 days I will be able to properly try the beta.
  8. Do note I did not place Wormwood, Wurt or Wortox as I don't have access to them S tier. Characters that severely trivialize 1 important aspect of the game and have little to no downsides, add to it that they synergize very well with almost any, if not all, other characters: A tier. Characters that do one thing very well, but not to the point of trivializing it, or require some preparation to reach it: B tier. Characters that are very strong, but are not the best for any specific job and may be held back by strong drawbacks: C tier. Characters that are outclassed by many others, or that are good in very specific circumstances: D tier. Or Wilson tier, mostly because he doesn't excel at anything, at all, and his only upside is growing a beard and having no downsides. He is not bad by any means, but Wilson is outclassed by literally all other characters minus Wes. F tier. Wes is best I guess...
  9. Ok, I can now shut up about the recipe book and Warly has become a much better option. Thanks Klei :D!
  10. The changes are nice. I don't like 2 changes, but "We Are Never Satisfied" TM. I don't like the inventory loss (inventory management is simply boring, as much as a "skill" it is), and I don't like the art change (I preferred her more depressed, it gives her a more "don't starvy" look, because you know, almost all characters have a gloomy look). For the first one I just have to adapt (I guess), and the second one is not really bad at all (I mean, it doesn't change how she plays, which is the important part). But I am glad she got her health reduced and her pew-matic nerfed. Her speed bonus could still use a little tweak IMO: instead of having inherent 5% speed boost and getting +1% per empty inventory slot, she could have inherent 15% speed boost, but get -1% per filled inventory slot (including backpacks and other containers); but the character cannot get to 0.8 speed multiplier (or -20% speed boost) from this. That way it becomes more like a faustian bargain, the player is encouraged to travel light in order to take advantage of the speed boost, but discourages the use of ever so useful backpacks. People have been mentioning how "evil" speed boost is since charged WX and coffee, heck, maybe since walking cane. It is nothing new really. Some even have asked for a slight nerf for coffee. Plus coffee is something you have to get, she gets free 5% speed boost that she can utilize for kiting (unlike Wilbur who needs to walk for a while to get it, and he loses hunger akin to the amount of speed boost he gets), and then she can get 12% more speed through empty inventory (something many are disregarding when saying "5% is not noticeable", well, 10% is noticeable and you get that from just 5 empty inventory slots). And then, to make it even better: she can use coffee, tea, walking cane, and all other methods of speed boost. She is among the 3 best kiters (the others being charged WX, and full-belly Wolfgang), but her condition is easier to fulfill AND maintain than the other 2; and she has dodge. There is a good reason people are calling out that speed boost.
  11. I have probably not played enough, but I can say: That I really hate her crafting costing hunger. An alchemy engine: 55 hunger (+5 from the science machine), spear and log armor 25 hunger, everytime you make a tool or a torch: 5 hunger down. This perk just makes crafting a chore (I mean, more than it already is). Though maybe late game it is not too annoying? I honestly doubt it. Her catapult is nice. Against too many mobs (like a hound wave) they are a bit lackluster as they take a bit too long to kill them (they deal 43 damage, so they kill spiders and bees in 3 hits and hounds in 4, but they have a very slow attack speed), they do draw aggro from them (if they are too many some will attack them), and they can be destroyed by them (though that is very unlikely as they have a decent amount of health in 400, plus they heal themselves*; but the biggest wasted opportunity here is that you cannot "fix" them with trusty tape...). But against few enemies (like bosses) it is really effective as it is almost free extra damage; careful with bosses though, since most destroy them in 1 hit. It should be extra useful against antlion since it doesn't move (though I don't know if the range is enough to hit it without being broken by the spikes). I did find the AoE to be very small though (I think it is half the light radius of the spotlight). I liked the spotlight but found it incomplete. They let you do things at night in your base without the need for a torch or campfire on (just a bit of nitre/gems). They also make fighting at night possible while keeping your headslot free from the miner hat (although the radius is a bit too small for it to be convenient). Of course, it is easily distracted by players (so if you are doing something, and someone gets just a little closer, you lose your light) and ghosts are illuminated too! And they are always on (becoming not only wasteful, as you said, but annoying). If you place more than 1 close enough, they will both target the closest player, which could be the same player, despite being able to target another player. For solo play the spotlight is good, for team play is very wonky. The generators not being able to be turned on/off is a big turn-off, pun intended (I mean, this alone greatly impacts the catapult and the spotlight effectiveness). It is also a letdown that we cannot turn off machines that are connected to them (I surely don't need that spotlight during the day... although that one should turn off by itself during the day and turn on during night and while a player is within range, similar to Bernie with insane players). Finally, as I expected, the GEMerator outclasses quite quickly the generator, although gems are not 6 times as effective as nitre (as I assumed), but rather between 3 to 4 times as effective as nitre (still quite a lot), since 1 gem equals 2 days, while 1 nitre equals slightly over half a day. *Show Me mod gives a lot of answers to my questions... Plus I played creative for a bit to test most things out, and also played regular to test a few other things out.
  12. Warbuck's doesn't need a sanity reduction though... only to tone down his immense coin sanity restoration. Maybe even make it only work after he has 10 coins minimum.
  13. I cannot give much help in terms of code, but maybe you would like to go into Bernie and bone armor's files; both do what you are looking for (have health, but stay after it reaches 0), and the bone armor is even an armor (the prefab name is "armorskeleton" BTW).