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  1. I agree Warbucks could return (even funnier if he is "Them", would make "Return" of Them far more literal than expected, heh). But disagree on that Warbucks would add any lore. Anything you can do with Warbucks, you can do without him. The spoiler below is a bit of a rant though, so only read at your own risk:
  2. To be fair, despite the games cute design it obviously has horror included in it: tallbirds, nightmare creatures (!), everything wants to kill you, deerclops, hound waves, the darkness kills you, etc. You can also find other creepy stuff that are not marketed as much like the statues that drip nightmare fuel in a similar fashion to blood, Klaus and his stitched eye-socket (which, honestly, should count as body horror), the game delves a lot around the occult and occult magic, artifical creatures (this is much less obvious, but ice and fire hounds are experiments of Maxwell, tallbirds as well), there is also the Gorge and mermification, you can revive Webber by burying his skull on the ground, and so much more. Even if the game doesn't state it is horror explicitly, you can make that guess straight away. The steam page you have is in spanish though ("punto de encuentro"). I will, however, give it a pass because horror in english and spanish is the same word: written the same, and mean the same.
  3. I already mentioned those though: the ruins (dark place) I can see it being a big advantage (but not really that great/broken that it makes the game silly easy). But for weather seasons (weather clothing), it is not really that advantageous, as you can use: Headgear like tam o' shanter or beefalo hat (winter), eyebrella (summer and spring), fashion melon (summer), etc. and have a log armor/football helmet on the ready. And this is the least "efficient" setup IF you expect a fight, otherwise you are good to go. Thermal stone (summer and winter) + football helmet (for those "distractions"). Add a lantern on hand for dark situations, and if you need to fight in the dark, drop the lantern on the floor. In case of spring, you could also use an umbrella for extra 90% rain protection (100% if using the football helmet); only during darkness-fighting would you be exposed to rain with this set-up. The lack of a backpack slot is only a "detriment" for new players that know little to nothing of the game. But once you know enough of the game, it is more an annoyance than a "challenging" or "interesting" mechanic, because you are using it nearly 24/7 anyway, just dropping it in specific moments. If anything, adding a backpack slot might encourage the use of other body slot gear on long-term players. Or at least that is what I think of it.
  4. I mildly agree with the message. The game can be a bit too obscure at times (e.g.: we can use nightmare fuel AND volt goat horns on crock pots now, but only on Warly's crock pot you can make specific recipes with them, and I honestly have not used them as filler in other recipes, so I am not sure if it ends up in wet goop), and a few mods can help with that sometimes unnecessary moon logic. That being said, I don't think most mods work well with DST, so it is a very troublesome topic what mods are good enough or not. I want to give that mod a try (mostly because of the farming mechanics it added, many of which are similar to Gorge's), but it adds so many other things it is kind of... intimidating? Other than that this seems like an amazing mod.
  5. It is similar but not quite the same: it is a turf, so you need a pitchfork to place it. You don't need to re-arm it in order for it to do damage again. It also would probably not have durability (as it is a turf), however, that could be changed. But thinking it more closely, it could be better to give those "turf traps" to Wormwood. I also don't see the problem with the thumper. Specially considering bearger exists. I wouldn't mind that nerf to the moon portal.
  6. He is still a combat focused character though. The speed buff isn't even coded in, but is a side-effect of increasing the model's size. That is the first "nerf" I expect to see. I don't know what the nerf could be though. I just said the wording seems to imply a nerf. So, who knows what they have in store for Wolfgang.
  7. Given how the Return of Them is so connected with water I would say either Walani or Woodlegs. Walani is, however, a very boring character. She would need a huge overhaul to be interesting. Woodlegs on the other hand is interesting by default, and there is barely any need to add anything to his kit. Treasure tracking in DST is possible, and cannon upgrades for boat are "easy" to add (I mean, Winona's catapult already take the part, however you also need a generator). The only thing he needs is that he can discover more map area. The problem he had was that his identity made no sense and they wanted to change him mid-development: his title was "the gentleman hunter" (later changed to "the affluent explorer"), his artwork showed him with a bundlebuss, and he even was the first character to have a battle cry (also think he is still the only one?); but at the end of the day, he was just a "culturally problematic" archaeologist (or grave robber if you want), and the perks were not even interesting. Rant aside, what I would like to see on him (overall):
  8. @Mike23Ua I do think that minor changes can come a long way to drastically change a character. For example, Willow's low sanity is what makes her so good at sanity management and effective use of Bernie. I did think what you suggest for WX, but I didn't know how to put into words or make sense out of it. Hopefully we get rid of gears-eating WX. And I also hope Wes is improved, but as I have said several times: I just don't know how without changing way too much the character.
  9. More or less since Winona's re-work I have had a few of this ideas for re-works of other characters and I am making a compilation here. Just for fun. If you don't see a character, let's just say I am either satisfied with it, or I just can't imagine what to add or change to them that would be fun, viable, or at least would make sense. Wilson Wolfgang Wendy Wickerbottom Maxwell Winona That would be all. Feel free to suggest and discuss.
  10. Yeah, I also expect puny Wolfgang to go away. However, you can move those antlion boulders you mention. They behave like the statues. You should have been able to pick it up and move it away?
  11. I agree with this. Though the Rallying Recital is an interesting concept, add in there that teammates can't be staggered/stun-locked, and it may have a niche.
  12. There is really no comparison: Kiting reduces the amount of resources you need to gather considerably and it doesn't take away that much extra time to kill most mobs. Tanking is way faster to kill some bosses, but you take more damage (so you need to heal), and you have to make more armor (take more time gathering resources). Ranged combat is pretty much non-existent in DST. We only have: Blow darts, that can only be farmed in winter (walrus and snow birds). Electric darts, that can only be farmed with caves (I mean, you could kill canaries, with that 5% chance to drop a feather you might get enough to kill a hound at the end of an in-game year). Boomerang, which requires timing, otherwise it hits you, losing one use from it and dealing damage to yourself. Walter's slingshot, which is the most reliable of all ranged weapons but is a bit too slow to use solo (can still be used though); also, only Walter can use it. BONUS: technically you can include ice staff, fire staff, fire darts and sleep darts; but none of them do damage directly.
  13. I am not a Wolfgang main, but I personally think that would be lame. The Strongman (as his title calls him) should stay a combat focused character, otherwise he is not The Strongman. However, I read in this forums that one of the devs said "yeah but he is still getting reworked" in response to someone saying Wolfgang was busted with volt goat jelly. If that is true, that sounds like a "nerf" is coming along.
  14. I just downloaded the mod only for the "boat"-shaped one and let me tell you: it does move very awkward (specially noticeable when you are avoiding collision and you do a hard-turn), but it does feel better than the current circle boat. Having that shape really helps with navigation. One of the hardest things of seafaring in DST, I think lies with perception: the ocean is very vast and empty so you don't really know where you are going, where you are overall, and the shape of the boat does not help much on which direction you are going with the sails (more specifically, when you have been stationed for a few seconds, or when you change map direction a bit too often, it is easy to "lose North" at sea, at least for me). I know the sails have a very tiny indicator on the direction the boat will move, but I am preferring the boat-shaped boat for getting that info (that is, until the mod heavily crashes on me). I also love how they add other boat variations for different purposes (although, personally, I find the bridge one kind of pointless, specially considering they could be moved on purpose or accidentally). And I honestly thought the lunar boat was just fancy decoration, but it does have a specific purpose! EDIT: forgot to mention, do not make the mistake I made on the boat-shaped boat of putting a sail in the middle and placing the steering wheel on the point of the boat. It made the experience even more awkward.
  15. I didn't expect Wigfrid to really change much at all, but I expected her to synergize a bit more with herself. Something akin to: if Wigfrid has her helmet on it increases the battle spear damage to, for example, 60 base damage (dark sword is still a better option by a decent margin, but battle spear is considerably cheaper). In short, something to truly commit to Wigfrid's valkyrie persona (since she is so obsessed with it). I also didn't like a few songs due to how redundant they were (bel canto and cadenza) or useless (falsetto). However, on my own little head I would have loved to see a few "pseudo-nerfs". Think for example, taking away a few things from the character, and add them back from something else; in this case, the something else would be the songs, a few examples if you are curious: