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  1. You can get plenty of bone shards without killing yourself, and they were made semi-renewable via spoiled fish (now we need a method to spoil a fish faster). But let's do some math (do note, I got my info from the DS wiki). Let's look at the improved farm first: The improved farm has 30 uses before you need to re-fertilize, and each farm costs 10 cut grass + 6 manure + 4 rocks. You can only plant 1 seed at a time. You don't need to craft a new one. Plants grow in 10 daylight-minutes, which, assuming 1/3rd daylight per day (1 in-game day = 8 real-life minutes; so 1/3rd of that would be 2.67 real-life minutes per in-game day), it would take roughly 3.75 days for a plant to fully grow in this conditions. Say we are at autumn day 1 with an improved farm, and autumn lasts 20 days. You can get up to 5.33 veggies before autumn ends. Now lets take a look at my idea: A soil turf has 100 uses (after that it becomes barren land and you need to craft a new one), each costing 6 manure + 4 bone shards. And you can plant 6 seeds at a time. Considering a perfect scenario were you are planting all the time, you will need to craft a new soil turf after 16.67 "uses" (planting 6 plants at a time, all the time). I said plants should grow slower than if planted by Wormwood (which takes roughly 4 in-game days according to the wiki -it seems it does not take daylight in consideration?-, just slightly less than an improved farm with 1/3rd sunlight per day). So we will say it takes 20 daylight-minutes for a seed to fully grow (same as a basic farm), so 7.5 days for a single plant to fully grow under the same conditions. If we multiply that (7.25 days) by the number of "uses" (16.67), we get that you would need to craft a new soil turf approximately every 125 in-game days. Assuming we are in autumn day 1 again, we can safely plant 6 seeds 2 times before winter comes, for a total of 12 veggies. You would need to make 2 improved farms for a similar net gain before winter comes. A hoe has 20 uses, each costing 3 flints + 2 twigs. So you would need 5 hoes for a single soil turf, with 1 hoe breaking every ~3.33 soil turf "uses", or every 25 days (assuming you are working only 1 soil turf at a time). However, you will only need 1 hoe before winter comes. As a cost comparison: 2 improved farms cost 20 cut grass + 12 manure + 8 rocks; and yield 10-11 crops in roughly 20 days 1 soil turf + 1 hoe costs 6 manure + 4 bone shards + 3 flint + 2 twigs; and yields 12 crops in roughly 15 days. The second option is overall more efficient to start with early game without making veggies the go to food source, making farms a slightly more interesting option before winter starts. I agree I was a bit too specific though. EDIT: forgot to mention. The most complicated thing of the idea, is to make it easy to understand by new players. More specifically: that a hoe needs soil turf. How can you make the players connect the 2 together when the game can be so "esoteric" and vague at times (for example, during the Gorge, the seeds didn't have the same name as the plants (say "potato seeds"), but instead had ridiculous names like "spiky seeds", "blue seeds", "round seeds", and so on; this was completely unnecessary, and only alienated the player).
  2. I would be nice to see most fruits grow on trees. You know, the ones that make sense to be coming from trees like pomegranate, durian, and a few others. Would also be nice if we could harvest fruits from trees without having to chop them down (right birchnuts?).
  3. For most of it I am undecided. Sure, most veggies are awful, but are amazing filler for most crock pot recipes and seeds are fairly easy to come by. For the last one I wanted cabbages or spinach (either is fine) because the game lacks leafy greens ATM (me thinks). The main buff they need is currently in the hands of The Gorge and Wormwood: plant them for cheaper in tighter spaces. Currently, to plant just 1 seed you need a basic/improved farm, which are fairly expensive to make early game and, most importantly, take a fair amount of space (plus both are useless in winter anyway). But add 2 new items and you will see more vegetables being farmed: hoe (made from 3 flint + 2 twigs, and has ~20 uses) and soil turf (made from 6 manure + 6 bone shards, you can plant up to ~6-9 seeds at a time in them, but becomes barren land after growing ~100 plants in there; do note: plants will rot if they are not harvested in time). Bonus points if we get unique plant designs and seeds for each veggie. The improved farm can be kept as a more efficient (veggies grow much faster in them, and last much longer before they rot -or last indefinitely-) and they are also winter-friendly. Edit: forgot to mention: seeds planted the "Gorge way" would take longer than if planted by Wormwood.
  4. Cheese: abuse of in-game valid strategies that severely trivialize the game (e.g.: the indestructible objects for the lunar staff event, or even abusing meatballs count as "cheesing it" to me). Personally, I don't mind many of these strategies and even find them quite ingenious and inventive, but it is easy to over-use them, ergo they become cheese. Although it is worth noting that the game itself might force players to "cheese", most notably is the crock pot and meatballs conundrum: the crock pot mechanic is considerably complex, and some recipes are not even worth making because they are either too complex or not good enough for the ingredients needed, but add to it how you have no idea how much a dish affects your stats unless you eat it with bad stats (example: if you have near full sanity, you will not know how good ice cream really is), and at the end of the day it is usually not worth remembering more than 5-7 recipes, among them there is dragon pie, bacon n' eggs, pierogies, ... and arguably the "best" of them all (due to how easy and effective it is), meatballs. A recipe book would be great to reduce the abuse of the same crock pot dishes. Yes, I know I have suggested the recipe book too many times in the past, and I will keep doing so until it is implemented! Cheating: abuse of in-game code in any way (command line, mods*, ...) or even abuse of game mechanics in clearly unintended ways (for example, when you could lock yourself outside the land to fight some bosses). *Even though mods are an amazing way to improve your game experience, it is also a way to bypass certain restrictions, which means anything you do with them enabled is "slightly less amazing". Although you could make a case for certain mods that do not bypass many or any restrictions (decorative mods) or even add restrictions (uncompromising mode mod), but even then.
  5. I didn't say it was not relevant at all in that quote? I explained what the data proposed actually meant: show us the pick rate of characters in public matches. The only "wrong" thing in the sentence you quoted of me is that I said "it has little to nothing to do with popularity" (which is valid, but still flawed), when I should have said "it is not directly related to popularity". People might choose a character for a plethora of reasons other than because they actually like the character: Based on the characters already selected. Say you are playing with friends, and they pick Winona, and despite wanting to pick Winona, you decide to go for Willow to avoid having the same skills. Because they are "meta". People might prefer another character's "playstyle", but choose a "meta" character instead. And in the opposite side, avoid choosing a character because it is anti-meta. Want to try a new/different character. This is the most interesting one, because in the other 2 cases the person might be choosing the next character they like, but in this case the person is trying it out for the first time, it is not a character they like gameplay-wise. It is also important to consider that this data does not distinguish between completely new players and already established players. New players can't choose a "favorite character" because they have not played with any character at all, so they can't have a "favorite character". Save maybe for how they look (or what they think they represent), which is one of the other perspectives for the popularity of a character.
  6. I never said to ignore these numbers, did I? What I tried to say was that this is only 1 perspective, and a very skewed one at that. The "popular" characters (for fan art, or just being casually mentioned as a favorite in the forum or subreddit) have almost always been (in no particular order) Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Webber, and Wes. It is no surprise that 4 of this 5 characters even got funko pop figures with DST skins tied to them, only Wes didn't get one.
  7. I have to disagree with this. This data only tells us which are the characters more often picked by players in public matches, this has little to nothing to do with popularity and more with how easy/fun a character is (or seems to be) and it is not considering how many of them chose that character for the first time, or if it was the first time they chose a character at all. Example: Wes is the least picked character by far (according to this data), but we can all agree he is a rather popular character even if just for the meme; he is at the very least more known than Winona or Warly. But Wendy has always been a very popular character in Don't Starve despite not being good at much or anything important, and being awful at boss killing. In general terms, she was almost a bad character if not for her few exploits (which just made her a barely decent character), and that is why she was not picked nearly as often as characters like WX-78, Wickerbottom, and Wolfgang (that are/were marketed by the community as the "holy trinity" due to how good they are in general, it is even funny Wendy is just right below them). But her re-work corrected her downsides and increased her strengths, making her a far more viable pick.
  8. Wasn't Wendy already super-popular? I believe she is almost an idol in the DS community.
  9. @Misa22 I personally don't think that to be the case, you could just craft 1 or 2 if you believe your pew-matic is going to break or that you are going to use it a lot, and you will only be losing 1-2% of speed for doing so, while Wheeler is still faster than your average character (in fact, in Hamlet, even if you filled all of her personal inventory slots she would still be slightly faster than the average character). However, as I said, seeing Klei's handle of weapons that hold items, it seems less likely they add durability to it.
  10. Like almost any other character from DS (SW or Hamlet), I believe Wheeler is perfect for DST, but I also think she has to be slightly re-designed for multi-player. There are a few things that are coming we want or not almost 100% sure: Pew-matic horn now has durability. Although, seeing Walter's slingshot, it seems they are having trouble to add durability to this sort of weapons that take items inside. Only Wheeler can use the navigadget or the pew-matic horn. The pew-matic horn and navigadget are now craftable. Then, the change I think fits her the most (after all, she likes to "travel light"): Wheeler cannot bypass her inventory speed drop with a backpack, but her speed cannot drop below the normal speed of a character. Otherwise, Wheeler would become most picked because she just makes kiting, base-decorating, and world-exploring that much easier and you can just wear a backpack to ignore the "penalty". I would also add another change to compensate: After "dodging" Wheeler gains a slight speed buff for a few seconds, but doing it consumes some hunger. She also cannot dodge if her hunger is below a certain threshold (33% I think is good). Also, dodging multiple times does not stack more speed, but it does reset the timer. This way she can still bypass the inventory speed drop but it is not so easy to do so, and dodging also helps her escape or kite enemies (fight or flight). Specially useful considering dodging will not be as reliable in DST as it is in DS.
  11. The main reason he feels like a modded character to me is that his perks are all over the place. Has too many perks centered around his theme of being a boy scout, but none of them seem to be very cohesive together. Another thing that makes him feel like a mod character (to me) is his hopeful and cheerful personality. Most of the original characters are pessimistic, arrogant or quite cynical. But this guy is very nice and maybe even "heroic" (specially considering how he befriended Woby), but this has been the norm more or less since Winona, with only 2 characters being the exception (to some extent): Wagstaff and The Retired.
  12. Well, Walter is indeed a weird character... I feel he is a bit over the place and a bit of a "gary stu". Doesn't seem like my cup of tea, but I am still interested in how the slingshot works.
  13. Considering the lunar mobs we have, I would expect the "Celestial/Lunar skins" to be much more zombie-like with crystal protruding everywhere or crystal-like than plant-like. So far, the celestial/lunar power does the following: Revives dead animals in a not so nice way (hounds, pengulls, spiders). Spiders have protuding crystals while pengulls have their organs encased in crystal. The only exception might be the wobster that is made of crystal. Could be because it is alive, or they could be zombies in a pretty crystal carcass, kinda like pengulls. Gives "sentience" to plant life (carrats, Wormwood, saladmander). I also assume that many of the plant-like fish that exist in the ocean are the moon's power fault, but that is not confirmed (I think), so... The only 2 entities that would have a different skin set are Wormwood (technically already comes from lunar powers, so I dunno how the skin could be for him?), and WX (which is a robot, so I am not fully sure how it would work on it? But I will guess he would "crystallize" like the wobster?). Even then, I like the idea of plant-like, zombie-like, or crystal-like skins for all the characters.
  14. Very few don't want Wheeler because of her ranged weapon alone. It is mostly the combination of permanent extra speed (and how easy it is to circumvent losing speed with a backpack) and a pretty good ranged weapon that does not break and uses stingers (and other useless junk) for damage. I am all for it if she is toned a bit down (she cannot cheat her downside with a backpack), and her weapon breaks. But the biggest perk of Wheeler is her speed that makes fights so much easier and gives her more freedom to do more stuff in less time. I do agree ranged weapons should be more accessible though.
  15. I do not fully hate any character... But the 2 that I dislike to some extent: Winona. I love/hate her. She is a character whose art design fits her lore and theme, but that her gameplay design is divorced from them. She is a handywoman and factory worker, but her playstyle is closer to an inventor (a mediocre one); and her trusty "tape" somehow fixes clothing but nothing else (something we can already fix with little problem); the only thing fitting her handywoman aspect is the faster-crafting. But I also dislike how stupidly important she became to the story: she knows Wagstaff and Maxwell, and is Charlie's sister, at first it made sense because she worked for Wagstaff, and Charlie mentioned Maxwell (plus they were famous); but then in her short we discover she worked for Wagstaff because she knew his factory was connected to her sister's disappearance (somehow?), more importantly, she indirectly knew Wendy, Woodie, Wickerbottom, and even had WX-78 prototype schematics through some detective investigation (were did this come again?). I still love her personality and dad jokes though. TL; DR: I love her personality and initial concept, I hated the overall execution of it all. Wendy. I really don't like her personality, but I can say that about many other characters. What I dislike the most of her is her re-work and how incomplete it feels. I am fine she remained mostly the same but a bit stronger; but what disappointed me was that ghosts are not aggressive towards her. And that's it. It was a chance to make this mobs worth something for at least 1 character, but nope they are as useless as ever if not more. To add salt to injury, her ghostly elixirs are mostly pointless since one of them (spectral cure-all) is so damn OP the rest are just "useless" in comparison for the most part, and there is even 1 that is not worth the effort in the slightest (nightshade nostrum). TL; DR: Her personality is obnoxious, and her re-work was a missed opportunity and somewhat broken.