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  1. I personally let the numbers to the devs and only work with the concept or idea. But if I were to give a number, 40 uses sounds about right, as you suggest. This is more a personal problem than a problem with the item itself. I am sure devs can make it so the stuff goes directly to one free slot in your inventory (which you should have if you are playing Wheeler) in case the pewmatic breaks, otherwise it would indeed go to the ground. But like any other weapon, if you expect to use it a lot, you will prepare a back up, for example, you don't go and fight deerclops with 1 log suit and 1 spear, you make at least 2 log suits and 2 spears; and you prepare even more for harder bosses. Considering how useful and versatile the item is, I disagree. Boomerang would be an amazing tool if it wasn't for the nice feature that it can hit you if you are not careful enough AND it loses 1 durability while doing so. Pewmatic horn is a much safer and stronger boomerang, you can use it for all the things a boomerang can be used for (hunting birds and rabbits, plus aggroing koalefant, which is amazing to hunt early on) while simultaneously getting rid of undesirable items. But it is a viable weapon as well, specially in multi-player, were you can keep shooting a giant (for example) from a safe distance while a teammate draws in all the aggro, meaning only one of you is at risk of dying while whoever shoots can keep attacking the enemy while it attacks (which is something you can't do with melee weapons). But even if you don't use it as a weapon, it helps you get better ranged weapons in blow darts. It also helps against kiting enemies like pigmen, bunnymen, and krampus (hell, their biggest weakness is any form of ranged weapon as they can't kite it at all).
  2. I don't mind Wheeler coming to DST (the more the merrier). But I do think she needs some small changes as she is straight up OP. People are focusing on her low health and inventory slots as "good enough" downsides, and they kinda are. Except she has 2 upsides unlike any other: Natural extra speed 24/7. Yes, she loses speed when carrying items. But this is only for her direct inventory, a backpack completely nullifies this "downside", but not only that, even if she were to have a full inventory + backpack, she would still be faster than the average character under normal conditions (+5% faster). A decent ranged weapon in the pewmatic horn. True, the pewmatic is far from "broken" as a weapon but it can do the job. And then you see the utility it has, similar to "On tentacles" from Wicker, except it is easier to use and, currently, costs much less. Stingers and beefalo wool (pretty much useless items) become weapons that 1-shot birds, for feathers and easy food, add a feather hat and you have feathers for days. The pewmatic also helps to get aggro from koalefants. For other players to replicate this effect they would have to use boomerangs, they only have 8 uses, and we all know how safe they are. The dodge is hard to use (and should be even more in DST), but a very nice extra. The navigadget is the less impressive thing of Wheeler because of how niche it is, and even then has it's uses early in the game. Two things that would immediately make her more balanced (IMO) are: Backpack slots should affect her speed, but she can't get a speed modifier lower than +0%. Stuff in the navigadget slot should not affect her speed. Pewmatic horn has durability and can be crafted (though this one is to be expected if she is ported to DST, another expected thing is that she is the only one able to use the pewmatic horn).
  3. Wheeler in DST

    Never said she would get it straight away, I did say Wheeler has actual means of farming krampus sack efficiently, which most other characters do not. Wheeler can also kill butterflies though. And birds give 2 naughtiness points, which Wheeler can kill with ease with her pew-matic. Other characters would have to craft boomerangs to achieve the same effectiveness, but boomerangs take a bit too much coordination (otherwise you hit and damage yourself while using a durability use from the stupid thing...). Also, denying rabbits their homes to kill them is definitely as efficient than simply shooting them before they can even try to run... Yup, no extra effort at all. And we both agree that Wolfgang and WX are OP because of their speed bonuses among other things, correct? And funny enough Wheeler is speedy and has other things in the pew-matic and the dodge. Plus take in account that Wheeler has this speed buff at all times, WX needs a Wicker to achieve that speed consistently, Wolfgang needs a full belly (not that hard to do, but might be hard to maintain depending on how early the game is). Plus weregoose cannot fight at all, and cannot grab a walking cane, which Wheeler can for a total of roughly x1.4 speed multiplier, the same as the weregoose, it's only advantage is to be able to walk on water, really. ----------- Oh, believe me, no strategy is too specific. I also never said you would get the sack quickly, but that Wheeler has an advantage on getting the thing over most characters, because birds and rabbits cannot run from... the pew pew, the loudest gun in The Constant. Plus birds give more naughtiness than butterflies. But hey, you don't have to shave the beefalos, you can straight up kill them for the meat, the wool, and even more naughtiness than the birds. Gotta agree on this one. It would require changing how you tackle combat to be feasible. The other factor that I forgot is hosting (mentioned by Sweaper), you are the host, and this strategy is hard but possible, you are not and this strategy is just not possible. It is not really that practical, even if it is possible. The armor breaking is not a big deal though, you already assume that it will take damage or break before entering a battle, and it is there for a fail safe while you tank an enemy. Also, predicting the kiting pattern is not really that hard as long as you get a feel of the "rhythm" of the enemy. But again: hosting and connection are a big issue. Mildly agree. Indeed the game will "end sooner", but it is still a pretty strong ability to have. Morsel is a good filler though (not just for meatballs), you can also give it to birds for eggs which you can then use for more complex recipes, and also use it to befriend pigs. They also have a longer spoil time than berries when cooked, letting you explore for longer.
  4. Wheeler in DST

    Except with her pew-matic horn and stingers or beefalo wool (that you can get en masse with just a razor) she can kill birds and rabbits easily, forcing Krampii to spawn. Even better if you don't shave the beefalos and actually kill them for their wool and meat and some bonus naughty points. She would be the 2nd best character to farm krampus sack after Wickerbottom. But differently to Wickerbottom, she spawns with the means of farming the krampus sack straight away (Wicker needs to craft birds of the world AND sleepytime stories). I am not taking in account the pew-matic possible durability and crafting cost though (because honestly, we should expect them, it might sound like an innocent little thing that might need a buff, but is actually far more versatile and powerful than it looks). Speed is a big deal though. You can discover points of interest sooner (swamp, oasis, ruins, etc.), you can do more things in a day (so you can prepare better for next seasons or problems), and it helps a ton for combat (kiting). Just a bit of extra speed is a huge bonus for any character. But not only that, despite Wheeler's very low health (only more than Maxwell), she can actually "tank" some enemies thanks to her dodge ability. ----- TL; DR: Wheeler is just OP. Pew-matic let's her get easy feathers, morsels (food), and farm for krampus sack by killing birds and rabbits left and right; all of this while getting rid of useless, or near useless, items like bee stingers. Has natural speed boost even with a full inventory (5% speed increase over regular characters), making her better at kiting, scouting, spelunking, and prepare for future problems. Can pseudo-tank enemies with her dodge ability.
  5. This are some ideas I have had while playing DST and The Forge (also SW): Bosses should have a few more attacks depending on how much health they have. Similar to bosses in The Forge. Also, you shouldn't be forced to fight deerclops and bearger each year, but rather they become optional (but way stronger) bosses after the 1st fight. A "new" category of weapons: magic (technically, it already exists, but I mean, to give it more focus). So, all staves would become viable for combat (well... maybe a few exceptions) and they would just have basic ranged attacks with effects (example: lazy explorer does no damage with the basic cast but can sleep enemies similar to sleep darts, cost 10 sanity per cast and it retains the ability to teleport the player to a desired spot; fire staff does a bit of damage and has a chance to burn the enemy with the basic cast, cost 15 sanity per cast, and retains the ability to burn a forest from a safe distance; etc.). NOTE: all kinds of magic use sanity, and without enough sanity you can't use magic (example: if you currently have only 3 sanity you can neither "attack" with the lazy explorer nor teleport with it, as you don't have enough sanity to use any of them). This would make sanity management more interesting, and would also make staying sane more of an advantage instead of doing it because you are nauseous of the insanity music and effects. Improve ranged weapons to be more accessible or easy to use (who thought it was a great idea to make the boomerang work like that!?) even if this means considerably reducing their damage. Darts are currently almost only a Wickerbottom's thing because of how they are made. Change some equippable items to be more useful for combat similar to The Forge (for example: garlands recover 1 health every 2 seconds; top hat makes all magic use 10% less sanity; Wigfrid's helmet increases movement speed and damage by 5%; grass suit gives 10% movement speed; etc. While they all retain their original effects). Would also add special abilities to weapons like The Forge, but that comes with a whole can of worms: 7 dark swords in cooldown from 1 player alone! Poison mechanic from SW would be interesting to have, both to use it, and to face it. Decrease the amount of Health some Health foods give, and buff some healing items. They are almost useless unless you play the DLC character Wortox, and maybe Wurt (but I doubt it). That is all I can remember.
  6. Whoa. Many new things! Specially those mad zombie hounds (I guess we will soon have zombies too). And Warly and Wormwood, nice! I wonder how they will change Warly though... I really hope he doesn't have exclusive crockpot recipes, but rather he cooks faster. Boy, I also can't imagine how will he be in the Gorge! I guess he will improve slightly all cooking stations similar to Wilson, Wendy and Wolfgang? But that seems too generic... With all the navigational stuff and Warly in it almost seems to be conveniently placed to make Woodie's werebeaver form able to swim and later on add Walani and Woodlegs...
  7. [Game Update] - 329526

    The changes are nice. I don't like 2 changes, but "We Are Never Satisfied" TM. I don't like the inventory loss (inventory management is simply boring, as much as a "skill" it is), and I don't like the art change (I preferred her more depressed, it gives her a more "don't starvy" look, because you know, almost all characters have a gloomy look). For the first one I just have to adapt (I guess), and the second one is not really bad at all (I mean, it doesn't change how she plays, which is the important part). But I am glad she got her health reduced and her pew-matic nerfed. Her speed bonus could still use a little tweak IMO: instead of having inherent 5% speed boost and getting +1% per empty inventory slot, she could have inherent 15% speed boost, but get -1% per filled inventory slot (including backpacks and other containers); but the character cannot get to 0.8 speed multiplier (or -20% speed boost) from this. That way it becomes more like a faustian bargain, the player is encouraged to travel light in order to take advantage of the speed boost, but discourages the use of ever so useful backpacks. People have been mentioning how "evil" speed boost is since charged WX and coffee, heck, maybe since walking cane. It is nothing new really. Some even have asked for a slight nerf for coffee. Plus coffee is something you have to get, she gets free 5% speed boost that she can utilize for kiting (unlike Wilbur who needs to walk for a while to get it, and he loses hunger akin to the amount of speed boost he gets), and then she can get 12% more speed through empty inventory (something many are disregarding when saying "5% is not noticeable", well, 10% is noticeable and you get that from just 5 empty inventory slots). And then, to make it even better: she can use coffee, tea, walking cane, and all other methods of speed boost. She is among the 3 best kiters (the others being charged WX, and full-belly Wolfgang), but her condition is easier to fulfill AND maintain than the other 2; and she has dodge. There is a good reason people are calling out that speed boost.
  8. I have probably not played enough, but I can say: That I really hate her crafting costing hunger. An alchemy engine: 55 hunger (+5 from the science machine), spear and log armor 25 hunger, everytime you make a tool or a torch: 5 hunger down. This perk just makes crafting a chore (I mean, more than it already is). Though maybe late game it is not too annoying? I honestly doubt it. Her catapult is nice. Against too many mobs (like a hound wave) they are a bit lackluster as they take a bit too long to kill them (they deal 43 damage, so they kill spiders and bees in 3 hits and hounds in 4, but they have a very slow attack speed), they do draw aggro from them (if they are too many some will attack them), and they can be destroyed by them (though that is very unlikely as they have a decent amount of health in 400, plus they heal themselves*; but the biggest wasted opportunity here is that you cannot "fix" them with trusty tape...). But against few enemies (like bosses) it is really effective as it is almost free extra damage; careful with bosses though, since most destroy them in 1 hit. It should be extra useful against antlion since it doesn't move (though I don't know if the range is enough to hit it without being broken by the spikes). I did find the AoE to be very small though (I think it is half the light radius of the spotlight). I liked the spotlight but found it incomplete. They let you do things at night in your base without the need for a torch or campfire on (just a bit of nitre/gems). They also make fighting at night possible while keeping your headslot free from the miner hat (although the radius is a bit too small for it to be convenient). Of course, it is easily distracted by players (so if you are doing something, and someone gets just a little closer, you lose your light) and ghosts are illuminated too! And they are always on (becoming not only wasteful, as you said, but annoying). If you place more than 1 close enough, they will both target the closest player, which could be the same player, despite being able to target another player. For solo play the spotlight is good, for team play is very wonky. The generators not being able to be turned on/off is a big turn-off, pun intended (I mean, this alone greatly impacts the catapult and the spotlight effectiveness). It is also a letdown that we cannot turn off machines that are connected to them (I surely don't need that spotlight during the day... although that one should turn off by itself during the day and turn on during night and while a player is within range, similar to Bernie with insane players). Finally, as I expected, the GEMerator outclasses quite quickly the generator, although gems are not 6 times as effective as nitre (as I assumed), but rather between 3 to 4 times as effective as nitre (still quite a lot), since 1 gem equals 2 days, while 1 nitre equals slightly over half a day. *Show Me mod gives a lot of answers to my questions... Plus I played creative for a bit to test most things out, and also played regular to test a few other things out.
  9. [Game Update] - 290499

    Warbuck's doesn't need a sanity reduction though... only to tone down his immense coin sanity restoration. Maybe even make it only work after he has 10 coins minimum.