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  1. I wouldn't have a problem with a character with Alzheimer/forgetfulness, and I mean, we already have depression (almost suicidal) Wendy, a child capable of summoning through a blood pact, and using for combat, the ghost of her dead sister. So it is not really that bad, and I know how dementia is like. But the problem that I see is that this seems like near-sightedness of Wagstaff: She (assuming it is given to Wicker, specially since one of the screens refer to her fogs of mind) knows 1st science level as she already does. A day passes and she forgets everything. But she can prototype it all again (gaining sanity as that is a feature of prototyping, maybe). Does she keep the prototyped stuff forever now or she keeps forgetting essentially requiring to be close to a research station in order to keep crafting stuff? If so, it will get annoying fast. It would really imitate forgetting stuff very well, but it has the problem that you have to require crafting stations (or going to base) a bit too often in order to keep crafting common stuff like log armor, spear, dark sword, and other such items.
  2. Making darts far easier to craft should be enough I think, even if that means a nerf to damage.
  3. Personally, I really don't care about the bottomless fire pit, mostly because you can get the stonehenge one by buying RoG DLC (not cheap for a single skin, but hey it is currently obtainable), and they are both pretty similar. But... I think every one-time event skin should be "re-released" at some point. Right now it is only creating unnecessary exclusivity, and indirectly dividing the players between "I want to be able to get it" and "You had your chance to get it but didn't, so endure it". Which in the long run usually damages the game more than one usually thinks as it creates an exclusivity culture to the point were you are re-releasing skins with slight art variations ("bottomless fire pit" and "stonehenge fire pit") or rarities ("loyal" and "timeless"). It also creates this problem of wanting skins from one-time events. For example, for Hamlet DLC demo there were a very small group of people suggesting giving exclusive skins for the people that participated in the demo (no, not even for the Early Access everyone could buy, but the demo that you could only enter beforehand).
  4. Yes, this is something I completely forgot in my comment! I added it in an edit now. A recipe book would definitely make the crock pot more interesting (it is already useful, but right now it is mostly a meatball producing machine xD).
  5. It is still a good idea to place a "no" option as it gives more insight in what people think. Right now only people that want the stuff are going to vote, how many that do not want the mechanics have not voted? Although I can understand that it is tricky to add a "do not want" in a multiple selection question (as things like: "I do not want anything from the Forge", but "I want weapon abilities" could happen).
  6. Enemies (specially bosses) using new abilities depending on how much health they have is a great idea: is a nice way to know how weak the enemy is, and it also makes it harder to kill as the battle progresses. We already have Deerclops' laser eye which could be given to it when it is below 50% health. Weapons having secondary abilities would be nice, but could be tricky to do. Just imagine a weapon that has an amazing ability, and you have an entire inventory just to be able to use it almost non-stop... Plus I don't know how this could affect lag. And this is not considering usability. Farming and cooking from Gorge was cool and immersive, I definitely want it back. Even better if we could use endothermic firepits for newer different recipes (think of ice cream, for example xD). Of course, some of the vegetables we have in-game are fruits that come from trees: durian, pomegranate, and dragon fruit; trees could be added for them, of course. Everything else would be fine with Gorge's farming mechanics though. Would also be lovely if Mumsy, Billie, Sammy and Pipton come back and make trades. As for the plates... I don't know, has potential, but sounds like the farm plots: only will be used for specific things; I voted for it though... EDIT: it is a bit late, but want to add: I want a recipe book in game to keep track of recipes and ingredients to use. A million times better if it gives faint info on the recipe stats.
  7. I want to see this poll again but without Woodie once he is refreshed (which I hope is after Warly). I am pretty sure it will not change much (meaning Webber and Wendy will be leading), but would be interesting to see how many vote for any of the others, specially the ones that have no votes (at the moment of this comment, Wolfgang, Wicker and Wes).
  8. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    1. I don't think the crock pot having durability will "discourage" it's usage over regular crock pot as much as it will discourage Warly players from crafting it for other players. Which is also fine, just less multi-player friendly. Another option is to make it take twice as long to cook anything on it, making a base crock pot still more useful when you are at base. 2. Try to keep it simple... Warly being able to make both versions would be a bit tricky, even more so if both versions are still different to "regular" versions from other characters. I think is fine for him to be cooking both versions, but at least keep the regular version with regular stats and spoilage, like it was made by another character; it is also fine if Warly can cook it faster because it is inherently part of his perks. Plus giving more limitations will make "gourmet 'food'" almost useless, from what we got on suggestions: only a character can make it (Warly), it lasts less than regular food (how much is not specified), and you suggest it can only be made with fresh ingredients (no 'spoiled', and I assume 'stale', tags), plus take twice as long as regular food to be made. Too many limitations is what made Warly so 'popular' in DS alone.
  9. walani rework concept

    I am going to quote what I like: This are what I think are the best of this post. Most of the perks I left out are for her to lose sanity doing normal stuff, when she is supposed to not get insane as easily, at the end of the day, it made no sense with itself, specially since it also increases her damage while insane (making her a insanity-based Wolfgang, and also very similar to Charlie mod out there). The rest of the left out perks were temperature related, who are fine in Willow since she is a fire-based character, not so much for everyone else considering how temperature is such an invisible stat, and hard to measure out. Then, the gets hungry faster could be added to her sleeping, as in she gets tons of health and sanity while sleeping, but also loses much more hunger. The things I would add: +Has a retractable claw that let's her pick things from far away, useful to grab bull kelp and other stuff in water. It also could serve to get birchnuts from birchnut trees (and also pinecones from pinecone trees) without having to chop them down. +Is immune to the effects of wetness and wet items: she doesn't get more cold from being wet, no slippery tools, and no insanity. She still receives extra damage from electric attacks. -She does some actions slower than most characters. Takes 1.5 extra time crafting, building, and harvesting (picking saplings, grass tufts, and such); also is slower while chopping, mining, and digging. -Upon waking up from a nap, she is drowsy for a short while (similar to waking up from bearger's yawn of doom). -Could be a strict vegetarian (can still eat butterfly wings, eggs, milk, and derivates from those). Not my favorite, but it fits with her love of animals and would add an opposite to Wigfrid's all-meat-you-can-eat-buffet, even if it is counter-intuitive with her being able to kill them (though straight up discouraging to kill in a game that is pretty much based on it, is usually a bad idea).
  10. Out of Wormwood, Wheeler, Wilba, and Wagstaff; Wormwood was possibly the best option. Wormwood's has personal perks and teammate perks, most notably, since he only heals using healing items (and maybe Wortox' souls, but we will see) he is going to eat less healing food (therefore more for everyone), he also has an AoE tooth trap that uses stingers (yes, the very item most people hate), and can produce living logs (minor advantage, but hey). He can also plant without basic/advanced farms, meaning you don't have to dedicate the enormous amount of space (and resources) to this hideous things, in order to have dragon fruit, and it even encourages the planting of other veggies for filler as you now don't need to make up space for them. Wheeler has 4 perks: dodge, navigadget, pew-matic, and inherent speed + extra speed per empty inventory space. The first and last ones are exclusive to her; maybe she could craft pew-matics and navigadget for the rest of the team, but very likely they will end up like Willow's lighter cooking mechanic. She would be an interesting character, but would add little to nothing to DST itself. Wilba kind of enters in the same boat as Wheeler, but would also be a Wolfgang 2.0 merged with combat werebeaver, at least Wheeler adds a slightly more different combat mechanic since she has lower health, but carries her amazing pew-matic and can dodge. Wagstaff has only 2 tools that the other characters can use: thumper and telebrella + telebase. Most of the goggles/glasses is logical that if another character other than Wagstaff (and maybe Wickerbottom since she uses glasses) uses them, they see less (get the same blur effect as Wagstaff), only exception to this would be the thermal ones. The telebase and telebrella are also tricky, in order to make the telebase useful, you need the telebrella, therefore to avoid having to make Wagstaff be the main telebrella manufacturer (and be annoyed by people asking for a crafted one) you would have to give the recipe to other characters, or add some way to give other characters the recipe (say Wagstaff can make a blueprint for it). As for the thumper killing off Woodie or Maxwell's niche, bearger already does that, the only thing this will do is thump the bearger lumberjack meta (ha!), and in fact could improve Woodie as he benefits from planting trees (so he would be the operation manager of the thumper! Or in other words, the one that uses it xD). At the end of the day, Wormwood was the best option between the 4 characters, the one that could add the most to DST.
  11. I still think she is easier to fix, or at the very least 2nd easiest. She is mostly a blank slate, so you can add stuff without much issue as long as it makes sense with her theme, so anything that has to do with water/surfing or her being lazy would do, like a claw that let's you pick things that are far away/unreachable, specially now that there are things in the water and they can be tricky to get while on a boat (maybe even make this claw able to get birchnuts from birchnut trees without having to chop them down, like an avocado-claw); make her immune to the overall effects of wetness and wet items; she could be "better" at fishing (or even has a sort-of-automatic fishing rod); or even make her able to swim direcly in the water for a while before drowning. Her surfboard would also be incredibly useful for traveling the surface of the Constant now that there is "navigatable" water between landmasses, being a weaker Wortox's teleport and much cheaper lazy explorer; the only reason it is not so good in SW is because there is just too much water. The difficult part is what to add. Woodlegs on the other hand needs some re-works, and which re-works to make and how is never easy. The Sea Legs is a one-man boat, and that might need a change to make it more multi-player-friendly (specially since the first, and currently only boat in DST is a multi-man boat). The lucky hat has to be toned down, or replaced by the regular pirate hat of SW. His insanity while on land is a nice touch I believe. How much to improve or decrease a thing that has been already implemented is usually harder than just add things to them (see Willow for example...). Of course, he might also need more things to differentiate more from other characters. Wilbur... I don't know what to do with him. He is in the same boat (ha!) as Walani, but since he is just a monkey is hard to imagine what more he could get. Maybe he could throw more stuff other than manure and do damage or other effects depending on the item? Maybe his crown could be an equippable that only he can use and it gives him lots of sanity plus some protection. Or he could climb trees to avoid damage? He seems complete, but is lackluster in many ways, he lacks the potential Walani has.
  12. Wendy's Character Refresh

    I know that it makes no sense in-canon (and that it probably is a nightmare to implement, so is never going to happen), but it would be cool if we could play as Wendy and alive-Abigail. Starting with 2 characters to which you can control (you can play Wendy or Abigail at any given time) and command (you can make the other sister passive, aggressive, help you gather resources, etc.), and having to manage both of their needs (health, hunger, sanity, cold/heat, wetness, and maybe something else), would be tricky and interesting. Of course, this means that Abigail-ghost would be lost, if one of the sisters die, they should behave as a regular player ghost that follows the living sister around until revived, but is unable to do damage and has an immense insanity aura for all living players. But the idea of Wendy being able to control ghosts could be used here as a sort of replacement of Abigail-ghost, I suppose.
  13. I believe Walani makes the most sense from the 3 and should be easy enough to fix/re-work (I think).
  14. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    This is very well thought out. Personally, I don't want to see character-specific recipes (for a couple reasons), but I am almost sure that is gonna be the case (sadly for me). I really like the gourmet <food> idea. Though I think it might be better to make them have a shorter lifespan instead of longer. ----- That aside, I also hope the Gorge cooking mechanics come with Warly (as I liked it, and they fit with Warly's whole theme), and that Warly's portable crock pot can be used as any station with the trade-off that it takes twice as long to cook stuff on it. So, if a dish takes 20 seconds to cook on the oven, in Warly's crock pot it will take 40; if another dish takes 10 seconds in the grill, it will take 20 in Warly's crock pot, and so on. This is still good as you can take the crock pot anywhere you want (something you will not be able to do with the others), and you have 3-in-1 cooking station. This slower cooking time would also balance out the immense convenience that a portable crock pot could give, encouraging the use of both. But I might be asking too much...