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Found 39 results

  1. So, taking inspiration from @Mike23Ua, I've decided to start a thread like this based on the forum wars. Here are the rules: - You may tack in a sentence to the story at a time, and that only. - There must be a gap of at least 3 posts between your posts. - Your sentences must be coherent and must correlate to the sentences and the general plot before them. - Above all else, follow Community Guidelines. - Errant posts shall be dealt with accordingly. The tale begins begins as GetNerfedOn/Rosalina, sitting on a rocking chair on the Terrace of the Comet Observatory/Sanctuary in orbit and waiting for the rest of the residents to return, observes at first with amusement as the Church of Klei and Latter-Day @nome-ists finish their latest Tuesday Bake Sale, then with horror as they are suddenly caught in a brutal bloodbath between the @Canis Italian Mafia and the @reverentsatyr Syndicate.
  2. Hello! i'm currently working on a small fanfic. Writing isn't my kind of thing, so criticism will be accepted It's right here (Notify me if this doesn't work and i'll try to fix it) P.S. I will be updating this when I can. Also, having to re-post this because i messed up
  3. Hey there, this is a short story depicting how SCP-049 made it from Don't Starve Singleplayer to Don't Starve Together. You can play as SCP-049 by downloading the character mod from Steam: [Singleplayer] [DST] In addition, there is a tale that takes place before this one. It depicts how SCP-049 got captured and sent into the Constant. Anyways, here is the story. SCP-049: "Your Show Must Go On"
  4. So all the cool kids on the block are making their fanart threads. @Arlesienne is neither cool nor a kid, but apparently has just tried. People browsing this, well... to quote Różewicz, they came to see a poet and that's rather boring for the great populace, but Minespatch asked and just how do you refuse MINESPATCH so I oblige and... Well, introductions aren't my strength. So just take a look at this if you want, starring OCs by @minespatch, @ScienceMachine and @DragonMage156 as well as @GiddyGuy (as himself based on this) and my own kiddie. It's quite inspired by the excellent players: @Fortie as Webber Slapy as Wigfrid (on hiatus) Sugarcombo as Ruri FuzzyIggyPoyo as Demo Daniel as Soldier In a nutshell: a dark little story about a girl and her toys. Consider it tagged mature for one instance of strong language (dependent on your side of the pond), the dark setting, mental issues, shtuff... Oh, and for elfeminate puns! * * * Whoever needs a bit more of an introduction, here you go. This is also the blurb of our roleplaying campaign Project Rosebud. Otherwise just skip to this fat post.
  5. "Ardiente"

    I swear it's all @minespatch's, @DragonMage156's and @PandoMish's fault, I hold no liability to this writ! Also, starring @Chris1488 and @Mr.P. Apparently. Plus quite a host of the Klei overlords. Again, their fault for immortalising themselves as pigmen.
  6. Welcome I'll keep this short: Ever since I actually dipped my toes back into the fandom, my head was brimming with new ideas, especially now with the added experience since I've left a few years ago. This thread will be something of a parody, a dedication to the man that had revitalized my love of writing, and kept me sane in a weak moment in my life. That man of course is none other than the late Sir Terry Pratchett, beloved author of the equally beloved and cherished Discworld series. Hopefully, with any luck, I'll try to give whatever drabbles I write here the same level of wit and creativity as Sir Pratchett had with his writings. With any luck, he may brandish that sword he so wanted when he was knighted by the queen. What I'll be writing here is a series of whatever that comes to my head, hopefully forming any sort of coherence. Inspired by both Pratchett's writing and the curious world of Don't Starve, I'll try my hand at combining the two together into something new and exciting to read. Please, enjoy. The time between updates will be sporadic and will be based entirely on whatever I can think of at the time. In hopes of not spending weeks just brainstorming the perfect story, I will try to write and edit on the fly, and with any luck, produce anything at all that resembles a good read.
  7. Don't Derezz

    In moments of desperation, we sometimes do whatever we can to get where we want to go... For me... I never thought I'd see a world that I kept dreaming existed. A world where time and distance defied all laws of logic. But yet... I didn't account on the idea of needing to survive within its harsh environment. - Wilson Percival Higgsbury. ---- A crossover between Don't Starve and TRON. Open thread full of concept art that may at some point turn into a story. Who knows. Come join us all in the Shadow Grid run by the virus overlord Maxwell. And do what you can to not derezz. Ideas welcome.
  8. ALONE new RP

    So as you have probably read in the title i am thinking of starting a new RP adventure called ALONE. It is a story about X characters stranded in a weird land who have each been tricked to coming. They each had their own desires coming on to this island but as they embark on this journey they realize there is more to the world than just themselves and everything they love. Copy and paste the text below and edit it to show your characters personal info then post it on this forum. we start on march 29th =D Name: Background: hobbies: Personality: Extra: Existing characters: Arith = catboiFTW only have a max of 2 characters.
  9. Prologue: Maxwell examined the chessset in front of him, watching as the last piece crumbled into dust. He sighed, and rubbed his head, a fresh migraine digging deep into his skull. He supposed it was time to bring in fresh blood. He'd had these characters lined up since the previous group had dwindled to three. Now, it was time to gather them up. The pieces materialized on the side of the board, heavy granite blocks smoothly chiseled into the different shapes. A conical flash, speckled and fizzing, a flame, caught in dance, a dumbbell, held up on a pillar, one end sagging down more than the other, and a flower. A flower? That was odd. He thought the girl was obsessed with death. What did a flower have to do with that? It wasn't even a chrysanthemum... It was no real concern however. He cracked his fingers. He would take more eventually, but if the group swelled too large from the get-go, there would be no excitement, no danger! He chuckled, spindly fingers lifting the flask and placing it carefully down in a clearing, deep in a wood. He put the flame next to it, and the dumbbell and flower a ways off, still together. Time to see how these four dealt with his craftsmanship.
  10. PROLOUGE James As a young lad, James and Wilson P. Higgsbury loved science. Every single second of free time was spent on science, such as finding a cure to cancer, or inventing new machines. But James did not contribute that much to the fabulous word of science. He was more interested in reading and drawing. He made A's in all of his subjects, while Wilson made A's only in science and math. One day, James met with a horrible incident. His brother had vanished off the face of Earth. This left James heartbroken. He would never be the same again. One rainy day, while in the park, he was greeted by a strange man. "Say pal," the man said. "You seem quite depressed. Everything all right?" James gave the man a glare. "What do you care? Mind your own beeswax!" James responded with a growl. "You know, I can get your brother back, James." the man told him. "What? How did you-" James was cut off. "James, let's just say your brother and I have met in the past." the man said with a sly smile. "Yes, I want my brother back. Can you help?" he pleaded. "Sure...." The man snapped his fingers, then James passed out. Many people did not notice James, because he was not seen at the park. He vanished off the face of the Earth. Like his brother, he was never seen again.
  11. Hello. I like to write. The Story of the Title's Font Being on Size 6 and Also Being Rather Long. Wendy grimly crept across the hallway to check on her twin sister, Abigail, who had developed a mysterious and seemingly fatal sickness. Wendy looked her in the eyes, and could see the very life draining from her face, and felt despair overwhelming. Abigail looked back consolingly, knowing the grief Wendy would be going through. She thought of how this all started, and whether it would even be worth it... "Say, pal, you don't look so good... Do you need any help?" Abigail looked up at her radio, amazed that it was speaking. "...Hello?" "Hello, friend! I can see that you want to protect your sister, and I can help!" Abigail, slightly disturbed he seemed to know of the incident, knew that there was no possible way Wendy would recover without proper care and attention, and knew this may be her only hope of taking care of Wendy and balancing her own life. "Well... if you think you're prepared..." the strange radio said. "Yes, I believe I am." Abigail replied, somewhat nervously. How could someone help her this easily? Suddenly, out of the radio streamed copious amounts of dark shadows, all flying around her at rapid speeds. Suddenly, she began feeling very ill, and screamed at the radio, "What have you done?!" "Allowed you to watch over her. Forever, and very soon." Suddenly, dark clouds rolled in and dark laughter could be heard. And that's it. For now. FYI the incident was how the parents of Wendy and Abigail mysteriously died after some strange pyromaniac whose name happens to begin with "W" committed arson and burned their house down. Wendy and Abigail were living at an orphanage in the story. But I'll evaluate on that later. Too lazy to finish it atm.
  12. I'm going to write a short, all OC story! View the rules and other important notes in the link. No account is needed to send in OC's, and no limit on the amount of OC's you can send in. See you there! Greets from Tjally RULES AND SEND IN:
  13. Prologue It all starts with one forgotten button. Most sewing practices of sorts use buttons to keep the cloth on attire from slipping away from the human analogue. Buttons keep the inside of pockets on a coat from getting wet in the rain. Most of the time, these buttons are grouped with zippers, or buttons of the same type. In very rare cases, a stray button ends up mixed with the perfect aristocratic buttons, and the button, once pointed out, is shunned and sometimes thrown away from the original cloth, into rubbish cans or dumpsters. Very few mixed buttons survive the incinerating fate to come, but, every once in a while, a button manages to make it's escape before being destroyed. This is my story.
  14. Hello everyone! This is me, Mathy! I am a writer who will guide you throw the world of Don't Starve though his mind and imagination using this story: We Are the Starvers! I don't think I have much to say besides that this story starts with the Forbidden Knowledge The story describes lots about the game mechanics and make us think and feel of the characters in a way I am pretty sure no-one ever thought of. Illustrated by: The Wonderful Willette Written by: Mathspy Chapter One: I Know, I Am. It was a another gloomy night, just like the one before it and the one before them and that one before them all; another gloomy dark night. I was in my laboratory in the top of my ‘haunted’ house as usual, trying to put some potassium over water without making the potassium explode, but predictability I failed once more, no new results whatever I did. +++++You may think I was crazy because potassium will always react with water giving huge amount of hydrogen and enough heat for the hydrogen to explode in my face, but no; I was -am- not crazy, I was trying to add catalysts to stop that reaction permanently, and if I found that catalyst then I would be able to make a totally reversed world! Where gravity pulls you upwards! Where explosions build and rocks destroy! Where the sky is green and trees are blue! Where Newton’s name is Not When! Where Chocolate is ewwy and poop is heavenly! Where politicians all play fair and square! Mohaha! +++++But like all the great scientists I was failing at the beginning, but I was not going to give up. I sat down on my chair thinking deeply what is the chemical I should try next when suddenly my radio started a very unexpected commercial saying, “Say Pal, looks like you’re having some trouble! I have a secret knowledge I can share with you.” So I stood up, approached the radio eagerly, held it with my bare hands and I-- I-- I nodded. +++++Hearing it’s words, “okay then.” I felt a sudden rush of huge amount of information, intelligence, understanding, and cognition; knowledge. Forbidden Knowledge. Now I Know, I Am. +++++With my newfound knowledge I started a whole new sort of experiments, I didn’t even know why or how I was doing all of that, it was just happening, by my own hands, in front of my own eyes. I used things, calculated things, fixed things, nailed things, painted things, rotated things, welded things, but over all... I hurted things, more precisely, my own hand. But for what purpose, I knew not. And using my very own blood and all of those things, which I don’t have enough time dimension to mention, I created a machine that I didn’t know it’s purpose or name. “Excellent,” the voice from radio congratulated me warmly. “Now throw the switch,” and asked me to activate the machine. But I hesitated, because I didn’t even know what will it do, I just didn’t know! Seeing my hesitation it yelled, “do it!!” And as a child listening to his pa, I threw the switch on! +++++Loud laughter arose from everywhere, “HA. HA. HA. HA.” I stepped backward in fear. And I felt like the machine was watching me, it was alive! I swear it was looking at me! Suddenly, two shadow hands emerged from the ground and encircled me as rapid as light although they are it’s very contrary. I tried to escape, but my effort was naught, their grip was already so tight around me. They pulled me through the ground in total darkness for few minutes to a place I wouldn’t have imagined if I didn’t see, a place I feared at the beginning, but once you get familiar to it, it would become special in your heart; it’s silence enrapture me, it’s creatures delight me, and it’s isolation fascinates me. “Say, pal you don’t look so good.” I heard the same voice that I heard before from the radio echoing in my head. “You better find something to eat before night comes.” +++++I stood up, confused. Where am I? Why am I here? Wait. Who am I? Then memories struck me. Yes, I am in ‘this world.’ Because I was foolish to listen to radio commercials. Yes! I Know, I Am. “I am Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist, I will conquer it all with the power of my MIND!!” This is simply Forbidden Knowledge video in words using my way, but it's only the first chapter, expect more! And I would like to see a little bit of suggestion on how you want to see this story turning out if you like how I write (or if you don't too XD), either more dramatic or more comic or maybe even horror, although I am not that good with horror... but I can try! OH! And expect a lot of Mathy's Twists here Kevin is not the only one who can make nice Twists! (You're awesome Kevin and the team!) NEXT Chapter Two: Cursy, berries and Charlie. Chapter Three: Arthropods Chapter Four: To Make Science! Chapter Five: Spirits Chapter Six: Hybrid Offsprings Chapter Seven: Piggy piggy pigs! Chapter Eight: The Dingy Chapter Nine: Light Chapter Ten: Tell me more Chapter Eleven: Dark Fire
  15. Insanity

    CHAPTER 1: ARRIVAL I woke up here not long ago, I'd say about 4 hours, I've never been to this place. All I remember is hands. Dark, cold hands reaching from the darkness of my office room to drag me into the abyss. When I woke up from unconsciousness I could barely make out a man saying something about food and nighttime. I found a few berries and stuffed them in my pockets, which are somehow deeper than normal now. It seems that days are shorter here, it's getting dark already, I better get a fire.
  16. So, I'm currently attempting to "refine" my ability to write. I say I'm decent when it comes to writing but I've never had someone actually skim through my book with a fine tooth comb and tell me that I suck at everything because I put a comma instead of a period. Since I've been playing don't starve for while, and this IS the don't starve forums, I'd like to start a don't starve story. There are a bunch of gaps to fill in the story line (Mainly because only two characters have stories, Maxwell and Wilson) that, while keeping a main plot could let imagination flow. I want your honest opinion on the story I'm about to create. Hate it? Let me know, and let me know why. Like it? Same thing.Prologue:You don't seem to understand who I am. I control this world, and everything in this world. Everything has been made by my hand. I gave birth to light, darkness, and the demented creatures that scurry around this demonized world. I made the trees, every pine needle and every cone. Every bird and every feather. I may have made everything, but I am not in control, not by a long shot. I am trapped by them. For what seems like millions of years, I have been strapped to this throne of thorns and that damn music has been playing non-stop. I can only leave this throne for breif periods of time, to speak with the people I have tricked to do my bidding. Hundreds of out casts, one by one, all tricked by me to come into this hell world. They bit the dust within days.I just recently realized what I have to do. I need to bring in multiple people, which I have already done. all five of them are passed out, scattered around that small forest. The scientist was the easiest one to trick. So hungry for power and knowledge. I spoke to him though a strange sound emmiting device. I traded him knowledge on one condition, make a structure. Little did he know, the structure brought him here. He's the smartest out of the five, but he's a damn fool.The next one I tricked was a pyromaniac. When she was young, she played with fire a burned her house down on accident. Killed her mother, farther, and her baby sister. She was outcasted and said to be a bringer of death. For years she was hated, until this day. I contacted her at her weakest position, about ready to end it all. All she had was the flame, and even that was about to go out. I appeared for a quick chat and told her about powers that I could grant her. It didn't take much, I just gave her the power to create flames in darkness. The fire in her blood made her skin unburnable, completely fire proof. Only one condition. After a week of trying out her powers, she had to come with me. She burned down the houses of everyone who hated her, and then told me she was ready.Then there's that brute fool. A circus strong man, quite the body builder. His circus was becoming less and less popular. People in the circus were starving, including him. I contacted him in the winter, when his body was half of what it was when people cared about his circus. I told him I'd grant his strength, and make his circus popular, if her came with me. He gladly accepted, and now his circus is the most popular in his homeland, and he's strong as before, but now he's under the wrath of the land.The next one was a small girl, no more than fourteen. Her sister passed away recently and I contacted her while she was in mourning, I'm not poud of it. She was on her way to visit her sister in the grave. I reached out to her before it happened, and told her about my powers. She didn't believe me, which is understandable. I took the small wilted flower from her hand and made gave it life. I told her I could give life to her sister as well, as long as she comes with me. Her face filled with joy when she hear that I can give life to her passed sister. I told her that I'd be back, and told her to enjoy her new gift. Her sister visited her in ghost form, not at all what she was expecting. When I came back, she called me all sorts of names that I've grown to accept, but a deal is a deal, and I made her come with me. I felt bad about all of it, so I let her sister come to this demonic world with her.And lastly was that insane mime. The idiot was horrible. His parents were murdered and he became a recluse, devoting himself to silence. He became a mime, and painted his face. He was homeless, and he relied on miming for spare change to eat. I saw him in his state and called out to him. I told him that I can make him the best mime in the world. He nodded in excitement. I made the make up on his face permanent and made him a mute, unable to speak, even if he wanted to. Then I did the same to him like everyone else, I made him come into my world of creatures and death.These five people are my last hope. I demand freedom, I can't handle this any longer. These five need to band togeather to survive, and to free me. If they do not band togeather and free me from this hell, I don't know what I'd do... I can't try this again, every time I leave to get more people, it causes intense pain. Putting all of this togeather was near impossible, and next time it will be harder and it will cause more pain. Every time I go out, it feels like I'm dying, but death does not come, it never comes unless these five outcasts free me from my eternal prison.It apears that they are awaking from their slumber. It will hurt to much to greet them each individually, I must wait for them to come togeather to reveal myself. Until them, I need to rest. This throne brings pain, but sleep numbs it away...Chapter One: DaylightWilson's eyes slowly cracked open when the sunlight his his face. Drool dripped from his mouth when he opened it. He rolled over on his stomach and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. He slowly stood and put his hand on his lower back. "Good lord, my back hurts." He said and then rubbed the spot where his back was in pain. He put both hands on his lower back and pushed. His back popped, which made it feal slightly better.He stood there, looking around at the hundreds of pine trees and the small rocks on the ground. A small demented rabbit scurried under his feet, which made him jump back and fall, landing on his arse. When he saw the rabbit it clicked. He had no idea where he was. This sure as hell wasn't the normal world, not by a long shot, but where exactly was he?He back up and walked over to one of the small rocks on the green, lush grass. Wilson bent over and picked the small grey rock up. A jagged piece cut open his index finger, making a few drops of blood drip down his finger and fall onto the grass below. Wilson put his figer in his mouth and sucked on the cut, and then examined the rock. "It's flint." He thought to himself. He stuck the rock in his pocket and looked around. Trees. Nothing but pine trees were around him. Since there was no difference in direction, he just picked a random direction and began to walk.Something was off about the trees, nothing appearent, but something just felt, different. Wilson pulled his finger out of his mouth to see that the bleeding had stopped. As he walked deeper into the forest, he began to notice various plants. The tips of carrots poked out of the ground, roses and tulips painted the boring green ground, a few bushes grew around with ripe red berries growing all around it, saplings were scattered around the forest floor and large, lighter bundles of grass scattered the normal grass. This world looked normal, besides that crazy rabbit, but something felt off about the whole thing. Wilson pulled the lump of flint out of his pocket and examined it as he walked around the forest. The rock was sharp, pointy, and strong. The dark grey color of the rock and the bright red of his blood on a small jagged edge blended perfectly. Wilson set it back in his pockets and continued to walk. After minutes of walking around the forest, he heard something unusual. Something besides the normal bird chirps and the waving of grass. Wilson stopped dead in his tracks and listened for the sound, trying to decide what it was. It sounded like a voice, and the crackling of fire. Wilson swallowed hard and peeked through a near by berry bush. He spread the leaves apart and nearly instantly, an explosion of feathers and loud gobbling sounds came from the bush. A large turkey like bird ran away fast, creating loud noises with every step. Wilson shot back and fell on his rear again. He followed the turkey with his eyes. It clicked in his mind that he was supposed to be quiet."Well, that's not good..." Wilson said out loud and then looked back at the bush.The bush was nothing but a pile of ash and black round balls, which were the berries. Standing in the ash was a woman with a small ball of fire in her hand. She slowly walked over to Wilson and grabbed him by the coller with the hand not painted with flames, hoisting him up so she can look him in his eyes. Her pupils were non-existant, the only thing that was there was a flame. She put her hand covered in fire on Wilson's neck, slowly burning him."Who are you!?" She asked, tighting her grip."Why should I tell you?" Wilson asked."Because, I have your neck in my hand, and I can make it a lot hotter than that..." She said. The flame in her eyes grew and the heat became more intense.Wilson swallowed hard and then slowly opened his mouth."W-Wilson Percival Higgsbury; Please don't hurt me!" Wilson said, withering.The woman looked at him in the eyes, and loosened her grip. Her pupils returned to normal and the flame in her hand became nothing. She threw Wilson to the ground, not taking off her gaze."Why are you here, Percival?" She asked and stared at him in the eyes.Wilson thought for a second, and then looked back at the woman. "I honestly have no idea. I was working on an experiment that went wrong. It was a portal of some sort that a voice through a radio told me to build. He granted me the knowledge to do so..." Wilson said and continued to think about what happened that day."'Granted' you knowledge? Who?" She asked, staring Wilson in the eyes."No idea... I just heard his voice through a radio." Wilson said as he stood up and dusted his pants off."What did he sound like?" She asked again."Uh, he had a deep voice. Actually quite calming." Wilson said and picked up the flint rock that fell out of his pocked when the woman picked him up."Yeah... And he just 'Granted' you knowledge, without teaching you anything?" She asked yet again."Um... Yeah I guess so. I just felt my self become instantly smarter, he didn't really teach me anything, I just made a deal with him and POOF, I know more than I did a second ago." Wilson said and then paused. "Why?" He continued."Because, you and I are similar, too similar to be a coincidence..." She said and finally took her gaze off of Wilson."What does that mean?" Wilson asked."It means that bastard tricked us..." She said, turned around and began to walk off.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And that is where I am going to stop for now because it is 5 in the morning and all I had to eat/drink in the last couple hours was a large cup of coffee, so I am going to go to sleep. Let me know what you think so far.
  17. Gratitued

    grat·i·tudeˈgratəˌt(y)o͞od/nounnoun: gratitude1.the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.------------- This is a short story About the simplicity of gratitued And the ties that connect Even the most far away things Updates every three weeks on Sunday or Saturday
  18. I decided to write a story about adventure mode Hope you like it, and please give me some feedback Chapter 1I had it all… I was king in a world created by myself, but I wasn’t the highest ruler. I still had to answer before my so called friends: The shadows… I wasn’t allowed to leave; I was a prisoner Recently I discovered a way to release myself of this prison! I created a portal (some call it a door) to the world I habited… But They found out, and I spent 2 weeks in pure agony as a punishment. But 2 weeks is a lot of time to think, and soon I thought of a way I could escape! I had to build the door. But the door couldn’t lead directly to me! So I made 5 more worlds. They (the shadows) would think that I was just messing with my victims, and when They do find out what my real plans are, I will be already free!! I made three first possible worlds. One where’s eternally winter; another where the weather is always cloudy with a high possibility of precipitation; and an archipelago, full of dangers and beauty. The fourth world was a peaceful and tempting land, but I knew my victims wouldn’t stop. In the fifth world Day never comes, so it’s eternally night. It’s harder to find food and the pieces. The sixth world is my world, the world where I’m prisoner. I can leave for brief moments, but at a terrible cost… Every time I leave They hurt me in ways I didn’t think were possible! There was only one way that allowed advance to a new world: they had to assemble a machine, whose parts are hidden, somewhere in the land.So I did it all… But so They wouldn’t get suspicious I had to perform! I would act like I don’t want them to advance to the next world. I would pretend that the fourth world was an attempt of persuading them to live in that world forever, when actually I know they would never do that, because they hate me, as I hate Them.
  19. RP thread: Greener pastures

    What the title says. I'm itching to get this started. Let's begin with character creation.Name: Spindle.Race: Spider warrior.Backstory: A lonely spider is found by a roving queen. She takes him in. The queen assures him that his only purpose is to defend the colony. Spindle shows himself to be an adept fighter, so the queen makes him a spider warrior. The second he became the spider warrior, he knew his future. Yet he did not. The future of every warrior is to someday go out and become a spider king. It is truly the greatest honor. Yet many hardships await. One day Wilson, the gentleman scientist attacks. The colony is murdered except for Spindle, and the two other survivors make it clear to the council that he was traitorous because he fled the scene when Wilson attacked. The council deemed him guilty and was about to execute him when a great fire went through the council's throne room. This was enough distraction for Spindle to escape. (This story sets up the plot too, so pay attention as references to to this story may appear later on. Also This is my character.)Advantages: Can survive the night without the need of a fire. Also can attack like a normal spider warrior.Disadvantages: Cannot equip anything.Accepted: Newleaf, Michael, Cat, Kate.
  20. Here is what I think it would Look like if they had Trailers for the rest of the characters besides Wilson. Willow(Willow's mom's Speech will be inred. Her dad will be inGreen. One day Willow was trying to sleep in here bed.She woke up because she heard "I hate you!" and "Shut up!!! GO kill yourself for all care!". She went back to sleep...When she woke up in the morning she saw her mother dead on the ground with a note beside her. Willow picked up the note.She knew it was written by her Mom.It said "Dear Willow, Your father hates me and wanted me to kill myself so I did.I have left you my most valuable possession. My Lighter.You will find it in the top cabinet in the kitchen. So Willow looked up in the cabinet and there it was. She picked it up and kept it with her always. She became depressed and she took her anger out by lighting things on fire. She didn't see her father until the day of her mom's funeral. At the end of the funeral her dad said "I gotta go to the bathroom.". Willow followed her dad until they were alone and burned him to death with her mothers lighter.Then her dad's face melted and it showed Maxwell's face. She felt the ground shaking and heard a whistle. Then two shadow hands came out of the ground and pulled her under. If people say this is good I will make WolfGang's Story.
  21. Well im new to the forum and i want to make a history of WX-78. im not good at english,im spanish so you can ask me things in spanish,well,here comes the history CHAPTER 1, THE CREATIONDoc: This greatest creation, he is the first machine with feelings...well,ill better turn he on...PC: 3 MINUTES FOR ACTIVATIONMax: We meet again,doctor.Doc: What are you doing here!? get out of here ah...AHH!!!I woke up in a room, my dad was there,there was a man still holding his throat.WX: LET HE GO,YOU MONSTER!(he tried to grab he,but instead he pulled a lever of the machine and two dark hands grabbed and bringed he to a new dimension...TO BE CONTINUEDhow is it? p,ease post your opinion!
  22. Prologue: A Small Laboratory This story begins in a small home on a hill. It was more of a laboratory. The house on a hill was owned by a young scientist named Wilson Percival Higgsbury. His goal was to become the smartest human alive. He experimented all day and he usually failed. One day he sat down on his chair disappointed with his notebook in his pocket. Then he heard a raspy voice say “Say, pal looks like you’re having some trouble. I have secret knowledge I can share with you!” I took the radio from which the raspy voice was talking. “If you’re ready.” I nodded vigorously.”Okay then.” An odd flash of lightning struck.Yes I have all the knowledge I could dream of! He created the machine over a course of 3 days but when he finally finished it flashed in his mind that he had no idea what it would do. This is a terrible idea, thought Wilson. He held his notebook in his pocket and hesitated. “DO IT!” rasped the voice desperately. Wilson pulled the lever at his dismay. Two large shadowy hands pulled him through to some faraway place.”Say, pal you don’t look so good. Better find something to eat before night comes.” Just going to leave this thing here. I've got 3 complete chapters right now.I'm going to update this whenever I get around to writing the next "chapter".Bye,constructive criticism wanted definitely.
  23. You Know What Should Be Put Into Don't Starve?...Character Creation...I Really Want It In Don't Starve...And So Do Alot Of Other's...Plus You Would Most Likely Get More People Buying Don't Starve That Way.Btw Only Way I Could Get This Message To You