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  1. Corvus Goodfeather? It's name is already iconic
  2. TBH, her spotlight is so underwhelming i don't even mind it vanishing. It has no uses, it's not effective nor cheap. It will never replace torches or literally any other source of light, specially after last update. What i would like seeing as some have mentioned are new gadjets, such as: A watering Sprinker (automatic so it only waters soil when its somewhat dry) so this doesnt replace flingos. A Voxola radio: could either give or drain sanity (which could have some niche uses) but also helps plants being happy. Something like a training dummy. Which could attract lesser hostile creatures like batilisks and spiders, but wont have any effect on smarter mobs like Shadows, McTusk, etc. I imagine this dummy being similar to a scarecrow and needing to be repaired after a couple days. Mechanic Fan, that requires winona to spin a handle to make it work, providing dryness for others (maybe also cooling) at the cost of hunger for Winona. As of extra unique perks: I think it would be cool for her to be able to repair burnt structures. (less need for commands) Extra damage and durability when using Hammers. Winona loses sanity when her gadjets are destroyed (give her some downsides so she is not a female Wilson after she's done building catapults) Increased sanity drain when raining (she is scared her inventions could rust) Just some random ideas. i like the concept of Winona being the one powering or using her gadjets so others can benefit. That's what will make her needed, even after building catapults. Winona's inventions could use a new mechanic: maintenance. If her inventions do not receive maintenance they will stop working and will cause Winona to lose sanity. Maintenance could use basic and cheap items. This would also encourage people to keep playing as Winona
  3. I mean what else did you expect? Game would become totally dull and pointless if super late game items were so op. Also its about the lore and teamwork completion imo what makes this last update rewarding to play. Theres even more to discover yet!
  4. I demand playable Wagstaff as a compensation now
  5. As many people commented, bunnymen are pretty efective. If you are feeling lazy, you can leave chester near the sinkhole. All bats will focus him this way. You can then kill them one by one without getting hit or just ignore them.
  6. Exactly! i thought this could be an alternative to buying or weaving characters... Unlocking them in-game as other characters on Don't Starve.
  7. I have probably spent about 500 hours playing Wurt. And even if i love her, whenever i think of Wurt the best word that describes her is: MESS Wurt right now is all about multiplying a 30+ merm army and go kill beequeen. Yes its fun but its messy and theres so much more that can be done: I like her recruiting aspect, thats what makes her unique from the rest, despite merms AI being quite low. I would love some QoL changes such as somehow knowing when merms are about to leave Wurt (rather than mods showing royalty points) Her wetness immunity was a step in the right direction for further character development. I agree that her herbivore perk is rather bland, but its neither a downside nor an upside (She might lose crockpot food effects but its traded for more hunger points when eating raw veggies and no sanity loss when wet) I would like her fishing skills to be somewhat more relevant. So far keeping fishes in inventory is not something that really pays off. Seasonal fish are extremely hard to find and sometimes really dangerous to fish. Right now it feels pretty underwhelming. Maybe faster reeling skill? Ability to craft fish bait? Her Clever Disguise has literally no use at the moment. There is no point in making it. Something interesting could be buffing merms by giving them certain fishes. That would make having a little group of merms a more interesting idea, rather than just multiplicating them and making a messy beequeen army slaughtery. The Wetness mechanic mentioned many times on many threads is something quite interesting as well. I think a balanced downside would be if she suffered from heat, losing sanity as opposed as when she gains wetness, after all water feels good on scales lol. Right now she doesn't feel bad, she is actually pretty good. Its hard to find a downside on her but also every perk she has feels somehow unpolished or unfinished. All in all i would say: 1) Her unique perks need further development to feel more "Wurt" and less messy. 2)She needs a clear downside that also resembles her identity and her own race. Anyways, thats my 2 cents.
  8. Tbh i had this concept on my mind for some time now. All the speculation with this new character and the new teaser with a machine featuring Voxola's logo is too hinting. Within time spent on the constant who knows how a character would develop, not only sane wise but even skill wise (in case he was added) It was nice reading your theory, its both clear, well organized and makes a lot of sense to me!
  9. Adding to the theory of Witherstone (whose last name also starts with a W) i wanted to share a screenshot of the box on left corner which confirms this person was actually a Magician! It literally says George Witherstone Dramatic props & magical appearence, just as the panflet he had when he performed, which was shown in earlier Dont Starve William Carter Puzzles: The bill also has the same initials written in the magic box. I just love these details so much!
  10. Tbh those tridents look pretty much like the one of the Merm King... could this hint a Wurt refresh?