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  1. I use them as friends, they are pretty good at that. Right @ShadowDuelist ?
  2. I like him being simple and vanilla. He is a great choice for starter players. I would love to see a new short of him though
  3. TBH, i would love new icons and emojis. SPECIALLY icons. I feel there are a lot of creatures, mobs, food, plants that could have their own icon.
  4. Is this intended as an indirect buff for WX's electrification circuit?
  5. Bravo for all these changes! Im very happy!
  6. Crop then pls Omg it worked! Thank you
  7. Thank you! no more annoying poop flies sound Edit: when opening faves tab on the crafting menu game still crashes D:
  8. Wurt just because i feel weird not playing her after so long. Also im super lazy and eating carrot and berries i find everywhere for extra hunger points is kinda nice.
  9. As a person without the imagination, web coding knowledge nor time, I THANK U
  10. Warly being able to cook Bone Boullion. A dish that uses dead survivor's bones. Wormwood amputating their arm to provide living logs. Bunnymen transforming into Beardlorg is pretty dark too Also building pig farms is pretty dark... we just naturalized it but imagine slaughtering a whole family just to make helmets and ham bats. The concept reminds me of a very dark event from the past...
  11. This might be an unpopular opinion but i like them being a fashion oriented item. I like the concept of some items having more uses than others. I don't mind if some are inneficient or even kinda useless. Yes, there are some items that are always used, others that are more of a niche but its cool too when items dont fulfill any specific purpose (also its a recipe item). When speaking of the fashion goggles, they are fashionable and followers can use them... need a use? upgrade them then. Having said this, there are many cool concept ideas mentioned for the fashion goggles that i wouldnt mind being implemented as well!
  12. I might be wrong but as my cat grew in size, so did their feces