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  1. I really like Mortal Kombat Dvorah's concept: A swarm of deadly bees taking over a guest and turning them into... a bug humanoid? It would be really interesting concept wise, but i dont know if it would fit within this game.
  2. Buzzards noises>Buzzards eating glommers goop. I would base far from them just for the sake of my mental health.
  3. Wilson's new feature (I guess he has a downside now)
  4. If anything i would like more crockpot recipes that add the cooked veggies effect: for instance a tomato soup that amplifies roasted tomato +20 hp. I usually run farms everytime i play (i mostly use wurt) and realized farms arent that bad... the problem is dragonpie and salsa fresca or the garlic potato pure being the only cos efficient meals to prep, and all of them are rather rare. Sure you can only pla t potatoes and grill them for easy +20 hp. Thats not bad. I agree more variety on crockppt recipes leaning towards the late game could be fun since eating raw carrots/ripe stone fruits its getting old.
  5. This is so deep, yet so true. It's just that i feel sometimes like taking a break from real life if that makes sense. The only disease i know only attacks plants... and right now maybe survivors have more freedom than we do
  6. My question tries to avoid this. Provided the option of escaping real quick, would you do so? Would you try to take advantage of the different features of this new world? As i said, my question its not gamewise literal, but more of personal
  7. Just a normal day, refining some wood logs
  8. I agree, but the idea if meeting people from different timelines is so appealing to me. I don't know, maybe this pandemic issolation made me want some adventures lol, or at least dream of one
  9. This is more of a philosophical/personal approach instead of what would a character do. My question is: is the constant such a BAD place? I mean yes, you can die probably everyday, but having a group of friends living together helping you survive (and revive) does not sound bad at all. Also considering the impossibilty to age sounds really tempting for those who might be rather old (sorry Wickerbottom) This also prompts the question: what are you leaving behind? Warly's situation is rather obvious, but for those who have lost so much (Wendy, Willow) the constant may actually be a place to start over or meet with family too. Spending so much time with people also makes you bond with them, or learn from them provided people who join the constant come from different timelines (or even were born in the constant) Personally, i would stay for a long time in the constant before considering going back home... like some vacation maybe? But the idea of enjoying the constant for some time before trying to escape it constantly invades me while i play, even if it's not me the one trying not to starve lol. This is a rather different post in this forum but im really intrigued, what would you guys do?
  10. This would be great! Because honestly, right now is more fficient to just have one king starve to death because it takes a couple days and merms spawn faster than he takes to die, so theres literally no point in feeding the king at the moment. I also agree with the other things mentioned: *Better interaction between Wurt and Merms *Go further with her wetness benefits *Some QoL improvement for Merms And those are the things i think are needed to be fixed asap. Just like Walter and Woby needed some attention i think its fair our girl receives the same treatment. But we have been asking for these changes for far too long and yet she keeps far from the radar
  11. So I have been playing with music enabled (after 700+ hours playing without music) and i can say the soundtrack is absolutely awesome! Spring Cleaning its a bop for sure :P here's the acoustic version which is also great, by Alex Heflin
  12. Her interaction with merms are pretty decent. Merms could use some work though. Not being able to know when they are hungry without mods, merms being rather dull ( stepping into fire, not being able to return to their home) and them not defending Wurt when she gets hit are some QoL changes that would make sense. Also personally i would like better interaction with fishes, but thats just for Wurt herself. Maybe fishing lasting even longer than now in her inventory and some buffs while being at certain level of wetness. This would in my opinion help her develop more as a see navigator oriented character.
  13. I think all of it! The art is great, it has great humor, creepyness. The one thing i like the most though its the community. I started playing with some friends first but after they left, i got into a public server and made great friends there! I feel that it is such a heathy environment! <3
  14. Legally blonde HAD to be in the forum Thank you @ShadowDuelist for being my Weelsun