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  1. I made this suggestion a while back... Thought it would fit better in the compendium as a complete new tab though. (but i guess it could be anywhere lol) I'm glad many people want this as well! It's definitely something i'm looking forward to
  2. Uhmm for a reason my nominations are not being saved... Every time i nominate a game the other nominations reset. Anyone else went through this? I can't vote for Klei D: Edit: nevermind fixed it
  3. Just a constructive advice: It would be nice to edit the original post with every new link. We could still write in new comments whenever someone finds one but it would also be a lot easier to just check first page and see all the links and their respective expiration date! Anyways, thank you Hobby for taking this post so seriously!
  4. I have a mild obsession with Shopcat emote and the fact that it is seen as a 'negative' reaction makes me sad
  5. Oh well, I guess I'll have to build a garland now so i can try it out
  6. Story Time: Today I was drinking water as i opened the daily gift. Before hitting the 'Open' button i begged the god of RNG for a cool skin, promising to spit the water from my mouth if i got one. To my surrpirse, i got this: And no, i did not spit the water.... 7 Years of common skins incoming?
  7. This has to be my favourite Wormwood outfit so far. Deinitely looks like a living (and friendly) scarecrow.
  8. Not halloween related but it was one of the 2 chests skins i was missing!
  9. Halloween has arrived and so did the special trades with the Nox guy