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  1. This has to be my favourite Wormwood outfit so far. Deinitely looks like a living (and friendly) scarecrow.
  2. Not halloween related but it was one of the 2 chests skins i was missing!
  3. Halloween has arrived and so did the special trades with the Nox guy
  4. Im surprised many people see these worms as intestinal parasites Now I can't take that idea out of my mind !
  5. Yes! We pretty much give everything spanish nicknames, despite having the game in english. Moose Goose: Pato Depth Worms: Gusano Catcoon: Gatito Winona: Weona Manure: Caca It's fun to me because other than Winona, we basically name the mob after the animal it resembles but in spanish
  6. Well no, but you can catch them with a bug net and then drop them again after building. Other followers are harder to dismiss. Woops, you are right. I read Ctrl+F but imagined Alt+Click in my mind. Sorry!
  7. I don't think this is a bug... All followers get in the way when building things (specially merms). I know its pretty annoying but I guess it's kind of a downside when playing with followers. Making bulbous lightbugs immune to Ctrl+F could be a great QoL change, specially after their HP nerf. Using Ctrl+F with followers is always tricky, that is why they always maintain certain distance away from the character. While these bugs are no exception, the distance between the character and them is reduced, therefore it's more likely to hit them with Ctrl+F.
  8. LOVED reading your theories. I must confess i felt goosebumps when i saw the pictures you posted of the metheus puzzle, they make so much sense now! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Probably not. It's name is very specific so it wouldnt make sense if it could make berry bushes or something of the sort. However, i would like a new recipe like a disease cure. It could be a serum maybe (similar to bucket of poop) which permanently prevents replanted berries, saplings and tufts to ever suffer disease once applied. Since this ancient civilization was so ahead of time they could have known of Disease and had already discovered the cure for it. Idk just random thoughts
  10. I will miss my mosling pets There's still the telelocator staff which can commence rain. Not as practical as the lil birds but still an option until something else is implemented. However if this mechanism was fixed (which was kind of elaborated) i doubt something as easy as -Wickerbottom reading a book- will be introduced into the game as a substitute for mosling method (which apparently was a bug).
  11. Same happened to me! Also im not sure if they suffer from the stun effect when set on fire... their moving patterns are still pretty unclear to me
  12. Winona IMO. I use lots of her outfits on other characters. They look great on both female and male survivors
  13. A beautiful skin i will probably never use but still refuse to unravel.