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  1. - I have no team and i must cook - I would like to share my thoughts on achieving the highest score at this event. I do not exclude the presence of any errors, but I will take them into account if someone points out them (if at all someone is interested and reads what is written here). But before I start, you need to check out the video: This is one of the most successful races in terms of points. Could it be better? To begin with, it is worth checking what other dishes would be profitable to cook. Calculations. The video race can be represented as follows: They got 6914 total points and spent 17.51 time. After taking 20 cooking steps. This means that one step took an average of 53.55 seconds. What if the team took another step to make another medium meal (which gives one blue and one red coin) or three? Let's add the cost of such a dish to their preliminary count (6914 * 1071/1000 = 7405), and 53.55 seconds to the total time. (7405 + 131) * 1000 / (1071 + 53.55) = 7536 * 1000 / 1124.55 = 6701 - worse than the record. Now let's imagine that in one step the team was able to cook three such dishes at their three cooking stations: (7405 + 131 * 3) * 1000 / (1071 + 53.55) = 7798 * 1000 / 1124.55 = 6934.32 - count almost did not change, but did not get any worse. This means that it is possible to use average dishes to compensate for the lack of suitable expensive dishes and to obtain resources. The next question is "what to cook?" And he will answer us ... Statistics. According to my observations, the probability of dishes on infinite cycles (i-cycles) is: This pattern was traced in all my games, both long (with a large number of cooked dishes) and short ones. But one race turned out to be very different. Dropping out dishes in it is more like: It is possible that cheese and bread can also fall out half as often. This race is also notable for the fact that in one of the cycles the soup and fish stand side by side (step 45-46). It seemed to me that these were mutually exclusive dishes. There are enough desserts in the game, but not enough pasta, and you need it often. Obviously, pasta will become the go-to dish for making a cooking plan. In other words, we have five pasta dishes (+1 for the second cycle). This means 100% at each step of the cycle is 7.5 dishes (7 dishes). So we need: 7 desserts, 5 pastes, 2 meat, 1.16-1.5 soups, 2 fish, 1.7-4.2 bread, 1.7-4.2 cheese 1.7-4.2 snacks A total of seven full i-cycles will require 28 dishes. Plus eight meals for the first two non-i-cycles. Plus additional meals for the last unfinished i-cycle. Possible variant of the most expensive by score and cheapest by products: The last dishes are universal - they will compensate for the spread of statistics. And now a rough plan for cooking: Let's check what the final score will be in this case, if you spend 60 seconds on one step (there is a high probability that you will not be able to pass the Bacon Wrapped Meat, so this is not taken into account in the calculations): It also shows how many points the team will receive if they lose a certain amount of time. For example, if the team does not do anything for two minutes, its score will still be over nine thousand. And if the team does not cook anything for eight minutes, its final score will still be higher than the team with the video. "LOL! Do you really believe this can work? Do you have any idea how many wood / silver plates / seeds and other things you need for this? " Yes. Silver. There are 7 dishes here that will not yield a silver coin (which Wes can exchange for another plate). The last dish may be Bacon Wrapped Meat, which will return the plate, but it will no longer be needed. If you believe in your luck, then you will need 8 plates (7 if you don't expect to hand over the final meat). From the safe we get only 4 plates (you don’t need to buy silver bowls, there are enough of them in the safes), we get 1 plate for a berry roll, 2 plates for meat soup (return without a silver bowl). To make sure there are enough plates for all the Rainbow Coin-yielding dishes, turn in one medium dish (boiled fish / noodles / burger, etc.) without a plate. Don't waste your plates on Jelly Rolls and Caramel Cube. Fertilizers. In total, we must plant at least 90 plants. We will grow 7 bags of wheat and 1 bag of carrots using a book (-31 plants) (Team consists of Max, Wes and Wickerbottom). With the second book we grow grains from 8 more bags (-32 plants). Remains 1 bag of grain and 8 bags of vegetables. There are 28 plants in total. That is 56 units of fertilizers. 2 is rot from pigs. Biffalo give 1 dung in 16 seconds. If the game lasts 16 steps of 60 seconds each, then they can give 60 units of manure, we will collect at least 11. There are 13 extra ferns in the garden that must be collected and left to rot. Remains 30, which we get from pigs in exchange for wood. The sequence of purchases. Useful mods: Snapping tills Gorge Detailed Summary Gorge Extender Global Pause (although all timers continue to run, the use of a pause does not affect the final score) Most likely cooking sequence Of course, you can (and should) swap dishes. For example a fish burger and a Hamburger if you need meat after the vegetable soup. Tomato soup and Pierogi if cheese is required. Do you remember that you have 8 minutes to lose them? This is how it looks: Tips for passing. The third level of fire is the most profitable to cook. The lowest fuel consumption with a slight slowdown in cooking. Cook over high heat to speed up critical meals. Swap out a couple of buckets of fertilizer from the pigs the first time you bring them salt. Keep the second salt for yourself. It will really be needed to "green" spoiled dishes. When you collect the second salt, put another salt rack, then you can take two servings of salt to the pigs at a time. Once you've prepared all the syrup you need, you can use it to pre-prepare food, but be careful with this. Buy additional pots to increase the size of your inventory. Master fast shifting and hotkeys. Use extra berries to catch rabbits. For red coins, first buy milk and a knife. Then more milk. Then a crab trap. I also wanted to write a sequence of actions for each character, but when I realized what kind of wall of text I was getting, I had to give it up. Maybe someday I will have the strength and time for this (if anyone needs it at all).
  2. A long time ago I already proposed this idea. And since nothing has changed, the developers did not consider it necessary. Regarding the idea itself: First. We don't have PvP, so it doesn't make sense to worry about the indestructibility of walls right now. In the end there is also a hammer. Second. As long as the statues remain indestructible, they will be better than the walls.
  3. ...as in uncompromising mod. Common spiders jump like in uncompromising mod. The nights are dangerous as in uncompromising mod. In the video, the theme "more danger - more reward" is brought up. It's just that Klei is telling us about the emergence of a hard mode.
  4. Another proposal to change Wes. - Good-natured. Cannot attack non-hostile mobs (pigs, butterflies, etc.). Can only hit those who are hostile. + Advanced balloonomancy. From his balloons, he can create containers / chests floating above the ground for transporting items. It works like a chester (four slots) - they move after those who have the end of the rope in their inventory. + - Impressible. Gains double the effect of all sanity-affecting auras and items.
  5. ...do you want forbidden knowledge for your cookbook? cookbook_prodcookbook
  6. If you brick yourself up and start shooting darts, the darts will get stuck in the wall. But after you break the wall, all the darts will hit the target at the same time. This allows you to kill a Glommer multiple times.
  7. I know about lag compensation. This is my server. The character is not discarded when moving, only when he is a goose (when the character is a beaver, he is also discarded, but much less often).
  8. Krampus was frozen when he jumped into his bag and almost disappeared. When he thawed, he became invulnerable and does not react to anything.
  9. Playing as Woody, I met a new bug. In the form of a goose, he began to be thrown back while running. Deadly when enemies are running after you. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt
  10. So do you have plans to transfer the mechanics from these events to the main game? The forge is funny, but it is about tactics and calculations (and not about the ability to quickly make decisions and use abilities on time), and after the optimal team composition is found, it is actually completed and ceases to be interesting. It is necessary to add dynamics and various modes. I like Gorge even more, there are more nuances and options for passing, but there is a very high threshold for entry. The team needs a plan and voice communication. With random players this is not possible to achieve. For almost two years, I could not find people to play Gorge. Maybe you should add the ability to play solo in these modes. Give the player the ability to manage the entire team, as in tactical games? And yet, if people cannot use paid characters during these events (many of them are suspiciously strong), this will be regarded as PtW. Maybe you should add weekly competitive tasks to the game? For example, each week a unique map will be generated (common for everyone) with a unique task (to collect as many specific resources as possible in the allotted time, defeat a specific boss, etc.). Who (single player or team, depending on the nomination) will cope with this better (faster or get more points) at the end of the week will receive a few spools. I hope you rework the mechanics of fire. In its current form, it gives rise to many abuses (especially the joint use of stars call staff and ice flingomatic). Can the walls finally cease to be decor, and fragile sculptures cease to be insurmountable walls?
  11. New short by ONI, let's see. Vomiting, farting, excrement on one’s head, and now urine asteroids ... The whole cosmos cannot give any other ideas for the story.