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  1. No eye laser, no ability to walk underwater, no armor absorbing the first 40 damage from each hit. Just an endless source of light, health and sanity.
  2. A spider carrier, please, like the Seed Pack-It, but for carrying spiders.
  3. ...as in uncompromising mod. Common spiders jump like in uncompromising mod. The nights are dangerous as in uncompromising mod. In the video, the theme "more danger - more reward" is brought up. It's just that Klei is telling us about the emergence of a hard mode.
  4. ...do you want forbidden knowledge for your cookbook? cookbook_prodcookbook
  5. If you brick yourself up and start shooting darts, the darts will get stuck in the wall. But after you break the wall, all the darts will hit the target at the same time. This allows you to kill a Glommer multiple times.
  6. I know about lag compensation. This is my server. The character is not discarded when moving, only when he is a goose (when the character is a beaver, he is also discarded, but much less often).
  7. Krampus was frozen when he jumped into his bag and almost disappeared. When he thawed, he became invulnerable and does not react to anything.
  8. Playing as Woody, I met a new bug. In the form of a goose, he began to be thrown back while running. Deadly when enemies are running after you. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt
  9. New short by ONI, let's see. Vomiting, farting, excrement on one’s head, and now urine asteroids ... The whole cosmos cannot give any other ideas for the story.