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  1. Is it possible to use ethanol as rocket fuel?
  2. Blur

    After he updated the video card drivers and replaced OpenGL v1 with v3.3, most of the objects in the game became blurry. Same thing with Dont Starve. There is no such problem with ONI and Invisible, Inc. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt
  3. I had the same situation. I did not immediately understand that under the tile of the high-voltage wire there was an ordinary wire.
  4. Is Warly a good character?

    Warly is a hard character (relative to other characters). Starting a game for him is problematic and pointless. To feed him, you will have to spend more products (and time) or look for a variety of food sources (this reduces the number of free inventory slots). Its unique dishes and spices require many farms to grow the appropriate ingredients. Warly cannot eat many good foods (mushrooms, seeds, jerky, Glommer's Goop, cacti ...) is a very inadequate restriction for survival. Warly has a large satiety loss, which is multiplied by a loss in the effectiveness of the repeated meals. As a result, a lot of time is wasted searching for food. He can cook goat horns, Nightmare Fuel and other similar things, but he cannot cook any mushroom dish. Nonsense. The benefits of Warly appear only in the late game - it will help to save weapons and medical supplies (when they already become in excess). He and Wormwood are two characters who are harder to play than Wes. In my opinion, Warly should be able to use all kinds of food. From seeds he could make porridge or grind them for seasoning. Warly is a character for a fan game and I liked playing for him, but he is not suitable for a serious game. I do not know what plans Klei has, but if they want all the characters to be equal, then they should strengthen Warly (or weaken the rest).
  5. Woodie Video

    For those who still want to see an interesting story about a beaver, an ax and chopping wood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6ZmMjMdrqs
  6. There is another way to entertain the veterans of this game. Just make a competitive mode where players on the same map will compete with each other. For example, who will collect more resources or gain more points in the allotted time. For this, it is not necessary to change the existing combat mechanics, this competition can be bloodless. If those for whom the game has become too easy compete with each other, then it will cease to be so easy, right? In addition, the collected statistics of such games will show which characters are REALLY effective, and which need strengthening.
  7. Woody before Update Update Woody after Update
  8. Photosynthesis during the day. The effect is similar from Siesta Lean-to.
  9. Better if he can use Farms as another source of health replenishment.
  10. Cooling.

    Plastic is not a problem.
  11. Cooling.

    Just destroy the superheated substance and the heat will disappear nowhere? More like using a bug. Okay, I use an electrolyzer to destroy water, but it will heat up by itself and in order not to create even more problems, you will have to use a gas pump and a gas filter (and a generator for all this). But they also give off heat. Will this whole structure consume more heat than it emits? "Oh I forgot...do u have an ice biome? Make radiant pipes inside the biome and insulated to your base, normal pipes inside the base...cools your water for at least 30 cycles" No, I examined half the map and did not find an ice biome. I noticed such a thing: it does not matter what temperature the water comes to irrigate the algae, the polluted water from them always has 30 degrees. Does the remaining heat simply disappear?
  12. Cooling.

    800 kg of refined metal and 200 plastic ... I have only two sources of water and both of them are cold steam geysers. I don’t even have cold water to cool molten metal. So, in the game there are no good ways to destroy heat (endothermic reactions for example)? My apologies.