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  1. I know about lag compensation. This is my server. The character is not discarded when moving, only when he is a goose (when the character is a beaver, he is also discarded, but much less often).
  2. I also need advice. Brawl mod. Beginning of the day, no one to hire. The game gives out such enemies: I replayed it several times, but still I die by 2, sometimes by 1 turn. What to do? I feel like a sheep in the slaughter.
  3. Krampus was frozen when he jumped into his bag and almost disappeared. When he thawed, he became invulnerable and does not react to anything.
  4. Playing as Woody, I met a new bug. In the form of a goose, he began to be thrown back while running. Deadly when enemies are running after you. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt
  5. "How would you make this game harder" Not perfect, but a very good attempt: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2039181790
  6. Two years after the first Gorge, the year after the release of the chef character who has the Gorge skin, the year in which the boss stone crab was added - like those crabs that were in the Gorge, Klei did not say that there would be no events this year ... Or we will get Gorge 2 this year, or Klei turned into trolls of the hundredth level (the bread in the second step says the same).
  7. 1) I am only interested in whether it is possible to teleport a boss (to the ground) with a staff? 2) In my opinion, Pickaxe against a STONE crab should be more effective than a spear or a shadow sword.
  8. The game already has ice / crystal skins for the ice box, cabinet, fishing rod, eyebrella. Can you add a skin to the boat kit?
  9. Instead, it is best that the installation of the raft ignores objects on the water (such as small animals and objects to be lifted). And if you put a raft on top of them, then the animals will sail / fly away, and objects will be pushed out from under the raft.
  10. So do you have plans to transfer the mechanics from these events to the main game? The forge is funny, but it is about tactics and calculations (and not about the ability to quickly make decisions and use abilities on time), and after the optimal team composition is found, it is actually completed and ceases to be interesting. It is necessary to add dynamics and various modes. I like Gorge even more, there are more nuances and options for passing, but there is a very high threshold for entry. The team needs a plan and voice communication. With random players this is not possible to achieve. For almost two years, I could not find people to play Gorge. Maybe you should add the ability to play solo in these modes. Give the player the ability to manage the entire team, as in tactical games? And yet, if people cannot use paid characters during these events (many of them are suspiciously strong), this will be regarded as PtW. Maybe you should add weekly competitive tasks to the game? For example, each week a unique map will be generated (common for everyone) with a unique task (to collect as many specific resources as possible in the allotted time, defeat a specific boss, etc.). Who (single player or team, depending on the nomination) will cope with this better (faster or get more points) at the end of the week will receive a few spools. I hope you rework the mechanics of fire. In its current form, it gives rise to many abuses (especially the joint use of stars call staff and ice flingomatic). Can the walls finally cease to be decor, and fragile sculptures cease to be insurmountable walls?
  11. New short by ONI, let's see. Vomiting, farting, excrement on one’s head, and now urine asteroids ... The whole cosmos cannot give any other ideas for the story.
  12. After he updated the video card drivers and replaced OpenGL v1 with v3.3, most of the objects in the game became blurry. Same thing with Dont Starve. There is no such problem with ONI and Invisible, Inc. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt