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  1. I do not speak English well, so ... Желаю Клеям в 2019 новых творческих успехов с Кухней (и не только с ней). Кто у вас заболел, пусть выздоравливает.
  2. Отключи моды и попробуй опять. У меня была схожая проблема из-за мода на доп. объекты на карте.
  3. What item you think is OP?

    Sleepytime Stories, Applied Horticulture.
  4. Non-Sales Fangs

    Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - Pig hunter offers to buy fangs, but they can not be sold
  5. Big bird

    Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - The big bird does not always drop its "bombs" as much as it can.
  6. Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - Ladybirds are so aggressive that they kill their own offspring.
  7. Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - If at the appearance of the shadows of bats, if you quit the game and re-enter, the shadows will disappear and no attack will follow.
  8. Glommer is missing

    Platform - Steam Mods - Health info, Lazy furnace. Issue title -When I went with glommer noticed that he had disappeared somewhere. His flower did not wilt. Jumping through the wormhole did not help pull the missing glommer. At full moon, а new glommer does not arrive. This has already happened once, there were no mods. client_log.txt
  9. Unable to get a doctor card.
  10. Left and right walls

    log.txt dontstarve_steam_222215_crash_2017_10_8T15_8_21C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_222215_crash_2017_10_15T16_28_53C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_246924_crash_2018_5_2T16_55_22C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_275657_crash_2018_7_4T8_55_58C0.mdmp DxDiag.txt
  11. Mole diver

    Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - The mole went underground to the drowned object and picked it up. If you kill a mole from it, this object will fall out, but it is not possible to pick it up - it is still counted as drowned, but you cannot catch it - the catch animation stops immediately.
  12. Moles

    Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - there are no moles in nature in Hamlet, but they can be obtained after a collapse in caves. In this case, you can start to breed in an infinite number of re-entering the game.
  13. Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - often the mechanisms are turned off, while some action is displayed (glow / treading / chewing).
  14. No reaction

    Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title - guards are ready to kill for the collected berries, but do not respond to the purchase of bushes.
  15. Eternal war

    Platform - Steam Mods - no Issue title -