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  1. Maxwell needs a rework. Woodie overtakes maxwell in recource gathering.
  2. So are you trying to receive the old worlds you lost? On your old laptop?
  3. Chester is one of the icons of DST. Chester is one of the mascots of DST, maybe one of the mascots of klei
  4. Please provide world download for us to download this dst world
  5. You know those minecraft mega minecraft modpacks? It would be cool if you could like make your own DST mega modpack with custom confirgurations and code and etc. You get what im saying. But yea klei should 100% add this to their game.
  6. Currently right now on pc its legit 100% possible and easy for me to give my dst world to another dst player. So like A dst PC player can transport world files to another dst PC player. Though im not sure if its possible for a PS5 player to transport a DST world file to a PC player. Can you see if you can acces you dst world by going into the files and sending it to other people for them to download?
  7. Yea I love this idea. It would add more replayability and a few other games do this. Im gonna compare to terraria again. Relogic added a new biome variant to the corruption called the crimson in the 1.2 update. Each biome are now completely different which is very epic. Each of those evil biomes in terraria have different bosses, enemies, items, music, crafting recipes and alot more. The binding of issac also does something like this where sometimes you can get the cellar floor or the basement floor, Or you can get the catacombs floor or caves floor. etc. Now if we put this into dst image a variant to the dedicoius biome called the stone keep. So instead of a lush forest you would have the chance to get a stony place with stony npcs and stuff. So instead of pigmen you would get rocky people. Where they drop rocks when they get killed instead of pigskin and stuff. And there would be a stone king that gives you rocks instead of gold when you feed him meat. And there would be trees that drop stone instead of wood. AND bam we have a completely new biome in the game which is a 50/50 variant to the dedicous biome and you could get either one. So a playthrough that is dedicous biome would be completely different from a playthrough that is stone keep biome. And they can bring this idea even farther and add variants to the caves, ruins, savannah, lunar biome, pearl, and a lot more places aswell. The possibilities are endless.
  8. You know on how some games go into your computer and reads out your windows name? What if wagstaff like said you windows name or steam name when you did something.
  9. I put it into melobytes melobytes.mp4