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  1. There is infact a pattern. Heres what I notice. The first person to join the server is a red color. Which is usaly the host or server admin. Then the 2nd player is yellow, the 3rd is purple, and the rest of the player colors arent random either. Its a certain pattern but I forgot the pattern order. Also if enough people join a server. The game will run out of player colors and will make all of them a grey color. In this screenshot you can see most of the colors are grey And I REALLY want someone to make a mod to allow you to asign someone a certain color. That would have so much potenial.
  2. Not mine. I found it really funny and decided to post it here.
  3. I made it just in time for page 666 Dont have much to say....
  4. You should make more of these. This is really good.
  5. Alright so Im confused on what yoy mean. Do you mean to like screenshot the entire world so you can see it? or something else?
  6. Fryfocals are a very powerful item and only require a red gem to create which can easily be obtained by using graves. The fryfocals deal 50 damage and he could easily kill winona and wx-78
  7. LoOk aT THIs EpiC SkIIiIIiIin I FoUNd But imagine if I accutaly could get this