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  1. Minor change based on his lore but I think Maxwell should has magic tab tier one open, the same way Wicker got on science tab. It will help new players access life giving amulet early, since Maxwell could easily die because of his low-health stat.
  2. I would choose between Wendy, Wigfrid, Woodie and Willow for hobo gameplay since they can deal with hound waves after day 50 alone, and efficiently, without using coward tatics like: log out or server/ log in cave or run across half of the map to find beefalo herds/tentacles ( it is not normadic life-style if you leave 10 red hounds or depths worms at cave entrances for other people to deals with in puplic servers)
  3. Stuff fish heads and Barnacle linguine for hunger, Surf and Turf for sanity/health. They are really good on ocean.
  4. Fashion melon Potato cup skin, upside down the potato cup and we have it.
  5. One of the minimum boat design to survive year-round: masts, wheel and anchor,a firepit to provides light and heat in winter, a crockpot, an icebox to keep food fresh and cool down thermal stones for summer, lightning conductor ( or lightning rod), fire pump or flingomatic to extinguish smolder or fire, some storages( chest and fishtinbin). Everything else is optional but other structures can aid you in your ocean travel. Rock shark is frequently raid the boat. It could deals up to 180 damage,so bring some armors. If you have a Wendy around, you should build a sisturn on boat, Sisturn produces an aura of +25sanity/min for everyone near by,as long as it decor with 4 petals ( the petals perish in 6 days). One of the best food to manage sanity and health is Surf and Turf and the ingridient for it is easy to get on the ocean. Uses bugnet to catch live moon moths form Lunar island, they can be planted to reproduce Lunar trees elsewhere. The moon moth can be used to adopt a Mothling at petden as well.
  6. Bernie protects everyone form nightmare monsters, meanwhile Abi watches Wendy solo terrorbreaks with 25% damage debuff. He is unique and irreplacable. Although they are not OP like Wendy and Abi, Willow and Bernie are pretty fun to play, so I think he is good enough.
  7. Isn’t that already exists in the game? The star/mooncaller does exactly the job. It is easy to get, and dwarf stars last about 3 days, a cheap alternative if you don’t want to kill toad.
  8. My friends and I sometimes go to random puplic servers and build one flingo bases as well Here are some of it: A moon "garden": "One for all" base : "No monsters allow" base: Special Winter Feast Moon kitchen :
  9. Shipwrecked also developed by another company: CAPY Games, The same reason why ReForge mod content can not be official, Klei cant just take stuffs form another devs for free and add to their game.
  10. Technically, tent and siesta lean to are already portable via boat.
  11. I believe he was using this client mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2114536684&searchtext=happy+cheating The mod helps you cancle animation attacks and reach double dps without switching weapon. As the modder said in the description, it belongs to the cheaty mod category.
  12. Sailing right now is safer than traveling on surface. there are no hound waves or seasonal boss raids to kill you, the only way you could lose your boat is pay no attention for the stats and surrounding whatsoever (aka AFK).
  13. How to deal with griefers 123 : (source: mildlyinsanefox)
  14. Wigfrid and Wortox- the immortal duo. Wigfrid is already tanky and she can provides cheap armor, Wortox has souls that could easy heal both. They are one of the cheapest and fastest boss killings/ruinrush duo. Wes + Maxwell. The best duo at speed-run dying.
  15. Keeping your sanity aboves 75% or playing step-on Wavey Jones head 15 times in one night is not hard nor fun, it's plain annoying. And if everyone just top up full sanity on boat, never experience Wavey Jones ( not even mention claw-shadow sea creature) then the feature seems like a waste.
  16. That is not how damage reduction works ... The video is cool though.
  17. I made a poll since beta to see people opinions about the matter, the most common reason why they don't want to change Wavey Jones because the concept is cool, which is an irony because the best way to deals with Wavey Jones is either just top off your sanity above 75% or go by a naked boat with just paddles and never spawn it in the first place. I would recommend you to several methods we are currently using to travel in the ocean: place a sisturn on your boat for everyone then get flower petals every 6 days, or bring taffy and spam cook sanity food such as surf and turf. Wavey Jones appears to be unfinished, it spawns even when player is on land, on top of structures therefore can not be step over to despawns and in light out world, it just seem to be not even exist ( would be huge trouble since he only despawns when the day comes).
  18. Make tent and siesta be able to repair by sewing kits and trusty tape: we can repair a rock, why not a tent. Adding Lunar blossom and flower pots to decorate. Boat kit and siesta lean to skin, they both frequently use items. Something similiar to winterfeast table but for showcase item: place an item on a table for everyone to see, decorate the base ( another way to flex boss kill item other than statues) and it would be a good way to introduce other players rare loots in game and it's uses.
  19. I checked the bug in dont starve single version, WX still takes damage form water, and in wiki the page, it said in dont starvet together version, Wx takes 0.05 to 0.5 damage if water level above 0, so it is probaly not a feature.
  20. Wetness doesnt damaged WX-78, and they only take damage form ranining.
  21. The current " World record solo speedrun Dragonfly" on Youtube is held by Joeshmocoolstuff, at 12:42 min ( but he doesnt called it a "world record" ), and I saw players who finished dragonfly day 2 in klei server as Wolfgang before too. In the video solo with Warly, not only it is a frequently used strat by most players ( wall dragonfly and panflute), Warly used none of his buff nor his special food, how does that prove the point Warly is better to solo bosses (in this case Dragonfly) than just Wilson?. He can only heal efficiently form honey poultice, healing salve, jelly beans (or tent), that is his penalty, not his perk, getting your hand on all of those and in large amount is extreme time consuming and even resources wasting when those can be utilize for better uses (imagine take all the paperus form wicker to heal for yourself) He does not come with all the tools necessary (his perks) for free, you have to grind for it, which is crucial point for new player want to try out: chilly, garlic flakes are hard to get during 1st autumn, and find salt early - for just healing, is a huge waste of precious time, consider Warly has to set up proper food sources and basing before winter. People already pointed it out, consider the time grinding, it is wasting more time to spam alternative healing tiems: You can get your hand on 20 pierogies in a few days easy, but how does one player get 20 honey poutlices, or 40 healing slaves in the first 15 days of autumn? And normal player has to heal of other events not just for some bossrushes. Those infomations seems to be bias and miss-leading, it was probaly made by an overly skilled player, to prove Warly is more viable than he already is. It isnt helpful to new player want to try out. Player has to consider Warly survival aspect first, before go to the boss fights aspect. He is good for sure, but he does not need to sound over-power, to be interesting.
  22. Do you have lag compensate on ? When I tested with lag com off, I can not reproduce the bug.