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  1. The thing is: resource starter is a solution to assist with the portal griefing problem. I have seen public servers when players actively dig all grass, twig, berry at the portal, cave, and sometimes the whole world just to block new players coming with the purpose of reserves slots for their group, so even if the blocking portal /tentacle has gone, players can just dig all grass and lets newcomers die of darkness. And yes, please 2 flints or a pickaxe, one is just sadistic.
  2. Pearl and boat bases are my favorite so far because we travel a lot on the ocean with boat camp: Pear/boat bases Boat camps Survival servers won't last for long so occasionally, we enjoy our time in random pup by building functional one-flingo bases for everyone. Fixed station base:
  3. The amount of bugs alone makes this update one of the worst and feels like loading screen simulation in dedicated servers. Please Klei, plays the game or open beta test servers - pretty sure people would gladly try the game out for you.
  4. These suggestions are mainly server side so the overall performance of server would be affected. Instead of portal clearing zone, changed the spawn location of newcomers - they can not spawn over objects or mobs and therefore will spawn outside of the dangerzone. Changes in kick timer won't be effective - griefer will log out of server before the vote finish.
  5. It happened before, bunch of players just add/kick whoever they did not agree with, or worse whoever hold a torch or hammer. The right way to use this mod is for cross reference since players in pup servers tend to make bad decisions based on clueless accusation.
  6. Solo AG legit is dull and boring to watch. It would be more engaging if they add the slam attack pattern as those Hippopotamooses did in Hamlet.
  7. Other than how mechanically broken it was (and people fight over nightvison for 6 pages) in dedicated servers, it costs one day - 8 mins wait for the next save to duplicated, while max inventory only 29. It might not be a huge problem for the one who abuse it, but for randoms joining, losing a whole game day for a stack of bacon and eggs dup is not fun (which prompt alot of people have complained). So far players mostly took advantaged of it to flex to newbies in puplic servers.
  8. Peolple talk like they only "use" bugs, exploited when the game is being unfaired to them . This was one of the Klei server when some gang abuse the hell out of this bug, my friend said this server had around 200~300 hounditus. It was bordeline griefing at the point due to just how many roll back they did every session of game.
  9. me trying to understand how giant crop works Even my thesis was easier
  10. Running through meteor field/ volcano eruption be like
  11. That one niewbie got merked by tentacle 3 second ago: