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  1. It could be defined by the intention of players to use command,or bug/feature . For example : Using camfire respawn, fast travel, character tweaks mods in host or mod dedicated servers to introduce the game, make it easier for new players,are not cheating nor cheese since it is beneficial all players experienced. Playing Wickerbottom to farm massive ammount of food, grasses ,twigs and reeds, getting early krampus sacks ,killing beequeen in 6 days - cheesy character. Picking only Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, Wx to abuse their perks, wrecked the world, then process to calling everyone else playing other characters useless - cheaty characters. Using Moosegoose, Voltgoat duplicated to create a spawn to prevent wild fire in summer, getting more herd in a bad worldgen - cheese Compare to abuse the same bug to create infinite Mooslings spawns in spring, create massive lag/death trap to anyother player in vanila dedicated server - cheating. and etc...
  2. I got Wickerbottom Halloween skin long ago It was such a pretty skin, till I found out the sleep animation and get jumpscare
  3. There is just one alchemy engine skin, and it is only available through daily drop ( steam market ), meanwhile manipulator has two skins that can buy or ravel. My friends want to upgrade the look of their bases, but the only way to get skin alchemy is asking someone else to build/use clean sweeper, it would be great if it is available through skin bundle since everyone needs to build the engines in the base or in the world to use.
  4. Game breaking bug, using just relog/rollback to duplicated any items that can pick in inventory
  5. Quickly killing mooslings and rollback/relog will create multiple duplicate of moosegoose spawn
  6. This post is just problem to play in puplic servers in general than the ruin rush itself, players hammer pig houses, destroy resources for their own need all the time, even for just solo a spider and it always considers a jerk/selfish move. Ruin rush in puplic servers is view as a must, because of two reasons First, by world gens sometime dedicated servers have no gears whatsoever that means for just one early icebox ,there are only two options : picking 100 tumble weeds which is tedious and boring to do or ruin rushing before winter. Second, in dedicated server, there are alot of griefers/ accidient causes by new players ( there is a chance fire hound spawn day 18 ). It is why experienced players build flingomatic early for their bases in surface or even cave, to protect bases form fire early is way less selffish and annoying than asking for rollback, which might delete all the progress of other players in one game day. All the rushes exist for a reason, ruin rush for icebox or ice flingomatic, lunar stonefruit rush for easy food/prevent griefer to burn stonefruit early , boss rush for the good loot, sharing method etc... People in my region sometime dont speak english ( or social awkward) at all, that doesnt mean they selfish to just join a FREE server and playing the way they want, without bothering anyone else .No one should dictates how other people playing, or enjoying the game by a rush in a puplic servers. As long as people helping/ non trolling or griefing, to me ,it is appriciated.
  7. Wow this is so thoughtfull, just enough for me to get new free walter skin in the future too, thanks alot for reminding !!!
  8. I cant join Catcoon server for some reasons, eventhough server still has one slot. My friend also tried it too, so it is not my game problem.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2114536684&searchtext=happy+cheating Players intall the mod will have double attack speed, make it faster to killing any mobs/bosses in the game.
  10. oops, my bad on this one, i did not think of it . You explained it much better, It is not that wendy and abi have more damage than wolfgang in the fight, wendy doesnt need to waste time to kill wovens hands so her damage in the same period of time seems higher.
  11. Abigail's AOE for killing woven shadows is not that good, actually, she works like a crappy weather pain mostly to me . It is the damage form her that is important, combine with Wendy damage they equal to Wolfgang to a single target . The only thing I think it might be a bug/glitch ( who knows the developers never clear about this, I thought the shadow creatures triggers spitters is freature for year, turn out it is a bug ) is when afw shiled is up Abigail might be able to stunt him, and block him form casting spell ( but also player/character can do this too if attacks him when shield is on). Personally, I think all of this method, is a mechanic for just Wendy to solo with AFW, because this is really unfair to her, if she fighting without Abigail with traditional gears, she is basically just a Wes solo with 150 hp, and to most people like my friend , the only way they can win is actually using cheesy methods.
  12. Glad you enjoy this .I originally made this run for one of my friend, who is playing wendy solo right now and struggle with the boss ( she refuses to change character or cheese). Sadly that my latop cant record anything like full run in 3 hours or it will explode, and to be honest ,I am not very good at boss rushes - I have to use some mods to help my terrible sense of direction, so it is probally someone else would have done it better with a full run. I just want to prove : in the solo fight, not just Wendy can compete with Wolfgang, also she wasnt fighting AFW that well with normal method : focus on killing all the woven shadows, dodging the attack , make abigail becomes meatshield, using weather pain etc... She uses other mechanisms which is different, fun and interesting ,atleast to me. Also, me too . When my friend told me, he could solo as wendy, at minimum cost and without most important gears like : beequeen hat, sanity food , weather pain ,at 1st I didnt even believe he can do it (not because he is nub ), as well as Abigail can last to the 1st phase of the fight . But then we tested multiple times and find out what is the best way/minimun resources we could use for the solo . Another thing you might want to know , before killing the last unseen hand, you should check Abigail hp/ potion timer, because right after you take down the boss shield she will take some hit damage and it would be game changing if she already low on heal.
  13. I do not know this is a bug or else but it doesnt feel right so i post it here. When you block/stunt Ancient Fuel Weaver, tele out side of the arena, and attack him form there, the boss will not enter phase 2, therefore taking damage form player until he is dead.
  14. The solo method comes form my friend Zausberkunst. I tried the boss rush to compare between Wendy and Wolfgang and here is the result. Wolfgang has huge advantages with speedboost for mapping and double damage for killing mobs, but Wendy doesnt need to find food all the time or fight shadow constantly, also she has a body guard to protect her form dangers or help attack them, so the time to prepare and navigate the map would be the same toward 2 characters. For fighting the shadow chess piece, Wolfgang is cleary better, he can dodge shadow rook level 3 attack with just road speed, magiluminescence and mighty form. Wendy requires a walking cane and road speed to able to solo it effectively. It is pure luck to get the walking cane in day 21 or before, but you can stall the shadow chess fight by just mining the knight and lure him around, waiting till you find the cane then mine and fight the rest ( Korean Waffle method). The main Ancient Fuel Weaver fight with Wendy is simple. You tank for Abigail, apply special cure all for her, she attacks Ancient Fuel Weaver and kills the woven shadows for you, tele out to kill the unseen hands as fast as possible then come back to attack/tanking, Repeat the fight till he is dead. The preparation : healing food and sanity food ,5 - 7 special cure alls ,3 - 5 crowns ,one thulecite club and one magiluminescence/nightmare amulet ( If you wish to fight without sanity food as the video you have to do the shadow bug to prevent shadow nightmare and terrorbreak to spawn). Take note that, Abigail needs to be rile up before the fight or else she will deaggro and Wendy should not stand at the same side as abi: both will take the damage, so Abi might die early.( Abi die = you lose, just tele out ) In my opinion, with this fight particulary , Wendy and Abigail are better ( I did the rush with Wolfgang before ), it doesnt require too much skills and Wendy is an easy character to play and master. And here is an extra cheesy method to kill Ancient Fuel Weaver early, with a secret op weapon ( found out when trolling with friend and Afw ) Someone saves the catcoon form wigfrid main pls I will whip you Wolfgang edition :
  15. This is my friend Zausberkrunst boat design. We use it to live in the ocean yearround ( with a visiter: water unicorn ). We called it peasant boat. and this is fancy boat design form my friend and I.