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  1. Perhaps, they all died during the afw fight and roll backed. Since it was in the cave, server takes longer to load, when the clock run out, the world regened - due to the roll back was possibly too late or they have a slow computer/latop. Or may be it is a bug (or mod problem), because there is another bug report in the same situation: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/dont-starve-together/world-regenerates-instead-of-rolling-back-r25572/ In this case, OP should grab the server log and report it in bug tracker.
  2. I actually saw it several times, I don't take screenshot cuz it was on Klei servers - why bother. They hit Moosling, causing rain in autumn, so definitely wasn't for prevent wild fire.
  3. I am glad the Moosegoose bug has been fixed, it was troublesome whenever players use it in dedicated servers. Other than lag, some people abuse it, causing rain year-round to kill new players joining after. I really hope if new features be added for prevent wild fire, it will be something else different than rainning. And so far, players can always turn off wild fire entirely, in world gen option.
  4. There are several widely used items that lack of attainable skin like: alchemy engine, thermal stone, siesta lean to and boat kit. I hope they add weavable 1st in the future, for everyone - twitch drop or Klei-point free skin are quiet nice, but then people follow the game after will be unable to get it.
  5. Pretty sure this is just nitpicking, even ol' Woodie portrait in single version (and dst) still has the same axe.
  6. Pig king also accepts monster meat jerky, egg, bat wing but does not take frog leg for some reason. Webber, Wurt and Wortox can be friend with maximum to 9 pigs/bunnies by using one man band.
  7. Perhaps, you could make 2 pig/bunny/merm houses around the berrie farm and build a small cage for the bait. Buzzard will peck the mobs when they landing for food and get killed before they can eat the powder.