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  1. I think I've lost it completely by now a few days ago I had suicidal thoughts because of all the pressure surrounding me, I still have terrible anorexia and now I started smelling roses out of nowhere.

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    2. OMGkawaiiAngel


      I just give up, I've had enough. I never even asked to be born and I have to pay for other people's mistakes I'm so done with this nonsense. I probably won't do it myself because I'm a coward and it'll probably happen sooner or later anyways because of the horrid conditions I'm living in. I was staring down from balcony thinking what I've got to lose and you know what? I have nothing to lose. And there is nothing positive in my miserable life. 

    3. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      why don't you eat something good and make yourself feel better?
      I've heart tacos are good!

    4. minespatch


      Try playing Dark Souls. That game really makes you focused.

  2. ban viber because 耳をすませば 見えない遠く 歌っている 声が聞こえる この街の中 あの声を出す 機械なんて 見えないないよ
  3. So now I'm going in! IMG_20220513_185748.thumb.jpg.acc3417eff52b938a908bff4c94afa0b.jpg

    1. minespatch
    2. OMGkawaiiAngel


      Yes the Ikea of greece! I've escaped

  4. Ban zee because you can use fake ones to cover the damage
  5. Ban AlcheLapte because he doesn't know the technique of the Hiryū Shōten Ha
  6. Cheer for me! I became the greatest master of Pokemon... again!


    1. OMGkawaiiAngel


      i haven't slept eaten or takken a bath in so many day si'm so tired

  7. That's it! I'll make you perish! I'm banning you from all of my future streams!
  8. Pause and type your answer first!
  9. He called out the disorder starting from the letter l in his previous post
  10. I also had to kill my friend viberr, he was a good guy.
  11. Oh wow! I won the food lottery! This is 3 strawberries in one!


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    2. OMGkawaiiAngel


      Someone ate it! Maybe it was me...

    3. minespatch


      Mutant berry?

    4. OMGkawaiiAngel


      Triple strawberry! 

  12. What? No it's not that I'm picky I can only afford the cheapest stuff to eat, fancy food is too expensive here.
  13. Oh you really mean it? Well your smash bros character pfp looks nice too.