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  1. You realise this game takes alot of work for each update. Like bruh for every item they add to the game they have to make 20 character qoutes to each item. Imagine how much work that takes. Its the problem with dont starve. Not the developers
  2. Alright im not even on the banlist, Im not a greifer, But I agree this mod is bad, Its controlig the klei servers and should be taken to klei to be fixed, An anti greif shouldnt be created by mod creators, It should be created by klei themselves. Also Keep in mind, Ive been watching all of these No greifer mod is bad forum post, Im just too lazy to reply to every single one of them.
  3. In my opinion This mod would be VERY and I mean VERY GOOD at defending 2,000+ day worlds with mega bases from greifers. Imagine all of that hard work getting burned down by greifers. Thats what the no greif mod is amazing for. Protecting big worlds like that, HOWEVER, Godamnit, it bans innocent, It would be amazing if it was server side only.
  4. This has been a problem for a big while now. This is something me and my dst friends have been talking about on discord. So yea this is a huge issue and this needs to be addressed
  5. Ive only gotton that setpeice when I used mods to increase setpeice generation
  6. Maxwell needs a rework. Woodie overtakes maxwell in recource gathering.
  7. Currently right now on pc its legit 100% possible and easy for me to give my dst world to another dst player. So like A dst PC player can transport world files to another dst PC player. Though im not sure if its possible for a PS5 player to transport a DST world file to a PC player. Can you see if you can acces you dst world by going into the files and sending it to other people for them to download?
  8. I put it into melobytes melobytes.mp4
  9. I dont get the joke. What is reused? Could you please explain.
  10. Not mine. I found it really funny and decided to post it here.
  11. I made it just in time for page 666 Dont have much to say....
  12. You should make more of these. This is really good.