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Your DST superpower

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The Arachnid Ruins Hoarder, master of clearing the ruins while keeping the key items from the ruins, and hardly using any of the items from said clears! Also Webber, because why not?

No seriously please help I have almost 4 chests of green gems and it’s only getting worse

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The Summer Fanatic.


Perks 'n' stuff
-Prefers hot climate, hates and is vulnerable to the contrary
-Is happy during full moons, but fears the darkness otherwise
-Physically weak

Don't ask. Maybe you can ask why.

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Princess Winterspring Summerfall, Bringer and Teller of Storms.

Reason:  I use randomised seasons all the time and have gotten to where I just naturally always notice things like the leaves changing, the lighting of the screen getting subtly different, my character sweating at a campfire when they shouldn't be, etc. So I figured my title should be something to do with that. It's the closest thing to a "specialty" I have in this game.  : P



I was gonna use something a lot more elegant/subtle made out of various languages for weather/seasons, but this is how Google decided to act today:

ME: "How to say weather in different languages".
GOOGLE:  "Okay, here is how you say the actual word itself 'weather' in different languages." 

ME:  "No, different weather CONDITIONS in different languages." 
GOOGLE:  "Here is how you say the phrase 'weather conditions' in various languages."/"Here is a website with lists of weather words in other languages, but _which one means WHAT we won't friggn' tell you_." 

Okay, FINE.  _Seasons_ in different languages and if you show me seasonINGS I swear I'll boot your CPU straight into the Sun. 
Nope, most of those are too close to English or in languages I know _nothing_ about so if I try to put them together I might say something stupid by accident.  Also if I call myself "Primavera" it sounds like I'm talking about a pasta dish.

Okay FINE different _seperate_ weather words and I'll look up every single last damn one, in different languages, starting with rai--

You know, this is boring and taking too long.  All I wanted was nice lists of words, like "Here is how you say "winter" "summer" "fall" "spring" "hot" "cold" "rainy" "rain" "windy" "wind" "storm" "clouds" "cloudy" "sunny" in French. Here is how you say all the above in Spanish.  German.  Japanese. Greek.  Latin.  Klingon and Simlish even, but noooo, you had to go and be super literal and make me break down things exactly word by word, Google. 

(Beep) it. I'm going with "Princess Winterspring Summerfall", even though it's the stereotyped name of an "Indian" (meaning actually Native American) character in an old TV show that I've never actually watched (and it turns out I got it wrong anyway).  I give up.


All of the above had nothing to do with anything; I just felt like sharing how Google pissed me off.  : P


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