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  1. Uh, have you seen my fan fictions? It was confirmed some time ago.
  2. Wendy isn't getting a log either lol. And its a song called last resort by papa roach.
  4. I didn't think about that honestly... Let's make it so Wormwood instantly dies then since everyone is being a hater toward Wormy. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT. THEY WANT TO RIP MY HEART OUT. WELL YOU CAN HAVE IT. KILL ME OH MERCIFUL LORD FOR YOU HAVE NO PITY FOR THE WEAK.
  5. But reworks are dummy thicc and the clap of their cheeks keeps alerting me.
  6. Never. You might want to watch your food closely for splinters from now on, friend.
  7. I've had this suggestion brewing in my mind for quite a while and perhaps now is the best time to unveil it. Something that is always mesmerizing to me is the Wormwood origin short. In this short Wormwood's gem is wrapped by what appears to be a native hamlet jungle root. This root is the source of Wormwoods natural appearance, the twists, the dark green color, etc. I've wondered what if Wormwood was to tap into that adaptive potential and do more with it? What if he was to allow his gem to absorb the genome of a fruit and then make more available that particular kind of fruit from himself. Perhaps Wickerbottom can help as she did Woodie. How would this work? Wormwood would obtain a fig for example and place it in his gem. Then his ability to chop off a living log would be replaced with the ability to chop off a fig. This is the best way I can think of balancing it and perhaps rarer ingredients will demand more hp (to avoid an hp loop). Given Wormwood has a very large arrange of skins I think a good way to implement it is to change the color of his dominant "flower". A fig would make his mushroom skin have a purple tint at the top of the mushroom, a purple tint on his rose for rosette, etc. Going nack to normal would simply require him to absorb a living log now that they're renewable naturally. Now I don't want to lock resources and the ease of obtaining them behind one character, so more alternatives should still be added (especially for figs). This would simply give Wormwood a unique way to support both himself and his team that isn't farming. Should more natural resources be added to the game that have non-food uses such as fig jam, this could be a wonderful way to boost Wormwood while also strengthening his ties with nature (which have been severely lacking).
  8. Would be nice if the healing for tree jam was higher too since it uses a gloomer goop. I thought it was a good alternative until that part... that's pretty expensive for a worse wrap. How many logs do you get per the above Joe tree?
  9. Wow that sounds good! Sounds like an alternative to compost wrap already! I'm too lazy to gather nitre and just pick up what I get naturally in earth quakes... How do you gather the sap and can the tree be moved and harvest in other locations? Does it stack with jelly beans or compost wrap?
  10. What's a fig pudding? I didn't even know what a fig was until recently lol. Maybe if someone can tell me what a fig is in spanish?
  11. I'm not too versed on this item as I'm on console but if they replaced, this for the nitre requirement in compost wrap would that be good? Maybe not a replacement but an alternate recipe?
  12. I don't know why you're bring up so much stuff doesn't even have to do with sea skitters man. (Or spiders in general) Have a nice day. Edit: Sorry I didn't share responsibility as I was doing it too. We get off track a lot lol
  13. No, that's not how it works. Any meat you take from above ground has a good chance of spoiling before you find the labyrinth early game. Just stand behind a pillar and kill the guardian. Not sure why you're also dismissing my alternatives that require 0 meat investment? Just kite it. Not sure if you're skimming what I'm writing but I said they need it less, not that other characters need it. Essentially, it is less practical for Webber to seek it out when nurses and spitters can substitute the power of ruins gear. That is something I consider in my own personal games which is why I mentioned it. You're only making that point now, you did not mention "casual players" until now. I would recommend "casual players" to use the trap method if they don't know about it. Seems every time we have a conversation you bring up the "poor clueless new players" to back up your claims. Not sure why, I guess you think it somehow makes you seem more correct when you propose methods that have shortcuts. Irrelevant. We're talking about how efficient different spiders can be don't use new players as a scape goat. Lmao They can't be healed when they leave the boat. This needs to be considered before they leave beta.