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  1. Ah yes the: Hello guys. Today. We will be. Seeing a guide. On the. Top ten. Characters. *Proceeds to lengthen video to half an hour to add as many ads as humanly possible*
  2. I think that rather than increase the slots for chests, it would be great if they increased the stack size (99 for grass/twigs/rocks etc). That gives each slot more value per slot rather than more value per chest. I tend to have specialized chest for "minerals", twigs, grass, etc so to me the number of slots per chest is already good enough. This also means the inventory UI for chests remains small and compact, so you can still see what's going on around you.
  3. Good thing there isn't a hat in the game that restores enough Sanity to offset the natural sanity loss of the day/night cycle.
  4. I don't know man, if you like a skin like that...maybe you deserve a little punishment? Got Wigfrid looking like she's got a toupee.
  5. When a mommy saladmander and a daddy saladmander love each other very much...
  6. Most likely using real world examples; such as designs, themes, material, etc.
  7. I'd like more insanity monsters, there's only ever two. Could be a nice change of pace.
  8. Wormwood "Hi, friend!" Olimar *Whistles* Wormwood "Friend?" Olimar *Whistling intensifies* Wormwood "Maybe friend wants a hug?" *Proceeds to hug Olimar with the bramble husk on. Olimar *Panics as suit is riddled with holes* Also, Olimar *Dead*
  9. I still think there can be improvement in farming nightmares. I'm not having trouble obtaining it, but obtaining a lot of it in a short amount of time.
  10. They swam me. It's about the rate considering I have to take it off sometimes and lose time. Also I try to keep only crawling terrors around and max out the spawn but they tend to drop 1. Wormwood has a natural damage multiplier so it's not like things can go faster. A minute may be a bit of an exaggeration now that I consider it. All I know it takes a long time for only a small amount of NF.