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  1. Sorry, I think Wurt is a B tier character. I don't mean any disrespect and perhaps you change my perspective on the character. Maxwell has an insane headstart over Wurt. He can chop enough trees to last him all year by the time Wurt has found the swamp and built her merm houses, if she is unlucky she might not even have enough seeds at the start. These things alone can take a significant amount of time. Wurt should actually hire wild merms and immediately take them to nearby forestry if she wishes to compete with Maxwell. She does however need to sacrifice time. From the very beginning Wurt is severely gimped with hardly any perks to call her own for the initial search everything is in the swamp. The bulk of it all comes from her interaction with merms and if she is unlucky she could end up finding the swamp until day 3 or longer. What's worse is that Maxwell hasn't even been reworked yet and she struggles to compete with an unpolished Character. A lot can be decided in 5 days. Though I agree Maxwell ends up losing in the long run because having tons wood can only take you so far in the early game. A good Maxwell is probably down in the ruins anyways using shadow duelist to kite bishops. Depending on how much wood you need Maxwell may already be done by the time he starts to get outpaced by Wurt. This means very little. With how food work in the game. Wigfrids life steal ends up probably giving her an enormous edge over Wurt. Food is probably the most common commodity in the entire game. This is a good thing actually. Its better for farming nightmare fuel. The king, in my opinion, is the worst part about Wurt. His stat upgrades are not too meaningful and he needs to be set up twice. I hate that Wurts merms function around the king and not Wurt herself, its a bizarre design choice. She beats Mawell for sure... Not that its saying much because he hasn't been reworked yet. Maxwell is only a great gatherer at the moment. Cold isn't exactly a threat.. All you need is a thermal stone, a suncaller staff and decent planing skills to never have to worry about the cold again. These can all be obtained in the first Autumn. Its nice, but only nice really. Everyone can ignore summer by going underground where there is more to do. As wurt I never saw the reason to be wet early spring. Though in a multiplayer setting you are correct she is a plus for that. Although rain hats and umbrellas arent exactly hard to come by. I never try to be wet because his tools still slip. Luckily the eyebrella takes care of the whole season easily. I think this is an underrated perk of hers for sure. Long term though a rider beef beats her which anyone can have. Completely agree. In the early game it comes in handy for deerclops if you didnt get a cane in time. That is pretty cool. Unfortunately, no. Bunnymen have better dps than merms and their kiting does not work in their advantage. The pro of mermguards is that they are cheeper and have better longevity in lower numbers. Womwood has the best sanity management in the game and all he has to do is pick it up off the floor. While wurt may gain it faster she cannot do so on her own. Wormwood can also move his sanity up and down at will and by very deliberate amounts. She has more downsides than that: 1. Merm king trades are rng 2. Her merms are very susceptible to aoe attacks. 3. Her merms have a severe lack of animations and poor a.i. 4. The Merm king has to be set-up both aboveground and below 5. She has no real synergy with her merms only being allowed to befriend them. She actually loses a bit of loyalty when the merm king is up. 6. She has to work around the things she builds rather than the other way around. 7. She is forced to interact with the ocean. Perhaps even wasting her early wood for a ship if there is not enough kelp around the shore (not to mention waste time exploring the whole World's shore) With multiplayer balance is thrown out the window. These are dicey for any character. Leaky shack are very strong for her early game. I think she is B tier for a few more reasons: 1. The first main logger everyone has access to his deerclops not bearger. Deerclops always get me enough wood for my first few chests in a single day. Pig houses are a one shop stop of armor, weapons, planks, slabs and food. 2. Wurt is tied early game to the swamp and its structures. She needs a lot of set up time to do what Wendy can do in one Season (kill beequeen and dragonfly). Unless your into Megabasing wood is only going to get you so far. 3. Wurts perks need maintenance. A merm king, followers, and to build up numbers. while to most characters their perks are given to them for free from the start. 4. When it comes to bosses with aoe's she is Wilson. Every character is S in the late game because catapults/bunnymen/cheesestrats/bone armor/etc Yup, ×1.0 damage multiplier. Willow has bernie from the get go. Wormwood has his on demand speed and easy to make darkswords. Woody has waremoose, possible early glasscutter amd darkswords Winona has catapults Wicker has on tentacle (They have flaws though) Wortox can up his dps by teleporting Wx-78 is iffy he has to work hard for that 50% speed and it not reliable to get consistently throughout the year. Wurt can only compare to Maxwell, Wes, Webber, Wilson, and to some degree Walter Her utility is very limited to chopping and mining both which become completely irrelevant in the late game thanks to bearger and the forest walker.
  2. I can already imagine the multitude of uses I could get out of pairing up a bramble "crown" with a marble suit. Pairing bramble husks with thelucite crowns or football helmets is either not a good use of resources (crowns aren't as plentiful where I can throw dozens at multiple bosses) or risky. I think I could finally kill a hoard of shadow spelunkys without dying! Maybe even tank bee queen?
  3. I would consider them more cost effective but not necessarily a better weapon. I suppose characters with increased damage modifiers might get some use out of them as such, but as a Wormwood main I think I'll pass. Thanks for the info though.
  4. A silly plant? I resent that! I love how this thread got completely derailed so Ill add fuel to the fire. Its an intended, unintended mechanic, aka an oversight... possibly... 1. Anenemies doing damage offscreen? Intended. 2. Volgoats dying offscreen? Intended. 3. Warly passively getting Chaud Froid infinitely? Eh... An oversight? Maybe? Just like a certain goth girl getting 54% damage increase on a cow... But we don't talk about that...
  5. No one is going to give you a free code and I imagine this gonna get locked real soon. Sorry about your country but Id try doing some work for relatives and/or neighbors. Let them know you can help them out with anything around their home for bit of cash. If you're young enough try asking grandma or grandpa. When I was very poor living in Mexico I ran errands for anyone who was willing (even just for a dollar/ 10 pesos back then).
  6. They fall on the floor I assume. His beard is just so iconic. I hope Klei does more with it.
  7. I like it! Sure letting someone make the last hit is doable, but is that a reason not to make it simpler? The few time I played in pubs (like twice lol) I never felt the need to help with someones insanity problem because I never gained anything from it. Now, when I see people streaming with friends I happen to see a similar issue. Usually an insane player has already been fighting a couple of nightmares off screen and come to a buddy for help. The insane player doesn't communicate how many hits they have given each night mare, what level of freshness there hambat is, etc. No one has time to communicate all of that and/or no one bothers too. No, usually what happens is you help your buddy out, accidently kill his nightmares, and then they repeat the process a few moment later off screen. And they just proceed to ignore their friends and/or laugh at them (unless they're close to death. Sometimes even then. You just hear "oh, I died"). We cant just assume every player out there plays the way we do and count in their heads the way we do.
  8. Delinquent Demolisher, Bippity Boppity your house is now my property.
  9. I just thought if we could "shape" his beard look like they can have whiskers that can be little hands/ hold stuff. Just look at this truly dapper beard. His beard is already comically the size of his body in the game. Maybe he can just stick stuff in it, like when you save food crumbs in your beard for later lmao. I think with wes' rework we follow the pattern that a characters establish perks can be polished a bit more.
  10. If you're talking about my idea, yeah its goofy, haha. I find Wilson is a goofy character what with him being a failed scientists and all. I do wish the was a way to "fix" his beard which just looks like a hobo beard. Also, remember that his hair is "magic" as it has the same properties as "other" beard hair; not to mention how fast it grows.
  11. Ha! Nobody likes Wurt, good she- Wait! Why is Wormwood so low? What's wrong with people?! I guess you have to separate yourself from the common rabble to have refined tastes.
  12. It would alway be percentage based because insanity is afflicted by a percentage based on max sanity.
  13. Oh! I've had a similar idea involving a volcano spewing molten magma and cooling on the ocean forming walkable land. Summer is a bit unimpressive at the moment at I got my idea from the "ash" islands in shipwrecked. You know, the ones with a bunch of burnt trees and scorched rocky turf. Since it dissipates at the end of summer any structures you place to make the season more bearable will need to be placed again every summer. Not to mention boats will need to be smoldering proof. The volcano itself can be out of view and the land can be built by its meteors of lava. Could be a neat way to introduce obsidian to dst or minable gems. It can introduce giant bat enemies, molten lava monsters, and the occasional pirate monkey lol. Just overall very late game stuff.
  14. Ive wanted the kraken to be brought over from shipwrecked only because the drill and ram would be amazing to have. Still this is disease all over again with a tedious addition needing a tedious solution/maintenance. But! If they could manage to isolate it all to ONE part of the land's ocean that may work. A polar north to keep it from cluttering the ocean.
  15. I think ice bergs would create this problem and make seafaring more tedious. Having to destroy icebergs that get in the way and regenerate every winter. If its anything like on land then they wont go away immediately and preserver throughout spring. Besides getting ice on land is a lot easier if you need it for fling'os or as filler.