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  1. Characters that are low on sanity or completely insane have an appropriate idle animation. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an idle animation for when they're low on health? It doesn't make much sense for a character to look perfectly fine when they are on their last health point. There is a great mod that adds this, but I would love to see it in vanilla. Link to mod:
  2. The Klei DST forums, getting together to make fun of a child. This is middle school all over again!
  3. Her character isn't vanilla Wendy, it's custom made.
  4. We already have this! It's called Wilba!
  5. Man, I did NOT ask to be called out that bad!
  6. What is your steam username? I could join if I happen to be awake when you're playing.
  7. I was looking for this thread! I love Wanda so much!
  8. The original look is great! I do love Tinkersmith though.
  9. When examining a dead Wigfrid, Wanda implies that she yodels. Way to piss off an opera singer!
  10. I never made that (mental) connection! Though I noticed that "group of characters and their stage performer Viking friend" is a good trope indeed.
  11. This is super impressive! I love the animation, the character design, everything! How many people worked on this?
  12. Whoever made this has a bit too much time on their hands, I think!
  13. It looks great! I hope the watches on your head aren't too heavy.