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  1. Ban ZeeDragon because damn I wasn't here for a while.
  2. Ban Blue Moth for having a problem with people making accusations.
  3. Ban ZeeDragon for getting in middle of our ban-versation.
  4. Ban Blue Moth for even thinking that questioning someone is worthy of ban.
  5. Ban TheHollowKnight because I wasn't too so it doesn't makes any sense to ban me for that and not ban you.
  6. Ban Charlie Dark because of thought that it could hurt me.
  7. Ban Blue Moth because you, Charlie Dark and WeeWyvern made full page of bans in less than 24 hours. Guys you left me out when I was sleeping!
  8. Ban Blue Moth for even thinking their signature can be boring.
  9. Ban Pinegrove because it doesn't have anything that's related to me in this matter.
  10. Ban Pinegrove because I hate pinecones and Pinegrove nick makes me think about them.
  11. Don't Starve: Reign of Giants 2 last release date numbers