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  1. Ban Blue Moth because I am not even playing God, just saying to ban everyone. God is omnipotent, banning everyone isn't sign of omnipotence.
  2. How about ban everyone because I don't know what to say?
  3. The Doom of Moleworms and all kind of underground pests.
  4. Ban Blue Moth because I didn't think that I could go uninterrupted. I didn't even think of interrupting.
  5. Ban Blue Moth because you interrupted my ban-chat with Articestone.
  6. Ban Articestone because being reasonable is one of my basic rights :>
  7. Ban Articestone because it looking at you isn't valid reason for ban. Like seriously, my brother punched me back then for staring at him and broke my glasses!
  8. Ban Articestone because it's not judging you, it's looking at you.
  9. Ban ZeeDragon cuz I just jumped back and decided that you shall be banned.
  10. Ban ZeeDragon because damn I wasn't here for a while.
  11. Ban Blue Moth for having a problem with people making accusations.
  12. Ban ZeeDragon for getting in middle of our ban-versation.