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  1. "Glommers Goop" as far as we know it could just be some saliva or some substance that is similar to a cat's hairball either that or he feeds off of lunar energy or it drains your life when youre near it
  2. ah yes, toothed anuses, the most useful perk to evolve
  3. if i remember correctly, an overcrowding tag was added to avoid crops from growing giant if you did this
  4. its understandable, but ihe faster chopping effect were obtained via salt, no one would use it and warly would overall be less efficient, as not many people enjoy gathering salt Also, if looking for realism gold tools (and many other stuff) would have to be changed, since as mentioned by many characters already, gold is pretty bland (if maxwell was the one that created tool tiers he probably failed a couple classes while in school)
  5. if they dont port steamed hams from hamlet soon, they sure as heck are losin a p r o g a m e r
  6. if the grumble bees have no direct access to the queen or get too far from her, they will start flying through walls, no matter what
  7. I hope the guy who wanted to do something on page 666 gets to do something on page 700
  8. one of my favorites quotes from wurt (its a quote from Uncompromising Mode mod, "told" when she eats beefalo wings and gets a knockback resistance, which she cannot get for her veganism)
  9. you have found the way out of the constant or at least we can rescue woby
  10. Im not sure about this since im from South America, but doesnt summer start around this time in North America? Would that mean that the new RoT update could come out with the Summer solstice event, since its (has to be) summer themed. Like with Forgotten Knowledge coming out with the halloween event
  11. mostly i used to dream about the fights against bosses with my friends or random people, but in a *poop*post way
  12. There this thing you can do on web sites, with is pressing the middle button and it automatically scrolls down or up, I think he meant that to be added to the crafting tabs Also, in general the survival tab should be reorganized, the backpacks, tents and thermal stone should definitively be higher than water balloons, compasses and flares
  13. so, do the survivors just have toothpaste lying around their base or what Also, to add to this thread, a bee pun
  14. I reckon a black outline to the white outline would look a bit better on a separate note: can colorblind people differentiate between gloden and flint tools?
  15. I like the idea but I dont like the implication of tactical torture
  16. As it can be seen in the picture, the salt boxs' skins and ice boxs' skins are on the same line, but they are slighty offset from the center, the salt boxes are a bit too up and the ice boxes are a bit too down, these objects usually go together in kitchens and it makes them look a bit weird Could this (and other cases of structures not being centered) be fixed?
  17. Well, we've already seen whats after the atrium, so unless it sends you to a dimension picked at random and the survivors were randomly sent back after the gorge, you can assume that there could be a ring of dimensions like in Phineas & Ferb across the 2nd dimension and Mumsy just set up the key to take the survivors to the constant, and now they have to find a way to use the portal in the archives to move on to another "realm" if thats not what you meant with your question then, lol idk (also what if it is kind of a time machine and the survivors can rearrange it to go back in time)
  18. that would explain why she seemed so sad about losing the doll, maybe it was a gift from her mom
  19. Correct me if im wrong, but aren't you unable to feed others meals that may harm the eatee
  20. Honestly, like a quarter of my played time is just me leavin dst on overnight to get the weekly skins when I couldn't play that much