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  1. I don't know the answer to your question but I do think that island looks pretty.
  2. Just let him patiently wait for Klei, there's no use arguing with him and his mysterious mod which is definitely real and he could upload at any time but he won't because Klei hasn't told him to. Or, in JoeW terms, can we get back on topic please?
  3. He is a robot and therefore has no soul. Automaton means robot. When he woke up he was alone and tried mimicking animal behavior, but he kept scaring them away instead. He's too young to comprehend the danger he's in until he feels it and his illusion is shattered.
  4. The forms are incredibly cheap and very useful in many situations. Giving them the ability to wear amulets and use his inventory would dumb the character down a lot and just want him to use the forms for everything.
  5. The first person who's name started with W. He thought he was special, but when he saw someone else with a name starting with W he got so mad he made an entire realm to trap them in. I know this because I snuck into Klei's headquarters and read a book with a label marker on it saying "SECRET LORE, DO NOT LEAK".
  6. Every time there's a discussion about body slot items people say head slot items are better so body slot sucks. Head slot items are so good that apparently you don't want to actually be able to wear them since you're forcing so many different things to need to be on your head. Other than the fact that body clothes stack with head clothes (since just a stone or 1 piece of clothing is pretty short) body clothes let you wear a tam, the cheapest armor in the game, two different light sources, and various other hats. When body and hats are identical (if not having body be superior) why would the hats need to be nerfed?
  7. There is no reason to "reward" group play. The game is not doing that and no one is asking for that. The fights are (somewhat) balanced around multiple people because it's intended for there to be multiple people and you can have much more interesting and engaging fights that way. P.s. lol single player game is "dead".
  8. Torches already burn out super fast in the rain. Agree with palm trees being in the oasis though.
  9. If you want to. It would make it so the only time you need to move a replacement item over is when an ice staff or weather pain breaks. It would be slightly easier but not by much.
  10. Wurt is very violent, look at her quotes related to pigs and her short. She can't eat meat because she isn't a human and can't digest it. I do.
  11. Everyone always calls the skin mediocre and ugly but also Klei let me have it lol
  12. The only thing in this screenshot that isn't in DST is the floaty boaty knight, since DST has normal clockworks. DST already has rocks, seaweed, and fish.
  13. Wants people to think he's smart enough to make a Shipwrecked port by himself better than what a full team of people have been able to do.
  14. Servers crash sometimes, often from players doing it on purpose.