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  1. A couple of foods do, but I don't think they can overheat you on their own.
  2. That is incorrect, beards do not overheat you. To overheat on day 10 you either need to set it to a summer start (although you'd overheat before day 10) or have external things in the environment heat you up. The only likely culprit is fire nettles, because off the top of my head the only other way to overheat on day 10 is to do something like stack multiple firepits or dwarf stars, which someone would not be confused about why that's overheating them, it's very intentional at that point.
  3. This thread has a lot of replies about why garbage removal items are a bad idea, and various ways to dispose of items currently.
  4. Breezy vest & cat cap are some of the few items I'll actually say are pretty suck and not really worth making. I would be completely in support of buffing both of them to 120 insulation. I don't think it needs to cost 4 tails again even if it got buffed to 120 insulation. Both the cat cap and winter hat require 4 silk to craft, the difference is that one requires you to kill ~3 catcoons and the other requires you to either shave & kill 1 beefalo, or shave or kill 2 (with an extra 2/3 of a hat worth of materials). Both are about the same difficulty to acquire, but one has double the insulation of the other one. That would make the cat cap a sanity hat instead of an insulation hat, but it's already 4 silk so for only 2 more silk you could just make a top hat with the same sanity restoration without needing to use the much harder to obtain catcoon tails. So it's a roleplay hat with little if any actual merit to craft.
  5. They might also just be joking. I usually don't say hello to people who join servers I'm on, my preferred greeting is "Is that the real <username>?". Maybe they're doing something similar.
  6. No, you are seeing this request on the forum all the time, because you are the one requesting it. You requested it 1 hour ago, someone else requested it 21 hours ago, you requested it on the 21st, someone else requested it on the 17th, someone else requested it on the 9th, no one else requested it for the rest of the month, no one requested it at all in January, one person requested it on December 12th, no one requested it in November, no one requested it in October, no one requested it in September, one person requested it in August, no one requested it in July... I'm getting results dating all the way back to 2015 and I'm not seeing any more people asking for Geometric Placement. So over the course of 6 years it got requested 6 times.
  7. I think any structure works, like a firepit. I think a statue might work but I also think meteors only occur if there's a player nearby so you can just not go over there.
  8. A lot of people do, it doesn't restrict you like the thermal stones do. The only way thermal stones can be anywhere near as good as a Chilled Amulet is if you have Snow Chester, which assumes you made Snow Chester, you're the only person on the server, Chester doesn't die, and you're fine with his annoying hopping noises. Needing to run around with 1 inventory slot for a chilled amulet = very bad, useless, worthless, terrible, and not viable. Needing to run around with 2 stacks of items that you keep burning through = very good, amazing, top tier, super viable. And saying the Chilled Amulet sucks because the Luxury Fan can do its job better is like saying the Football Helmet sucks because Bone Armor can do its job better. All you need for a Chilled Amulet is a single blue gem, which you probably have tons of, and it'll last you at least one summer if not multiple. No it doesn't lol. I never see anyone craft tons of good stuff, most people just stick with spears, log armor or football helmets, torches or maybe lanterns and never go any better than that. Most people probably don't even know it exists because they don't know anything outside of the top few items of each of the basic tabs exist. And what a coincidence, two items I never see anyone make are endo fires & luxury fans... Looks like those aren't viable! I think you're making these comments because you didn't know it cooled the player down and thought this bad functionality was all it had, and you're refusing to admit you didn't know something.
  9. Just because something isn't mod-tier overpowered doesn't mean it's not very useful... You even list the magi, one of the most powerful items in the game, as needing to be buffed. The Chilled Amulet, just like everything else listed here, is very good. You can go a long time without overheating if you have any protection like the eyebrella or floral shirt, then when you're about to overheat just wear the amulet for a moment and swap back to the resistant item.
  10. Witchcraft & voodoo. Looks cool but I don't see anything that stops Wortox from leaving.