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  1. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, Distinguisheds & Spiffies have always been around the price they are now. I looked at the wrong bundle, my bad. But the magmatic bundle is still taxed (CM purchases aren't*) so it's $21.34 to get 18,330 spools where $21.34 could get you ~32,010 spools with Distinguisheds, making it 1.75x as efficient.
  2. That's for console players. Steam players have access to Distinguisheds from the Community Market which is 2.63x as efficient.
  3. Why do people keep suggesting random cooking reworks when there's nothing wrong with how cooking currently works? Farming got a rework because it sucked and was pretty pointless. The crock pot is one of the strongest items in the game. Also, you are suggesting the opposite of what you say you are. You say you want a "minigame" that rewards you for learning how to do it. You propose a system that undermines the current "minigame" of learning recipes and how to efficiently make them, and replace it with a system where just mindlessly throwing crap in without thought rewards you because it scales up based on how wasteful you are.
  4. Distinguished gives about 14.3 spools per cent while the current lowest price elegant only gives 9.7. You can also consistently buy a lot of distinguisheds instead of only one then immediately going down to 8.8 and below.
  5. I don't know exactly how much damage the fire staff deals, but I just tested it against a hound and it took a whopping five hits to kill it. That would put the damage per use at somewhere between 30 and 37. About as much as one spear swing. Not terrible considering how safe it is to hit her with it and damage is damage, but not particularly amazing. Rstaff is good utility in some situations, but I think bstaff is good utility in a lot more. Rstaff has soft CC, minor damage, and is potentially very destructive, while bstaff has hard CC that breaks on damage received, no damage (allowing it to pull things safely and do some funny stuff), and no potential for being destructive. Rstaff can be useful for toadstool fight, but it's definitely the bargain bin version of other things. Moon glass axes and weather pains are far superior, but the rstaff can safely burn every single tree at once regardless of whether or not they're currently obscured by smoke. It doesn't burn particularly quickly and it creates smoke everywhere, but it can be helpful. I don't think someone who exclusively goes into the caves because it's summer is going to suddenly learn about what they have to offer. Every time I see people go into the caves on a public server because it's summer they either sit at the sinkhole until it's not summer or barely explore the surrounding area. People also don't naturally know to go into the caves during summer, they're told to. People spread the information that going into the caves is a good idea during summer because it's easier. Why not instead spread the information that going into the caves is a good idea always because the caves are based? From what I've seen on public servers and on Reddit the average player does not like anything that poses a threat to them and will do anything they can to avoid anything dangerous for as little perceived effort as possible. Players will avoid wildfires by basing in the oasis (even though unless you're megabasing it's way more effort than just putting a flingomatic down), players will avoid hound waves by kiting them into other mobs or just running a lot, players will avoid bosses by kiting them into other mobs or just running a lot, players will avoid freezing by just sitting next to a fire pit all winter, players will avoid starvation by just letting other people gather food for them, players will avoid sanity loss by just sitting next to glommer or a sisturn all day. Just because people avoid the mechanic doesn't make it automatically a bad mechanic, or else that would mean the entire game is bad. It's a bad mechanic because it's very easy to circumvent and mostly just serves to force you to put ugly structures everywhere.
  6. I buy the items that are swagger & epic.
  7. The winter one can make a cool shirt that keeps you warm. I've always wanted it to be 2, 2.5, or even 3 meat in the crock pot so it's really good for making meaty stew. If you eat it on a campfire it gives as much nutrition as 3 meat in addition to its rather sizeable 40 health heal, so I don't think it would be overpowered. It'd just let Warly kind of waste it on himself instead of wasting it turning into rot or something.
  8. I don't like it but it's not that I think it's unfair, like your poll would force me to vote for. It's perfectly fair. You have about 460 minutes to gather 2 gears & 15 ice, a trivial task with an extraordinarily long time allowed to do it. If you fail to do it in that timespan then your punishment is having to be vigilant and manually extinguish the fires. Nothing unfair about that, it's a really easy mechanic to play around. Just refuel the flingomatics every once in awhile and everything's fine since fires only start near you so even if they ran out of fuel you can still refuel them before things burn so long as you have fuel available near them. I don't like it because it's so easy to play around. I have 460 minutes to kill a single clockwork, or spend 5 minutes in the desert? That's the challenge? It's not a challenge at all, it just requires me to put these ugly flingomatics everywhere. I turn the mechanic off because all it does is discourage creativity and encourage ugly copy paste base designs.
  9. Terrorclaws will spawn in the cave's void if you're clipping out of bounds. Not sure if they behave differently on the surface for some reason.
  10. It is possible to ensure nobody cheats! Simply require contestants to fly to Canada where they can play on Klei certified computers with the towers not visible. It'd require every contestant spends a bunch of money flying to Canada and Klei spends thousands of dollars renting the play area and all the computers, but it's possible... Outside of that I don't think it would be very possible to ensure nobody cheats. At best you could mitigate cheating by requiring gameplay footage to be recorded and sent in, but all that would do is stop extremely blatant cheating and probably cause arguments about whether or not the video shows cheating.
  11. Setting everything to max used to be way more ridiculous. Recently they've toned it down a ton. You can still see the old behavior in Don't Starve, though.
  12. Why don't you just kill moose? She doesn't destroy structures and only has a chance of spawning there once every 9 & a half hours. Use animals that fight the batilisks like bunnymen.
  13. None. You need to buy Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Hamlet. Hamlet was given for free (I suspect accidentally) to basically everyone when it was new, though. Shipwrecked was so long ago I don't remember if that was given away, but it isn't right now.