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  1. I thought that fire only spreads with players nearby. Unless you mean the fence itself lit and they didn't notice?
  2. Exactly, you don't need Salt Boxes because of Bundling Wrap. You don't really need Ice Boxes either. They're so overpowered they make basically everything irrelevant. You admit that they're so overpowered they make everything else irrelevant but then go on to say it's balanced the way it is?
  3. I look rich and cool and famous and handsome (probably smart, too) because all my items are skinned. Most of my characters are skinned, too, but that's less important. Item skins can be used regardless of character, item skins look better than character skins, item skins can be generously shared with your teammates (who then recognize how rich and cool and famous and handsome (probably smart, too) you are), and item skins just look better. If I remember right a lot / most / some item skins are higher res than the item they're replacing, too. Item skins are also necessary for base decoration, without them your base will more or less look the same as everyone else's unless you put a ton of effort into it in which case it'll look more or less the same as everyone else who puts a ton of effort into it. Having different item skins, especially multiple for the same item, lets you really customize everything. Although thinking about it more, the chest skins are the best because I have no need for minisigns due to having every chest skin except for one or two.
  4. I believe mob AI disables if there are no players within a certain range of them, but I'm not sure. I know for a fact, though, that wildfires only happen near players so your wood fance would be safe from those unless you're within a little more than a screen's length of it. Giants also don't spawn except near players. If there's debris where the wood fance used to be the wood fance was somehow destroyed, but if there's no debris it would have despawned under irregular circumstances probably caused by mobs. My best guess for the reason your wood fance is gone would be another player. Were you on a public server where someone could have destroyed and stolen your wood fance?
  5. Bernie and Abigail make combat easier but require the presence of Willow and Wendy. Due to her enhanced damage, resistance, and lifeleech, Wigfrid makes combat easier but requires the presence of Wigfrid. You could say that Willow and Wendy are "pick and swap" characters like Wigfrid by saying that Willow can just make Bernies that don't go mighty and simply distract Shadows, or Wendy makes her little Sisturn and has people waste time AFKing next to it. But, just like with Wigfrid, you'd be looking at the character's weakest perks and judging them based on that for some reason. Unless Willow's strongest perk really is the tiny Bernies, in which case disregard that part. I don't really play her so I'm not sure.
  6. If they really cared about what food preservation is or isn't overpowered they wouldn't have added Bundling Wrap.
  7. She's hilarious. I genuinely love running away from Wigfrids that start singing because they give me a headache, it's so funny.
  8. The characters look best with no skins on, although there are some skins that look pretty nice. I don't think any characters look weird with no skin, but I do get surprised when I see some unskinned items. Especially the Football Helmet and Ham Bat.
  9. If there's a tab for crafting the songs it sounds like they're an inventory item, but if there's some instant use ones and some prolonged ones with the ability to perform up to three it sounds like you would want multiple different songs. Wondering how inventory will be with her.
  10. I want a difficult character, like Maxwell and Warly, but also powerful, like Maxwell and Wickerbottom, and with fun to use abilities, like Maxwell and Warly. Most people don't like difficult characters, though, so they don't usually get added. But I can hope. But other than hoping the next character is hard yet rewarding, I don't really have any particular opinions about what the character should be like. I don't care much what characters look, act, sound, or play like, because Klei always does great for at least most of those categories. The current characters already overlap. Wolfgang, Wendy, Wigfrid, Woodie, Webber, and WX are all fighters yet they remain fun to play despite similarities. Maxwell and Woodie are both gatherers yet remain different to eachother. You could strip off at least half if not more of the current roster for redundancy.
  11. Replace the flint (and possibly nmf) cost of summoning Shadow Puppets and replace it with an instant sanity hit for initial summon and a sanity drain over time while they're active, with them being forcibly desummoned if your sanity hits 0. I feel like Maxwell would be a lot more fun with that change, you no longer have the tedium of needing to craft flint tools whenever you want to do your activity and have sanity actually matter instead of just permanently being full. Would also make Duelists a lot more useful.
  12. I love this channel and I love this video.
  13. Wortox is not the same race as Krampus and Klaus, he only absorbed a few physical characteristics from one after absorbing it. I also don't really see much of a similarity between the skeletons and Krampii. If you put red fur on them they would really stick out from the other two.
  14. Mostly to stay insane or farm spiders, but they can help in any fight where the enemy lacks a cleaving attack. Their help relies on your skill, though, especially if they're helping against a group of enemies instead of a single enemy. If summoning them didn't have such an awkward recipe they'd be really good, but since it does they're kind of niche.
  15. Why? The ocean has nothing in it, the only thing to do there is to sail. Replacing the sailing with walking removes the point of the ocean, now it's just the mainland but the majority of it has nothing and you'll only scarcely find features like salt crystals.