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  1. It's. A made-up. Name. Also Merms have a different culture/language than us, so what sounds "masculine" or "feminine" to OUR brains wouldn't necessarily work that way for them. (Heck, there are some real-life, right-now, HUMAN cultures who might think that.) Subject closed, end of chapter. (next part put in spoiler so it won't clutter the post and auto-annoy people. You'll have to CHOOSE to be annoyed! : P) ANYway. Back to actual gameplay stuff--yeah, the "strongly dislikes pigs" part is interesting because it's worded from HER point of view. Not like with Webber, where pigs automatically dislike _him_. No, it says SHE dislikes _them_, which makes me wonder if she'll have a sanity debuff or some kind of auto-aggro thing you'll have to actively fight off, steering her away. (WURT: PIIIIIGGGGG!!! (starts pulling the control towards them) PLAYER: Noooo, not _now_. WURT: But I _waaannnaaaa_...! (tries to steer back towards the pigs) PLAYER: I SAID, not NOW! We're out here to gather fruit so you can live, dammit!) Well, Klei PROBABLY wouldn't do that last one, but it's a funny idea... Interestingly, Webber CAN still trade with the Pig King. You just have to get past the others first. But the King himself doesn't care! He just wants his trinkets and tasty meats. I'm thinking, as a contrast, Wurt just won't be able to trade with him AT ALL. Like, you can hold out a trinket over him but clicking won't do anything. Maybe, however, the _other_ things that automatically attack "monsters" won't attack her, such as catcoons. I dunno. I don't know how many things aggro on Merms or not... because Merms THEMSELVES aggro on _anything_ in their range besides other Merms, so if a catcoon did end up prowling too close to a swamp it'd end up in a fight no matter what. We've never actually seen someone who happens to be a Merm by species but is (potentially) _peaceful_ walking around in regular DS/T, so that'll be interesting to find out. ...Notorious
  2. Again, birchnuts don't drop in the winter (unless they've changed that recently, but I couldn't think why...) I have a very strong memory of a Steam friend playing mod-character Winnie on my server, where, by the last few days of winter, she was reduced to eating really, really stale (even AFTER being cooked) birchnuts that had fallen on the ground in the FALL. This happened. I remember: "I'm starving, guys...!" "WAIT! WE FOUND ANOTHER BIRCHNUT!" "Oh, yay, stale birchnuts, my favourite..." Berries and carrots go bad (even with a fridge) and do not grow back in the winter either. Also the more people you have on your server, the less control you have over people using those for filler. (Bundling wrap? Not everybody spams that.) Also randomising/changing season lengths exists, so winters can sometimes be MUCH LONGER than usual. Up to 40 days, without any mods. AAAAND...we're all forgetting summer withering. Sometimes it happens right when you're in the middle of the picking animation! Oh, you're thinking big organised megabases where all the berry bushes are in rows with fling-o-matics everywhere, so withering won't be a problem? Not everyone plays that way. I don't. Partly out of laziness/lacking a sense of design, partly because I don't want _all the berry bushes ON THE ENTIRE CONTINENT to be wiped out with ONE fire_. Also: Less disease. So, for me, summer withering is quite often a real problem, because I leave plants where they are out in the wild and my _foraging_, rather than farming, gets cut down quite a lot in the summer. I imagine she WOULD be able to eat butterfly wings, for the same reason Wigfrid CAN'T: They don't count as animals. In Don't Starve, they are apparently categorised as flowers. I mean, seeing what happens when you "plant" them... : P On a related note, I remember one time I gave myself a voluntary challenge (in singleplayer, I think) where it was not so much vegan/vegetarian, as PACIFIST. That is: If there's meat/eggs lying on the ground already (and it's still edible) you can have it, but no. direct. killing. You HAVE to do at least some _indirect_ killing or you'd run from the first hound wave until the second one showed up/you starved, but you couldn't go around arranging dead meat on purpose if you got tired of the vegan diet. You couldn't, in other words, _farm_ meat by steering/blocking off creatures into traps or something whenever you just happened to be really hungry for meatballs. It had to be self-defense only. I dunno, I thought it was kinda fun. BIG HONKIN' CHALLENGE? obviously _not_; I just wanted a new playstyle to try. (...all this is kinda making me want to bust out a Killer Vegan character in Dungeons of Dredmor. Haven't played that in a while. Everyone could use a good dungeon-crawl every now and again!) ...Notorious
  3. Plot twist: She does in fact speak a normal (by the DS universe's standards, anyway) language, and not random Merm sounds. ...however, the translation will be written in Simlish. : P That's an awesome list, Owlrus. Thanks for putting that together! The pet fish thing sounds adorable, and it's about _time_ console people can have a pet fish. There's been a fishbowl mod (or three) on the workshop forever. (...and I'm'a walk right on past everything else on this page. For obvious reasons.) ...Notorious
  4. YES! Finally, the other side of the etneral Pig vs. Merm Conflict will be represented. MERMS OF THE SWAMP, UNITE! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR REEDS! (actually don't lose those; reeds are awesome.) This sounds overall like a complicated but very interesting character to play! And I don't think it's too OP, considering that to even make the Merm King thing requires materials from EVERYWHERE. Also, how much you're tethered down by him depends on how often he needs to be fed. We don't know that yet. The vegetarian part is interesting...and makes total sense if you think about it, 'cos _merms have always been vegetarians_. I played as an obligate-vegan before once (Winnie, from a mod obviously) and winter was...interesting. But the KIND of challenge I tend to like, so it should be fun. Now for Quote-a-Palooza: ...will this give us the yawn/sleepy emote, or something new? I've wanted one of those for so long. Finally, _I_ will be able to spam annoying yawn noises at everybody! Together, they fight CRIME! Heh. Maybe it's the monster-culture equivalent of how, like, twin-corkscrew hairdos usually mean a character is "aristocratic" in some way in anime? Like this: Or this, for just a couple examples off the top of my head: Okay so the quote thingie decided to stop working suddenly, but yeah, Mike 23Ua, why CAN'T she swim? It would make sense. Why exactly??? There is PLENTY of Carrots, Birchnuts, Tomatoroots, Berries and Juicy Berries all over EVERYWHERE.. I do not in any way shape or form see “Vegetarian” as I HARD way to survive in DS.. in fact the above items I just listed is pretty much what I live off of as every other character in the game, with the exception of Wigfrid- who actually has to murder her food before she will eat it. I can't speak for markorguyfieri here, but _I_ assumed the excitement for a vegetarian character was because it would be a NEW playstyle. Not that people necessarily want or expect it to be super _challenging_. We've had a meatatarian for a long time; now it's time to find out what it's like to play the OTHER way! And be _forced_ to this time, instead of a voluntary challenge. And it doesn't need a mod. TL;DR: Things can be cool and interesting in other ways than being hard. I always assume every living creature in the game can reproduce, albeit in mysterious and weird ways we probably don't want to know about. After all, even the completely SEEDLESS lumpy evergreens spawn new sprouts, and if _they_ can do that in the Constant... I've never assumed ALL goats eventually turn into Merms. I thought that was just what was happening to that one particular village in the Gorge. Maybe the Gnaw was copying the Merm appearance because it liked it/thought it would make a good punishment? I just assumed adult Merms were grown-up (never seen until now) baby Merms. Oh, and yes the kids are kids. But kid characters under cartoon/sitcom rules, aka, they never age because it'd change the plot. Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson would like to say hi. Nope. GOATification. Even though I just said that wouldn't be a thing in my headcanon. : P They do count, but the trees do NOT drop birchnuts in winter. Ask the last person to try and play the mod character Winnie in my server. ROTTEN birchnuts _that had fallen off long ago_ made _slightly_ tolerable by cooking were all that was keeping her alive by the end of winter. Anything with ANY meat _in_ it at all, would not be acceptable. Like how Wigfird _can_ eat anything that CONTAINS meat, but backwards. And THIS is the version of the post I meant to post. Stupid thing posted early. Dangit. ...Notorious
  5. Walani in DST

    Just the AWESOME ones. I the only one who read "The Goose is 'naked', other than Walani" and immediately imagined the goose in like, maybe a nice suit-vest and tie? XD I mean, the other way to make them both match up WOULD be to _put_ clothes on the naked one, after all... YES. I'm very glad somebody brought this up before I did. There's a very, very big reason why slow is bad, and it's not because it's annoying. It's because DEATH!!! Death death death death death death death. -_95%_ are you HIGH?! That's an _insane_ number! You know how I always talk about staying the phrack out of the Antlion's desert in the summer when hounds show up? THIS IS THAT! Only it happens _every_ time you're sane, regardless of location or season. And I don't CARE how popular "you _should_ be insane all the time!" is as a (power-player type only) policy, it should NOT be an actual canon game mechanic! In order to move _normally_, and not be just murdered by every hostile thing that sees me, I'd _have_ to be at least a little bit insane...ALL THE TIME?! Heck that! Sanity is AMAZING! You get to see colours and the voices shut up! And then, when you _are_ insane enough to move get hungier. What are you going for here, another "no real passive upside at all" hardmode character? The one Shipwrecked mod I (used to) use...I think her different mechanics include a _slight_ higher hunger drain all the time (not anywhere near Wolfgang's level) and a _slight_ less problem with sanity, and, that's it. THAT'S playable. That's the character I did three chapters' worth of the "March of Civliization" challenge with, and that was _before_ I learned the weird new thing the (mod) surfboard could do. (You can..."surf" between ponds as if they were wormholes. This was before the actual ocean got put in. I think maybe WHICH pond you come out at might be randomised, though.) I get that a character should have downsides. But this...THIS is Wes 2.0 This is ABSOLUTELY "If you want to actually _enjoy_ your time playing the game, never ever ever pick this character." We already have that. He's called Warly. (Sorry Warly fans. I like him as a character _concept_, but he's ANNOYING AS HELL TO ACTUALLY PLAY and that's the Shipwrecked version. The DST one is substantially _worse_!) There's "extra challenge", and then there's AN-NOY-ING. It'll be waaaaaaayyyy long before they add another older character, if any, but dear GOD don't gimp her this much. Let her freaking _move_. Hounds show up frequently and theyr'e _already faster than you_. Need to dodge quickly through killer bee country? Nope! Need to get the hell out of that bishop's range? Nope. How 'bout weaving through Sudden Tallbird Territory? Sorry, you're not insane enough sweetie. Those downsides are just BEYOND ridiculous, both in terms of how freaking _high_ the numbers are (NINETY-FIVE PERCENT??? 80 PERCENT? _ONE HUNDRED FRELLING PERCENT_?????) and in terms of the _amount_ of time you'd be like thisI get the idea of showing her "laziness", but DEAR...CHRIST, _these_ numbers?! Can't you tone it down a LITTLE? Here's an alternate idea: Crafting, farming and resource gathering all give her slight sanity debuffs while doing them, because she hates hard work so much. Hmmm? Hmmm? After a while this WOULD add up, 'cos you have to do a _lot_ of those things on any given day, usually. Also don't make it a constant thing. Sandstorm + dogs is horrible but _temporary_. I don't want to have to be obnoxiously slow and able to get hit by everything ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Not everyone has amazing armour on hand all the time, and whoops, did yours break? Do you actually indeed _have_ the materials in your inventory, but haven't MADE the spare set yet? -100 crafting time, beeyotch. Enjoy your teeth marks. Oh, also don't even _think_ about making another torch in time if you overestimated how long yours was gonna last. You are Charlie's LUNCH. Yeah there's just no physical way this would work and you can't convince me otherwise. SLOW. EQUALS. DEATH! I"m sorry I sound so angry in this, but...I am. It just was not thought through at all. Also...I don't care how "gud" you are, NOBODY can kite at only _five percent_ movement speed. TL;DR: No. ...Notorious
  6. The Cute Animal Thread

    Oh dammit I thought I fixed that! Originally what happened is, I did the thing where you capslock, then when trying to turn it back off you accidentally send the message early? Oof. Anyway, that was SUPPOSED to say: "That is LITERALLY the 'You make kitty scared!' meme." : P See? XD If I tried what you're doing with Cosmo in that picture with any of my cats, I would probably lose the arm. They've all been the Adorable but Ferocious type. Heh. ...Notorious
  7. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Well, you ARE a skeleton year-round. Everybody else turns Halloweeny only during that time of the year. (except me, who is a lazy lump and forgets to make diferent avatars, like, ever. : P) Also you have a real-life black kittykit! ...Notorious
  8. The Cute Animal Thread

    That is LITERALLY And that is like, the most relaxed kitty I have ever seen. So many boofoo little fuzzballs! <3 ...Notorious
  9. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Jack-o-Lantern skin for miner's helmets would be EPIC. Basically you'd be wandering around with a pumpkinhead. That was also useful. XD "Chill" zombies that dance...again I'm seeing that one old cartoon with the happy dancing skeletons. I'm also remembering a kind of spooky time that turned _sad_ in my Sims 3 game... One night, when Sim-Willow was out at her part-time graveyard keeper job (yeah it should've been Wendy, but I didn't have her in the game yet) and earning money while lowering her charisma but raising her magic defence (wait no that's Princess Maker 2). Back at Willow's "wilderness lot", this old guy wandered onto her yard/home, looked lost for a bit, and then...randomly died. Willow didn't see this (but I did), came home from work, lit the firepit to warm up for a bit, and then went to sleep in her tent. It was the full moon that night, so later on a zombie wandered by. As you do. (There are also werewolves and in fact one of them is her neighbor from across the street. Willow met him at the same summer carnival where she won the teddy bear I then named "Bernie".) The zombies are apparently very polite zombies/follow traditional vampire rules so she could NOT come in to a "dwelling" unless invited in, even a tent apparently? so she kept rampaging around in front of Willow's tent in annoyance. ...unTIL she saw the gravestone of the old dude who had died earlier. And then, the zombie...started weeping and wailing and crying the entire rest of the night! It was SO SAD. I moused over her and realised she had the same last name as the guy who died! I was just sitting there like "MY HEART!" I guess in the Sims universe even the already-dead can mourn their lost loved ones. Yeah it's a story from another game (although it does involve Willow) but COME ON! When else is it gonna be so appropriate? : P ...Notorious
  10. (cracks up) I love that the thumbnail for that thread is my "emo coconut" screenshot. XD That one also ended up with weirder lighting than usual, 'cos I took it EXACTLY _as_ day was breaking. So it's not dark, not dusk, not light. Anyway...yeah, I can kinda see it. Wendy as the one who looks a little _too_ far into the ancient civilization's secrets, specifically the ones that _caused their demise_, and becomes the demented Dark Priestess/Sorcoresss? Sure, as one of the alternate universe possibilities that _could_ happen. ...Notorious
  11. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Frankly I don't want zombies to invade Don't Starve because I'm FREAKING SICK OF THEM. They're _so_ overused. They're everywhere. So many TV shows, comics, movies, if you want a jumpscare in an even slightly horror-themed game AAA! zombie! from behind the wall... I was over them several years ago. Actually I never liked them. Well, that is to say, TYPICAL zombies. Zombies who happen to be smelly ugly shambling undead but still have their own personality and are a seperate _character_, I'm down with. This would include the likes of Reg Shoe from Discworld ("UNDEAD YES! UNPERSON NO!") or Zora Zombie from Xanth. Anyway the only games I play with zombies in them are Plague Inc., Organ Trail, and the Rebuild trilogy, and that's because they all have gameplay styles/mechanics that I enjoy and just HAPPEN to have zombies in the theming. (I _like_ strategically plotting how to destroy the world, having a nice road trip with my family across post-apocalyptic America, or slowly reclaiming a ruined city from a wasteland into a living community again, building by building.) Yeah I guess that'd become true of Don't Starve as well if it had zombies in it, Just no. It's never needed them before. No. (we also already have zombie hounds who are made entirely out of mouth) By the way if you're interested in any of those games keep an eye out for the Steam Halloween sale; that's how I got my copies. : P ...Notorious
  12. The Queen's Trader

    Oh, that's where the assets for the "mysterious guy with the umbrella" in the (now long-defunct) mod "Up and Away!" came from, then! That's TOTALLY what the dude who gives you the key to get into the sky-world looks like. And yes, a LOT of the theming/art style in general of that area kept popping into my mind the first time I saw "Hamlet". Really the main thing they have in common is that they both have you up in a clouds-going-under-your-feet world with wacky new colourful mobs and weird new mechanics, but still... ...Notorious
  13. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Actually come to think of it it's also more of an American/Western (?) thing, too. I remember back during the first Hallowed Nights, when people who lived in countries who don't celebrate it were sad, I told them to get their cooler friends together and have a private costume party, or at least buy a lot of your favourite candy at the store and then tuck in to watch your fave spooky movie. You CAN do Halloweenish stuff even if your country doesn't celebrate it... I don't know where you live, so maybe you just have stick-in-the-mud friends? In general I think of Halloween as quite popular because not only locally, but all over the 'net, everybody goes NUTS with spooky-themed temporary avatars, orange and black schemes on their social media, etc. And YouTube channels get in on the act, even if only tangentially. Linkara does his whole "Longbox of the Damned!" thing once a day for the whole month of October, vampire/ghost/witch/zombie/etc. themed movies, books and TV shows start getting reviewed a lot more, and even freaking EDUCATIONAL channels get in on it, although in a way that still fits them. (For example, SciShow just came out with an episode called "Things that go bump in your brain--4 Scientific Explanations for Ghosts". That timing was NOT coincidental.) Stores have decorations all over the place, my neighbors across the street go crazygonuts with their stuff and put up a giant plastic skeleton on the last day of September... A LOT of this, of course, is the fact that the holiday is _profitable_ (in America), but it's also a time when you get to be creative, show your other side, be a little gothy, read scary stories and even adults are socially allowed to participate, as long as they don't trick-or-treat. Halloween parties, with our without drunken debauchery, and showing up to work in costume on the day/the closest day your work is open, are common. By the way my other favourite part of Halloween is how I always end up buying more candy than I actually need for the trick or treaters, and well whaddya know, said candies happen to be my favourite kinds! Welp, guess I gotta take care of these leftovers now! ...I have absolutely NO idea what I'm dressing up as this year, by the way. : P ...Notorious
  14. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Actually a LOT of people like Halloween, but yeah, as a skeleton, Minespatch _is_ probably the most "Hallowed Nights Ambassador" material we've got here... : P ...Notorious
  15. (pff) (falls over laughing) That is the BEST interpretation of the phrase "little ray of sunshine" I have ever heard. : P Out of these choices so far, I vote for the lizard one. Saladmanders are HECKIN' ADORABLE and I've always thought Grass Geckos were weirdly cute too. Give us a little scalefriend that we don't have to fight a raid boss for! ...Notorious