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  1. YES! Seasonal stuff! I was just thinking how if you put in all the fruits and veggies I like into the game at the same time, it'd be too crowded and cluttery-looking, and there'd have to be worldgen settings to choose which ones you want...but that wouldn't be as much of a problem if they all grew _at different times_! Whether the unpicked fruits from last season would stay on their plants, completely fresh forever until picked like berry bushes in DS/T do, fall off and start rotting, or just dry up into uselessness on the vine like in Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley, would be up to the devs (and then probably get tweaked with mods by PC players anyway). But, YEAH...! In those farming games, certain seeds are only even AVAILABLE in the shops during their seasons, and once those seasons are up POOF. Dead. Those crops are last week's news; chop 'em down and plant sumpin' else! And, this would be a step up over the mods that use these fruits (such as Birds and Berries, which is where the pineapples and regularapples come from in my game)--with those, they're just around all the time. You start the game off with at least a few fruiting apple trees probably near the entrance, and Pickle It's ground veggies dun give a "crop" what season it is. (The exception being the Cherry Forest mod, as those USED to still grow in winter and require chopping down of the tree to get the fruits, but now they go completely bare in winter and require just a few whacks with an axe gentle love-taps to get their fruity goodness, if it's ready.) Seasonality would make all of that more reasonable. Now, if you play with some seasons disabled (or, like me, randomised ones, which means that sometimes a season might be so short none of its special plants even have a CHANCE to grow) you'd miss out on some fruits/veggies, but I think of that similar to when you play Lights Out. If it never turns day you don't have pigs; if it never turns summer you don't get prickly pears and avacadoes. I think that sounds about right. ...Notorious
  2. CHERRIES I mean, it's not like I use the Cherry Forest mod all the time or anything OH WAIT I DO... Anyway I voted for most of the fruits; some of them because I like them in real life/used to have them in my yard long ago, some because they're already in mods I use anyway, and some because their name appealed to my sense of humour. Ah, remember the good ol' days? Sitting down around the dinner table to a nice hot slice of Mama's homemade [REDACTED] pie..? And who doesn't love a nice glass of DATA EXPUNGED juice? I guess if I had to narrow it down I'd go for pineapples and regularapples (like these, or maybe the red variety), peaches (like these, with or without the constant threat of possible spider attack) the forum's apparent fruity running joke, mangoes, and cherries--all because they're stuff in cool mods that I think console players should be able to enjoy too. And, the Shipwrecked ports, because Shipwrecked ports. Can the coconuts still have the strangest tendency to bonk you on the head everytime you're chopping the tree WITHOUT a helmet, but mysteriously behave themselves as soon as you're protected...? And prickly pears could grow on some cactus in summer, making that season a hair more interesting! ...Notorious
  3. YEEEEESSSS this is why I use Pickle It and Birds and Berries! I want to see stuff like potatoes and radishes and pineapples and apple trees just...growing around! I also like plants, and variety of them. Also Shosuko's second point sounds like the Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley method of doing things, where sometimes a crop's main plant will stay in a farm plot for an entire season (or two) and regrow just its actual fruit part repeatedly. Heh. Being a longtime fan of those kind of games...I have no problem whatsoever with this idea. ...Notorious
  4. Yep, I've seen that before. Snow on the palm trees! Or as I like to call it, "The Genesis Planet", 'cos I'm an oldschool Trekkie like that. (Okay so in the movie it was snow on a CACTUS; same diff...) But in my case it's because I was playing an RoG world with Shipwrecked enabled = yes, so it might've made _some_ kind of sense? (Hey, why _don't_ the cacti also get snow on them in winter? That'd be adorable!) Although, I was still on the mainland. Hadn't gone anywhere NEAR the Seaworthy...and yet I ran into an entire _mixed_ Wildbore AND regular pig-person village, with a sandy shoreline and everything. It was awesome! Weird, but awesome. So....I think my game was just drunk. As for whether or not we could have palm tree biomes in regular DST...I see no idea why not, at this point, since we already have sailable oceans and islands. #oasisneedspalmtreesdammit Edit: As for barriers seperating different biome areas...first of all that reminds me of Hollow World, and that's awesome. Secondly, I've always thought that IF it was mechanically feasible, one should be able to sail off the RoG mainland _into the Shipwrecked islands_, with it all being on one, cohesive world! And the seasons would be in sync--if it was summer when you set sail, it'd be Dry Season (aka VOLCANOS AND APOCALYPTIC CHANTING MUSIC WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!) when you arrived on an island. I get why they don't do that, but it'd still be cool... ...Notorious
  5. YES! That is precisely the mod all these mango threads always make me think of. Well, a newer/remade version anyway (although apparently THIS one still doesn't work in 2020 anyway, which is a shame). Now, I don't know where all this mango obsession came from, and I have NO idea what it has to do with "420" jokes, but considering I used to fairly often use a mod that had mango trees as part of it, I gotta say I'm okay with them. To me, they just make me think of that time when I visited my relatives in Miami, Florida when I was a little kid and they had a mango tree in their backyard. We brought a few of them along with us to our picnic on the beach. It was nice! As for the part-crab, part-apple thing you might get sometimes from chopping down an apple tree...yeah, Tea and Trees has ya covered on that too (if it was safe to use). Sometimes when you go to "pick" (aka whack or shove) a peach tree with four peaches on least one of them turns into a peach SPIDER and goes after you! I could'a sworn that SOMEwhere among all my screenshots, was at least one taken while using the "Tea and Trees" mod that also happened to show a mango tree on my own personal game screen. Apparently not, so instead enjoy Charlie setting up camp amongst the spider-infested peaches. : P (And yes, this actually was where I set up camp. According to the notes I wrote on this screenshot at the time, apparently it was close to a savannah, swamp, rockland and a spot where you can dig a well. That last one's important--the "Thirst" mod was in play too.) Also the adorable green kitties are actually crackheads, and will pounce the beep out of you if you have any of their beloved..."tea"...leaves on your person. XD Listen to Charlie. She's not kidding. (Also apparently they're not a fan of bees...) With a guest appearance by the early Cherry Forest, as seen by the pink petals on the ground up there! Anyway in general I like things that add VARIETY of foods to the game. New unique function, I don't care, just give me more stuff to look at and play with! It's why I use Pickle It (new veggies, both just around and growable as crops--also it allows you to preserve veggies in an old-fashioned way), Birds and Berries and Trees and Flowers with Friends (apple trees, pineapple bushes, different colour berries), Tea and Trees before it broke (mango and peach trees) and of course the Cherry Forest (GUESS). Also tropical-themed mods that allow you to have palm trees, with OR without coconuts, finally... I would never use all of those mods at ONCE, because even on a Huge world things get cluttered and silly. But one, _maybe_ two at a time? Yeah! So I vote Yes to Mangoes, because I vote Yes to Variety. Also I think Warly wouldn't mind more of that around, either. ...Notorious
  6. Well, almost all of my mods are server-side or have a server version available as well...I think the main one I use that's client-side is the Dusk and Night Music, and the reason I don't use the server version of THAT (there is one!) is some people don't like it. : P Anyway yeah I gotta stand up for team #notallmods here. Not everybody uses them for the same purpose! Some use them to make the game HARDER, make it..._different_ in a sideways, not really harder OR easier kind of way, or just _look_ different. So...using mods does NOT automatically = cheating. You gotta look at each individual case, and make your own decisions. Yeah, it's something that console players can't access at all and that's unfortunate, but they don't always impact actual _gameplay_ at all. ...and when they do it's not always for the easier! EDIT: When it comes to Forge mods, the only one I ever used was the Darkest Dungeon one. I COULD have used some actual-advantage ones as I suuuuuuuuuucked at the Forge, but nope. I just had The Ancestor occasionally yelling things like "Press the advantage! FINISH. THEM. ALL." in my ear. XD ...Notorious
  7. Wait, you...honestly didn't know? Well maybe you're on console, where there _isn't_ a whole multiple-years-old workshop full of mods already. DST had people already modding it when it first existed in even early beta. One of the mods I'm using right now, in fact, was made in 2014! ("Evergreens 2gether", in case anyone's wondering.) DST didn't come _officially_ online until 2016, so...yeah. But, yeah...TONS of people are way way way ahead of you with the "even gameplay modifications"! idea. Whether each individual mod counts as cheese vs. cheating is up to the player, but for me I tend to only like character mods if they're lore-friendly (fit into the DS/T universe writing-wise), balanced, and in the same art style, and like my other mods to be decorative only (like making pig houses come in different colours, for example), give a _little_ advantage that doesn't matter that much (Cherry Forest, Pickle It!), or make things harder (Thirst, Actual Season Randomizer). If you can, look up stuff on the actual workshop but be warned! it's HUUUUUUUGGGEEEE. You could be stuck looking at it for a while... ...Notorious
  8. Oh, god, this is all SO true. Especially of some parts of these very forums. Anyway to me cheating IS when you use a console command or other method of changing the game code to make it easier for yourself, _even as a noob_. This is a survival game. You're SUPPOSED to learn by dying at lot at first. Or, by having information ahead of time, such as already knowing about darkness. Where the _cheating_ would come in would be if you didn't bother to get grass/logs/twigs all day long not because it's an older world and those things are picked over, but because you just didn't feel like it, and then "OH CRAP" you magically give yourself a fire. But knowing that you need to have a fire before it gets "DARK-dark" and getting the materials normally...that's fine. Quite a few mods I would consider not cheaty at all, as if they add an advantage it's a small one (like, one that doesn't impact one of the game's core mechanics in a way that makes that mechanic much easier on the player), are purely decorative, or even make things HARDER. ("Thirst" is a favourite of mine for this--although I liked the older, simpler version more.) There are also mods that make hound attacks worse, ones that add constant HP drain due to "wounds", make it so you can carry _less_ than normal... ...Notorious
  9. Cheesing = using any method or object that already exists within the regular game code. This includes making the world-gen settings easier in the beginning. Cheating = (Unbalanced) mods and console commands. Examples: Spawning tentacles on the Fuelweaver by playing as Wickerbottom and having gone through the trouble to get the ingredients for the "On Tentacles" book and taking the sanity hit like normal when you cast it: Cheesing. (You also don't HAVE to _fight_ tentacles to get the ingredients--for example you might find tentacle spots just lying on the ground where one was killed by Merms.) Making tentacles just magically spawn out of the ground without cost because LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL = cheating. Now, whether you think it's okay to do either one is up to you, but personally I have less respect for _myself_ if I use console commands, for anything that actually matters. It also very much does make a difference whether you're playing by yourself or with others, as your actions will affect more people the second way. Rollbacks would be cheating in DS but not DST, since it's openly provided by the normal game code! ...Notorious
  10. Well, if it's realistic and we DO have to worry about the physical problems that we do have to worry about in real life, but not in the game... Put it this way: I would miss a comfortable bed and INDOOR PLUMBING _so_ much. : P Also I already have anxiety, and...oh gods. Here's a thought. Who here is on medication they have to take every day or else? (raises hand) Yep, wouldn't have THAT anymore either! Also if my glasses broke I wouldn't be able to get new ones, and...yeah I think a lot of it depends on how healthy and/or happy you are to begin with. Less things wrong = less things you need that the Constant wouldn't be able to provide. ...Notorious
  11. And that's why I sometimes plant trees near the roads/paths I use the most often--so I CAN still tell where they are in winter! Pictured: "The Road Trees", doin' their thing in winter. Yes, some of them are ginourmous--don't worry, that's just a mod. You get used to it. Anyway yeah the paths in DS/T have always been a bit wonky, even going by just their shapes alone--going nowhere, looping back on themselves, making shapes that look suspiciously like a noose as if the map is trying to tell you something... But I'm used to it and just think of it as part of the Constant's "I don't have to make sense!" style. : P ...Notorious
  12. I always thought the "explore the edge of the world" thing was related to the "always do all the edge pieces first" in a jigsaw puzzle thing--and for similar reasons: Define the overall shape first, THEN fill in the details. And yes, I do follow the coast sometimes especially when starting out...but veer off anytime I see something interesting. I look for (to begin with) good base locations, useful biomes, where is the Pig King and Glommer, where are beefalo, and where's the desert. Stuff like that. I tend to pick my base location the way I pick my starting city's location in Civilization--where's an area that will give me multiple TYPES of resources close by? Like, not just food, but also building materials, for example. I also just explore for fun--getting that black off the map and filling it in with actual-information goodness is weirdly satisfying. It's the reason I tend to make my worlds Huge I can't just see everything real easy off the bat. ...Notorious
  13. Or actually, how you get these _at the moment_ is you attempt to log into Steam, then IF you can at all, click on the thing that would normally let you get a sticker with points and marvel as it...sits there doing absolutely nothing. Seriously their servers have been wonked out (for quite a few people, at least) since last night, so...well I think this picture from the Steam reddit sums it up nicely: Yeah that's about right. (And yes, I upvoted it. : P) ...Notorious
  14. Oh goddess. That's gonna be especially interesting for me considering (a) I TOTALLY think of him as a Game Grump (even though I knew about NSP as well, since he mentions it while riffing on the games) and (b) "Take On Me" is up there among my favourite songs ever. : P The "Dusk and Night Music" mod that others (and myself) have mentioned is worth noting here 'cos, if you don't already know, it doesn't JUST keep the regular work music playing during dusk and night, so the game doesn't go silent for huge chunks of time. Nope. It has _remixes_ of each season's work song, that area kinda toned down and slowed (or quieted) for dusk and then the night version is like "Sssshhhh...things are sleeping..." But I get what you're saying about how the music seems to just kick in at random intervals during the day, and I've always thought that was weird too. Again, it's something I've seen new Let's Players get confused by, 'cos they'll be wandering along, la la la and suddenly the springtime music will be like "HEY HOW ARE YA??" and they're like "Whoah, where did THAT come from?" "What's this...jazzy noise?" (Yes, REAL QUOTE.) "Why did music suddenly kick in? Is something happening?" Lol. ...Notorious
  15. I can see that, especially the having to be quiet in the middle of the night thing. However, another reason _I_ don't listen to my own music while playing is...if a song I really like comes on and I start boppin' along, I'd get distracted from the game! : P For example, lately I've been putting together a chronological playlist of '60s music on YouTube. I'm currently up to 1967, which is well into the psychedelic hippie stuff _and_ the early hard-rock stuff. If I tried listening to THAT...I'd _like_ to say that my character would mysteriously end up with a flower crown on her head while trying to find San Francisco on the map... ...but in actuality I'd probably die from hounds because air guitar. XD ...Notorious