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  1. In honor of this being (as of the time of writing) March 1st, technically a "spring" month, I decided to dress up my survirors in various spring-related themes. (at least, that was the original idea. It kinda devolved into its own thing later. : P) Boxer Wolfgang is ready for his spring training. Wickerbottom the Nature Witch Lightning is an expected occupational hazard of Mad Science, hence Wilson has prepared himself for it with goggles, a raincoat (it's a raincoat if I say it is, shut up), rubber gloves and boots. WX goes back to its..."roots". Both literally and mechanically. WILLOW: Spring? You mean that season when it's (shudder) wet all the time? Wake me when it's summer. And last but not least... Wendy's garden party got rained out. : P ...Notorious
  2. It's definitely too many tallbirds... (sings) "Too many birds/too MAny birds!" : P Except for on the edges there, it _is_ looking like a good example of how the new QoL update is supposed to put more of a thing _in its biome_ rather than just more everywhere, though. I once had an area where Mama Goose decided to nest right next to the Bee Queen AND the sleeping Bearger...but Her Royal Beeness didn't wake up. It was still kind of an epic giant battle though. And I'm pretty sure I once sicced the Deerclops on Dragonfly (I was wandering through the desert in the dead of winter, you know, as you do), but since it was pitch black and I didn't want to get stomped, I just kept going and didn't stick around to watch what happened. I'm assuming it was dramatic in some way. Oh yeah, here's the old picture. Ignore how Willow has for some reason become Slenderwoman... I wish I'd gotten it into the frame better. You can see the Bee Queen hive right over there at the top, though. Meanwhile in 2021, Willow finds herself wandering the wilderness in her underthings (slip). I'm guessing that last time I was on the beta, I must've been wearing a Winter's-Feast-only outfit. Lol. ...Notorious
  3. Well, I dunno if I would call it "ambient" exactly, but if you want DST-fitting music to play during the dead silent parts of the day--which are a good chunk of it (dusk AND night) you could always try out the Dusk and Night Music mod? Of course if you're on console you can't use mods, but I myself have used that one for years, and it helps a lot during, for example, the LONG dusk in springtime. It won't fill in the gaps in the daytime, though, but it's something. The music itself is basically remixes of the original tracks, so they still sound/feel DST-ish, with the dusk ones being somewhat toned down and the night ones being the musical equivalent of "Sssshh--someone's sleeping". But they STILL sound like the original. Even the really quiet version of the springtime music is still lively, just quiet. It's kinda too bad that summer dusk is so short normally, 'cos that track is pretty dope, and the winter dusk track is really pretty. Don't know if you can use that, but it might be worth looking into. There's both a server and a client version. ...Notorious
  4. The mods that bring Shipwrecked content to the game? Oh yeah. Kinda...I personally am thinking more like: There's nothing you can just do ONCE and that's it, that problem is solved until someone happens to destroy the item that solves it or whatever, but there IS something you can do _each_ time to prepare. And signs ahead of time that smart and _paying attention_ players will notice. The worst version of the disaster should be a punishment for not noticing your surroundings. But alert players should be able to do SOMEthing to mitigate at least some part of the disaster. Like, for example, plan to not be on the ocean when big waves will be coming. That doesn't stop the WAVES; it just prevents them from doing as much damage to your stuff as they otherwise would have. If someone still goes out on a boat during that time anyway, it's their own lookout. That's what I'm thinking of. As someone who plays with randomised season lengths all the time, I've learned to be paranoid about what the birch trees look like from day to day (no leaves? red/orange/gold leaves? green leaves in winter does that mean _spring_ is coming soon, OR...?) so I'm imagining the signs that a big natural disaster is coming could be something like that. Maybe little winds every now and then to herald a hurricane, or little jolts that don't do any actual harm (yet) to warn of an earthquake. That kind of thing. (That's not to say that preparation would COMPLETELY mitigate the impact of the natural disaster--just that it'd do _less_ damage than its full potential.) ...Notorious
  5. "WILSON! WE HAVE TO COOK!" But seriously more variety of dishes/foods from different ethnicities sounds like a good idea in general. I'd list a couple ideas, but right now everything I'm coming up with involves ingredients that were only in the Gorge, such as flour... ...Notorious
  6. Huh. I guess I just never got around to spawning boats. Normally I build them, and one at a time. : P As for the _building_ in ways that at least look like elevation--yeah, I've seen a few of those, they were on the Screenshot Showcase or "Shrines, Decorations and Base Designs" thread, one of those. We've been talking about _landscape_ elevation in this thread, though--for example, how actual hills/mountains would help make avalanches and landslides a thing. And TADA! we're back to natural disasters, the original topic. Lol. Also on the elevation topic: If you had _lower_ areas maybe they could flood during rains, and make temporary ponds...I don't know what good or bad that would do, but it's an idea. Not a GOOD one, but... ...Notorious
  7. Yeah...I guess that's it. It's just the fact that threads I was interested in got silently oofed _twice in a row_, that kinda threw me off. I guess I haven't played during a beta when it was new enough to have glitches like this before? Mind you I haven't tried the new farming while using my usual mods until yesterday (yes really) so I was legit kinda wondering if perhaps it was a mod-incompatibility issue instead of a serverwide thing--aka a ME problem instead of a THEM problem. (Like, I don't see exactly _how_ Pickle It or Birds and Berries would affect farming? but they both have to do with growing plants, so they're not NOT related... Hence I thought showing my server log might be useful.) Playstation and XBox service outages wouldn't affect me, as I've only ever played DST on Steam, but I guess all three could've been having problems at once? ...Notorious
  8. I had a thing yesterday playing on Steam where for some reason, trying to till the soil in my farm (on the beta) caused the game to hang halfway through the action, and then eventually crash. I have no idea what's up with that since my thread about it in the Bug Tracker section was DELETED, as were two previous ones about not being able to interact with resources (neither of which was mine, but I replied on both of them). That last problem was fixed, but...I don't know what's happening; normally they'd answer a question rather than pretend the problem never happened... TL;DR: Playing on Steam and having problems too; I _could_ load into the world but then specific actions made the game crash when normally they wouldn't. Please stop deleting problem threads instead of answering them, devs. It's really creepy. Like, if my problem was caused by a mod, and somebody actually looked at my client log (which I provided on the now-nonexistent bug thread) and replied, I could know WHICH mod was the problem! Now I'll never know. I don't expect IMMEDIATE responses, of course. Just...eventually. Mentioning it in a patch note would work too; it doesn't have to be a direct reply to the individual people. ...Notorious
  9. Ohmygod, me too! I wonder what's with that. (Next part spoilered so it doesn't annoy people as much, since it's kinda off-topicish): Yeah, with the disasters, I'm now getting the same kinda vibe as SimCity, where you build it all up real carefully and then RELEASE GODZILLA!! (Heck, in SimCity you can do worse, since there's nuclear power plants...) Having played Shipwrecked where you can think your fire is fine and then the waves come up _just_ that bit further than you thought they would during the night, and... And the wind! Yeah, it uproots things, including small trees, and you can see them blowing by you. Not sure how that would work in DST, like, what exactly things would be considered light enough to blow around that way. In Shipwrecked this is called "Hurricane Season" and it happens right after "Mild Season", so it'd be the equivalent of....winter? It'd make more sense to be in summer or maybe spring, in DST, though. Although spring is already rather busy and summer in the RoG climate strikes me as too _dry_ for hurricanes. I'd also be willing to consider blizzards and avalanches if the way to see through the blowing snow (and therefore move normally) was pretty easy and accessible to make. Otherwise you'd have an all-world, inescapable white sandstorm and that'd SUCK when hounds show up... Not sure how/if the elevation would work, but if somebody made a mod that did that I'd totally try it. ...Notorious
  10. So, I got back into my beta world, and found out that I can interact with things after all. (And as glad as I am that that got fixed quickly...did you have to DISAPPEAR both entire threads about it?! That really freaked me out, when I came back here looking for an answer.) Anyway I started a farm, and sometimes my character will PAAAUUUUUSEEEEE...! dramatically with their hoe up in the air, and then finally finish the swing. On the third time this happened the entire game just froze and crashed. "You have been disconnected from the server."
  11. Really? I always thought that for a nuke, you got 60 Seconds. (winks into the camera) But seriously this thread'd be a lot more comprehensible if it was less shouty. ...Notorious
  12. Is THAT what's doing it? I have the same problem. My world also has mods, but it worked just fine with those mods up until today.
  13. Yes! I was just about to post this. I also can't chop trees, mine rocks, etc. Basically the left mouse button AND the spacebar don't work in game, for most things. They can't gather it _and_ don't talk about the items; it's as if those two inputs are just not registering at all. (But I can pick up loose seeds on the ground for some reason.) Weird thing is, exactly the same world worked FINE yesterday... Playing the beta on Windows 7, Steam. I switched back to the normal branch but if this carries over from the beta, soon I won't be able to play the game at all. ...Notorious
  14. I mean, I use random season lengths all the time and even _I_ haven't had Day 10 summer. It still starts on autumn... (There was that one time I decided to randomise my starting season in regular Don't Starve and got a summer start, but that's an entirely different game! Also somehow I lived.) What we really need now, is for the original poster to come back and tell us the answers to ALL these questions. Seasons, clothing, fire nettles, mods. We really don't know, so we're kinda spitting random maybe-solutions into the void. : P (also umbrellas are good for summer as well as spring) ...Notorious