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  1. ...this is one dramatic-ass topic. : P Anyway, real life? No. In games...I'm sure I had to off (or allow to die) a character I liked in an RPG, at some point. Usually they die for plot reasons not directly at my own hand, however. Sims, I've offed occasionally, but not ones I actually got attached to. Heh. ...I mean, of course I have! Don't we all? #relateable. It was very dramatic and tragic, and there were totally flower petals floating through the air, dramatic rainstorm, and a flock of birds all taking off at once as I yelled "NOOOO!!!!" to the heavens. Don't ask me any details such as who it was or anything, though. : P ...Notorious
  2. Ah. So you want this: or the updated version: I've used it a fair bit myself, for example during my entire "March of Civilization" challenge The well there and new UI icon shaped like a kidney are both from the Thirst mod. Edit: Except, for console players,not as a mod. I'm thinking a toggleable (and described) option in the settings menu. ...Notorious
  3. Well yeah, but you say "eldtritch" in a Don't Starve context, most people's brains are gonna go straight Lovecraft, so... : P Or on a more serious note, the thing with the Valkyrie falling in love with a human warrior. Wigfrid would be into that one--and in fact, has most likely played that character (Brunhilda). ...also WAIT a minute, Persephone was never a mortal, she was already the Goddess of the Spring! I get the tragedy angle you're going for--the "person from the bright overworld marries the person from the dark gloomy underworld" thing but it's not exactly a dark immortal being and a HUMAN. /mythology nerd mode. ...Notorious
  4. Hmmm, romance between an eldritch entity and a mortal? Couldn't resist and, frankly, didn't want to. ...Notorious
  5. Mountains. It would be called something like "Searching High and Low" and would be about adding a vertical component to the game. ...Notorious
  6. Oh no. DST characters as DnD characters? Great, we're back to my crossing them over with Dungeons of Dredmor again... (from the "Mix the world of the last game you played with DST" thread) Well anyway, Wendy could be a necromancer/summoner type, Willow would be some kind of fire-witch, Wormwood would be a druid, Walter could be...well as the only ranged character, an archer/ranger, maybe? Wigfrid would be a Barbarian or Paladin (I'm mixing different eras of D&D together here, but hey)...there'd be a lot of "some kind of magic-user, I guess" or "some kind of fighter, I guess" characters, and someone should probably be a bard, but I'm not sure who. Kinda temped to pick Maxwell, just because he was forced to listen to music for.....however long that was. : P ...Notorious
  7. ..I am somehow simultaneously both disappointed AND not at all surprised, how many responses this thread has. : P ...Notorious
  8. I dunno about that quote from "JoeW". I don't think he would spell "throne" as "thrown". (Also I don't see why any of the creators of this would legit write a "LOL, ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES!" ending unless they were drunk, in a really bad mood, or joking.) Anyway, do we have to vote on only THESE endings? They're all so weird and...mystical, oooh, symbolic, so deeeeep...I don't know how to describe it, I just don't like that kind of thing. Why can't we just have: The survivors stay where they are, we find out more about the Constant, but it still exists. Maybe it gets better. Maybe we get a different ruler. But no EVERYTHING DISINTEGRATES OR MAGICALLY GOES _INSIDE_ A PERSON WHO BECOMES THE NEW UNIVERSE. Oof. ...Notorious
  9. I've never really hated or run off from something just because it was Popular (though I do sometimes get really annoyed with a thing that EVERYBODY talks about ALL. THE FREAKING. TIME to the point where it makes me not want to try that thing myself...right _then_, anyway) but what I fear, in _making_ something niche...ish more popular, is that it might become more Mainstream. Now, I have faith in Klei, I don't think they'll go this way, but you know what I mean: Suddenly, all the characters are conventionally attractive, generic love stories are shoved into plots where they don't make any sense, writing gets dumbed down/turned into whatever style is In at that time, whether it fits the original thing or know. Hollywood-izing. In games, well...the reason indie games tend to be so much more creative than the big expensive blockbusters is they cost less to make, so there's less at stake, so you can experiment around with it more. But if an indie game studio suddenly decides they want a blockbuster AUDIENCE... Anyway like I said, I VERY much don't think Klei would ever go _that_ far; they're not gonna do the game equivalent of taking off their glasses, putting in contacts, bleaching their hair blonde, throwing away all their dark goth clothes and start hangin' with The Plastics in pink Ugg boots while talking about BOYS!!!! all the time, (so with DST this would equal...taking away the game's last remaining roguelike elements, turning the art style saturated and cutesy, and suddenly writing canon love triangles into the lore) but when people get iffy about something niche-esque that they like starting to go Mainstream, THAT'S what they're worried about happenning. (Well, for me anyway. Some might indeed be more worried about letting in the riff-raff, I guess.) ...and mind you, there's nothing wrong with being pink, blonde and into boys, either, as long as you're not a bad person! It's just that I don't think that style would fit Don't Starve, specifically. ...Notorious
  10. HOLY CRAP. XD I'm...really glad that's not my Hamlet world. (Then again maybe someday it COULD be, if I stopped sucking at it long enough to last that far.) Wow, I used to think I was halfway decent at taking pictures at EXACTLY the right (funny, dramatic, symbolic, etc.) time. Boy was I wrong. I may be a bit better than the casual screenshotter, but I see I've totally gotta step up my Constant Photographer game! Kudos. These are amazing. (Some past examples of my trying to do this) If every picture tells a story, this one had a sad ending. : P My old world got retrofitted to suddenly have an oasis, and the original code had it so that apparently catcoon dens could spawn there, because "if (x) number of birch trees are around..." It was "fixed" soon afterwards, but for a moment, I got to enjoy the cutest world-gen glitch ever. Yeah I'm still not much better at beefalo-taming. Thanks, Bearger bro! You're the best! You can have the monster meat from those hounds, I don't need it. "And Jesus Cat did sleep upon the waves, which shone with a blue radiance like unto the light of Heaven. And it was Good." (this happens if you play Shipwrecked on PC and use the Pets mod. XD) ...pretty... ...yikes! One of a LARGE set of pictures I call "ahhh, spring!" D'awwww! TEENBIRDS SCARE THE LIVING S*** OUT OF ME... Using killer bees to take out the Deerclops was THE BEST IDEA EVER WOOO! ...yep. It's summer all right. (although not for much longer) Good job this year, Easter Bunny. Get some rest, you've earned it. (from the Megarandom/Multilands mod. Dunno if it still works. And yes, the giant bunny WILL become a boss fight if you're carrying meat.) ...of ALL the spawn sites in a _Huge_ world, you just HAD to pick that one, didn't you? "I'm coming, Abigail...!" (while Groot looks on disapprovingly at my bad survival skills) Goth cat. Three dancing fighters! ...two changing fishies! ...and a Wig-friiid by a huge treeeeee! ...Notorious
  11. IRL I'd suck, because I'm a total out of shape wimp. I'd kinda _know_ some things, but physical strength is not my...strong suit. (And yes, I did get Wickerbottom as my result in that "What Don't Starve Together Character Would You Be?" quiz from a while back. I'd LIKE to think it's not just because I'm super-old by internet standards and am also a woman with glasses...) Anyway in the GAME, I'd probably do what I normally do: a little bit of most things. I tend to play alone, so I forage, gather and explore a lot, picking up anything that seems useful as I come across it, until I run out of inventory space or have a full stack. I guess out of the jobs listed here, that would be Logger, Miner, Gatherer, Scout, Helper. I'd also do some crafting and building. Just don't make me stay at base full-time to be The Dedicated Farmer or The Dedicated Cook--it wouldn't work, I'd just wander off to look for stuff anyway. _And then give it to you_, so, like, you wouldn't be able to get TOO mad. ...Notorious
  12. These are way out of date now, but I keep forgetting to post them. Anyway... I went on "NIGHTMARE FUEL QUEST, 2022!!" (to be said to the "tune" of "POOP QUEST, 2017!!" by the Stumpt guys) and didn't find much, but I did find out that apparently some people who died in the Constant before Wendy are just as dark as she is: ...and this was only one of them. There was another that was something like "Finally." Yeek. But do you know what I DID find? Look at my backpack inventory there, to the right. That's right, on the VERY FIRST GRAVE I dug up, I found a friggin' Life-Giving Amulet! (which begs the question: If they died _with that on them_, then...) I want Road Trees lining the main thoroughfare I always use, as Willow has had in her since-2019 world, but this is a world where 2/3 of the year is summer. My solution? Try burning THESE! >:D (although they WILL get meteor'd instead, as their road also passes right through that area.) Wendy: It is almost fall. I am overjoyed. Yay. Birch Trees: Is THAT why you planted us here? Just to suffer show you when the season's gonna change? Me: Yes. Well, NIGHTMARE FUEL QUEST, 2022!! almost completely failed vis a vis graverobbing, so I resorted to the ol' Starver Standby: ...go out to the forest, take shrooms, and beat up whatever appears! (I had MOST of what I needed for a Shadow Manipulator, including the living logs, so.... : P) ...Notorious
  13. Well, I've never played any Endless, but I do have Fermi Paradox on my wishlist. I'm getting it when it goes on (good) sale. I can talk about it after that, I guess. As for DST becoming "more popular"...I'll shorten down my original long-winded pretentious response to just: Not if it has to sacrifice too much of its original self to be so. (And by "original self", I mean dark tone, sketchy/desaturated colours, and overall difficulty.) DON'T genericize it. There are some levels of popularity that aren't worth it. It's a balancing act: I can see where you'd want more players, 'cos more money, but....PLEASE don't chase your original core audience away. ...Notorious
  14. I guess for me I'm okay with it when the white outlines are fairly thin, but when they're BIG. CHUNKY. OUTLINES. IN YO FACE! it's a little...much. And this is coming from someone who has at least two (paid) games in her Steam library ("Epistory" and "Book of Demons") which are _meant_ to look like the world of it is a book and the characters/monsters are paper cut-outs. So I'm not anti...that style in general. I'm just not sure _DS/T_ should be leaning into it like an exhausted person against the nearest wall. : P (also I'm all about pretty bright colors in general, but The Constant should be more desaturated. That fits its mood better. Kthnxbai.) ...Notorious
  15. Okay, FINE, I'll get around to following that animal track. Just as soon as I'm done with oh crap something's on fire again. Hang on. Now, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, the suspicious dirt piles. Hmmm, think I'd like to mine down my existing marble trees so I can get more marble to make more baby ones for my road tree project, now, while many of them are still three-tier, before they shrink down again. (Why don't I use ordinary trees? Have you SEEN this world? It's mostly summer. I want road trees that won't burn. ) Okay that's done, it's the next game day now, but...oops, my crop's gonna rot. Hang on. Okay, bird, I'll feed you, GEEZ... OH CRAP ANTLION AGAIN I gotta go run into a random patch of savannah so my camp doesn't get holed. Oh wow, that flingo is almost empty. Hang on, I gotta chop a lot of trees GOD DAMMIT TREEGUARD...! Okay phew it's fall now, finally, and...oh crap I just heard the Bearger. Okay, ditched the Bearger in the wilderness where he won't destroy anything but trees. Now what were you saying? Waitaminute--hounds. other words, the reason I personally underutilize that because I almost _always_ have something else to do. : P Also I play alone, so if I don't do a thing, it doesn't get done. If there WERE others here to split the tasks up between, sure, I'd do hunts every now and then. As it is, it's like I'm the single mom of four cats, a ghost, a chest, a giant fluffy bug, and a bird, trying to singlehandedly maintain a Stardew Valley style house/farm while the weather AND the local wildlife keep trying to kill me. : P ...Notorious