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  1. I USED to wonder why Wigfrid can't eat butterflies, myself. After all, they're a type of animal, right? ...but then I remembered that in THIS universe, you can freaking _plant_ them to make flowers. And then I stopped wondering. ...Notorious
  2. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    Well, I don't see any reason why we couldn't express ourselves to our loved ones with an arrow through the (telltale) heart WHILE running from special hounds... ...Notorious
  3. YESSS. Precisely the exact comparisons I was trying very hard not to make myself for (oblique) spoiler reasons. EXACTLY. Both of them. All I'll say to the original theory idea in this thread is that while I don't actually _is_ intriguing, and oddly enough would play into my semi-joking "if the characters were duplicants" idea (not my own, but the following is my take on it) which is that they're avatars of real people in whatever futuristic world ONI takes place in, playing through their characters (and betting on them), and perhaps whoever makes it onto the nightmare throne has more power over the _virtual_ world because they won power over others in REAL life somehow. Not at all the same thing as the original post, but it does also kind of blend the player and character together a bit, which is why I thought I'd mention it. (shrug) I can very easily see how the Don't Starve characters (and most video game characters in general, actually*) WOULD start hating and fearing us if they _did_ know about us...but according to all the actually-existing and hinted by Klei themselves lore...They are still the shadows. ...Notorious About the only characters of mine I can see LIKING or at least tolerating me as an All-Powerful Goddess would be my Sims; because I let them have tons of free will and often "rescue" characters from other franchises where they had tragic stories, to live more happy and normal lives in my Sim-worlds. All the others, though...
  4. Wicker's Age?

    Of course, bear in mind Wigfrid technically DOES eat her just have to hide them under the meat like you're dealing with a bratty little kid. XD ...Notorious
  5. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    I've thought about how the other animals would work in game terms's a fun thing to try and figure out. As for tiger...well, TIGERSHARK!! catcoons and kittykits? I'm a Year of the Tiger baby myself, so I'm interested in that one both because of that and because KITTY! Rat and horse I'm not sure about... (I have a mod that among other things, adds some Shipwrecked stuff to the game ("Multi-World"), so that on my exploring around I occasionally run straight past some frolicking sharkittens and annoying goddamned snakes. But, that's a MOD...) ...Notorious
  6. Wicker's Age?

    Speaking of time-travelling, you know who I just realised Wicker kinda reminds me of? Evelyn Smythe, from the Doctor Who radio plays! (and maybe books? not sure) ...ohmygod, I kind of have to write a conspiracy theory fanfic about that like, right now... XD ...Notorious
  7. Antlion Conspiracy???

    WOOOT YEAH! I mean, I dunno... (Well, there IS that screenshot in which Sim-Willow seems to be telling Sim-Wilson a ghost story about the DISCWORLD version of Death* (somebody at Maxis is a faaaann...) but that proves nothing except that possibly SimEarth is Discworld, not the Don't Starve universe...) I originally thought this thread was gonna be about how the Antlion is clearly out to murder the other monarchs of the land, (but isn't very good at it because the game algorithm won't allow the sinkholes to come any closer than that) or perhaps how the moles have actually been an underground (ba-dum-tish!) spy network this whole time, but this is MUCH weirder. I approve. : P ...Notorious
  8. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    ^ What I was about to say. It wouldn't BE on the 19th of January this year, because it's not the same every year. It's a "moveable feast"...kinda like how Easter is sometimes in April, sometimes in March? Yeah, like that. And I've said my opinion on this on another thread, but I'll say it again here: It should be the Year of the Dog, NOT an exact repeat of Year of the Gobbler. It'd be so much cooler to have the in-game holiday change at least a little bit to match the actual Chinese New Year, every time, because that'd be more variety and creativity. There are TWELVE different animals!--it'd be such a waste to stick with just one holiday. On the other hand, there's no reason they couldn't repeat the NON-animal-specific stuff from last year (outfits, fireworks, lanterns, etc.), and perhaps the Gobbler items could be available in the store and/or as drops... I'm more interested to see (a) how the hell they manage to make hounds something fun and festive, and (b) how weird it'll be for this to mix straight into the same week as Valentine's Day. : P (Hey Minespatch. Draw a hound-themed pun Valentine card. I dare you. ;)) ...Notorious
  9. Some stupid shipping thread.

    Not gonna lie, one of my favourite things to do with Sims 3 is just set up/take pure landscape pictures. The game doesn't have the most up-to-date graphics, but it can be so...PRETTY...! I'll sometimes pause right at sunrise or sunset or when it's raining and misty and carefully twirl the camera around to _just_ the right angle so I can take a gorgeous air shot of the whole town, or a road bending off into the trees, or rain as seen from inside, through a window, or snow on the fancy City Hall building*... Like, forget the actual characters; I'm here for the scenery. Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a photographer. : P (The "non-florid postern" is actually a time gate thingie that comes with "Into the Future", by the way--and yes, you can literally go to a future version of the Sims world. More than that THREE different versions: the "normal" one, a utopian one, and a DYStopian one. Which can be caused by stuff your character does in the present. Yes, actual time-travel shenanigans! Love it.) ANYway. I should probably get on making some of the Starvers that I haven't made yet, huh... ...Notorious *All actual examples. And Willow has to be outside in ALL of them! (evil grin)
  10. Some stupid shipping thread.

    Technically yes...! I hadn't thought of that, but yeah...while the players always refer to WX as "him", the CHARACTERS call our robotic starver "it" when examining. So yeah--WX for possible waifu! ...Notorious
  11. The Best Ship

    'Cos this topic pretty much already IS one, amirite?! (dead from random things thrown at her) ...Notorious
  12. Some stupid shipping thread.

    well she would be; she's next to the fire all the time. Also even though it isn't actually necessary, I always have her light the fire every night when it gets dark, for traditon's sake. As far as I can tell this doesn't actually, like, use anything _up_, and what would a Don't Starve-themed lot be without fear of the dark? By the way I found a picture of her with the proper firepit: Seriously look at that thing. LOOK. AT. IT. It pretty much _is_ the standard DS firepit with a fancier graphic/different art style! (and quite a bit more than just two logs.) Pay no attention to the broken time-gate non-florid postern over there; Willow is just being like me and providing a firepit at the entrance for new players. (I actually provide an endo one as well, but since summer in Sims 3 is just unpleasant and not SOUL-MURDERING like in Reign of Giants...) As you can tell from this picture and its combo of (a) green, (b) shivering, and (c) RAAAINNN, it's spring. No frogs though, thank GOD. (I got her a more accurate skirt later on--and when I saw it in the clothing catalog, I was like "WHY didn't I see that EARLIER?!") (Random Sims 3/Don't Starve combo stuff, spoilered to save space) As for this thread needed to be a...poop-post...I dunno, I don't think it's that bad. It's not just here to blatantly insult another forum member/type of player, or go "MY CHARACTER CAN BEAT UP YOUR CHARACTER!", or just randomly be stupid, crude or's just silly. As long as we all behave ourselves and just make up silly pairings for funsies, and keep our fanart clean, it's fine. As for Wendy...the poll even SAYS "Don't pick this option you sick person!" So it's not as if the original poll is actually _encouraging_ pedophilia... But if people wanna draw random pictures or write funny scenes of Maxwell and Wickerbottom bickering like an old married couple, or Wolfgang and Woodie trying to out-MANLY-MAN! each other...what's the harm? Especially if it's Minespatch and his how-the-hell-does-he-draw-everything-so-fast superpower. : P (and please don't make me put my Sims away just yet, I'm having too much fun.) ....Notorious
  13. Showcase for tidy bases [2]

    That is so gorgeous...and so full of materials and items I'm not good enough of a player to get. : P (At least alone, which is how I most often play.) Speaking of alone, I almost completely forgot this screenshot I had lurking in a folder somewhere! Man, this is an oldie: The reason this is "speaking of alone", is that this is technically from regular Don't Starve, not Together. Heck, this isn't just original flavour, it's VANILLA. That's why I have all this burnable stuff together and no fling--fire hounds don't burn down absolutely everything, and there are no wildfires. That said, this is kind of a historical picture for me as it's the first time I made it past Day 100. YAAAAYY! It's always a special occasion, the first time a new Starver makes it into the triple digits*. (wipes tear from eye) I'd like to thank my mom, the Academy, and the tribal pigs down the road who were JUST close enough to lure hounds to conveniently, but JUST far enough away not to attack me at random. (Heck, this was so early in my Not-Starving career, I didn't know whether you actually COULD safely dismantle the previous science/magic machines when you got the next one, or not. Hence why they're all here. : P) But HEY LOOK IT'S SHADOW CHESTER! (also my first time) I think this was also the game where I had my favourite Willow Tale ever--when I set an entire HUGE forest on fire just to keep warm in the winter (heck, might've even been the same winter shown in this picture) because I forgot to bring my warming gear along...and just RAN THROUGH THE FLAMES LAUGHING**. I love oldschool Willow. ...Notorious *The other (time-related) milestones before that being: first night, first hound wave, first winter, and first whole year--bonus points if it's an RoG or Shipwrecked year. Yay. **Well, _I_ was laughing, not Willow. Obviously she couldn't have, since singleplayer doesn't have emotes. : P
  14. Mini base showcase

    ...I dunno, I just get nervous seeing that much burnable stuff packed so close together. Maybe I spent too much time playing as Willow in singleplayer... : P ...Notorious
  15. Some stupid shipping thread.

    I ACTUALLY DON'T HAVE MANY GOOD SCREENSHOTS YET. (but thanks for the enthusiasm. :P) Although...Sim-Wilson is my Steam avatar and has been for over a year and a half. I wanted something that represented one of the main games I play on there the most but that wasn't just grabbed from somewhere, own Sim. Best I could do on short notice. Hee. (I'm also kinda sad that I already made Charlie and put her in the game? 'cos now I don't know how to tell the game that Winona is her sister. You're supposed to set up relationships like that DURING the household/family creation screen, so now it's too late...) I think I have a few pictures of the Sims themselves already uploaded here, however...let's see. (Putting these all behind a spoiler 'cos they're not actually shippy so are off-topic, so I don't wanna take up too much screen real-estate for those who aren't interested in Sims.) And that's what I have uploaded here already, from an earlier thread where stuff like this came up (I think?). If you want more, I think I can dredge up stuff like the Birthday Party in the Rain, Willow running from her own BEEEEEEESSSSSS!! and a shot of Willow telling Wilson a ghost story inside his house (one of the few times she gets to be indoors, poor girl). Those two are the ones that have been in the game the longest, which is why I have the most gameplay pictures of them. ...Notorious