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  1. Random notes: --Oh yeah, I forgot about the monkeys. I've decided to go with Sugawolf's nickname for them*, myself: "Blender-mouth". : P Again, THANK YOU, Sunset Skye. And bear in mind, those who throw around the word "snowflake" as an insult...if you get enough snowflakes _together_, they can cause a MOTHER EFFING AVALANCHE. So it might not have all the wimpiness connotation you meant there. --Sunset is on my good list, Warbucks and Hell-Met are on my blocked list. I ain't got time for this. Life has enough misery as it is, that you absolutely CAN'T avoid. Why the beep should I deliberately expose myself to _optional_ awfulness. Build character? Build even _more_ reason to take my anti-depressive meds, you mean. Frell that. Life already throws real death of people I love at me, sickness, aging, friends moving away and stopping being friends...if I can block internet jerks I'm gonna. SEEya! EDIT: Not everybody _can_ use mods (such as console users), so I'm voting for the original toggle idea. ...Notorious *He was actually talking about the Shipwrecked monkeys at the time, but they have the same teeth, so...
  2. Faster Boat/ Boat Variants?

    Ba-DUM-tish! Seriously, I like all these suggestions so far, especially the "more boat shaped" thing. And as for more mobs, including rainbow jellies...yeah! I mean, we wouldn't want poor Jerald to be lonely, would we? ...Notorious
  3. Leafy meat is a misnomer, because it's only technically meat, and as Wigfrid likes to put it, is only "fake meat". And this is the first time that edible matter and animals have been merged. Unless you're Woodie, you can't eat grass. And all other creatures that had leafy meat were mere plant-based life forms, with characteristics that made them not just: Fruit+Lizard+Moon = Adorable Fruit Dragon I like to think of it this way: if it droppeth monster meat, it has been affected by "the fuel". Uh, just to clarify...I meant only a mix of PLANT and animal in general, not necessarily _edible_ plants. When I used the phrase "vegetable kingdom" I actually meant more like, in the general category, like "Animal, vegetagble, or mineral?"--I apologise if that was confusing to anyone. Or in the taxonomic sense--like we're Kingdom Animalia, a pine tree is Kingdom Plantae. Aside from the "domain" (or empire, or superkingdom, etc.) uber-category, that's _as far apart as things can GET_ on the family "tree" (lel) of life, and yet the Don't Starve universe is SO weird, it hybridises stuff from both into the same living being. And that's weird. And the moon creatures are weird in that same way--a mix of animal and plant, regardless of edibility by humanoids. Hence, my supposition that there might've been influence from the moon long ago, that lasted long enough to make/influence a few species, and then the influence went away but the creatures didn't, living on as evidence that it had happened. And now, after an unspecified long time, the Lunar Influence is back again. It's probably on some kind of thousands-of-years cycle, knowing how these things tend to go in fantasy universes... As for the swimsuits--yeah, they were added right along with the Willow update. Which is awesome, 'cos I've been thinking that old-fashioned '20s bathing suits would be ADORABLE in this game for the longest time. Fun fact: My brother and I were playing right on that day, and he got one of the new swimsuits within HOURS of them even existing in the game*. And he doesn't even play all that often, which makes it a _doubly_ funny coincidence! ...Notorious *This might also be some odd family trait, 'cos I got a bumble staff as a drop barely after THEY were added. I still remember somebody thinking it was a mod when I posted my first screenshot with it...
  4. THANK. YOU. Yes, that's exactly what I was hoping somebody would say--that it's possible to like dark stuff, dark tones, even specifically Lovecraftian stuff* without liking _gross_ stuff. I don't know what it is, but there's something specifically about body horror which just ICKs me faster than anything. Even when it's cartoony, such as Klaus having _a chained MOUTH ON HIS STOMACH_, or obviously fake, such as that horrible Photoshopped picture with the holes in the fingers, and if you look that up it's your own darn fault. For me, with the hounds, it's not so much that they're _skinless_, as that they look like their already-huge mouths (seriously, when a hound dies, what you see is MOUTH TONGUE TEETH vestigial body attached underneath) go _all the way to the backs of their bodies_. That doesn't look like ribs to me. They're SEPERATE PIECES, top and they look like TEETH! They even overlap like teeth when the horror hound dies... Actual skinless wouldn't be so bad; it'd just look like one of those Inside-Out-Man things, with the muscles showing and such. Regular zombie look wouldn't be so bad. THIS is drawn in such a way that I can't tell whether it's (relatively) normal bone structure or EEEEEWWW WHAT IS THAT GET IT AWAY IT SHOULDN'T BE ALIVE!, and that's what gets me. _If the bone parts inside the torso weren't SEPERATED_, it'd be a normal falling-apart zombie and would be so much better. (I mean, we're all used to zombies by now. I don't even LIKE them and I've still got several bits of media I DO like, that happen to _contain_ zombies, such as Organ Trail, Plague Inc. Evolved, the Rebuild trilogy, the anime Zombieland Saga, and the Discworld and Xanth books.) But this looks like they have an already huge mouth.....and then even more mouth, going even _further_ back into the torso. It's like they're completely _made_ out of WANTING TO EAT YOU. All I know is, if I run into one of those things in my game I'm NOPEing away from the computer as fast as possible...and there goes the run, 'cos, ya know, unpauseable online game. Whoops. (Or, even if I shut the game down _properly_ right away, there STILL goes the run, 'cos I ain't continuing that particular world, knowing I'll be immediately greeted by THAT once it finishes loading...) ...Notorious *I've got Darkest Dungeon in my Steam library, guys, including the "Colour of Madness" DLC, which is directly based off "The Colour From Out of Space", a story that freaked the CRAP out of me. But I've still got that content in a game that I actively play, and, in fact, I also _crossed over_ the two games on purpose when I downloaded and used the "Darkest Forge" mod. Heh.
  5. Void Base?

    That is AMAZING. I've always kind of wanted to live in a void! ...wait. ...Notorious
  6. Faster Boat/ Boat Variants?

    That, would be BADASS. DST houseboats? Yes please! Also yeah, I'd like to see some variant that changes the speed/travel style from slow, laborious rowing to the Standing Proudly at the Bow, In a Hero Pose, the Wind Whipping At Your Hair! change between the raft and the sailboats in Shipwrecked. Also that pose is hilarious and it'd be amazing to see DST players doing that in unison. XD (lol I just realised it looks like Wendy and Willow are actually in the same location here. Nope. These are both from Shipwrecked, not modded DST, so...two entirely different playthroughs. : P) ...Notorious
  7. Horror Bosses

    Huh, when I read "horror bosses", my first guess was _boss versions of the NEW things_. So, like a horror VARG, was the first place my brain went. But mutating the bosses we already have via the effects of Lunitari the moon island would be cool too...and terrifying... (I REALLY don't wanna run into a horror varg. holy. crap. : P) ...Notorious
  8. No glommer?

    Nope. I had a Glommerless world with no mods at all, long ago (2016). It can totally happen. ...Notorious
  9. We need a /shanty emote!

    If not the song, how 'bout a new dance? I wanna see the characters do the Sailor's Hornpipe! It'd totally go right along with the step and chicken dances... ...Notorious
  10. The mothling is SO CUTE! Too bad I'll likely have a kitty already by the time I'm able to get one, unless it takes me a while to find the pet den (which has been known to happen). At the moment I haven't even gotten to the Lunar Island yet, hence my "DERP HOW I DO DIS?" questions--last time I played, I suddenly lost connection on like the dawn of day...4? and hadn't found gold yet, which means no science machine, no thingie, no boats and no island. I was just about to explore a desert when suddenly the game went NOPE, so I might've been _close_ to gold... The Pokemon saladmander is frickin' adorable, and yes, it even seems to have an "evolved" form! : P If you think about it, though, this and the carrat are not at all the first times the animal and vegetable kingdoms have weirdly crossed over in Don't Starve...Grass Geckos and Lureplants both drop leafy MEAT, treeguards drop monster MEAT, and you'd think Wigfrid would be willing to eat butterflies since, ya know, they're in the animal kingdom but nope! You plant them in the ground and they become flowers. wut. So...all this combines to tell me that the lunar influence actually first affected the Constant MUCH earlier, and we're just now being able to see the _source_. Similar to how nightmare fuel was affecting things all over the place way before we found the source of magic Fuelweaver... And, 'cos I'm a ginourmous book nerd, all this stuff about proximity to/being on the moon (or a piece of it?) reminds me of that one Dragonlance it up) "Darkness and Light". No wonder it took me a bit to remember the title; the main part of it I remember has _nothing_ to do with the main plot! But...I remember that part better because I found it so much more FUN than the main plot... Anyway at one point the main characters go in a rickety Gnome-made (EFF YEAH TINKER GNOMES WHOO)...rocket ship? to Lunitari, the Moon of Neutrality. It is also, however, the moon of CHAOS, and every second you or anything else spends on there starts to mess you up. Starting from irritability/random mood swings on up to physical mutation to the point of becoming a new _species_, and the things ALREADY living there are...yeah. Forget the cheesy you-already-know-its-doomed-'cos-this-is-a-prequel romance story (and they're not actually interesting together anyway)--bring on the freaky science fantasy! (See also: The Greygem of Gargath, which was used back in Krynn's prehistory by a god to split one race into multiple, and later on was captured by a warlock who then found out WHY only gods should even go near the thing. Yikes. And I think it was made from a piece of the same moon, but I could be wrong.) So...yeah! Moon whose very proximity makes things mutate. Yep. ...Notorious
  11. Why not both? Well, the game _is_ called Don't STARVE... Nah, the carrat doesn't bother me at all. Fun pun, weirdly adorable (emphasis on the "weird" part). The animation makes it, I think. Now, the zombie encrystaled pengulls and ESPECIALLY the j[awokeprkl;wseor0q34ioepawkoe4fl;ek side-mouth hounds? Yeah, I'll just be over here washing out my eyes, brain and SOUL with bleach. Don't mind me. (I'm not even kidding--even after seeing it several times, I STILL kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up when I look at those things. I wish I didn't, but I do. :() On a lighter note, it was mentioned in another thread here that the mothling apparently...actually does something? Do enlighten us, O Dataminer! ...Notorious
  12. A crazy theory!

    Hmm. I'm now picturing something like those hollowed-out asteroid settlements you sometimes see in sci-fi--for example, I just read a book where they went into great detail about exactly how you make the ecologies in those, starting off from how to make _the soil itself_, up. In that, they had something called a "sunline", a rotating cylinder in the middle of the open space of the cylinder, which turned at a pace that would make a natural amount of daytime (or not, if the people making this particular settlement want something different). You can even have it turn in segments, so that different areas of the cylinder get different amounts of sunlight for particular types of day, to simulate different climates--or even seasons! As far as I remember, things are spaced far enough apart so that it LOOKS like a normal sun rather than a big yellow turning flourescent light-fixture, from the "ground" (inside skin of the cylinder)*... BUT, this is all starting to sound way more like an Isaac Arthur video than a fantasy world. (Not that that's a BAD thing!: P) Still. I have, myself, theorized sci-fi-ish stuff about the Constant (back before we knew it had a name)--such as, maybe the asteroid fields move over time because the planet isn't always at exactly the same part of its orbit/rotation when it passes through the asteroid cluster, or how if you think of each segment of the clock as an "hour", then the day is 16 hours long rather than 24. Stuff like that. (And heck, Earth's own day used to be WAAAYYY the freak shorter, back when it was first hit by Theia and eventually got the moon...) ...Notorious *The book in question is "2312" by Kim Stanley Robinson, for anyone wondering. I really should get around to writing a review of that in the "Book Club" thread over in the off-topic section...
  13. [Game Update] - 334676

    So...Don't Starve xenomoprhs. Funny, I was just thinking about those in the category of "things with too many mouths"... (even more fun, THOSE are halfway real...there's those eels with the second set of jaws that springs out of their throat! The ocean be SCARY, yo.) ...Notorious
  14. Screenshot showcase

    EEE I WANT THAT FLOATING BASE! Aka "'Don't Starve Together' Meets 'Raft'" : P Man, those oases are AMAZING! The road ones don't bother me so much (in fact, I'd probably just fall over laughing if that showed up on my server) but some of the others...MAAANNN... Those are even worse than stuff like this: GAME: Suuuure, you can have a touchstone. It's okay if it's in a chess biome, right? (And even more amusing, if I'm guessing correctly...this and your Oasis Shenanigans were both spawned while using mods _made by the same person_. Heh. "Advanced World Generation", right? The above is from a world made using the "Desert Enhancement" mod.) Wormholes being way too close to each other...I'm also reminded of this: Awww, the wormhole and the cave are in love. <3 And, fresh off the beta... NARRATOR: The ocean. Source of all life. And all-- WENDY: ...tragic drowned heroines. NARRATOR : (clears throat, begins again) I SAID: The ocean. Source of all life. And many mysteries. WENDY: DARK mysteries. Like my SOUL. NARRATOR: (throws up hands, walks out of studio) I give up! That's it! I've had it! If I can't get even two sentences out without some goth kid interrupting me, you can get someone else to voice-over your damn documentary! And then Wendy got bored and kicked the fire. Which sounds like it should be a euphemism for something, but it isn't. ...Notorious
  15. [Game Update] - 334676

    Oh. Oh god. The horror hounds! THE HORROR HOUNDS! ...are...are those exposed zombie-like ribs, or...even...more...mouuuttthhh? koawjeiofjklw'ejfwio[aefj GEH that's creepy! And I thought the hounds in this game were _way_ too much mouth already... (I'm not a fan of Klaus for the same reason--I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN A DIFFERENT BODY PART CAN ALSO EAT ME. I'm funny that way.) What exactly triggers these guys to show up, so I can make sure to not eat anything ahead of time interact properly with the new content? ...backs away from Tapirus VERY QUICKLY. Oh, this? This bottle of holy water? Yeah I carry it around with me all the time. Think nothing of it! A heh heh heh... On a lighter note, THE SALADMANDERS! Question: Do they get along with...or _eat_ grass geckos? Either way, DST now has TWO adorable lizardy things. Who says reptiles can't be cute? (Yeah, I throw up/have nightmares at body horror but can go "Ooh, look at that cute widdle snake! ERMAGERD LOOKIT THE FUZZY BUG!" Yep.) The mothling I'm guessing is a pet? going by the animations... Big question: HOW DOES ONE GET TO ALL THE LUNAR STUFF? Like..._any_ of it. Cave? Ruins? Only on the full moon, but on the surface? Certain moon phase AND underground? I really hope it's not deep-ruins-digging-only like the Fuelweaver stuff, otherwise I ain't never gonna see it in person. I SUCK at the caves. And last but not least, the way Wilson's head is twitching off-time with his hands on the title screen is...ih. What _is_ it about things that are just a leeeetle bit off being so much creepier than things that WAY are? : P I guess that's the deal with the uncanny valley, huh... ...Nototious