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  1. Book Club

    In my case, I've been reading them only occasionally, stretched out between other books, so it doesn't...feel like a slog? I didn't actually set out to do that on purpose; it just kinda keeps turning out that way. : P As for depiction of women...hhmmmmm....well, I can't say it's perfect, but we meet the awesome little package of badass that is Sgt. Karin Murphy in the very first book, and she's a very major character throughout. Molly is unfortunately sexualised a bit too much, especially after she becomes a young adult and before CENSORED BY THE COUNCIL OF NONSPOILERISTAN, even while the _character_ Harry doesn't think of her that way (because he knew her when she was a little kid). And then when Charity Carpenter DOES SOMETHING SPOILERY, the very-Christian housewife with a bunch of kids suddenly becomes a GOD. DAMNED. VALKYRIE. (Complete with being tall and having blonde hair, both of which were established much earlier. Well, and then there's the ACTUAL Valkyrie we run into later...) And I can legit see this in her character from how she was established before. Most of the females in the story run from ordinary background people to Do Not Mess With in a mundane way to HOLY BEEP STAY THE BEEP AWAY OMG RUN. Although that category also contains males and...undetermineds. Basically don't mess with much of anything in the Dresden Files universe unless you know what you're doing. And even then, probably not. So..bang up to date modern version of PC (that's politically correct, not player character or personal computer--since this IS a gaming forum, both of those others _could_ apply. : P) with non-binary and trans people being represented and such? No, not really, at least in the books I've read so far. But _problematic_ depictions of women? Not...really... Like, not perfect, but not _oldschool_ problematic either. I guess YMMV on this, really. Not that I'm trying to get you to read the books RIGHT NOW, or anything, just...saying that they're not dismiss, forget about forever and throw-away level either. (shrug) ...Notorious
  2. Book Club

    The Dresden Files books are _normally_ pretty dang good, which is why I was pissed off at that one book--it got rid of a lot of beloved stuff from the series that had been well-built-up over the years. Yes, I agree with the people saying that's what made it that much more effective, that you'd had time to get to know all this stuff before the big "changes" happened...but then I veer off and say that makes it more DEPRESSING, not awesome! I think part of the thing is, the Dresden Files are now part of an _oversaturated_, become-generic, Urban Fantasy genre. Like, I saw the Nostalgia Critic (whom I now no longer watch*) and Nash's review of the Sci-Fi Channel show version (which is REALLY messed up from the books, so don't take that as an indication of what you'll actually see in the pages) and the VERY SECOND Nash said the words "urban fantasy", Nostalgia Critic got up and tried to leave. BUTTT...when _I_ was introduced to the series, it was through a copy of the audiobook of the first one with James Marsters reading it, because the friend who reccommended it was a massive super dooper plus-ultra "Buffy" fan. She went off into other stuff James Marsters read; _I_ went: "Huh. I'd like to see more of this actual story..." and just started reading it without knowing any of the outside trappings. The whole genre that some people are now sick of, the fact that the books were already HUGELY popular and had a TV show and a comic book, and...all of that. Besides it might be one of those cases of the thing that seems really generic now seems that way BECAUSE it was _first_ and everyone copied it. Or, the most famous/successful early one. Like, _man_, Lord of the Rings is such TYPICAL high fantasy, isn't it? Geez! There have, of course, been urban/modern fantasy things before the Dresden Files, but I think that might be the first series that _really_ got the public's attention with said genre. (My personal favourite is an old TV movie I saw a long time ago, called "Cast a Deadly Spell", which is a film-noir detective story in a world where (almost) everyone uses the 1940s. In...San Francisco, I think? It's just as atmospheric as it sounds.) If none of what I just said is the reason you never picked up the Dresden Files books, then nevermind. : P But in general, they're pretty good. The universe is built up gradually and deeply over time, and the main character is the flawed, human type where he gets beat up and _does_ admit to feeling pain, etc. (A LOT. A LOT a lot. By the end of pretty much every book I'm like "HOW ARE YOU STILL STANDING?!") Also snark and pop culture references. So....well if you have some spare time, try taking the first book out from the _library_ to see what you think, 'cos then it won't cost you any money. ...Notorious *See #ChangetheChannel and that's a whole OTHER story of bitterness I'm not getting into right now...
  3. Mad Libs 2: Electric Boogaloo

    XD I know! So many good weirdnesses in this one. --Beyonce, Goddess of Brutality! --Throwing chandeliers. While naked. (The thrower, not the chandelier. Well I guess that would be naked too, technically.) --I love that the thing that replaced the torch IS still something that's supposed to be set on fire! --Poor duck! --Nitroglycerin skating? Now THAT'S some extreme sports! --Speed...sitting. XD --And, again, Deadpool sashaying around an ice rink. : P These are seriously fun, and I'll do another one if people want, but maybe a shorter one. This IS one of my longest Mad Libs and I knew what I was getting into when I started it. Heh. ...Notorious
  4. Mad Libs 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Oh, thank goodness. I thought this was completely dead forever. Normally I'd want more than one person's answers so I can pick and choose, but it's been MONTHS, I'll freaking _take_ it! Okay. I filled those in and...that's it. We're DONE! Xedlord, you dropped out at the very end. And seriously, how hard is it to think of random famous people or characters? For pete's sake--Elvis, Mickey Mouse, Sailor Moon! Bang off the top of my head. There are SO MANY. Why did you just flop over and die? ANYWAY. This tells me that next time I can only do my shorter ones, to try and schedule them for nowhere near holidays or game events, and to _definitely_ get more people involved in the thread first. So, in case anybody is still reading this... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Olympics! The Olympics began in Ancient Greece, in the city-state of *Denver*, named after *Beyonce*, Goddess of *Brutality*. The original games included events such as running races, throwing the *chandelier*, wrestling, *jet-ski* racing, and *flailing*, all of which were done naked because why not. The reward to the victor was a *rabbit*, which was to be worn on the head. Then they would carry the champion on their *pores* and cheer. The modern Olympics are held once every *1,600 eons* and are hosted by a different city each time. The symbol of the Olympics is a *cigar*, which must always be kept burning. It is carried by runners from the city where the Olympics just ended to the next one, being passed off many times along the way. Once the games have begun, the *cigar* must not go out until the games end, which takes *3 trillionths of a nanosecond*. Many things remain unchanged from Ancient Greek times, but there are many differences, too. For one thing, there are a LOT more commercials during the Olympics now. For another thing, there are several new events, including swimming, diving, weight-*meowing*, fencing, *tomato*-vaulting, and many others. Notable is the marathon, which we should have listed back in the Ancient Greek part of this Mad Lib but forgot, based off the story of *Philip J. Fry*, a soldier who ran *a Planck length* to the city of *Spooksville McKunkernuck* with an urgent message, but died of exhaustion just afterwards. Today's marathon-runners go the same distance but, thanks to *boxes* handed to them from the sidelines, they don't die anywhere near as often. Also we have gymnastics, in which an athlete grabs hold of a bar with their *iris*, does fancy flips and twists around it for a bit, then lands on a *duck*. Today, we have something that the Ancient Greeks couldn't have, on account of their *black* climate--the Winter Olympics! These include events such as ski-*pouring*, luging (in which you lie down on a *book* and zoom along a track at speeds upwards of *1,725 feet* an hour, with very little protection), bobsledding, *nitroglycerin*-skating, and speed-*sitting*. When a modern athlete wins first place in an event, a gold *chicken* is placed around his/her *fur*, while the second and third place winners recieve *chickens* of silver and bronze, respectively. Then all three athletes climb up on little *mushrooms* while the flags of their countries are *skedadled* and the first-place winner's national anthem is played. Some noted Olympic champions include *Benjamin Franklin*, who won the gold in the year *42* for diving but injured himself in doing so; *Michelle Obama* and *Barack Obama*, a figure-skating pair who won the gold twice in a row, and *Ryan Reynolds*, who won a record *eleventeen* (?) times in the sport of *sashaying*. We can learn a lot from these great athletes. By watching them, we can learn what it is to be totally devoted to something, to never give up, to constantly strive to be the best, and all for the highest goal of all: social media fame. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THERE. I dunno, I think it turned out pretty funny. My god, some of those mental IMAGES... XD (I'm now totally imagining Deadpool sashaying around an Olympic stadium and, gotta wouldn't be out of character. : P But, flipping around things with your EYE? Ick! Also HOW?!) ...Notorious
  5. Book Club

    HOO boy, Minespatch. Speaking of children's stories being more violent and dark than we think of them nowadays? GET READY FOR A TRAIN RIDE. I am not kidding. Oz is _so_ much more than the one movie, it's _so_ much weirder, creepier, more colourful, fun, strangely progressive...(many of the most powerful/influential people in Oz are female, and there's a character who's technically trans*...) There's a motherbeeping _steampunk ROBOT_! Made out of copper with clockwork and rivets and everything! There's that whole one where they go to the center of the....whatever planet Oz is on and run into one weird society after another, with my favourite part being the part about the princesses who each represent a different type of light. (So...they're basically the modern-day fad thing of taking concepts and objects and making them into cute girls, without the anime part.) Electricity-Chan is the baby sister, of course. : P There's "Those kids today and their darned loud music!" about ragtime, the Shaggy Man is basically a hippie from decades earlier, there's the Glass Cat, the Patchwork Girl who keeps rhyming all the time, the Gump, which is...yeah, the Gnome King, and the creepiest villianess ever (or up there, anyway) Princess Languidere. Oh, and then there's the Death Desert! Literally. And I've only scratched the surface. Put it this way: When you read the actual books, you realise that Oz is WAY more than just a movie and is, in fact, a proper, developed, full fantasy world all of its own. It may have less realistic rules than stuff like, say, Lord of the Rings, but it's definitely a full fantasy world. I totally applaud your decision to do this and hope you keep going, because _more people need to know the actual books_! And as you may have found out, even the FIRST book, the one that the happy bright Technicolour musical with the famous songs and characters is based off _also_ way darker than you'd expect. The part with the Tin Woodsman and the wolves. Yikes. You know what I would reccommend afterwards? The Mary Poppins books. Yes, plural. Again, WAY darker, stranger... Yeah, I've also read Peter Pan and kids' stories back then didn't kid around, man. Of course, I also had a big ol' collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales sitting around that I'd read before that, so I wasn't TOO shocked (and then there's Hans Christian Andersen, who could _seriously_ have used some therapy) but, yeah... As for what I'VE read recently myself, that's another whole story...but I don't feel up to ranting right now. Let's just say: If you're reading the Harry Dresden Files and haven't gotten to the book "Changes"'re NOT gonna like it. For some reason it's most people's favourite and yes, it is a roller coaster, but _so are most of the others_! It was just so freaking _dark_ and bleak and mean. Harry DID things. He did things that made me not freaking LIKE him anymore. He crossed lines like a mofo. ("And the worst thing is...I can live with it. I _can_ live with it.") I do _not_ like when previously likeable and trustworthy characters go dark. It's the main thing that makes me drop series and get angry at writers. Lookin' at you, reboot Battlestar Galactica and Heroes. No, the type of "changes" they're talking about here are less _replacing_ an old thing with something new, and more BLOWING EVERYTHING INTO TINY LITTLE BITS AND THEN SETTING THE BITS ON FIRE AND BLOWING AWAY THE ASHES! (So, basically, letting a griefer into your camp. Including, yes, part of the destroying _did_ actually involve fire.) A more accurate name for the book would be...Loss. ...well I guess that WAS my review of it. Never mind. : P ...Notorious *But yes, then there's also the Hottentots, I haven't forgotten them. At the time, as a kid, I thought they WERE actually supposed to be a whole other species of person! I mean, after all, Oz is legit full of those...
  6. I THOUGHT that was a pig arm! I was thrown off by thinking all the arms belonged to player characters. : P ...Notorious
  7. That's what I was wondering! I can't figure that one out. Me, I luckily don't fall into the "draw everyone with the same stick body type" thing...because I have my OWN way of doing it "wrong": I do everyone in more or less my usual style, which involves full adult body proportions (or close, 'cos I STILL suck at proportions to this day) instead of giant heads and tiny bodies in general. Like this: (spoilered so it'd be less obnoxious. Although, I dunno, this thread DID start off by talking about how _fans_ tend to draw the characters...maybe fanart is okay here? Just in case, though.) ...Notorious
  8. Wait, WHAT?! They hairball up _their own tail_? Or someone else's? Either way that's hardcore as hell. XD ...Notorious
  9. "Here, kittykittykitty! Do you want the stinger? Yes you do! Yes hims _does_ want the stinger!" XD (although actually these days I take care of excess stingers with the Spike Trap mod. But not everyone is on PC, so...) Well, to be fair, my first kittykit's first meal ever WAS a cactus. : P ...Notorious
  10. Yes I know. Still freaking hate it. I don't know how to write what I actually want to write without like, pasting in from another text program or something. Pain in the butt. I just want to call it the One Animal-Other Animal, is that so wrong? Like this: Mammal-Bird. Not Bird-Bird or Mammal-Mammal. Not Mammal/Bird, like it's one or the other and not both. Animal HYPHEN Different Animal. Is that so wrong? Sigh. ...Notorious
  11. [Game Update] - 301875

    Any news on what the "quality of life" updates might be? THAT'S the part that just leapt out at me in that one update. If it's what I think it is, eeee! Do we finally get some of the stuff that only DST has, that normal DS has been missing for far too long? Tooth-traps working less annoyingly? Continuing to gather while carrying something in the cursor "hand"? Gates? Resource variants? ICE GROWING BACK? What spore of madness is this?! Seriously _any_ of those would be super awesome, and most of them I really have never seen any lore conflicts with, either. After all, when RoG came in, the world suddenly got _two entire new seasons_ and the occupant of the Thone? Still hadn't changed! If that can happen without Charlie, so can grass geckos and meteors. ...Notorious
  12. South?! Wouldn't that be north? For Canada to be south of (most of) the characters, they'd have to be from literally the North Pole itself or something--Canada reaches right into the Arctic Circle. Seriously look up all those fiddlybits islands that eventually just become ice sheets--it's kinda nuts. There's also an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island! Which has...nothing to do with its northness, it's just in that area in general, and interesting. Also the Spring Giant (I HATE how this board's stupid programming makes you type the same animal twice in a row no matter what you do, so I just sidestep that by calling it "The Spring Giant") is probably a girl, since it lays eggs. Anyway...yeah I'm down for the idea that Glommer might possibly be from the same general area as Hamlet. He's gotta live SOMEwhere else all that time, and is almost weird-looking enough to fit in with the Hamlet bugs...why he shows up at the full moon we don't know, but apparently someone was worshipping him or something since there's that statue, and...there's stuff going on in the DS universe we still don't know. ...Notorious
  13. Does Grass Suit have a use?

    Simple! You use it if: --You haven't found any gold yet but want _some_ protection before going into a dangerous area. --You're doing a challenge where you're not allowed to use certain items, or no science machine, or whatever. --If you just died and lost all your stuff. --And last but not least it makes a HELL of a rip-roarin' fire when it's down to the last few percent. I myself use grass suits--at least briefly--fairly often. In fact, a kinda fun little story happened recently regarding that. Okay, so, my brother and I were playing DST on a shared server, but to our horrible luck after searching the entire left half of the map there was just no gold ANYWHERE. No gold rocks. No rock zones at all, in fact. No desert. No pig king. No graveyards. No NOTHING. And, to get to the right side of the map...ya had to go through this horrible CORRIDOR OF BEEEEEEEESS. Narrow little bridge full of deadly stuff, just like Adventure Mode. Well, in a last-ditch attempt, I said "Welp. It's not the best, but I can at least make a GRASS suit. Wish me luck!" and just went for it. Plowed through at full speed and came out the other side, where I found a wormhole that yes, led back to the left side, so we could just SKIP the bees entirely anytime we wanted to go over there. Gold rocks were found quickly and the base started finally taking shape. I'd like to say the grass suit helped me in this endeavour...but no, the kicker to this story is that I somehow didn't even get hit ONCE. Not a single sting, from all those swarms of hornets. The suit was still at 100% when I came out of the corridor! XD But the point is it was THERE, and it _might_ have made it so I only got injured instead of deaded. So hey. Edit: BRING BACK THE GRASS SUIT FOR HAMLET, DANGIT! Also the parasol! ...Notorious
  14. Why humans griefing?

    Okay, regards the beginning of this thread...I started off thinking it was the original poster complaining about people being griefers TO them, then it seems later on they're upset and confused about why other people would kick them out after they themselves WERE a griefer to others, and it's so badly Google-translated that I can't understand even HALF of it due to incredibly strange grammar... ...and now we're talking about catcoons. Okay then! ...Notorious
  15. Screenshot showcase

    OCEAN: Yum, cherries! Well, at least it got a treat for Winter's Feast. XD And the feeling is mutual apparently. GOD DAMN was that thing ever determined to destroy your base. I still kinda wonder, if you don't even SEE it before summer, let alone piss it does the Antlion even _know you exist_? My theory is: Moles. Those burrowing little snitches. I would normally file this away under "Aaaahh, SPRING!" (i.e., this season is just LIKE that, it's made out of chaos) but THIS is a bit much! I don't think I've even _had_ 3 frog rains in the same spring, and I had a world once where spring was _50 days long_ every single year. Wow. On the other hand--who wants jerky? ...Notorious