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  1. Okay, after WAY too much time, I have finally finished: My '70s playlist! 70s Songs--Chronologically By Year Arranged, as I do all of these, strictly in as close to the order they came out as I can, usually not only by year but by at least month if not exact day of that year. (This is partly why these chronological playlists take so long to make--it involves a lot of looking stuff up and writing down notes first. The other reason, of course, is that I go through occasional months of "don't feel like it" and flake off for a while partway through.) I put them in order to hear how the trends and styles of music evolved over that decade--and how the real-world attitudes were changing as well. This way, you can (eventually) go from soft folk, gritty hard rock and trucker country to disco, punk and new wave in their proper times, rather than those jumbled "decade here" collections where they just kinda toss everything together. (Said jumbled lists may or may not have been my "Oh, YEAH?!" inspiration for doing these in the first place. : P) It makes kind of a time capsule of the decade itself, in music form. This is a HONKING huge playlist, so here are seperate lists for each year to help you break it down into (slightly) more manageable chunks: 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 If you can think of it and it's from this decade, chances are it's here (or another song by the same group, maybe). Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, David Bowie, Blondie, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, the Carpenters, Captain and Tennille, Lynyrd Skynrd, the Ramones, Kiss...yep, all here. Silly one-hit wonders? We got those. Meme songs? Yes, at least a few ("SWEEEET HOME, ALABAMA!" is from 1974, after all). And of course, a decent smattering of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack. Enjoy old faves again, learn new ones, find out "Oh THAT'S what that song is called!" or just laugh at my taste--whichever way you choose to listen to this playlist, I hope it provides a fun retro soundtrack for the upcoming summer. Have a Nice Day! ...Notorious
  2. Yeah, I just looked it up and the first soda can was made in the 1960s. Of course, we also have to wonder here whether or not to count character quotes in this anachronism (probably not, but still) because off the top of my head I can remember Wilson referencing a cartoon from the 1990s and Webber quoting a David Bowie song from 1980...and that's just right off the top of my head. WILSON: (examines log) "It's big, it's heavy, it's wood!" (from "Ren and Stimpy") WEBBER: (examining ashes) "Funk to funky." ("Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Major Tom's a junkie...") The REAL answer here is of course: The devs are having fun throwing in little jokes. But if we're gonna start taking anachronistic soda cans seriously, well...I dunno, I guess my theory here is the rifts could be affecting their brains? Thinning walls between realities and all that. ...Notorious
  3. HEYO, LET'S GO! I've been waiting for a summer _something_ to make that season more interesting and unique, for like, EVER. WHOO! SUMMER THING! Think of all the great stuff you can do in summer, like: Barbecue with your friends! Go fishing! Enjoy the sun! And of course, everybody's favourite summer activity: Dying in a sandstorm. (In fact, I find the dead of summer so dull, I did something about that in a DIFFERENT game. I made a custom holiday in Sims 4 called "It's Hot and Boring Day", where you have a barbecue and jump in the pool's hot and boring.) (Note that one should only partake of the streaking tradition after A LOT OF SUNSCREEN. Also, the "drinking" icon here looks like a booze, but I'm thinking more just "It's July in the desert--drink water, stupid!" : P) Anyway other people already talked about the Webber rework, Wagstaff's appearance, the gameplay trailer, etc. better than I could, so I thought I'd just chime in on the season thing. ...Notorious
  4. Well okay while I get what you were going for here with the snarky wording, it was actually freezing while _insane_, and if you were being chased by something that has a sanity-lowering aura, _in winter_? Yeah you'd DEFINITELY die faster. Source: Personal experience playing DST Willow in 2016. It was after that when I downloaded and used my first mod, which in this case turned Willow back to her original DS self...COMPLETELY, including the random insantiy fires. THAT was how annoying her nerfed version was. I figured, _I_ was used to it and I was mainly gonna be playing alone anyway, so... (But it startled the crap out of anybody else playing WITH me who picked her and didn't know about the mod.) I'd say stuff about the other characters in this thread, but I'm feeling kinda sick right now so I dun wanna. Maybe later. ...Notorious
  5. I read this title and was like, "World _quality_? Man, that's really vague and subjective". Anyway while I personally LIKE resource variety and welcome our adorable veggie lizard overlords, as others here have been saying worldgen settings are made for exactly the kind of thing you're talking about. As for how to tell if worlds NOT made by you have those qualities...I guess click on each one you're interested in and look at their world settings? ...Notorious
  6. I like most of the lore in general, but my favourite parts are probably the whole...Willam Carter puzzles part. The drama, the tragedy, the stuff we learn about Maxwell's background/family (including the info bomb: HE'S RELATED TO WENDY AND ABIGAIL?!), the poor misled idiot who let his desperation for success lead him into more and more obviously dangerous territory, the whole comic when Charlie goes into his apartment to try to see what happened to him and gets caught herself, and last but not least the BIG DRAMATIC EXIT on stage that even ties into a part of real-life history. Also of course the HUGE amount of importance this has to (almost) everyone _else's_ How They Got There stories. Throw in the historical costumes, hair, decor etc. and I'm sold. Downton Abbey's era with magic and Faustian bargains, heck yeah. Sign me up. Close seconds would be Winona and Willow's shorts. ...Notorious
  7. --More variety of resources (Cherry Forest, Birds and Berries, Pickle It, all the "things come in more colors now" mods (animals, trinkets, gnomes), ---Aesthetics (also Cherry Forest and the color variety mods...and the giant trees ones for atmosphere) --The occasional tweaking of mechanics, both easier and harder (Actual Season Randomiser, Thirst, No Thermal Stone Durability) That's it. The very first mods I ever used were Original Willow (not needed now that they've unnerfed her) and No Thermal Stone Durability, because I started in regular DS and having those things break just from...existing over time bugs me. (Yeah yeah don't let it cool down completely sewing kit whatever.) Occasionally I'll experiment with ones I wouldn't use regularly, but the ones listed here are my core mods. I know that the thermal stone in DST is better than the one in regular DS because it won't go beyond gray, and if I found a mod that made it work COMPLETELY the way it does in DS, with the _problem_ as well as the no durability advantage, I'd use that mod instead. I just haven't found one like that yet. ...Notorious
  8. Oh yeah, that's "Creeps in the Deeps". Apparently there is a multiplayer version as well and it was last updated January 26th this year, but I don't know if it's still working NOW... ...Notorious
  9. Hayell yeah. I've been using that one for years. In the seasons with long dusks/nights, a BIG chunk of the day is just silent (with sound effects). I'd like...Cherry Forest! Now hear me out--Cherry Forest IF it comes with the configuration options it has now. Where you can choose how big the biome is, how big the trees are, whether the Cherrylings show up or not, whether it's easy to get to on the mainland or has its own island... Also, if not the added veggies (although I do think it'd be nice to have something other than just carrots that grows in the ground on its own) the actual pickling mechanics of "Pickle It!" Old-fashioned food preservation: Why should meat get all the fun? On a related note, "Advanced Drying". I'd want _one_ of the above, mind you, not both at once. For those who want everything hardcore, "Thirst" with a hard-to-miss way to turn it off in the settings. This one would be changeable after worldgen, and I'm thinking of the original simpler version here, not the new one with the streams and the chai plants, etc. And for those who want things the OPPOSITE way of Combined Status and Season Clock, the "Actual Season Randomizer". I'd also put in a vote for the Ginourmous Trees ones ("Big Birchnuts Together" and "Evergreens 2gether") but I KNOW not everyone's gonna want to put up with that. _I_ do because towering, intimidating trees add a lot of atmosphere, but it _does_ block your vision quite badly sometimes. (Try walking behind a giant birch tree in any season besides winter. Suddenly your whole screen is LEAF!!!!) To sum up: I guess I want environment/plant-related mods, pretty much. ...Notorious
  10. YES! As a Willow main, you would not _believe_ the snobbery and predjudice I get sometimes when I (rarely, these days) try to join a public server. STILL get. In 2021. On almost the game's 5th birthday. When she hasn't had her start-fires-at-random problem from regular DS since _before DST left beta_. Just the "Ewwww, we don't want one of THOSE..." ticks me off in general. I've even had this happen on my OWN servers...because I'm betting the person who said it _didn't know it was mine_. "Hi there, pyromaniac!" (Dude, see my playername here? You see that star by the SAME name when you hit "Tab"? Eh, nevermind..) Don't judge ALL players of ANY character as all being the same. We're really not. Or, they might be selective because they're looking only for certain characters and not others to fill specific Roles as if this was a WOW raiding party or something. I'm not into that playstyle, but that one doesn't piss me off 'cos there are a lot of servers to choose from, and some just happen to want things more organized than others. In that case I'm more like "Understood, have a nice day." and leave on my own. Anyway back to the poll, the ones I would consider the least fair are alternate accounts, and messing with spawn when players have NOTHING yet and therefore no way to get out of it, short of dying or being kicked. Alternate accounts is flat out cheating. Most MMO's will ban you for that the second you get caught. It's a Not Done thing in the gaming world. Basically the methods that require some actual work to do/aren't jerky are the ones I'm okay with. ...Notorious
  11. My first time playing Don't Starve...I've told this story here before, but: I got interested in the game from hearing about it on a podcast that I don't think is still running anymore, and so I--EVENTUALLY--remembered I could watch Let's Plays of games to find out what they're like. (Homer Simpson voice: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services!") I watched JackSepticeye's old old playthrough of vanilla DS, then part of Sips's and by then I was convinced that yes, I did want to try this for myself. So my first playthrough of Don't Starve was rather boring and disappointingly low on the classic noob-scare everyone-dies-to-this-their-first-time moments you'd expect. Neither Sips nor Jack played WELL, but they did run into things and therefore indirectly told me said things existed/what they do, so I didn't die from: Darkness on the first night, the first hound wave, stealing a tallbird egg and then having to run in the dark without a torch, pissing off a whole spidernest at once, whacking a beefalo in a herd... My first playthrough of DS would've been pretty boring to watch--I made it to the night of Day 36 by NOT being stupid or careless. But in the end, it didn't even matter what still killed me anyway? Darkness. : P I was in a super-dense forest and couldn't put down my campfire in time. But I still made it through winter first try! My first DS_T_ experience...I'm not sure if this was the FIRST one exactly, but it was AN early was on an official Klei server, there were a LOT of people, we had three different bases spread around the map, and I arrived in winter not too long from when Deerclops was gonna show up. I remember two specific details: One, we were all wondering _which_ base Clopsy was gonna attack...and then we started getting chat messages from the spider camp in the swamp that it was them, _not_ what WE considered to be "the main base"! And Two, that at one point somebody dubbed Willow's bear "Bernie Sanders" and said that we'd be okay with his "spirit" watching over us. : P I think this might've also been the time I died of insanity-freezing from being chased by a treeguard in winter, because I was a Willow semi-main back in regular DS and hadn't yet come to grips with just HOW bad her nerf in DST _was_... This would've been...May 2016? I did play during the brief time the earlier design of the twiggy trees existed, and MAN do I wish I had started thinking of taking screenshots then. (But I didn't, until July.) My first DS experiences were earlier that year, around February/March. And that's my first experience(s) playing DS/T. (bows) ...Notorious
  12. ALL my images that I've made while playing Don't Starve Together? If screenshots count...well just go look at my posts on the Screenshot Showcase thread. Pictures where I'm specifically playing with a Steam/forum friend (rather than with a rando, or someone I already knew from real life) are rarer, though. But here's a good early one: ...and you know, I just now realised that I've never uploaded this one to the forums before. Huh. Anyway, here's me (Wigfrid) and (as he was known on Steam at the time) Asian Sckroob (Wilson), one of my oldest Steam friends, at the first successful Together base I made myself (as opposed to jumping into an already-established Klei Official server). Kitty, who used to post on the forums sometimes (maybe still lurks?) was the other one who helped build it. I've also got a picture celebrating the first time I made it to Day 200 and that was definitely partly due to their help, but my character was the only one on-screen when I thought to snap the picture. Anyway this is from July 10, 2016. I think my earliest regular DS pictures are from early March, maybe late February? ...I have no idea why the fridge is in the doorway. : P MOST of the names on my Steam friends list come from playing together well in the game, meeting here on the forum and then friending each other there, or both. Like, I'd say at least 90 percent, and that might be a low estimate. Some of them I haven't heard from in a long time, but they were good friends for a while at least. ...Notorious
  13. Sweet! I don't know how good that tier is, but I'm'a take it. And I guess a talking cactus can be notorious too. : P ...Notorious (of course)
  14. I once did that on purpose, just to see if I could. Some jackass had already griefed my base, the Deerclops showed up, and I was gonna reset anyway so i figured...why not? : P I haven't actually _died_ from that (yet), but I did get hurt surprisingly bad that way once: soon as I saw that even a couple nights in, I was still not only uncomfortable but actually FREEZING at the endo fire, I knew that summer was gonna be a long'un. (And it was.) Well, now it's time for an actual story. Some of you here have already heard this, but here's my most epic/funniest death so far in DS/T: Spring night, raining, I'm running along with my torches going out really fast (good thing I made spares), run right past THREE Goose nests in the dark, over at least two spiderwebs, so now _they're_ all chasing me, along the way I got hit by lightning FOUR FREAKING TIMES IN ONE NIGHT, it was _also_ a hound night because of course it was, and THEN the frogs started falling. What actually killed me, in the end? Freezing. XD ...Notorious
  15. That reminds me of that part in Sips' early Don't Starve days, where he was like "Wait. What's happening. Why did the screen go all red? Am I about to be attacked?!" (pulls out spear and puts on logsuit) "Okay I'm ready. Come at me. Where are you?" etc. SEVERAL DENTED KEYBOARDS AND HOARSE THROATS FROM YELLING AT THE SCREEN LATER, "Oh, it's because I forgot to eat!" (smacks. forehead.) I mean, it's not like that's the mechanic the game is NAMED after, or anything... (this episode, clip starts at around 18:00 in) As for my own silly deaths, well I do have a couple stories, but for now I'll just go with my shortest-to-explain stupid ending: Death by cotton candy. XD ...Notorious