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  1. Now see, I'm into classic rock, so _I_ can't think the phrase "Magic Man" without "COME ON HOME, GIRL, HE SAID WITH A SMILE..." blasting through my brain. : P ...but that's just me. Anyway. Happy birthday, scary shadow man! Try not to kidnap any more people on the way to your party! ...Notorious
  2. Womwood is Wormwood's kinda dumber cousin from the backwoods. It's not nice to make fun of his accent...! Anyway I should have a picture, huh? Well I don't have a whole chunk of them ready right now, but have this lovely cinematic Halloweeny picture from my favourite server that WON'T LOAD ANYMORE, from Hallowed Nights 2019. Again, I'm glad I at least took all those screenshots. ...Notorious
  3. Aaaand, guess what? Apparently I CAN'T remember properly which mods I was using on my main world, 'cos it won't load anymore! I thought I had all of them, but apparently I messed something up. Tried again, still "Dedicated server failed to start". The server is almost a real-life year old (missed it by THREE DAYS!) and is the one where my pig village, ruins and museum are. (And the road trees, and the camp surrounded by marble trees that make "soothing" noises as they grow and shrink in the night.) The world where I still I had my Year of the Carrat shrine and where I made a sign commemorating DST's 4th birthday. All I can say is, I'm glad I at least took all those pictures... All my other saves are fine! It's just that one. Wendy and Walani's worlds loaded fine, so that means I at least get to keep my Japanese sand garden and Viking war camp. (All of these are from that builders' thread we had a while back.) But my MAIN world...nope, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Mind you, some of the worlds that still load fine actually have _more_ mods on them than that one. ...Notorious
  4. More of Charlie's Adventures in Halloweentown world! I FOUND A WITCH HAT! Best mod ever. Angry ghosts, tormented rocks...looks like a GREAT place to raise a pet! Don't mind me, EEEEEVILLE beefalo. I'm just here to pick up your EEEEEVILLE poop to make some EEEEEVILLE farms. Nice hat, Pumpkig King. But first, lemme take a selfie. I love how the Queen Charlie head makes it look like she's so just...DONE, with _everything_...but it's especially amazing here. XD And we end on my favourite screenshot of this bunch--The Night Witch of the Cherry Forest. ...Notorious
  5. OH FOR FORK'S SAKE I just wanted information about regrowth... Not sure why the wording on the first part of the poll is so much more detailed than on the others, though. ...Notorious
  6. Yeah when I thought of areas that have atmosphere, such as different creatures flying around in the background just for decoration, I think of the Cherry Forest. There's stuff like (actual) dragonflies and little pink bees and such that just...flutter around, as part of the atmosphere. Then there's the cherry petals blowing randomly across the screen (sometimes way close to the camera so it looks like they're attacking. : P) Fun note: It's not the BIOME that does that last part. It's the trees themselves--as I found out when I planted some at my camp. Lol. As for regular DS/T's atmosphere...I've always thought it was _already_ pretty cool. Seasonal lightings, music, that creepy sound when a tree grows just off-screen...If stuff was to be put in that's PURELY for aesthetics it'd have to be clearly marked in some way, or else people would keep trying to pick the purely-decorative flowers and catch the just-there-to-look-cool insects. I'm not sure exactly how that could be done, in such a way where people really get it--because this is a sandbox survival game, and that means ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is free for your own use, if not now then eventually. Can't get it now? Come back with the proper tool. People are gonna assume that extra stuff put in just to add more atmosphere is for actual use. Heck, even if I knew ahead of time I'd probably forget occasionally... Tl;dr: I think the idea is cool in general but am not sure exactly how it could be implemented. Also I kinda already think DS/T's ambience is fine how it is; in fact the overall atmosphere is one of the main reasons I like the game in the first place! ...Notorious
  7. Well, I looked at my older screenshots in my Steam folder (where it says the date of each one) and my first Hallowed Nights picture from last year was from October 25th, so I'm guessing maybe around then. Ish. ...Notorious
  8. So I tried the beta (kinda surprised that I only found out about it through screenshots instead of an officially dev-made announcement thread) and to my surprise, realised that I already HAD a beta world. "Lunar Lunacy"? When did I do this? I was playing as Wendy apparently...oh THIS world! ....yes, this is all coming back to me now. With its infamous mix of spider dens, Dragonfly lair AND clockworks all surrounding a demonic-looking Maxwell statue, this area went _straight_ into the "Worldgen Shenanigans" thread, back when that was a thing. (We should bring that back. I mean, it's not as if worldgen is gonna stop shenanigan-ing anytime soon.) I remember now... (harp music chords and the screen goes all wavy) Wendy staring into the new water, which was DARK like her SOUL... ...randomly kicking the fire... ....that stupid mosquito that decided pre-rework ghosts taste better than living humans... ...and last but not least THIS place. Oh, yeah. Those heady days of...early 2019. Seems like another world, now... (the sad thing is, it literally does, due to the fact that 2020 has felt like a decade) ...Notorious
  9. YES...year of the stripey fuzzball...I'm not at _all_ biased towards that one because it's my own Chinese Zodiac animal, or anything. I'm biased towards it because it's kitties! Seriously though I tend to call it "Chinese New Year" when I'm being sloppy or "Lunar New Year" when being more specific. "Lunar Event" sounds WAY too much like we're talking about a Forge- or Gorge-like thing that has to do with the in-game moon. ...Notorious
  10. Mods. Also self-imposed challenges, such as: The Caveman Challenge related: No Science Machine/must learn everything from blueprints (there's a mod for that: "Gotta Collect 'Em All!") My own "March of Civilization" challenge...although I can't really recommend that one at the moment since it needs so much re-tweaking. The basic idea is this, if you want to run off with it your own way: You advance "through the ages" going by roughly what got invented when in real life, rather than based off of DST's actual science/magic tiers, changing up a level at the beginning of each new year (all four seasons). You start as a hunter-gatherer, and are not allowed to make any more "base" than a firepit. If you find more advanced stuff you can use it, but not make a new one until later. Think of what it is you like most about the game and maybe look into challenges or mods that provide more of that. Like exploring? Try a Huge or even Giant map. Like combat? Try adding more bosses. Like biomes? Try the Cherry Forest, Sugarwood biome...or if you're feeling adventurous, Megarandom/Multilands. Etc. If all else fails, take a break from DST entirely and come back when you're naturally more in the mood for it. ...Notorious
  11. Lol. I guess I'm...flattered? that one of my weirder recent pictures became a meme template? You can thank Globalastick's Halloween Retexture Mod for the weird face-rock, in case anybody else wants those in their own game. Let's see, what else memeish do I have... Well I have this, aka the "This is fine" template, Don't Starveified and kittyfied: And maybe this: WHAT did Willow actually get bonked on the head by? and... ...what are we being chased by today? For me, I am just now hearing about these new beta shenanigans and I'm like..."A MOTH?! WHY? Why, of all things, of all other stuff that already exists in this game that would've fit the existing lore and tone so much better, WHY THE FREAK A MOTH?!" For the record the swordfish/Moth "Realisation" never caught me. It was my damn raft falling apart that did it. : P ....Notorious
  12. HAPPY DAY OF LIFE-GIFT, WURT! You're the character with the birthday closest to mine! In fact, while I'm at it...why don't I bust out this: There we go. Chocolate-and-strawberry-icing cake. Don't worry, Wurt, it's vegan. It's an imaginary cake, so why not? : P ...Notorious
  13. Oh, mygod, this looks so much like my cat it's weird. He's ALSO obsessed with my shoes! Often lays down both in and on them at the same time. HE DOES THAT TOO! XD One thing I read said that cats rub on things 'cos they want THEIR smell on it, so maybe that's why he freaks out--there's way too much of _my_ smell on the shoes, so he has to do something about that. ...or, he's just a (not so) little weirdo. : P I love how Charmander the Kittykit is curled up amongst her fellow Pokemon. XD Let's see...cute animal pictures... Tinsy little fluff! This is my second cat, Monty, as a kitten. Cropped out of a larger (but still, unfortunately, low-res because we didn't know before buying it just what a crappy digital camera we had) picture in which he and I were leaning against each other like two drunks trying to walk home. : P GAMER CAT. XD And this is what Gamer Kitten grew up into: A large, majestic fluff. Do virtual cute animals count? Of course they do, this is primarily a videogame forum! First time I saw pets do this together, and also my second time busting out the new "swoon" emote, at all. But just so the kitties don't run away with ALL the attention... Cute sleeping baby birdies... ...and TOO MANY FLOOFS. XD (I swear, you feed ONE pog a stupid flower petal within sight of other ones...) ...Notorious
  14. While playing as Willow, got my base burned down by a NON Willow. Offed myself by overheating in the winter, just because I could and it was a new world anyway. Nobody is getting any publicity because I don't remember their names and it's such a common way to grief anyway. That's my story. ...Notorious
  15. That reminds me of the time I died because cat. Not catcoon. Cat. My kitty walked up and poked me adorably with his paw (without claws, which is why it was adorable and not "OUCH!") while I was playing DST, to be played with. I was in a safe empty area of desert and hounds had come just last night, so I thought I'd be okay to go away for a couple minutes. "Okay, kitty!" Came back just a few minutes later to find my ghost floating over a pile of my stuff. OH HAI THERE DARKNESS...! (smacks forehead) In other news, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! (this was literally slapped together in oldschool Paint in like, 5 minutes, as a semi-jokey way to wish people happy birthday on a forum I used to frequent long, long ago that probably doesn't exist now.) So I made myself a cake in-game as well: Mmmm. Black Forest cake... (I put Willow in her fire-head so she'd look happy, and dressed her all in red both to malch the hair, and because red's always been my favourite colour anyway.) I was originally gonna have the "party" over at my pig village, Funkyton, but they seem to have come down with a bad case of Mama Goose. So here we are at home sweet home, which is how I usually prefer to celebrate my birthdays irl anyway. Chester, Glommer, Charmander the Kittykit, that cardinal, and Random Photobombing Crow showed up for the festivities as well! ...but none of them are getting that cake. >:D ...Notorious