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  1. Don't Die

    That reminds me of times I've seen Sims do the "I'M HUUNNNGRRRYYY!!" (point at mouth, rub stomach, whine) animation...right in front of a table full of food. One guy actually dropped dead in front of a full turkey dinner. XD ...Notorious
  2. Screenshot showcase

    Triple Chicken Dance, 2018 Edition! I say this because it happened last year too. (Meanwhile, Survivor Wilson is like "THIS is what they send me to work with...") The 2017 edition was lined up better and I remembered to zoom in first, heh. Haven't gotten any elegant heads this time yet, but I gots me a handy-dandy new wooden armour! WHOO! And here I am wearing my Forge armour together--the new wooden one from this year, and the football helmet from last year. Yay. ...Notorious
  3. --Pogs should be less voracious, or at least unable to get into containers. Or more picky about what they eat. Other than the Bearger (the other mob who can get into your fridge and chests, and he's a BOSS) I've never yet seen any other mob that eats _everything_, constantly... --When you leave the poison forest the poison effect should GO AWAY. Apparently it's supposed to, but for me it didn't? Dunno if that's a bug or not. Anyway I got way the hell away and Willow kept complaining about smoke without fire and then keeled over ded. ...Notorious
  4. Nice flying. ...chump. (seriously I couldn't resist when I saw the balloon on the beach. : P) ...Notorious
  5. PSA: Kill each and every Pog you find

    Normally I do, I mean, at least a little, but...I think the combination of "Warning: Do not play this unless you're already good at Don't Starve" (WHAT? I thought this was gonna involve shops and stuff?) + the just...CONFUSION EVERYWHERE OMG of the first few screens I saw, + the way I got poisoned so quickly and zapped by lightning like 4 times just walking across a lawn, kinda spooked me. Or something. I mean, I swear, I'm good at Reign of Giants, I even PREFER the world with four proper seasons even when they _are_ annoying...I've lived an entire year as a wandering nomad, multiple times! But maaan...Hamlet just hits that "This is for players who are better than you" vibe for me hard. It feels like Shipwrecked (which I suck at) mixed with Adventure Mode (which I suck at) + short seasons and apparently the bad ones are even WORSE than hurricanes and volcanoes? God damn! I just know that I am NOT gonna be ready for hay fever season once it kicks in. Then again, I was never ready for hurricane season in Shipwrecked. Spent so much time getting stuff for a chiminea to keep my fire safe from wind and rain...I forgot to get protective items for ME and went insane from the rain. And Charlie doesn't care WHAT your fire is in! : P (And the terrorbeaks kinda killed me.) Oh and then there's the time I was okay sanity-wise but didn't have enough gold to make a lightning rod in time. At least I got to see a palmguard get very rudely awakened and then do the "I'm-on-fire" Charleston. XD Apparently I can handle juuuust the amount of stuff that's in the earlier expansions, but the second you add ONE OTHER PROBLEM like wind, poison, or sickness... ...Notorious
  6. PSA: Kill each and every Pog you find

    Not without armour... Seriously I am SO BAD at the combat/kiting part of this game. So, yeah... ...Notorious
  7. PSA: Kill each and every Pog you find

    Yeah...I've heard something like that before, but I'm afraid to go in there without any armour. The word "cave" is in there. Caves are dangerous in DS. And you can't even make a freaking grass suit! I know the grass suit doesn't do much? but I'd FEEL better if I could wear something. : P (I totally suck at the caves...) ...Notorious
  8. More save slots!

    Well then I guess I'VE got all the save slots I'll ever need.. : P ...Notorious
  9. DST Skins in DS

    Oh, the same person made the pet mod too? I did not know that! Ah yes, the mod that gave us the wonder that is Jesus Cat. XD I've been using the skins mod a bit lately in Hamlet myself, ever since I saw that screenshot of Spoopy Willow posing inside her brand-new house. Heh. (So basically this means I can look good when I DIE, but whatever...) ...Notorious
  10. There is a mod for that already for DS in general, but...I forget if it works in Hamlet (yet) or not. Lemme check. Okay it seems the answer is "I don't know." It's compatible with everything up to Shipwrecked, but Hamlet isn't even mentioned (not even by commenters). So use at your own risk...? I guess? Here it is if anyone wants to check it out in general: Wooden Fences. Of course, mods don't work for everyone, but if you CAN use them, maybe stuff like this could be a temporary stopgap measure...? ...Notorious
  11. Make this a poll! Because here's another vote for Pigpocket. ...Notorious
  12. PSA: Kill each and every Pog you find

    Wait WHAT?!! I haven't even _had_ a chest or fridge yet (why? can't find a single gold piece) and they. Can get. Inside. EVERYTHING?!! What the! Aside from the freaking _Bearger_ I can't think of any other mob that can get inside chests and even iceboxes. I already thought it was kinda annoying that they were _that_ ravenous and omnivorous, but FRIDGES?!! NERF! THIS! NOW! Hamlet already has scarcer resources that are ALSO harder to get than in any other expansion pack, including wants-you-dead Shipwrecked. How the beep are we supposed to get ANYwhere or do ANYthing if _extremely common mobs_ can freaking OPEN YOUR DAMN FRIDGE? (for all of you complaining that Hamlet is "too easy"? I hate you. I hate you all. I can't even get a damn science machine. I spent money on this when I shouldn't have, I at least want to be able to ENJOY it a little!) ...Notorious
  13. BUG

    That's what I thought would happen! But no, I ran and ran all night and was still getting poisoned the whole time. Kinda wish those hadn't been my last words. : P (This is RIGHT before I walked a bit to the southwest into the green stuff to find out what the deal was, because apparently I follow the "toddler puts it in their mouth" method of investigation.) And yes, before you ask, that's a mod. Actually I'm impressed they made it compatible with Hamlet so fast! ...Notorious
  14. Don't Die

    Ah, I got it right then. Good. While we're mentioning make-things-harder's not HUNGER, exactly, but if you'd like to worry even more about constantly-going-down basic survival stats that you have to watch all the time, why not try New and Improved Thirst! (Actually this kinda IS the "new and improved" version; this is Thirsty for Tea; apparently the original just-named-Thirst one is out of date and now crashes sometimes.) While you're at it, are fires too easy to start (shut up, Willow)? Then try Kindling! Both are available at your local pain-market. (I've played with Thirst extensively (it was in my March of Civilization Challenge), so I can vouch for that one. Kindling I haven't tried yet.) ...Notorious
  15. Random hammers appearing around the town

    I've seen screenshots of people's village pigs "pooping hammers"! Didn't know they were still doing that. XD (I'm also now thinking of the BARKING snakes in the "Thirst" mod, which are "not a bug, it's a feature!" Okay, that's a mod, but still. Snakes that think they are dogs.) And Avarwen, don't feel bad about the hammer-time joke...Wilson already did that. In the BASE game! WILSON: (examining hammer) Stop. It is time. To hammer things! : P EDIT: Now, if only we could figure out what to feed the pigs to make them poop _gold_...(thoughtful chin-rubbing) ...Notorious