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  1. Winona Update Lore

    "Automatons guarding a gateway in the wilderness of Canada" now I'm picturing that thing in the Landover books*, where if you go to juuuust the right part of the nowhere areas of Virginia, you'll suddenly start finding yourself surrounded by these strange mists... ...and, some horrifying apparitions made up by your own mind later, POP! you're in a fantasy world. One a _bit_ nicer than the Constant, but still... (There are actually multiple gateways into Landover, through mists, from several other realities. The Virginia one just happened to be the one closest to the main character's place of residence.) And yes, again, I've read too many fantasy books. What else is old. : P ...Notorious *Amusingly, this world also has a major character named Willow...however she's a bit, um...different. While "our" Willow loves to set trees on fire, the Landover Willow has to BE a tree from time to time. XD
  2. (Heh. Every time I see someone here write "oni", my brain does not first go to "Oxygen Not Included", but instead to AN Oni, as in, the ogre-like creature of Japanese mythology. And THEN my brain goes "Oh, wait." : P) I think...electricity is a very cool and interesting new concept to play with but it should be played with...cautiously. Both for atmospheric and game-balance reasons. Atmospheric? Well, I'm thinking the EARLY days of electricity, when people were just starting to get it into their homes and cars needed to be cranked up in order to run, would still fit DST's And of course, a radio would be allowed, 'cos further than that, though. I don't wanna see (except in mods; I can't stop you crazy modders out there. NO ONE CAN!) computers* or (shudders) smartphones. But _early_ electricity was an interesting time period in real life history, and the aesthetic from back then would still fit Don't Starve. Overpowered--well, that one speaks for itself. I feel electricity should be a third tier of technology above the alchemy engine (the Ancient thingie and thulecite are more like higher tier _magic_**), and should be expensive to craft, so it can't run rampant. However, (a) it should NOT waste gears--WXs already do that--and (b) a FREAKING OFF SWITCH does _not_ count as overpowered. Come on. Nobody makes machines like that yada yada. Also having to constantly babysit ANYthing, including always refuelling a machine, is more annoying than challenging. You can turn off fling-o's when you leave base to go wandering. You should be able to turn off new electrical thingamabobs (of which I have twenty). I feel the fuel for it should be renewable..but hard to get, or respawns slowly. But not "an idiot joined my base two game days ago and now I can't use any of my fancy stuff again, ever". Also also, yes to the idea of being able to hook things up to the lightning rod...but of course that'd only be a _sometimes_ power source, which is how it'd be limited. As for making the electricity now power things that, by all rights, should've had it before, well...the description says the fling-o-matic runs on "fire" (or anything you can make a fire with normally) and the fridge is an ICEBOX--meaning that if you must have it realistic, it should be required to have at least one chunk of ice in it at all times. But long annoying cords would not be included necessary. ...Notorious *Unless we're talking, like, Babbage's original difference engine. That'd be cool. **Although, insert Arthur C. Clarke quote here.
  3. Oh yeah. Don't Starve has always had a bit of a steampunk touch, anyway. Let's make it official! (and make generators more practical) I mean...then there's all the pieces of the big robot thing in Hamlet*, that gets activated by tons of lightning. There are _already electrical powered devices in this universe_ (in general). So...I see no problem with harnessing the lightning rod. Also like I said earlier (somewhere), then I'd have a legit new chapter for my Civilization Challenge: The Age of Electricity! ...Notorious *"the big robot thing" because I am terrible at names. Also at Hamlet.
  4. I should also mention here that I normally play alone, so having the ability to turn a machine off when you're not there would make more sense in that case, as when a single player leaves the base, the base is empty (of player characters). For people playing it properly multiplayer, however, the need to turn things off completely would be less frequent. Especially if you have someone playing the "housewife" role and base-keeping all the time while others go out and hunt/gather/whatever...or if you've got one of those useless slug types who just lays around all day eating out of the fridge. : P ...Notorious
  5. Someone is connecting the dots

    I always kinda thought Webber was lured in by the promise of "a place where you won't be seen as a monster anymore, where you'll fit in". That'd be a lot more poignant. (And an utter LIE...) That, or his incident didn't happen until _after_he was in the Constant, originally as a normal little boy. I mean, how in the REAL world could you be swallowed whole by a spider and not only stay alive, but _grow_ inside it, without also killing the spider? In a magical land full of weird creatures, however... (I know this is off-topic a bit, but hey. Maybe we'll get to see Webber's actual origin story sometime in the future too!) ...Notorious
  6. THIS. I've always thought it was odd that you couldn't as least repair the football helmet with the sewing kit, as, well, that kind of helmet _has actual stitches on it_! Then, you STILL can't do it with Ms. Fix-It and her Magical Mending Tape, which I really at first thought you _could_, since, ya know, it was supposed to be an improvement in some way over the normal repairing. Nope. Still can't repair a leather thing with stitching by sewing it. ...but you CAN sew...a rock. what. ...Notorious
  7. Eh, solar and rechargeable batteries might be kinda high-tech for Don't Starve. It's kinda pushing it to have anything that resembles electricity at all, really. (The fridge is an ICEBOX--in theory, it's the kind that keeps things cold because it has an actual big block of ice in it, which you'd have a guy come by and replace every now and then. My grandma's house literally used to have one of those. The got me there. Magic? I mean, I get how things _fuel_ it, but without even a water supply, how is it making iceballs? : P) And I still think not being able to turn off a machine is just STUPID. Not even thinking about game design or balance here, just regular common sense and logic. Why would you waste your resources on NOTHING when you don't have to? Who does that? Why would you WANT to? Do you actually _want_ to run out of resources and be stuck with nothing? What's the fun in that? There's challenge, and then there's screwing yourself over for no reason. Also what about _other_ people who might play on your server? And, again, nitre has other uses. So do gems. Still give us a freaking off-switch. This is a machine. Any machine not made by complete mental Saharas in the real world has an off switch (or if not that, a "turn this thing off automatically if there's no input in x amount of time" feature). It's just a natural part that comes with every device that uses power. I would say it's like having a house with walls but no roof, but that's like...every structure in DST, really... ...Notorious
  8. Oh, I remember doing that in The Volcano Biome. At the time walking into even _milimeter_-deep water KILLED YOU INSTANTLY. I died of "shenanigans" and then couldn't get any of my stuff with my next Survival character, because all of said stuff was in the Deadly Shallows. I assumed the game would just...not allow you from walking where the programming says you can't, as most games since the Atari 2600 do, but... (Aka the "invisible wall" thing.) Nowadays, it looks like they've decided to solve it the Jesus Cat way: Although to be fair, this is another case of things shoved together that weren't originally meant to be: Regular singleplayer Shipwrecked + multiplayer version pets. : P ALL HAIL THE FLUFFY MESSIAH! And while we're on water-related mods...Creeps in the Deeps, because I can! Wigfrid jumps into a random water-hole in the middle of winter. Because THAT'S intelligent. And a shot from underwater. The cat followed her here too (you can see its butt sticking out)! : P This is a singleplayer mod, by the way, but I included it 'cos it's such a neat idea. Also I like taking screenshots. @Chris1448 Ooh, that thing with the music and lighting changing automatically to fit _as you travel_ sounds AMAZING! I loves me that kind of stuff. I really should try that mod again, although I'll probably have to generate a new world by now. My old one is from several updates back. ...Notorious
  9. Someone is connecting the dots

    Well, the fire in San Francisco in 1906 started on its own because of complications from the earthquake (it sounds like I'm talking about a disease...) so I don't think Willow has to be involved there. She MIGHT have done the New York library one, sure. But I don't see her as bopping across from coast to coast to make sure everything burns, personally. : P The devs have said somewhere (I forget where) that the main part of the timeline, aka when Wilson shows up in regular DS, is "around 1920". This fits the music (except the ragtime, which is older _because it's for Maxwell_, who got there in the 1900s!), the outfits, the overall styling of the game, and incidentally would make Wendy a teenager, now that we know she and Abigail ARE "the twins" from Jack Carter's letter to Maxwell (William Carter). But Wendy's age has always been debateable--I mean, her winter outfit is called "snowCHILD", so... (And my personal headcanon about how Abigail died? She was taken out by the Spanish Flu epidemic that hit in 1918, just after WWI. It fits the timeline. It explains why her ghost is the same general size as Wendy (besides, ya know, sprite limitations)--she died when Wendy was close to as tall/old as she is when she reaches the Constant. And it's a real-life historical event, and if Klei can use those (such as the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire) I can too.) Apparently Wagstaff's first name is Robert. Now, I mean, you COULD name a girl that (I mean, I used to know a girl named "Michael") but... I love how the description of Winona's new Industrious set in the store would make NO sense to anybody who just plays the game and doesn't know it even _has_ lore. "Voxola factory? What's that?" I can hear them saying now. XD And last but not least, as a Doctor Who fan I'm legally contracted to say this: The Constant is wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey! ...Notorious
  10. And palm trees. Seriously, how much better would the oasis look if it had the ACTUAL kind of trees oases classically have, in pictures? (I'd chop down and dig up all the birch trees and plant coconuts in their place, if I got around to it...unless there was another Oasis Catcoon. Then I'd leave the trees alone.) Anyway, I think I have at least one screenshot of each to show, although I'm not sure how representative they are. But, they're from my own personal playthrough, so hey. Island Adventures (and these were from months ago, so bear in mind things were probably tweaked a bit since then): As you can see--actual functioning boats and sailable ocean! (Or paddleable, in this case.) And coral. Also, whose a sleepy boy? You are! Yes you are! I caught a seagull for my bird and put it in my pirate-style cage (from having Shipwrecked, appropriately). Because WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO, while playing something called "Island Adventures"? Hallowed Nights shenanigans: The poor game didn't know how to put the trinkets in properly, with ocean in the way. It tried. It really tried. CAT: Mooommyyyy, I want the radio.... But Wickerbottom could not get it, by walking or from her boat. The radio was fated to stay there forever.'s some from The Tropical Experience, aka The Volcano Biome as it was called at the time. And...whoops, I just realised it's been updated a LOT since I took these pictures, such as now it has mod-specific worldgen settings and actual ocean. (The continents + islands one is almost exactly what I always wanted: Start off on the RoG mainland and sail off into the tropical islands _on the same world_! I haven't actually tried it out yet, though.) But, here they are anyway, for poops and giggles: I was strolling through the swamp one day / In the merry merry month of...whenever I took this... Note, interestingly, the regular RoG sepia summer lighting, and not the OH GOD THE WORLD HAS A SUNBURN OW reddish lighting from the Shipwrecked volcano season. This was _just_ before they put in the option to choose which palette you wanted, I think. (Not sure why it looks like I'm about to drop my umbrella. It's summer for freak's sake.) Doydoys! Wigfrid never lived long enough to get them together, though--this was a Survival server, which is why Wickerbottom is in the other picture. However, she did at least get to inherit Wigfrid's base. But like I said earlier, these pictures are from WAY back, so they're not accurately representing The Tropical Experience as it is today. No actual sailable oceans or beaches are in these pictures because they weren't in the mod..._yet_. Aaaaand, a few from Megarandom/Multilands, because why not. It also contains Shipwrecked stuff. (Including coffee!) This mod at normal settings, however, takes EVERYTHING AND THE KITCHEN SINK, tosses it into a blender, and says "Have at." So be aware of that. You might wander into a ruins biome on the surface or be confronted with Sudden Ewecus. My base, in a version of this mod's world that _didn't_ try to kill me the second I walked in. Much. Notice the palm trees and little shelter thing! Oh, hi, sharkkitties... Shipwrecked beach + RoG weather = The Genesis Planet from "Star Trek III". Who knew? What. And now, for comparison... A screenshot from ACTUAL Shipwrecked. Aside from the fact that the Wooden Thing is present and that's a singleplayer DS thing (mostly), it's hard to tell... So, yeah, this post was way too long, but I like using visual aids. Note also that I'm using other mods too in most of these pictures--your experience probably won't have pickle barrels, apples, or a kidney icon to track how dehydrated you are...unless you use exactly the same unholy cocktail of mods as I do. : P ...Notorious
  11. Ah. Well, like I said, I guessed you might be talking about somebody else. Anyway...I've never been good at the caves, and the idea of not being able to see all around me in a game like THIS kinda weirds me out. Also, the equivalent of hounds comes from _under your feet_. I dunno, it all just kinda creeps me out and I'd actually rather catch on fire on the surface than live there...because the "living" part wouldn't last all that long. : P (Also that way the game feels closer to my own home!--I swear, aside from it not being AS rainy in the spring, I practially live in the Reign of Giants climate...) ...Notorious *Utah. The result of living in a place that's mountainy and deserty at the same time, is that you can have cold winters AND hot summers in the same year! Yay! I'm making a temperature blanket; it oughta be nice and colourful by the end of 2019. XD Oddly enough, it's _autumn_ where we normally get "the monsoons" around here--it's almost like alllll the rain that never fell during the summer shows up all at once. Heh.
  12. Winona Update Lore

    Now I'm trying to imagine me swimming while also trying to listen to/watch a smartphone. This image immediately falls apart, however, because it involves me knowing how to swim. : P ...Notorious
  13. Someone is connecting the dots

    Ooh, that'd be neat. Freaky lunar Things from the Dungeon Dimensions... As for the whole Genny thing...I was only half serious anyway, but I think it'd be an okay idea, which is why I entertained it. I totally agree on the "don't just make a character gay or whatever other type you're trying to put in your story, just make them a CHARACTER" idea. Reminds me also of that "Strong Character, Female" thing--there was this cool like, flow-chart of lots of different characters. (It was on "Overthinking It", a podcast I used to listen to regularly and then kinda forgot about.) The idea is that "strong female character" usually means badass and/or probably wearing a skimpy outfit, without much other personality or flaws, whereas "strong character, female" means just _a well-written character_ who happens to be (or identify as) female. Flaws allowed--in fact, welcomed. ANYway... ...Notorious
  14. Winona Update Lore

    Ah. I never catch the streams, as they're always at exactly the time of day and day of the week when I have to go to a regular appointment. (Sure, I could try to watch it while there, but I don't think that would go down well...) : P As for the roadmap topic I've got no-one but myself to blame there; I just haven't gotten around to looking at it yet. ...Notorious
  15. Oh yes. I'm quite aware of that. And of the fact that he's currently ruining running something he really should NOT be allowed anywhere near: A large, powerful country. (You were probably talking about a DIFFERENT political extremist, but, ya know...I can see Ol' Ridiculous Hair advocating for that as well.) I ain't takin' that back or hiding it. Who the FREAK would actually want people to do that, anyway? It'd make people _more_ dependent on foreign oil and make it run out _faster_! Are you HIGH, random political idiot? It'd give your cronies the oil company more money in the _short_ term, but you might wanna start diversifying into wind and solar...and sooner than you would've had to otherwise. ...Notorious