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  1. When using the Wigfrid's ultimate performer shoes, they appear backwards when the character does the idle anim where they kick the ground.
  2. Didn't really like Maxwell's vampiric skin set so I thought I'd make a couple of changes
  3. Allow Winona to heal WX-78 with Trusty Tape. It gives Winona something to do other than being Wilson, and fits both characters. Alternatively, WX-78 could use tape like healing salves, Wanda’s ageless watches, or Webber’s healing glop.
  4. If you haven't already realized, this means all characters will have recieved their refresh by March of 2023. Wilson, Wickerbottom, WX-78, and Maxwell.
  5. When playing DST, I tend to change my outfit to match the season. Here are my Woodie outfits:
  6. I’ll leave this here someone says “but this isn’t a bug”: Source: It’s been nearly a year, and the slingshot is still broken.
  7. Walter's quote for a low endothermic fire is missing a period.
  8. I keep hearing about this Wilson with no beard character. Who's that? Bonus Images