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  1. Like a lot of others on here I only really play on Pubs. I've played this game since the beginning and one of the best ways for extending longevity is by playing in pubs due to the randomness of the players you'll get, which I enjoy. I might play on a server that defeats every boss as soon as they can or a server where we're struggling to get resources for winter. It keeps the game fresh imo. Now I do think that new content should not FULLY be centered around pubs because it is largely true that the majority of pubs do not last til spring and I'd rather not see all new content be able to be done in the first Autumn. The issue I see with Pubs is not that the server dies out around spring but the fact that most players choose to reset the server back to Autumn rather than continuing where the server left off and I have been guilty of doing this in the past as well but have been trying hard to continue pubs where they left off. I think Klei needs to address this issue but I'm not sure how. I don't think just flat out not allowing resets is the answer because Autumn servers are still the fullest and most popular. I think items like the occuvigil and cratered moonlens that allow players to see a base are good starts. And of course if more content is locked behind year 2 maybe people won't be so eager to reset pubs.
  2. I used to afk in the main menu a lot so I disabled the sound completely and afterwards I never really got around to re enabling it, yes I'm lazy. I still actually haven't heard Wurt or Walters voice.
  3. I wish they would start cycling through the rewards. I missed the bee box and since that was a recent one I feel like the wait is gonna be long enough already. All these free points makes me hopeful something will happen soon though.
  4. Of course you dont. I said I realize it wasn't literal. But being an English major I read into things maybe more than I should. For example Spiderman: Homecoming is not just a movie about Spiderman during his high school homecomong, but also a homecoming for the character back to Marvel. So I see the title Newhome and think obviously it's about having a new home in the constant, but can also see it as being the newest and latest game in the franchise so therefore your new home for Don't Starve in general.
  5. Anyone else not a fan of the name? Like I get it's not literal but it has the implication Dont Starves new home is with Tencent.
  6. I played back then as well, don't play much anymore but like to keep up on the series
  7. I don't see how it's weird and unlikely. People collecting resources like rocks get 1 or 2 stacks and that's usually it and then leftovers are stored in base most of the time. But if their character is dependent on using a ranged weapon then all of a sudden most wheelers will always have 2 stacks of rocks constantly. And I understand Wigfrid exists but her helms and spears are much much more efficient in their consumption. Even substituting other resources, the problem is still there. Resources will be depleted at a much higher rate
  8. I love Wheeler in single player so I would like to see her come over eventually, but I think she would need a lot of changes especially regarding ammo if they keep her horn. I like that Walter crafts ammo instead of using the resource directly. She works fine in single player because you are the only player but imagine 10 people running around with pewmatic horns and not a single rock or flint left on the map because everyone is stockpiling them for ammo
  9. Haha there's absolutely no way this game was in development for 2 years. They may have asked for the license at that time but this thing looks thrown together in the span of a few months. I mean look at the screenshots on their site there are weapons they made themselves that look like they were made in paint.
  10. This looks absolutely dreadful. If I were Klei I wouldn't have mentioned a word and let people just think it was a shoddy knockoff game. It would have been less embarrassing. I hope the licensing fee is decent enough to help fund actual quality games and content.
  11. Woby's owner doesn't necessarily have had to be dragged into the constant as who knows if their name starts with a ''W'', in fact I like that Woby wasn't Walters pet as it woulve been too convenient they both had ''W'' names.
  12. My issue with the don't get hit playstyle is that imo it's not a unique playstyle as no matter which character you are playing you are already trying to not get hit. Itd be like if a new character revolved around not starving.
  13. I'm not really in favor of buffing Woby even more as I think he is already strong enough. A good example of other characters who have character specific gear that is good early game but fall off late is Wigfrid and her spears, Woodlegs and his Sealegs, Willow and her lighter. Plus Woby will never truly fall off in the same way as he is 9 free inventory slots which I think honestly should be nerfed to half as it's silly imo to have the same amount of storage as chester.