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  1. When u accidently misclick and attack your pig friend and he shoots u in the face with a cannon
  2. There should definitley be some kind of cooldown. Maybe the Prime Mate could gain the ability to call for reinforcements if you dont stop him fast enough if they want to keep the chaotic feel more in check Or maybe there should be a way to bait pirate raiders to your location for players who are bored on the ocean and want to face a challenge.
  3. Thats a whole lot of you projecting onto someone who you have never interacted with before. My plea is simple, i am not able to test out the beta until it hits live, and i, as well as countless others im sure would like to test kleis original intent without it being drastically changed a week into testing. When Wolfgang rework was released, klei came right out and said give the rework some time to be tested and played, players still left feedback and in the following months he was adjusted due to player feedback. Thats all i am asking, if the raids need to be adjusted im not against it, but a single week and with a fraction of the playerbase is not enough of a proper testing phase for such drastic nerfs that are propesed here such as making the raids contain a single monkey.
  4. Finally klei releases some survival content that actually challenges the player and it comes as no surprise people want it nerfed, like the beta has been out for a week, most people havent played the content yet. Can we give it some time before we nerf everything?
  5. When can we load Wolfgang into the cannon
  6. Maybe in a qol they maybe, might, possibly add it. But considering theres no mouse and keyboard suppprt and the switch version doesnt even have touch controls im not sure how likely they are to implement anything having to do with control schemes.
  7. Tweak her crafting perk. Id make it so that the more items you craft in quick succession increases her crafting speed and subsequently her hunger drain so for example: She crafts 1 rope: Normal crafting speed, no hunger drain. She crafts 10 ropes: After 1 rope is crafted timer begins (lets say 20 secs), she crafts second rope within the time frame so crafting speed increases by 5% and hunger drain increases as well. She crafts 3 ropes - 10% crafting speed increase and increased hunger drain, etc all the way up to 10. Obviously klei can decide the actual percentage but i think the mechanic should function like this where the speed and hunger drain ramp up the more items u craft until you reach a cap. Other than that she needs 1 or 2 more USEFUL structures, no niche use ones like the spotlight.
  8. Wheres the silly monkey ball when you need it
  9. It is a shame this keeps getting brought up becuase the artists are trying their best, but at the same time the fact it keeps getting brought up by different people frequently does indicate they have a bit of a problem. Ive always thought klei had instances of management decisions that were real head scratchers - giving away 16k copies of Hamlet for free, the Shipwrecked DLC vs Standalone debacle, repeating the same debacle with Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out..etc. If were gonna boil it down to time constraints resulting in the lacklustre artstyle when this is this first new, actual content in 10 months it just seems like a management issue to me.
  10. Im a fan of rng and have always defended it, but this is a case where too much rng can be a detriment. Loot like this should be more equalized imo.
  11. I like that boats are actually becoming more boat like with more boating structures, instead of the portable bases they were before.
  12. Sounds like a question for a dev, idk. Theres not a whole lot of information. Did you try relinking the accounts? Are the klei points on your account accuratley depicted ingame? Do your daily/weekly drops show up on your klei account page? Can you obtain twich skin drops?
  13. Maybe if it was just "Wonky", i would like it better. Idk, also the Wilbur erasure upsets me.
  14. Wonkey is, im sorry, a terrible name. Its like those horrible modded characters who just replace the first letter of a word with "W" and call it a day. Itd be like if they made a new pig character and named her "Wig" or if Wurt had been named "Werm". Cant we do better?
  15. Echoing that Rotwood was definitley not what i was expecting. I was super excited for it but my interest in it is at pretty much rock bottom now. Trailer didnt appeal to me at all, especially the character designs.