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  1. Preference? People who get excited about monsters and kids have had the past 4 releases, whereas the last time people who prefer more typical survivors has been Warly.
  2. Remember, in SP glaciers, when mined, also give rocks, so I imagine just like how they are called ice rocks in the code that they share the same behavior
  3. Something not done before. Especially no monsters. No kids.
  4. That's not what I said though. I am fine with Klei listening to feedback. And this decision in particular I do not care either way what they do as it doesn't have a large impact on the game, but it is indicative of them changing their minds with pretty much every content release, sometimes things are reverted or changed less than a full day than the original drop, and there is simply no way that a reasonable testing of new content can be achieved in such a short time. That is what I get annoyed with. Off the top of my head things that Klei has caved to are: Willow fire immunity, Woodie weregoose swimming, Wendy rework, Wavey Jones nerfs, Rock jaws despawning, separate wicker book for grass and twigs, the many interations of farming, etc. I understand there is the debate on who really owns the game. Is it the players since they are the ones playing it, or is it the developer since they are the ones making it? Its a fine line, but I feel as though as opposed to listening to no feedback at all, klei listens too much to feedback and I would like a middle ground. I will repeat it again feedback is a good thing and I am glad klei listens to it. However, when a new update is released and people start complaining within an hour or so, and its not a bug or number tweaking but over a new mechanic, and a new update that scraps the mechanic or tweaks it completely or removes it comes out, sometimes less than a full day since the original drop. I don't see that as as Klei listening to player feedback to improve the game. I see that as players refusing to adapt to how klei has opted to develop this particular mechanics (ie. their vision and goal), and Klei caving on their vision to keep players happy despite having the proper testing period and giving non complaining players time to adapt.
  5. I do wonder if the fact that a console version exists has had an effect on ROT content. Specifically the ocean. The ocean is extremely small, in some cases there may only be 5 tiles of ocean or so between the edge of the map and land. Boats were made so slow to compensate for the oceans smallness on current maps. But I never understood why they didn't just increase the default map size to huge and instead of land gave the extra space for more ocean. Perhaps console players not even being given a huge option in world gen is an indication that there are already limitations on what DST can do.
  6. I'm not against them adding a toggle for these kinds of things but what I do not like is this just is a continuation of kleis wishy washy approach when it comes to developing this game. I just want klei to have enough confidence in what they are doing that they will stick to their guns on stuff instead of caving so quickly. Feedback is great. Its important. But at the end of the day I want to play Klei's game and not have it be constantly filtered through the players own wishes at the cost of sacrificing Kleis intended vision.
  7. Someone new please. I have single player so if I wanted to play one of these characters I would just play them there. And it's more than just their kit. I want a completely new personality along with the new gameplay.
  8. I doubt there will be an ending anytime soon. The DST franchise is kleis biggest moneymaker and what Tencent values most I imagine. An ending for the characters would be intersting story wise though. I don't see Klei killing anyone, except maybe Maxwell depending on if his change of heart can atone for the sins of luring them to the constant in the first place. If it can't I see him making some sort of sacrifice for the ultimate redemption arc. As for the other characters I don't see them just staying in the constant. I could see maybe one or 2 characters at the end choosing to stay behind if the constant isn't destroyed (and lets face it destroying the constant won't happen because of other stories/games in this universe), like maybe Woodie for example who perhaps can only communicate with Lucy in the constant, and in general was already a bit of a hermit living out in the woods anyways. Basically any character who gained by entering the constant ( Wilbur from SW is a clear example of this. He went from a performing monkey to a literal king) For the characters who do leave it will be interesting because so far I think the whole cast has struggled with their sanity on the outside world, which is what led them to being so persuadable in the first place. Wendy distraught over her sisters death, Wilson obsessed with inventing, Willow literally going insane and viewing the constant as a way to start over, Wigfrid unable to let go of her famous role, ect. For many of these characters entering the constant does not fix what was wrong with them to begin with so them simply leaving and going home is anticlimactic and does not give any of these characters an arc or progression. So at some point these characters will have to deal with their individual demons before leaving in order for the ending to be satisfying. Say at the end the "final boss" taunts the survivors personally with what they desire most and what led them to enter in the first place, but the survivors learn to let go and overcome this, showing that they have indeed grew as people while being in the constant. My biggest example would be for Wendy. She entered the constant because she could not get over the loss of her sister Abigail. So logically her arc would be: -sad enters constant to reunite with sister -sad that she can not fully see her sister again but happy that she is back in some form -reality sets in that she will never be able to get her sister back and she is able to finally let her go (Abigail helps her with this in some way I'm sure) -allows her growth as a person to overcome the final boss - says a final goodbye to Abigail and leaves the constant -is able to let go of her sadness and start life anew in the real world Each character imo would have to have their own arc/struggle in order for the ending to be satisfying, and sure maybe some characters are lost forever or have sad endings but they need to be satisfying regardless. Sorry for this long ass post btw, I got too excited.
  9. Not doing the same thing over and over again has kept me coming back over the years. Some examples of things you could do: Play characters you usually would not play. Commit to a goal you set before that is different from what you normally do. Work on a mega base -Decorate a base for aesthetic Change your play style. - Base only in caves/lunar -Only allow yourself to have a boat base -Do a nomad playthrough Play pubs instead of your own world. -Help newer players out on their servers. -Try and perform rushes (ruins/lunar) before you get bored (usually around mid winter to spring for me). Basically just switch up your gameplan when you start to get burned out.
  10. two players on a beefalo walk into a bar...
  11. Nope you can just break the bond and then bond again to rename
  12. I want there to be ranching mechanics instead of a focus on hunts. Shipwrecked has dodos and id like something similar but with more animal needs you need to satisfy as dodo breeding is too simple. Even a new character who specializes in ranching would be better than nothing.
  13. I like the bell's mechanics but I think I would prefer the bell and beefalo outfits to leave after the event and you being able to bond and name the beefalo after the domestication process is completed. Of course I'd also like the domestication process to get touched upon in the March QOL update to make it easier/more manageable.
  14. No he will spawn in 3 of his own beefalo shortly after that quote.