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  1. ? I had no stake in this. I'm glad people got skins they thought they paid for due to Kleis mistake. I only was pointing out that they made a mistake and it was not intended.
  2. Dont forget that so far only 2 scientists/geniuses were shown to have built a portal. Wagstaff to satisfy his own curious nature and Wilson because secret knowledge to someone who loves science and inventing would lend itself to constructing a machine. We know that Maxwell makes a vague bargain to the survivors to trick them into coming by offering them secret knowledge relevant to their desires. So if we take Wendy for example, Maxwell promised a way to bring her sister back, so she built a portal? It doesnt fit as well with Wilson because inventing a portal to travel to another dimension really offers nothing to Wendy unless Maxwell tells the survivors the answers they seek are in the Constant, but i dont think thats the case. I think its more likely that the deal they make with Maxwell is the act that takes them into the constant, like making a deal with the devil and losing your soul. If we look at Willow again her last line in the compendium states it wouldnt be the last time she burnt it all down to start new. So her deal involved burning something down (and not building a portal) and we do have a reference to a New York library burning down.
  3. I dug a little deeper and I think there is clearly a link between insanity and entering the constant. This doesnt answer the how of how you get into the constant but it does seem to answer the why Maxwell: We see from the William Carter puzzles that Maxwell slowly begins to go crazy from the knowledge contained in the codex umbra as it "addled his mind" until the shadows become too much. Wilson: Mentions that "He feared he'd gone mad from too many late nights of experiments". Willow: Is a lonely orphan. In her short we see that she already sees shadow creatures at the orphanage showing that the loneliness she experiences is already taking a toll on her sanity, the only thing that seems to hold this at bay is Bernie, possibly because he comforts her in her state of loneliness or because it reminds her of her life before the orphanage as Bernie is the only belonging she was able to keep. When Bernie is later taken away by the Caretakers, her last friend and last belonging she had left is ripped away from her and she gives in to the insanity, becoming the pyromaniac we all know. The compendium also tells us that "Willow always regarded being brought to The Constant as a new beginning. It allowed her to leave everything behind, after all." which supports her shifting sanity. And while it doesn't show Willow being taken, the very last line of the compendium notes "It wouldn't be the last time Willow burned it all down to start anew." which supports the idea that she would eventually make a bargain with Maxwell akin to the other survivors involving starting a fire. Wendy: It is important to note that Wendy, while her sister Abigail was alive was not the depressed little girl that we are accustomed to. Only once her sister dies does she become depressed, which can take a toll on ones sanity, but we also see that her mental state begins to deteriorate further when she starts turning to the occult to bring her sister back. This intense inability to let go to the memory of her sister slowly drives her insane until she hears the voice on the radio. Woodie: Although there is very little lore, we know that he talks to his axe and is the stereotypical crazy man living in the woods. Warly: While there isn't a whole lot of lore to explore The compendium states as his Maman's memory began to deteriorate "Warly became more desperate, willing to try anything to bring her back. That was when he first started hearing the voice on the radio." His desperation and grief clearly has made him go a little insane. Wigfrid: The official description of her short states that she is "unable to move on from the past" and "finds herself retreating more and more into a world of fantasy…". The compendium elaborates on this further by saying "As Wigfrid’s stardom slowly began to fade, she retreated to the memories of her glory days, losing herself in her fantasies... Until one day, she was lost entirely." The last line here is very important because it has a double meaning in that she is lost, as in lost her mind as well as being missing having been taken to the constant. These are all of the survivors who have lore in the compendium so far, excluding the constant natives. Charlie, Winona, and Walter seem to have been casualties and not originally intended to be brought.
  4. Well its interesting cause i thought at first Maxwell had Wilson build the portal to connect to his door in the constant and link the two dimensions together as a sort of gateway he could travel between and use it to abduct his victims, but if Wilson was the last survivor to be taken then this doesnt hold up as much.
  5. I mean how many Humans do you know that can transform like Woodie? Plus Woby has a dog collar, a real world custom.
  6. Something happened on the circus train that Wolfgang (and possibly Wilbur) and Maxwell were on that lead to both disappearing and Max finding the codex, unless Wolfgang wasnt taken in that incident and was taken later, his short will most likely have the answer when it does come. But Max and Charlie were both pulled into the constant from use of the Codex umbra and without the use of a portal. Interestingly both times a portal was constructed, the constructor was in pursuit of forbidden knowledge (Wilson and Wagstaff).
  7. I wouldnt get your hopes up too much. Hopefully though because they said the update would be small that means the update will be early October rather than mid-October (which is what I am predicting). I just hope we get the 5 remaining skins that Woodie, Wormwood, Wolfgang, Wurt, and Walter are missing, and some item skins, hopefully for items that people actually use (heres looking at you fashion melon and until recently bat-bat).
  8. How so? The carter puzzles includes a poster that has monkies with fezzes on it. So there were monkey performers in the traveling circus. The wiki states splumonkies were only added after fan suggestion, while Wilbur was long in the files as an umplimented character, leading me to believe the lore applies to Wilbur more than splumonkies. Plus since cave monkies do not recognize Wilbur as their king, that means Maxwell just decided to abduct monkies into the constant twice for funsies? No I think it makes more sence logically that Wilbur being abducted was an accident side effect of taking Wolfgang, rather than later going hmm I need another monkey seperate from these cave monkies ive already aquired.
  9. Yes as someone else said Wilbur is actually the first (that we know about) animal to be dragged into the constant (Woby being second). A train that was carrying Max, Wolfgang and his traveling circus crashed and both men disappeared and it is stated that a "cage full of potentially dangerous trained monkeys had been vacated in the collision" which would imply Wilbur was among them but disappeared along with Wolfgang. Next we see Wilbur floating lost in Shipwrecked. Seems like he has had a bad time, until he finds his Tarnished Crown and all of a sudden becomes a stranger turned deity among the local apes of Shipwrecked, which I imagine must be a nice change of pace for Wilbur considering he was a caged monkey forced to perform for an audience. I would imagine Wilbur has no intent to leave Shipwrecked as he would leave his kingly title and comfort behind. Maxwell seems to think so too, as one of his quotes towards Wilbur is "Well I suppose there's no sending you back now."
  10. Wigfrid also doesnt really lose out on not being able to eat these foods as a character with built in sanity and lifesteal (plus new songs) she isnt really hurting to gain these stats from food
  11. Last night, I played Wigfrid and based in Oasis. There was a spider quarry nearby and at dusk I could farm the spiders (10+) nests very quickly by using Heartrending ballad and Startling Soliloquy. So i dont agree that her songs are only useful on Bosses, heck i messed up and my helm broke and lost half my health while fighting the spiders, disengaged and made another helm and then proceeded to lifesteal my way to full health again with Heartrending ballad. I will agree though that the other songs are niche and buffing the soliloquy would be nice but not mandatory, its already pretty good as is.
  12. I mean you cant win either way can you. When Wigfrid was first announced for the next refresh there was already multiple posts about people being scared for a huge rework to outright saying she shouldn't even get anything new added as she is peak balance. Then she comes out and doesn't get a huge rework but some simple abilities that add to her kit, and now here are the myriad of posts complaining she didn't get fully reworked. Its clear to me that the developers agreed Wigfrids kit was good on its own and didnt warrant huge additions so they chose her for the next rework as it would be rather light work while dealing with Covid, working on a halloween update, as well as a new RoT update the following month.
  13. No, i wont be. I'm glad Klei got some money from Tencent to work with, despite Tencent's shady reputation, but i really have no intention or desire to play a Don't Starve game not designed and thought up by Klei. They themselves stated they had no input in the development of the game so it all feels a bit "knock-offy", "cash-grabby", ect.
  14. The title of the bundle is called " Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe" Wardrobe items are only clothing and face items and are categorized as such within the game itself. Belongings are item skins. The bundle would be called "Deluxe Wardrobe and Belongings" if it intended for the new item skins to be included. Furthermore, Woodie, Wendy, and Willow's Deluxe Wardrobe Bundle also does not include their belongings skin items (Wendy's flowers, Willows lighter and Ashley) so it would seem it is not intended for Wigfrids items to be included here. The only precedent of belonging skins being included in Wardrobe bundles is Walter, who funny enough also has portraits that display his hats, so Klei really did make a mistake including Wigfrids armor in her portrait drawing.
  15. The mistake was the artist who drew the portrait for the new Winged Victory skin included her spear and helmet in the drawing so it looks misleading. Compare this to the Ultimate Performer skin where her spear and helmet are not included in the portrait artwork. The wording is correct though as it only mentions Wardrobe items and not Belongings, which is what the spear, helmet and armor are classified as.