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  1. How does the sandstorm-wildfire mechanics connect again? One guy told me that things inside the sandstorm would not smolder even if a player is outside the sandstorm. I thought it checks for players whether they’re in the sandstorm or not, instead of checking for objects. Gonna need a lua digger to find this out....
  2. you need at least 2 sections of nighttime (1 min) to transform the staff. If you have your world's nighttime set to less or none, chances are you won't be able to do the event at all during Autumn or Summer.
  3. Woodie's literal nightmare. He absolutely hates birds. Here's some of mine. Take a gander at this three-branched swamp cut off by a forest. Looks perfect for Wurt to live in the middle. This was convenient. I didn't have to go anywhere, 'cause the deers were there!
  4. might work in your favor. just gotta hope that they aggro onto each other for long enough to cause significant damage.
  5. The rook and bishop could actually draw aggro from her and her bees, although the Bee Queen's AI tend to target players over other mobs. This would be unlikely, as shadows may also deaggro from her too and may even result in you dying instead.
  6. 1. Yes, it is a hidden mechanic. There’s “moisturefloor” and “moistureceil” (short for ceiling) which determines when rain stops or starts, respectively. The telestaff increases the moisture value by 500 each use. 2. Overcharge stacks will get less and less time added to the total, the more overcharged you are. The first few lightning strikes to charge you will give you what you’d expect: a minute for each hit, but the next strikes will gradually become less effective. (Thanks @Crestwave for the info on the first one)
  7. Don't they lose more than that? As far as I remember, that's how much we lose per day, not the boofs.
  8. Seeing that it's still YOTB, I might as well point out that you can do this to your Boof partner too. And ride it.
  9. you sure can. it's part of the non-permanent settings in the beta.
  10. darn it, at least I got an ad before the song.
  11. A beard doesn't increase body temperature by nature, it only gives negative heat insulation during Summer (deducts your total heat insulation by how long your beard is). Too many heat sources are still possible, though.
  12. All of those things are one setpiece altogether. Lucky find, though!
  13. Now this right here needs some attention. If you choose best connection as a filter type, all of those servers get pushed down to the bottom. i want to know the solutions to this as well, so I should sit back and wait for an answer to this long-unsolved issue.
  14. Well, they certainly should, but not too gamebreaking. for you see, crab king is quite easy even with pearl + opal + 7 purple gems, while you're Wolfgang with a dark sword + goatjelly on a wet day. For other things, yes, I think there should be more recipes moon-related since this is RoT after all, and most of the content is lunar energies.
  15. This bug was fixed as of the latest hotfix, I believe. Although, there is no way to regain the lost sketches - Unless you spawn them in using the Console.