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  1. Now what would Goombario say about Willow? Tell meeeeee.
  2. How do we contract COVID-19 into The Constant? Simple.
  3. Oh so that's why I once saw fresh, free food on the ground besides my base. My friend had that mod on his server.
  4. Every Summer in DST... Best touch stone spawn, period (I burned myself for 10 health after using this TS, worse, I had to use it to continue a Klaus fight. Nice penalty for a continue ticket..)
  5. I also have a PotatoComputer too, and it runs the game quite.. okay. As the others said, expect long waits on loading screens. Or even deaths, if your PC sucks as much as mine(e.g. returning from the caves to die to bats as your PC isn't done loading but your character is already done climbing the stairs).
  6. With the new reactions, I guess my tiny phone isn’t a good place to surf maxwell me- I mean the forums anymore. The menu even extends up to a post above..
  7. Oh hey, forgot to mention, I like my dishes filled with nightmare fuel fillers. Mmmm, triple nightmare dragon pie.
  8. 115 health, Klei pls nerf. my favorite is the surf 'n' turf. not filling, but that's just how fish dishes are: serving their purposes as healthy "snacks."
  9. (in response to your pfp)
    Aw come on, Summer isn't that hot, riiiiiight? it's just "warm"!

    p.s. my favorite season is summer, sorry~ 

    1. minespatch


      I can't wear my favorite clothes in the summer. It's really hot in North Carolina.

  10. Sadly, I don't think she can. She doesn't execute the "Catch" action. I once saw her keep on trying to reel in a fish that's RIGHT BELOW HER, but she didn't try to catch it. She then proceeds to lose the fish five seconds after... p.s. I don't know the scripts behind this
  11. got two. -probably my worst blueprint drop. -gotta love the inventoryitem component, critters somehow have durability.
  12. Here's a tip, quickly alt+click anything in your inventory. If the character examines an item it will prevent them from doing certain actions e.g. eating. You gotta be quick before it goes down to your stomach, though.