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  1. Finally, she's dead. At my own hands. I don't think I can solo her without catas, though.. unless there's other tactics like the long wall that I do not know how to use.
  2. I think that applies to some other ground altering prefabs too, like the oasis pond for example, just hides the white mark entirely.
  3. Short-ranged teleportation by some means(orangestaff, soul hop) gives you I-frames or Invincibility Frames and as such will also reset Charlie's stalking timer, so I doubt that's a bug. Yes, the watch itself is also a short teleportation tool.
  4. Ehh, to me they still have aggro on me? You know, it's similar to Wortox's hops, not guaranteeing a deaggro.
  5. Note: This is not a feature request for Wanda to be healed when she is wearing the red amulet. Wanda gets her hunger drained whenever her age is not 20 and she is wearing the life giving amulet, the game thinks that her "health" isn't full and therefore tries to heal her. This wastes both her hunger and the amulet's durability. Although not many people would wear the amulet always, this is probably a minor oversight in my opinion, unless this is intended.
  6. When you pick up a spider warrior that has been put to sleep, it will NOT appear in the inventory, when in reality, it actually is in your pocket. Warrior Crash.mp4 Then if the person who has the bugged warrior in their inventory attempts to change shards, the entire server crashes. Specific Info in the video: -Spider Warrior was a pacified one -It was put to sleep with a Pan Flute -Tested on a vanilla world
  7. I was on a server, and it wasn't walled off + near the kitchen. Oh well.
  8. Just died to a pig farm. Imagine having 5205 hours, able to kill bosses solo, know most (if not all) of the mechanics, but Dies to a pig farm
  9. So uh, what causes this? The mole bat just snorted so hard. damnit molebat.mp4
  10. Who can resist a snack? Not me, that's for sure. Mmmm.
  11. Does anyone know the exact reason to why moonstorms disappear after: Crash Rollback Relaunching server I tried forcecrashing my world, rolled back, launched the server again but to no avail, the moonstorm is still there. On some unfortunate servers however, the moonstorm is forever gone BUT the mysterious energy is intact. That just means the altars can never be removed, lunacy full moons forever, and no champion fights can occur....
  12. Don't Starve Together 2564-05-12 01-38-27.mp4 Would this video be enough evidence? Here's a list of what I've seen invisible so far, they're mostly body slot items: -Rain Coat -Log Suit (All Skins) -Scalemail (All Skins) -Floral Shirt -Summer Frest
  13. Ah yes, this is true. Whether the containment fails or not, it drops one soul. least it's a snack, for now until they fix it.