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  1. When there are more than 1 crowns, the most recent crown seems to become invisible and doesn't have any effects.
  2. Likely redundant information/idea: The Visus puzzle will become known and accessible once the console players receive the update. Sincere apologies if this is annoying... -The Humble and Obedient Rose Appraiser
  3. A strange energy permeated towards this Rose Appraiser, and it says no... where did that energy come from....?
  4. Information Former puzzle formats: Cyclum (all browser), Metheus (part browser, part game) Current guess at puzzle based on trend: Axiom(placeholder name) all game Idea: 3 known areas of significance (Archives, Atrium, Lunar Island); Based on a bout of lunacy: Activate Atrium cycle, Archives active, and Celestial Energy/Champion defeated(?); or something similar Please don't treat this as fact, this is merely speculation and spitballing... -Her Loyal Rose Appraiser
  5. gets a response, albeit potentially unreachable! Edit: Information: response received but no site exists, alert once actual site located...
  6. Known puzzle names: Cyclum, Metheus Known significant names: Alter, Charlie, Axiom, Visus Known format: (name) Hope this helps, -The Humble and Obedient Rose Appraiser
  7. Axiom, a statement held to be true... Visus, to see/sight/vision... Together it would be (roughly) "A vision of [the] truth" When Charlie raises the Torch, Gestalts are absorbed by it, similar to what she does to the Gateway in the Forge cinematic. Positioning the Torch so the flame covers the "Moon" reveals the sleeping eye, which stirs as though disturbed in its slumber. What is already known in the beta is that once all 3 Celestial pieces are placed in close proximity, the eye or "Alter" awakens and gazes upon the Constant. When this happens Moonstorms sweep the land and Wagstaff seeks the Lunar essence. Activating Alter's Guardian and defeating resets the moon. Parallels: Champion and Fuelweaver, both beings of phenomenal cosmic power, both endeavor to keep those who try to exploit those powers at bay, both upon defeat drop powerful items, both from times long and best left forgotten. Charlie's motives, or Metheus', are still shrouded in mystery but this much is known: Balance is tipping, The Shadow War continues, the survivors are clueless, and those privy to this knowledge keep it behind tight lips. Edit: Upon closer inspection there are chains with a gap where the moon cracked.
  8. The Moon shall soon wake from its Slumber, and it sees us all. Fear it...
  9. This Rose Appraiser found this game quite some time ago, back when Cyclum was the most known lore. Only once Metheus rolled around did this Rose Appraiser buy the game, but no regrets were made in this purchase. So many wonderful memories were made playing this game and watching/theorizing about it. The event that this Rose Appraiser remembers most fondly is the Gorge, it was so marvelous and even if it is unlikely to occur again it still hold a place in the heart. This Rose Appraiser enjoys playing DST and is excited to see what the future holds for this wonderful game! Still not certain about the strange energy that seems to permeate whenever we play any sort of game... Perhaps that letter Our Mistresses received holds the answer... No matter... They always know best...
  10. Something to note about activating the Celestial Energy: The moon dial glasses over and has an eye design in it. And the characters all have something to note about this, for example, Winona saying she can't help but feel someone's watching. And another: Once the Champion is defeated, Wagstaff appears and steals what this Rose Appraiser will call the "Heart of the Moon." Once he takes it, the entire world goes dark until the day cycle finishes. Once that happens, 2 distinct changes occur: 1) the moon cycle begins again, starting with a new moon; 2) The moon icon become glassy, and seems to have no known effect as of the current update. This Rose Appraiser theorizes that in Wagstaff stealing the Heart, the Moon and Constant are no longer in a balance of sorts.
  11. Truly beautiful. This Rose Appraiser is stunned at the incredible quest-line to this fight... Finding Wagstaff after unleashing the Moon's power, aiding him, and fighting the Celestial Champion were truly marvelous! How exciting...
  12. Our Mistresses' Ever Humble and Obedient Rose Appraiser Specialties: Growing Roses and being Her Informants, as it always was...
  13. Here's a follow up to that video Glad to see others who are familiar with this show... Back to business then, Our Mistress' rose garden awaits...
  14. The sentiment is appreciated and to You, this humble Rose Appraiser wishes a wonderful day as well...