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  1. I think they're just bringing attention to it so Klei realizes they should change it...
  2. It's not $2,000, it's just nobody is selling them right now. Every item on the marketplace has people trying to sell them for a ridiculous price, probably as a joke. It's just that the Wilson head is an item that's listed rarely enough where all the genuine listings are gone and leaving only that fake listing that no one will ever purchase. If you go to any non-identical listing so you can see individual items you'll always see the same thing. Here's a hat worth less than a dollar being listed for $83 a 17 cent gun listed for 2 grand a 30 cent gun listed for $257 I don't think your "Someone is buying them all to sell them at a higher price" theory is right, either, since none are being sold at a higher price. There's just none available for purchase right now.
  3. They are just as disconnected as the caves is to the surface. At least after you craft the thingamabobs to travel between them.
  4. You think they're going to be able to fit two RoG sized worlds into that tiny ocean that can only at best fit a couple more islands? I said it would be pointless for them to add little islands and you said it wasn't going to be like that, it was "making it like it was in shipwrecked (or hamlet). Did you not enjoy the DLC?". Now you're going back to the little islands thing? You can't even stay consistent with what you want. Rest of your comment is just as nonsensical.
  5. You can't fit Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Hamlet all on one world. There's already people who have issues running the game (I've even seen people claiming they have trouble running it on console), and you're asking to essentially triple or quadruple the world size. That'd be miles more effort than making new content, and that'd also probably be harder to run than just adding more servers. Not to mention how it just wouldn't make sense or work at all and even then you'd still have to remove content like the volcano, ruins, houses, etc. Basically all of Hamlet. Imagine if the rest of the world already had pig houses and you're saying not to move the pig king themed pig houses to the rest of the world. Then that argument would be comparable, and that argument would make sense. The vast majority of the content in the DLCs is complete reskins (Dumbrella, snakeskin items, etc), extremely similar to existing content (Snakes, thatch pack, etc), or things that wouldn't fit in a Reign of Giants world (Ice maker, windbreaker, etc). The DLCs are fun because of their new mechanics. The DLCs are fun because of the completely new areas they add. The DLCs are fun for things that you wouldn't be bringing over in this sloppy port you're suggesting. If you want to play SW & HAM, why not play SW & HAM instead of suggesting a terrible version be added to DST? Or just go play a terrible version mod? There's plenty on the workshop.
  6. Wortox has a rather silly personality, I think he's just calling them that. But if you're asking if they're the ghosts of dead children I don't think they are due to how ghosts have been shown to look and dead children ghosts growing up into adult dead children ghosts doesn't make much sense.
  7. That's not adding Shipwrecked and Hamlet, that's adding little pieces of them. That's not what OP was asking about. But what would be the point of what you're saying, have you even played those DLCs? Do you know what's on Shipwrecked islands? The same stuff that's on the mainland. Nothing that would be added from that would be very interesting. Spiders except they look like snakes? Splumonkeys except they're not underground? Trees except they injure you for chopping them? Just plopping over assets and calling it a day is mod-tier stuff (and, in fact, you can already have that exact experience with mods), them adding actually new content is so much better.
  8. On one hand, now nightmare fuel will be easier to collect. On the other hand, now you can't ignore the possible penalties of low sanity and will have to deal with the consequences of it or prevent it from happening. Both hands are good. I'm going all in.
  9. They're different games, they already merged the caves & ruins into a caves/ruin layer to cut down on servers needed to run per server while adding those DLCs would add like 5 more servers, yada yada so on so forth. DS still runs better and has a bunch of differences with it, but the majority of players probably don't care. Although a lot of people already don't care about those DLCs and just lie about how DST is the "better game" anyway.
  10. Looks like it also could've been intended to happen during earthquakes. Or maybe a future update will add something happening that'll cause it to fall.
  11. If you're good enough where racist pigs + 2x food required isn't a real downside you're good enough where none of the downsides are real downsides. The closest would be Maxwell's frailty and Warly/Wormwood's healing deficiency, but Maxwell's fraily and Warly's healing problems can be worked around a lot easier than Wortox's racism downside can. Wortox isn't even in the top 5 strongest characters.
  12. Who would think he's overpowered? He's decent at farming groups of enemies, decent at rushing the ruins, and the second best lumberjack. A generalist that excels in no areas. I'd say he's in a pretty good spot, pretty fun to play. "Great power and defense" isn't quite right. Weremoose has similar/identical defense to Woodie's normal form and loses power, unless it's against a large group of enemies. Weremoose can't heal, does less damage, doesn't really gain much defense and could potentially lose it, can't pick up items, injures you to transform (which combined with the inability to heal make you considerably more fragile than you would be even in weaker armour than Weremoose), drains your sanity, empties your hunger, moves slow, and untransforms after awhile which could potentially put you in a bad situation. It's a pretty niche form that's mostly useful for farming decent sized groups of enemies or rushing ruins. Goose also takes time to gather the ingredients to craft it, time to transform, and time to untransform. Unless you're going a very far distance it'd probably be faster to just walk, especially once you get a walking cane since that's almost as fast. I'd say this form is also pretty niche and mostly used for rushing ruins or lunar.
  13. Every time "Should I play DS or DST?" gets asked on the subreddit people say this.
  14. I believe Wurt's only wetness related perk is an immunity to the loose grip from wet tools and she still suffers from lowered temperature & sanity loss.
  15. Or just make farming not terrible, that benefits more than Warly. The only thing that specifically Warly needs is 2x duration on food effects to mitigate the pick and swap aspect of the character.
  16. Maybe Klei saw the criticism of the salt lamp lantern's effects and just decided to not give it any.
  17. The Rocks™, Flint®, and Twigs© from Don't Starve Together by Klei Entertainment.
  18. They're fully clothed videogame characters that don't even look like children and barely even look like humans who are dancing. If you think that's presenting itself as pedophilic... It's definitely not against the law, no idea what you're talking about.
  19. Your issue with actual literal real life children cybering isn't actual literal real life children cybering, but the potential for them to also be able to do a dance while playing as a videogame character who's a child? And if they wanted to do that so bad they're downloading mods for it I think they'd just download the mod Wardin was talking about or a different game entirely.
  20. Who cares? The children don't even look like children, they look exactly the same as every other character. There's not going to be any issues or drama about your mod that makes the characters do a dance.
  21. He's a really fun challenge/roleplay character, one of my most played. If you want to try really hard he's not very good. You don't have to rotate at all. If you don't care about the fun of making different dishes (at that point he loses a lot of his fun, though) you can just eat a meaty stew and meatballs and by the time you need to eat again you can do it again. You can alternate between a meaty stew and a couple of meatballs, too.
  22. Sounds more like wrath. The deadly sins are so generic and common that you can say basically anyone is basically any of them. Using Bearger as an example he eats a lot (gluttony), steals your food (greed), sleeps half the year (sloth), attacks you if you take his food (wrath), and wants your food (envy and with your definition of lust, also lust). You could probably do this with any of the bosses.
  23. They're selling it for money. The point is to make money. Even if Klei shuts the mod down, makes it no longer work, does whatever, they still profited from it. Everyone who bought it while it worked isn't getting their money back, since someone who knowingly breaks the terms of services of products in order to profit definitely isn't going to be giving refunds. It's the same thing with people selling cheats. In most cases they know it's wrong and they know that it isn't guaranteed to last forever. They just don't care.