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  1. I really think, there should be more Thursdays, Klei should really do something about that. I mean, how many Thursdays are there in a week? One! Out of seven days! That's some bad RNG if I've ever seen one! Klei should at very least implement a slight chance for a second Thursday to happen once a week.
  2. Randomness is what brings me fun. I like mods like Random Spawner for even more of it - chaos rules!
  3. Even shadow creatures for some reason lol. Also a general rule of thumb, what does and doesn't regen health: If it would be good for you if the creature regenerated health, it probably won't. If a regen would make your life only harder, it probably will heal. Suffering is the rule.
  4. I definitely want Klei to add some more holidays to my life. As for the game, I don't know.
  5. Just give us the scaling insanity ambience back for a start, Klei! In this game, I WANT to slowly start hearing voices when I'm on 30% sanity and not just have it all drop at me once I am batsh*t crazy..
  6. I always took it more like a joke book, in a way of Klei saying "Oh, you want a really powerful spell to cast? Here, now you can destroy your world all by yourself!"
  7. Meanwhile in singleplayer DS you can get cursor-locked - you can't drop anything in total darkness and even if you have a heckton of grass and twigs, if all spots including your cursor are filled up, with no way to quickly eat a spot empty, you're dead
  8. I think one point is that you like to play Webber. DS(T) characters were never meant to be equally balanced and I think that's still a good thing. Many people play characters not for their skills, but because they vibe with that character's personality and view on the world. That's why I stick to Wickerbottom despite my rather tanky playstyle - she is just cool. And maybe some guys think so about Webber. Bonus: If you play with mods like Uncompromising Mode or Adventure Mode, where spiders are used a lot as obstacles, Webber gets to shine even more. Also ruins are a thing
  9. I think it's just the new characteristic Klei style of drawing hair. I think they like to give the newly introduced characters some memorable hair outlines.
  10. Addition: On the right you see sketches of mechanical hearts (probably empathy modules) all crossed out and Wx throws at Wagstaff what looks like a severed emapthy module as well, almost as if to say "Here, you can have this sh*t!" The argument was probably not just about Wx wanting to build more robots, but to specifically build them without an empathy module. Maybe they even tried to remove empathy modules from pre-build robots.
  11. Friendly reminder that in some post about guessing the new rework changes I foretold that they're gonna restore the empathy module!
  12. At the beginning we see Wagstaff or human Wx noting down "specimen displays erratic behaviour - organic part to blame?" right after seeing the half-mechanical mouse. So there was clearly some stuff going on with creating Cyborg-creatures and to suspect that the organic part is what makes a being act "erratic" is a rather cynical view on life. The two were either trying to create the "perfect" creature that could perform tasks better than human beings, trying to cure sickness through replacing bodyparts or were going even as far as searching for human immortality. I'd suspect them both to fit into the mad/immoral scientist category, but I can't quite tell, who the greater madman was in the end.