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  1. Than again, you're perfectly fine eating a cat's puke (with rot, phlegm and glommer goop you're not, so it can't be the survivors' dead taste buds). That means, something about catcoons lets them produce above-average puke at least Also, is there a mod that makes you take damage or slows you down, when you eat at full hunger? I need something as ridiculous as that!
  2. Thanks guys, so yeah, basically all the mods I use are on your list, lol. Might be onto something now. I really wish though that Klei could implement a little of this features themselves into the game. Not knowing how much health your boss has is really just annoying and makes batteling rather anticlimatic than challenging in my opinion. And the 2-server-cave-thingy is still super inconvenient, especially when your missing out tons of content without caves on. DST is an awesome game and I know you can't make changes as big as the last one over night plus I don't know jacksh*t about programming, but it would be really awesome to one day get a better resolution for this, what do you think?
  3. Does anyone have some tips to reduce lag at least a little on very slow PCs? (Besides buying a new computer, I know) Are there any mods famous for causing lag? Can you play around with settings? My favourite world is really unplayable at this point, the only areas where I have green performance are the ones where I haven't really build anything.
  4. Holy cassarole, guess I have to redeem myself as a Wickerbottom main, I never knew this. To me, Surf n Turf always was this magical, high tier "nobody knows the recipe, nobody has the resources" dish.
  5. Wait you can?? Okay, I'll let myself out... (Still this could be 4 fishsticks or 2 pierogis instead)
  6. As a Wickerbottom main I gotta say (yea, pretentious af start, I know), that this is a terrible waste of meats and probably unwise from both a health and environment perspective. You should better keep one of the meat types for another day and combine them with something else and I'm 100% sure Wickerbottom would tell that to everyone else, but I guess that old woman's gotta get some treat in this world. ~ Wicker out.
  7. And here I am wondering what the heck a "Noslee-Ponfire" is and why it was never implemented...
  8. OMG, Webby boi update soon, I just choked on my ice cream seeing this, all the additions and changes sound really nice, I like the part with making spiders neutral to other players, that will solve quite some community base problems
  9. Is the lower max health penalty in DS/Hamlet permanent?? (Just innocently planted magic water in Hamlet, thinking it would do something cool and bam, 70 health left, bruh)
  10. Actually no. I managed to outrun the monkeys and plants and politely led the trillions of rabid beetles to the next city guard, so they could get to know each other. All while picking up and eating random garbage from the floor to sustain my soul.
  11. While other people showcase their cool bases and victories here, I'm just gonna keep documenting my suffering. Today: Absolute clusterf*ck, Hamlet edition. (Wheeler just seems ready to die at this point^^)
  12. Friendly reminder that neither pigs, nor merms, nor Walter are bouncy enough to compete and therefore not part of the poll