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  1. In love with oasis drops changes, thank you!
  2. It summons 2 hounds, after killing both it'll summon another and last one
  3. The drop depends on current durability of shown items
  4. It seems like another humanoid race, like goatmen and pigmen. Also seeing regular crows and crow child from the event, we can see a BIG difference. That could mean that regular crows aren't real (Wagstaffs qoute) or they really appeared in Constant with Wes.
  5. The amount of planes you had to use for this project must be countless. I've only made two bike frames and my brain almost crashed. Amazing work!
  6. Wormwood (and Wurt) change with wetness. If I remember correctly, Jason told that can't happen
  7. Community Pumpkin is amazing, took me a while to find my submission Thanks again for the great event!
  8. Does that mean it will show directions to Lunar Island and Crab King setpiece?
  9. Thank you guys for the great contest and my lovely Webber skin! <3
  10. Year ago we tried to make Wurt'o'Lantern, pretty fun. Gonna try out with stencils
  11. I love that we can mutate lighbulbs into light flies using Lunar Experiment potion <3