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  1. Year ago we tried to make Wurt'o'Lantern, pretty fun. Gonna try out with stencils
  2. I love that we can mutate lighbulbs into light flies using Lunar Experiment potion <3
  3. Forgotten Knowledge was so sudden, you guys keep doing the great job!
  4. Wigfrid can't wear Milk Hat thing (kinda made of meat), was that intended?
  5. So in retrofitted worlds Ancient Archive has only one kind of Knowledge Fountains. Solving the puzzles won't give any rewards and Astral Detector doesn't work (no arrows)
  6. Place where you place opal or moth mob, rather first one
  7. Still doesn't work for me (retrofitted caves). Also, detector doesn't show any directions.
  8. After all that time, Wig gets perk related to her lore, I'm satisfied
  9. I'm still bit concerned with the filename of new OST: DST_Forge_NewBoss5_V2.wav
  10. Even if all of your beef herds extinct, world regrowth mechanic will bring them back.