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  1. It seems like another humanoid race, like goatmen and pigmen. Also seeing regular crows and crow child from the event, we can see a BIG difference. That could mean that regular crows aren't real (Wagstaffs qoute) or they really appeared in Constant with Wes.
  2. You wont have to, your world will be retrofitted to the new content
  3. Oh, somehow missed the "additional" word lol sorry for the misunderstanding
  4. Can't wait for the dev/art streams, it's been so long!
  5. The amount of planes you had to use for this project must be countless. I've only made two bike frames and my brain almost crashed. Amazing work!
  6. Wormwood (and Wurt) change with wetness. If I remember correctly, Jason told that can't happen
  7. Does that mean it will show directions to Lunar Island and Crab King setpiece?
  8. I love that we can mutate lighbulbs into light flies using Lunar Experiment potion <3
  9. Wigfrid can't wear Milk Hat thing (kinda made of meat), was that intended?