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  1. More moon cycle options would be great. Solo don't starve has two full moons in a row, and DST should have that option too.
  2. I generated a world with sea stacks and crab king set to the maximum settings and crab king didnt spawn i think
  3. Experiment with mods. I recommend using "Do Your Map!" and "Giant Size" to make a world with a giant ocean and many separate islands to sail to. If that doesn't make enough of a difference, there are lots of mods that rework crucial parts of the game.
  4. I don't think Klei would make a caves character, considering how there are many worlds generated without caves even enabled, and considering how much more content there is on the surface
  5. I think there will be a Tier 3 magic station, with some new crafting ingredient obtainable by killing greater gestalts and extracted through the fissures. Harnessing the lunar magic that mutates hounds and pengulls for yourself seems like a way to make a ton of new magic items. I'm betting this is the update that lets us summon rain, which the devs said they would add a way to summon somehow.
  6. beefalo spawning shouldn't be tied to seasons. just make it so that if there's less than 3 or so beefalo you can find one in a hunt
  7. Just reminding Klei that they have 1 year to introduce a cool tiger-like creature to DST or 2022 will be the year of the catcoon.
  8. suprising that there was more info about updates that weren't year of the beefalo than the year of the beefalo update itself. surprise release of the update perhaps?
  9. Wormwood isn't like the other survivors. He is incredibly naive, and his quotes about poison birchnuts and palm treeguards show that he even thinks that things that want to kill him might be potential friends. I still don't see why wormwood should lose sanity from a pacified treeguard. Treeguards and Wormwood hold very similar values, really.
  10. There should be a Newgame+ or hard mode, but anyone who wants the game to be easier probably is already using extra equip slots and refreshing food ice box mods.
  11. Treeguard's drain wormwoods sanity even when they are neutral. I agree that wormwood should lose sanity when they are fighting a tree guard, but otherwise they shouldn't
  12. If walter can get a sanity boost from being near treeguards, wormwood deserves one too.
  13. If you play all the classes in terraria then terraria is probably more replayable, in addition to all the good mods that completely change the progression of the game. DST progression is a lot less varied than terraria's progression IMO
  14. autumn should be easier than the other seasons, so bearger not being a big threat is not a big deal imo