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  1. B-side Wilson's beard grows inward, and he needs tweezers to remove his ingrown hairs
  2. Crab king should duplicate the types of gems players socket into him.
  3. The survivors escape The Constant, and return to the real world in the middle of the great depression. The survivors decide that dealing with hound attacks is easier than dealing with poverty, so Wilson builds a portal to The Constant again.
  4. Basically, I just want to be able to make a boat base as Wurt. Can anyone help me out?
  5. They should add unique functionality to existing plant mobs before adding new ones. Treeguards, Mandrakes, Saladmanders, Carrats and Mush Gnomes all treat Wormwood like any other survivor.
  6. Moongleam and infused moon glass could use some crafting recipes, too. Two ideas for infused moon glass recipes A variant of the glass cutter that does bonus electric damage and spoils over time A lightning rod variant that when struck gives a strong positive sanity aura and light Moongleam could be used to fuel Winona's generators or maybe used in a crafting recipe to overcharge WX, aside from that I dont know what recipes it could be given
  7. This would allow for the hermit pearl to be obtained in worlds where all the cactuses have been griefed, and also make speedruns for the celestial guardian not have to wait until summer
  8. Woodie outshines Willson as an all rounded character with little downsides right now so Wilson definitely needs a rework
  9. If return of them is wrapping up, maybe they will add some new islands that are unrelated to the moon. Maybe an island that pengulls and snowbirds migrate from?
  10. I use mods to add content or fix parts of the game I think are flawed
  11. the new skins were in order to finish the victorian skin set, which webber was already in. webber is probably going to get some new skins soon, since klei knows the community wants a webber rework
  12. Today, we celebrate the most beloved crockpot dish