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  1. Depths worms probably have the most fun kiting patterns, and the fact that they can be so easily grouped up makes them a lot more manageable than hounds
  2. really suprised how plants like corn and potatoes only give 1 crop per harvest considering how their sprites imply they should give much more food
  3. I'm unsure of how scaled flooring really works, but there is probably some potential for fireproofing tweaks there. I also remember the dev team said they are looking into a way to add easy ways to trigger summer rain in future RoT content which could make wildfires less of an issue
  4. I loaded up a world recently because I wanted to see if I could constantly have a big bernie guarding me at the lunar island. Bernie is great, but its sad to see the lack of interaction with lunacy.
  5. Regardless of what its called, klei still needs to add some variety of tigers, snakes and horses to dst so that we can have proper events for those years
  6. It should probably be tied with the nightmare phase or maybe have the thulecite medallion prevent it?
  7. would be cool if they let solo wurt players not have to swap characters every time they want gold or to go trick or treating tho
  8. I find it interesting that Kleis recent character additions have toyed with enemy aggro, with Walter's slingshot not drawing it and Wigfrid now being able to gain aggro on every mob instantly. Maybe some potential for kiting slow attacking mobs this way?
  9. anchor.lua boat.lua boatpatch.lua fishbox.lua mast.lua steeringwheel.lua tacklestation.lua winch.lua hope this is helpful!
  10. With the recent additions of the scorching sunfish and Summer-related quests to the crabby hermit, fire proof boats would make it so that you could complete these quests without needing to fit a Ice-Flingomatic and fuel for it in order to sail during summer, in addition to making boat bases manageable. If someone chooses to make this mod, please make the boat essentials such as the sail, anchor and steering wheel immune to fire as well.