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  1. just make every quote that contradicts their new perks and downsides be random monkey gibberish
  2. They really need to make boat versions of essential structures. Everybody who wants to sail for a long period of time is gonna build an icebox and a crockpot, and they take up like half the ship
  3. They should revisit the pig King wrestling match and make Snout Clouds actually useful, but other than that he's fine.
  4. More shadow magic that isn't just shadow minions. Why does the master of shadows only have one magic trick?
  5. Give willow a change so that when willow uses fire weapons it doesn't cause the loot to burn, and a new downside that doesn't only come into play 1/4 of the year.
  6. I dont really want Wilson to change himself too much. What I do want is for the rest of the casts downsides to be more significant, so that Wilson having no downsides actually has some merit. Right now when I want to play DST with non intrusive downsides I just pick Winona, Woodie or Willow.
  7. Bramble traps need to be cheaper to craft. So many are needed for them to be effective, and they cost a living log each. Maybe each craft should give 2 traps
  8. Warly needs much more than 3 spices. Right now there's no reason to ever pick up and carry the seasoning stations as you travel, because everything you'd realistically make seasoning powder with would be back at base. Adding spices that alter the stats of food would also add a lot more depth to cooking than just remembering the optimal recipes. Imagine if there was a seasoning that converted a portion of the HP and Hunger from a dish into Sanity, or a Dish that makes the foods stats apply overtime, like jellybeans.
  9. Every character gets a pantomimed head skin that when equipped makes them completely invisible
  10. Boats just need a way to be able to cook food on it without the structures taking up 40% of the boat space. Why did Klei add a structure meant to replace the firepit as a light source on boats without giving us a way to cook with it? Crockpots also take up way too much space on boats, there should be a smaller boat version.
  11. So is WX-78 non binary for real or did they just forget about their entire life as a human? Can Klei comment on this before the forum explodes please
  12. Wait if WX-78 is canonically non binary and used to appear male does that mean this short was actually about Wagstaff helping their friend with their identity
  13. I don't think it is. their glasses, beard and forehead look way different
  14. To balance out wurts new upsides, she should have a "Civil Unrest" Meter that shows how happy the merms are. If the meter gets too low, they will overthrow the merm monarchy and burn down Wurts base