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  1. I saw a fanart of don't starve in an art group in facebook. It intrigued me until I found out that deerclops exists and got intimidated by him that I never played the game. I was reintroduced by foekoe and decided to finally face my fears and play the game. I keep basing in the meteor fields for some reason lol.I remember getting a tallbird fortress and spider quarry near each other as wigfrid yet I still died to starvation
  2. I forgot to edit the original post but it kinda seems like a bug. I managed to retrieve all my worlds safely by just making a new world and opening the "used to be day 1" main world. Idk how tha happened but thanks for everyone that helped
  3. I did accidentally switched to beta but when i switched back it was still there so I doubt its about the beta. I did create a new world and it returned my worlds, except my main world is now back in day one
  4. My worlds mysteriously disappeared,,The files are alright, I didn't move to a new computer and i tried reinstalling the game but none worked anyone know how to fix this?
  5. I main wigfrid because I really love playing tanky characters. Her playstyle very much suites for me since I'm not a megabaser and you can never rest while playing wigfrid. I also really like her voice and personality.
  6. I got a sinkhole near a lot of spiders so the spiders often take care of the batilisk problem. Pros is that you get tons of guano, cons is that it's very dangerous to go near there during dusk or night especially if you're not playing as wendy.
  7. The loot is okay tbh. Infinite light with 10+/per min that summons gestalts that deal atleast 40+ damage that doesn't have a durabilty is cool at the low cost of using a body armor. unless the crown is an armor like the thulecite and the bee queen crown but I highly doubt it
  8. Lord of the fruit flies spawns when atleast 15 crops grow up or rot within a 1.5 tile radius. how far are your plots?
  9. They're quite intimidating tho. You'll never know whether they're actual trolls or just really cool people