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  1. It is quite obvious that soil in the Constant is filled with minerals. We can see this when earthquakes occur, when we dig up Moleworms' burrows, when we use Garden Rigamajig, when Tillweeds overgrow our farms bringing Garden Detritus to the surface, when Stone Fruit Bushes fruit or when Evergreens Petrify (I consider it happens when they suck too much minerals from soil). Now, similarly to new nutrients, what if there was a factor of the minerals in soil, probably dependent on the biome? It could slowly grow over time as water rinses out demineralized soil and the amount of it would affect (lowering said factor when the event occurs): regrow rate of Stone Fruit Bushes Forest Petrification tempo loot from digging up Moleworms' Burrows frequency of Tillweeds spawning Garden Detritus the amount of Garden Detritus spawned when using Garden Rigamajig My way of thinking was to, for example, use Stone Fruit Bushes near a larger forest one plants for an immigrant Bearger to chop to avoid it turning into an all-stone-no-wood scenario. On the other hand there could be something similar to Collected Dust to manually add some minerals if one wishes to Petrify some trees for fast Rocks and Nitre. Besides, in Reap What You Sow part of updates Stone Fruit Bushes received a significant nerf on their fructation cycle, so perhaps this change could bring previous cycle back provided that soil is well-mineralized, which means players would have to replant them every now and then or add minerals manually if they want Stone Fruits frequently. What do you think about that? Is it an interesting idea or a superfluous hindrance in a complex enough game?
  2. Hear me out: = + The name is misleading given the fact there is such thing as poison in Don't Starve's DLC and that most of in-game names are verbatim. I do consider there is plenty of room for Poison in DST as the game got much less than it once was (also I'd see Tillweed Salve as one of the possible Anti Venoms which would add some special use to that new item), but because I never personally enjoyed Poison and adding it would repel even more new players I'd rather have Poison Birchnut Tree change its name to "Birchnut Treeguard" or "Birchguard" (wiki's word has it they are also called "Deciduous Monsters" in the World Customization Screen).
  3. Bone Armor shouldn't be counted like that in my opinion, it's either blocking 100% damage or not blocking it at all, of course it should be worn with headpiece armor because it provides no protection after blocking a hit. Other examples are preserving more expensive armors with cheaper ones and I covered that. Probably I should have pointed it out, but I was mainly talking about the same tier armors, for example Log Suit + Football Helmet / Battle Helm / Beekeeper Hat, or Thulecite Suit + Thulecite Crown / Shelmet. I also have to disagree about armors lasting longer when wearing two pieces, because armors are already much worse because their protections don't stack in DST. The problem is if you receive damage from multiple sources and/or in very rapid succession, for example 2 stacked Boomshrooms can destroy your armor and sneak not protected hit before new piece of armor re-equips. 1% armor.mp4
  4. Wearing two pieces of armory should be generally avoided in DST. Firstly because Magiluminescence helps avoiding receiving damage at all and secondly because even 1% armor will block all damage from getting hit and will replace used piece for a new one if we have it in inventory. Unless planning to fully tank and/or preserve more important or more expensive armor it's better to wear head slot armor and Magiluminescence. Besides, as this topic compares Don't Starve to it's Together counterpart, armor math is different in Don't Starve. When wearing both parts of armor you reduce received damage twice, so for example wearing a Football Helmet and a Log Suit they block 80% of incoming damage for first piece and then 80% of remaining 20% with second piece, giving effective 96% damage resistance (with most average armors!). It's also worth noting that it differs which piece will be calculated first (and will lose durability first) based on DLC, for some bizarre reason. This is much more meaningful change when talking about armor, not 70% of original durability...
  5. E P I C ! Love it! It bears repeating: E P I C ! Also Webber mains sad noises
  6. Head slot clothes are good as they are, but chest slot clothes are usually useless, because most of them have a head slot counterpart and chest slot wearable items are much more versatile and potent in general (Bone Armor, Magiluminescence Amulet, Krampus Sack). There are very rare situations that encourage wearing chest slot clothing, for example fighting during rain to take advantage of electric damage, when you want to stay dry and still have armour or insulation (fighting Toadstool or Crab King). Another thing that makes insulation clothing less useful is how Thermal Stones work. You can easily survive without any insulation if you have a Thermal Stone (in Winter burn trees to warm it up, in Summer keep additional Thermal in an Ice Box/Snow Chester). But try to survive without any rain protection, oh boy, wetness is the worst! A change that would bring some spotlight on chest slot clothing would be additional chest slot for clothing, I just say...
  7. Don't you think new changes that Wormwood received during last Reap What You Sow update made him very complex, interesting but most importantly so enjoyable to play alone? There are stronger characters to play alone, like Warly or Wolf, but Wormwood, to me at least, feels much more interesting and less troublesome to play around his downsides, especially after rot was buffed to heal 4 hp each. Perhaps it's because on a Megabase World one could combine Warly's upsides with Wormwood's awesome special abilities, like crafting a Dark Sword from thin air (or 5 Rot + 5 Nightmare Fuel, WHAT??). Besides, 120% constant movement speed basically for free is a wonderful thing to have, isn't it? PS: I love how this Pumpkin Flower looks growing out of Thulecite Crown! UwU
  8. Spider Queen is one thing, she's a mini boss and can be stunlocked with fire, but oh goodness gracious how M/Goose manages to annoy me sometimes (even when playing alone she can retarget her attack into Chester). I don't understand why couldn't they use the same AI that Treequards have and make Honk areal like Bearger's yawn. Caves feel empty. As a pedant with OCD I always explore all Caves and they have nothing interesting to offer. It's an empty space with some Bunnymen villages and Spilagmites. I hope we are about to receive some love for Caves soon because Forgotten Knowledge introduced a new biome there. There are Ruins and Atrium, but they feel disconnected (in single player version Ruins are different layer below Caves). Exploring large Caves for over an hour is so depressing that I usually change caves to small... Boats should have some better upgrades, it's unreasonable to have only one type of 200 points of durability boat. I'm not even talking about this but at least let them be upgraded to gain fire resistance (Scales) or some additional durability. This would also improve fighting Crab King alone, because if you mess up some freezing, or 3 Imposing Claws dig into your boat there's literally no room for error (and by room I mean durability left). This is why fighting Crab King alone, without extra damage from Spicy Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, Wolfgang, Wigfrid or even rain and Morning Star, is so troublesome - because these boats have no durability (200 vs 3 * 550 of Pearled Imposing Claws). And lastly combat would be so much more interactive if we had some of Forge weapons in game. The code is all written and working, adjust values and cooldown timers if needed and add some spice to "hold F" type of combat we have currently. Special targeted attacks, magical staves, books (End is Nigh is a suicidal joke), reusable darts (make them deal less damage and use Stingers/Hound's Teeth as ammunition), etc. Make weapon choice more complex than "deals more damage so it's better". Armours could also use some additions but not that badly.
  9. Some screens would be helpful for a more specific diagnosis. Unless your character specifically says they are overcrowded I can suspect there are other problems with those Dragon Fruits, like low nutrients for example, because 9 crops of the same species, and especially the better ones like garlic, pepper, onion, durian, dragon fruit and pomegranate, suck them like crazy
  10. I guess it's true what they say about overeagerness... Would I be able to redeem it from Klei Rewards if I unravel it?
  11. Whaaa...? Wormwood changes are GODLIKE! Awesome update!!! Edit: Oh I see!
  12. Yes, exactly how I would see that. This is still a game made by Klei, so I'd rather have developers select works they find fitting their vision of the game based on some qualification rules before community voting, as well as supervise the whole contest. I don't see contestants making actual in-game graphics, but IF they were accepted by Klei why shouldn't they end up in a game? Would anyone argue about their work of art in their favourite game?
  13. It was mentioned previously, that this site recently started gathering data, but from my understanding it also only records not hosted servers we play on. I'm not entirely sure if I'm right, but I played Wendy only on one dedicated server, then recently changed to Maxwell and also played Maxwell for approximately 2 hours on another server, plus probably joined some other servers for a short moment or a Gorge/Forge run. I played Warly on mine online solo server for hundreds of hours and he's not even mentioned... I really need this...