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  1. Some Hamlet mechanics and seasons would be inappropriate for multiplayer (like the Calendar, Herald, BFB which would help griefers and new players wreck havoc across the map), but I would love to have an automatic Hard Shell Tacos farm with Tall Grass and Snaptooth Flytraps, also Weevole Mantle is an interesting item (although mostly because of stacking armour). I'd love if Hound Waves could be replaced with Vampire Bats (in options e.g.), because even one Red Hound can burn entire base to a crisp if a new player joins and isn't aware of the danger. For the Bosses I'd only like to see Pugalisk, he's the best design in my opinion and the best drop (by which I mean the Snake Bone Soup ) and a Magic Flower, Iron Hulk would just help griefers I'm afraid. P.S. If we don't get any of these just give us a Steamed Ham Sandwich please
  2. The incorrigible Food Hoarder (ever since I get my beloved Bundling Wrap Blueprint I start stockpiling food and dishes I will probably never use, I hate when food spoils...)
  3. Is there a mod you always use and would not play without? Is there something you love in Don't Starve DLCs that you desire in Together version? Share with others what you crave, as I know for a fact the gods are always looking :3 As for me: there are a couple I would normally skip, because mods work fine for me (I don't mind client side or soft server side mods too much) namely: Geometric Placement, Action Queue, Combined Status, Craft Pot, Item Info, Snapping Tills, Show Bundle or Epic Healthbar. I'm so used to them they feel like a part of the game, however they do make it seem less immersive (for me that is, but after so many hours they make some tasks less tedious and also I couldn't enjoy the game without Geometric Placement because of my severe OCD). I do think mods like Gesture Wheel are far better than encouraging players to use commands like "/carol", but maybe it's just me? doesn't Boss Indicator (mod) make sense in most cases? Loot Stash and Toadstool Cap shouldn't be indicated, but the most of the rest are so big they should be visible from afar... Rotate Caracter Model (mod) is such a good way to check the skin out before buying or weaving it. for so much time I wanted Lazy Furnace (mod) to be implemented into the game (I don't use it, because I don't use any game-changing server side mods), there already is Fire Packim Baggims in Shipwrecked and I just don't understand why cannot we get instant cooking in a boss item, you could also store Thermal Stones in it for winter cold. the thing that has been bugging me for ever: why are Thermal Stones linked with ambient temperature? They should break easier if they cool down in winter and warm up in summer but instead they break when you keep them by Scaled Furnace or in Fridge/Snow Chester constantly, so seemingly in the same temperature, which makes no sense. there has been a topic on DLCs dishes in the past and I'd love to see Hard Shell Tacos and Gummy Cake introduced, because they are really funny dishes (yes, I'm aware most players desire Steamed Ham Sandwich the most and it would be nice to see it as well). I'd say Hard Shell Tacos could be made with Cookie Cuttter Shells or Broken Shells and Gummy Cakes could be made out of Slurtle Slime or Phlegm (which has no special use for now) if not introduce Gummy Slugs as a rare drop from digging up stumps or something alike! EDIT: Hamlet also has this special turf feature to grow Tall Grass from Grass Tufts, It would be marvelous to see a new turf to allow that, along with Machete, Shears and even Weevoles with Weevole Mantle! I would love if they introduced a way to remove placed boats that doesn't include burning it down, repeatedly hitting it against the coast or placing fishing bins and destroying them to make a hole. There is Gnarwail Horn, which seemingly works in penetrating boats, just alow it to make holes in boats when needed.
  4. Even Klei doesn't say he's balanced, but lately what balance is anyway? Wendy and Wigfrid are great in larger groups, Warly is straight up broken, Wickerbottom and Wormwood are unmatched supports, Wolfgang can be twice as good as an average character when it comes to fighting. This game is not, nor should it be, balanced because it's not PvP oriented (yet making paid characters stronger than average character definitely is some kind of a choice).
  5. I guess it's true what they say about overeagerness... Would I be able to redeem it from Klei Rewards if I unravel it?
  6. Whaaa...? Wormwood changes are GODLIKE! Awesome update!!! Edit: Oh I see!
  7. I treat this question more of an overall attitude towards a character. I don't mind it being understood in different ways because there are many factors that build our feelings. For example if you don't like a person you'd probably don't like to be in one group or place with them and there's a high chance you wouldn't enjoy being them. Me neither, I just understand someone could have faced such behaviour and might bear a grudge towards Wurt players. The question is simply about one's attitude towards a character in Don't Starve. Albeit WX-78 is The Soulless Automaton you'd normally like you might still despise him because of playerbase that pick him. I am aware people may approach this question differently, but I don't mind that. If someone checks a character under a question "Which characters DON'T you like?" they probably have a reason behind it. It's just about positive or negative feeling that you emotionally link with given character. She gets quite boring after a couple of days, but she's got a vast arsenal of unique books which are very versatile. Regarding her personality she's a knowledgeable and rigorous woman, perhaps a little bitter about her life, but what about Wilson for example? He's an unsuccessful and unskilled scientist. Also he grows beard. wow I decided to add this answer to see how much people actively HATE mod characters. I usually don't play with such mods, but I did play some mod characters in the past and I enjoy the possibility to have them in game. If I don't want to play with/as mod characters I don't play on such worlds, but I still don't have strong negative feelings towards them. As much as I value whatever anyone has to say, you were the one to rebuke people, including me, about talking about Edgy Rick as being off-topic comments. Arguing about what is and what is not littering threads under completely mismatching question seems hypocritical Edit: There is "GL Happy" emote which matches excitation of your "POG". "Big Ups" seems more of a sad emote with a Dupe kissing their fist and beating their chest with it. They also have a sad face on that emote. Also I found @gaymime saying this "the original animation it came from is a 'raise a glass for a fallen friend' kind of gesture at a grave", so I don't think it shows excitement or hype. +1 I guess it's because apart from her personality there's not much to like. After she's built her structures and manufactured her Trusty Tape playing her is pointless. I personally love Winona's character, but I do believe she should get another loving update.
  8. The outcome of Wendy's rework (because I didn't like low hp - bigger damage mechanic she was given at first) was the best rework in my opinion, but it was really the Quality of Life changes she got that made this rework SOOO GOOD. Ever since the rework I was dreaming of a Pok├ęball Abigail's Flower skin (even though I don't like such references because it kills immersion).
  9. Just according to keikaku... I knew it was going to be interesting, but it's going other places I had imagined. My thoughts about leading answers: Mod characters are understandable, most players prefer vanilla characters than any modded ones (even if they might be cool at times) Wolfgang is stereotypically dumb, makes the game too easy at times, has annoying stage change mechanic, clears fridges as if he was paid to do so, his playstyle is also quite boring also Edgy Rick Walter is a lot harder to play than most players would like a ranged character to be, the slingshot is worse than most melee weapons, his sanity perk means inexperienced players lose sanity along losing health so it's a lot harder to restore health after a mistake, also his other perks are all over the place and not so meaningful either. I guess he might come off as arrogant and annoying? Wurt is a looong term character with some advantages, but not good enough to balance her disadvantages (Merm King doesn't add much besides some max stats and boost for Merm Guards, Merm houses are expensive and she still needs Pig Skins), also newly added leafy meat recipes should be for her and not for Wigfrid >:( Oh, Wurt is also racist so perhaps that might be hold against her? Winona is strange to see here for me, I like her concept and personality. I understand people don't like the idea of switch-build-switch character and I'd also want her to have something changing her playstyle. I still like her more than Wilson though... Edit: Ah yes, I forgot Wurt can build houses for aggressive and territorial Merms near base, I actually don't play on publics that much...
  10. He's arrogant and his fame is based on toxic responses, yet his advice are usually viable (considering efficiency). Some people are aware it's just his thing to get views via bad reputation, but he's quite clever to get this famous. The biggest mistake he made in my eyes was "why should YOU quit DST" video, which was then taken down when he saw he cannot get that many views with Minecraft content and he had to bow his head down and get back to creating DST videos. In my opinion he's just dishonest and ungrateful to the game he owes so much.
  11. It would be if I asked which of them IS the worst. That question would be objective and referring to their in-game overall potential. My question was "Which characters DON'T you like" so it's about subjective opinions and emotions linked with characters. I don't think my emotions towards Wolfgang would change after his rework, yet I could change my way of thinking about Wilson (although unlikely). As I said, the "like/don't like" categorization is much more complex than "good/bad in-game" because it is based on our emotions and they're not always (in fact they're usually not) reasonable.
  12. Disclaimer: I am aware this topic is referring to subjective opinions at best and to hurtful stereotypes and prejudice relating them at worst, so I am asking you to remain polite. Anything said in this topic will probably be personal opinions, so it's perfectly correct not to agree with them. I hope I'm not doubling this topic, as I don't remember if it has been discussed already. I did a little bit of searching, but I'm quite terrible at it, so I wouldn't be surprised I missed it (or them!). Nevertheless we met a couple of new survivors recently, so I figured we could stir the pot a little bit Please feel free to check a character if you don't like their personality, appearance, their mechanics in game or even players that usually pick them. I found out it's usually a little of it all and sometimes even something special. Wilson, Wolfgang and Webber for me, sorry, not sorry
  13. Never have I ever seen such a listening and empathetic team. I am so glad you are! Every time I doubt some of your decisions you always manage to exceed my expectations. I even pointed out the arrow thing and it's now implemented, thank you from the bottom of my heart
  14. Most of these changes are awesome, but tilling became a nightmare and I consider it a step in a wrong direction. With this change in place it's super hard to utilize larger than one tile farms (mostly because of managing nutrient balance with crops that have to be placed on tile's edge). If it was your intention to only grow crops on one tile, then great, but if you want to encourage players to have 9 crops in tile and make tilling much easier please revert this change or perhaps consider similar mechanic that walls and fences have. I'd actually love to have all crops perfectly lined up and rarely have to correct mistakes.