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  1. is a screenshot ok? also if it is, side, front back? edit: i got nothin to do so i did it anyways
  2. i managed to make two winged sails by killing two malbatrosses (and lost some loot killing it first time cause it was near the world border), and still have left overs, i guarantee youll get enough
  3. why not just make a disposable boat with an anchor an tank it, it is so easy i dont remember if it hits the boat or you though so bring stuff for both
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386797248&searchtext=menu this mod lets you see all past menus, but since wes rework it doesnt work quite as well with the old ones edit: nvm, apparently it works well now
  5. i think wicker is ok now, the other two could get a slight nerf and a bit more branched gameplay
  6. the difference is minimal the ingame sprite has to be simpler, it doesnt need to be so detailed and the third pic looks quite like the ingame wendy
  7. maybe it makes silk bandages to heal spooders
  8. itd be a shame if plant god were to tell your veggies snd fruit not to grow
  9. it would be neat that the ones you feed dont go eat stuff though
  10. w i guess it makes sense i play wormwood so i always build an extra house separate from the rest for poop purpouses
  11. could you in theory use a vpn to join from china to try and get the chinese skins or are they not available for them either