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  1. according to the list, i just got the skins and nothing else happened
  2. i got an extra clockmakers gloves and pants despite having already gotten them, and when i try to unravel the extra one it makes the animation of adding spools but i dont get them, and the extra skin doesnt dissapear (i didnt pay attetion the first time and it kinda looked like an infinite spool glitch)
  3. Did you guys miss something? edit: to clarify, the sprout kinda looks like its floating
  4. Engineer: So we'll be fine, as long as no one takes away Wolfgang's speed boost Klei: Question Engineer: What's your question Klei? Klei: I took away Wolfgang's speed boost
  5. ffor no reason in particular, could i have the new wolfgang menu without the menu overlay (or whatever you call it). I wish for pure communist/jjba wallpaper
  6. i think not, and you can drop them in the floor maybe? idk if youre on pc or console, someone already said what to do in pc
  7. wait, if green shirt is a forumer, whos the tophat guy? joew? them?
  8. how do i delete meteor spawners? a while ago i found a comand but i think its for ds, and i dont wanna erase all of em, only one specific spawner