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  1. almost every month, maybe a spring sale or something, whatever season is wherever steam is located
  2. cause maybe others also would want to use the mod I do not understand the guys that upload something 7 times and it does nothing
  3. well, with all the tencent thing theyll probably wont come back, so youll have to enjoy the shop chest designs (Hoping the summer solstice event has some cool outfits)
  4. do you count the winters feast chests as event chests?
  5. They still work for spider farms, bee queen cheesing (if you dont want to change to Winona) and how do you get lightbulbs in the surface without the ancient fuelweaver skeleton, which you get from the caves?
  6. and bunny hutches, lantern, ñoghtbulbs, moon grotto and archives, which means lunar content, and a couple of cool turfs
  7. klei ya dijo que no querian poner logros porque querian que el jugador explorara cosas por su cuenta y no porque el jugador viera que podia conseguri un logro haciendo eso (o algo asi) ademas, el juego ya tiene como 7 años, no creo que haya qye tener miedo de que muera pronto
  8. I always found Wormwood's coldness towards rocks funny When he examines a rock, instead of his usual friendliness, he says "Rock. Hello"
  9. the goose dance is something i didnt know i needed
  10. my friend just got a red skin! Im so jealous!