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  1. Oh so sorry, I've read including skins, then red funcap for me !
  2. The most recent skin for the feather hat, it's so lovely !
  3. I'll be happy with whatever Klei choose to release, but I would really want to see a new adult and human character, I'm not really interested to talk ability wise because that would be pointless, Klei knows what they will do and what could be useful in the future, but, design wise, I would definitively want an asian looking character, I don't care about the gender, or, an old man, not Wagstaff, of course, he's an NPC plus I would much rather prefer a brand new character ! The majority of the most recent casts are boys (beside Wurt of course), so I would definitively welcome a lady ! (I'll just welcome any new character tbh).
  4. This is insane ! I love it ! Can't wait for the update to drop !
  5. Oh, that's nice, but, since you need to reload everything everytime, isn't it costly for the computer ? If it's not, might put it on.
  6. I just hope to have some informations about, eventually, the new character/new event ? This would be awesome.
  7. Which one is best performance wise, Texture streaming on or off ?
  8. Hi everyone ! Personally, I always loved Wes and was more than happy when they reworked him, where I absolutely love the new balloonmancy tab, I feel like they could have gave him way more utility, or more, impactful perks. I absolutely love the nerfs about the stats, the hounds waves, the freezing and heating, the grogginess, the higher chances of being struck by lightning, they actually are rather something big, like, you feel all of those cons, and, in term of perks, the increased durability on tools and all is very very cool I really like it ! But the balloonmancy tab feels really underwhelming, the party balloon is kinda ok, the balloon hat and vest is very nice, niche use but very cool, the speedy balloon is just first autumn walking cane if you can't get a thulecite club if you're a ruin rusher or a cheap flare. But anyway, I'm pretty sure that Klei won't update anything about Wes, but, I must say, I hoped that Wes will be even more of a challenge than before (which is the case right now, the new stats are awesome !) but, I wished that he was more useful to the team too, I would have been absolutely stunned to see, something like what the Forge and the Gorge gave us but for vanilla DST, like, Wes having a big aggro on mobs like, very hard to lose it, or, still being a very good trader, like, eventually, with pig king, Antlion, and, Merm King ? (I know that the last one is really niche, but, the first one would have been stunning for some boss fights with friends.) TL;DR : I love what Klei did, but I feel that it's underwhelming, so, I shared my ideas about eventually port the Forge and Gorge perks to survival DST.
  9. My favorite boat I've ever made I think, it doesn't have alot of structures like alchemy engine or things like this but it is very cool for late game if you have all the essential crafts. (And I think it's a very pretty boat, I'm proud of it)
  10. The Monkey dresser, Banana and poop enjoyer. (I used to play Wormwood, and I like giving clothes to my fellow monkeys, they're the best.)
  11. I don't think that a sea character would be that epic, but, maybe it could be great, I don't know, I just hope that it will have some great perks, or atleast, logic perks. I understand why Walter has the perk of gaining sanity by standing nearby a lot of trees but, at the same time, why this perk is on him and not Woodie or Wormwood ? Walter wasn't the best candidate for this perk. The only thing that I really wish, is again, a new human characters, I love monsters or plants, but, we have just the right number I think, and, maybe, an asian representation would be very welcome ?
  12. Last time I came here I made a red Winona outfit that was really appreciated, I'm coming back to this beautiful topic to show off 4 outfits that I use ! (3 is winter-themed !) - Painter Woodie He is very colorful, I didn't wanted to use the painter outfit, cauz everyone uses it for painting outfit, I think it's pretty original and I really like it ! - Deerclops? Wortox Really hard to do something with that skin, but I wanted to do a custom outfit with it ! So, here's this one, I'm not that much into it even if I like using the Deerclops chest and the Icy claws, I'll use way more often the basic outfit with that skin. - Scrooge Warly He just looks great, and I really like Scrooge. Last but not least, the cherry(ling) on the top of my Winter collection... - Santa Wilson ! (Looks really cool with the long beard, but you can't see well the outfit if you're not in game !) The idea is pretty simple, but I didn't saw any Santa outfit, I might just have, not checked everything and maybe it was here... but anyway, here's mine !
  13. You made an awesome table @QuartzBeam I really love the clarity of it, and the little list of different ways to combine the crops is very cool, can't wait for it to be updated !