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[Poll] On Horror Mobs


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  1. 1. Do you want more mutated Horror/Lunar Mob designed monsters in Don't Starve Together?

  2. 2. Would you be willing to see the implementation of a horror mob filter toggle?

  3. 3. Do you think that Horror Mobs fit the mood of DST?

  4. 4. What existing mobs do you wish to be mutated next?

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I'm a huge fan and am honestly very disappointed they mentioned discontinuing them.
I'd honestly be 100% down for more horror mobs in the future. I love what they did with the current ones and honestly more variety is always nice! I feel like they fit the mood, Don't Starve has always had that somewhat creepy side and I'd like to go back and expand upon that.

A toggle for those who dislike it is always welcome anyways, adds to the customization of the sandbox game.

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The game already has 3 mutant mobs in it. Discontinuing lunar horror doesn't fix anything for those that can't stomach it and removing the existing 3 will cause an outrage in the community.

Add more lunar horrors and a toggle that changes their apperance; both sides will be happy.

I am very much in favour of body horror, crystal growths design.

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The biggest issue with the horror mobs is that the Moonrock Pengulls are not made of moonrock, but instead are made of ice. Which is both completely nonsensical and a waste of a potential moonrock source, something I'd say the game could really use.


I do like the horror mobs though and I really hope that, whatever the case may be, Klei will at least commit to something, even if it means redesigning them to be less horror-y. Turn of Tides made it pretty clear that only animals get horror mutations; plants instead turn into cutesy plant/animal hybrids. Most updates since have only added ocean mobs and while those are implied to be influenced by the moon, their distance from the lunar island justifies their non-horror appearance. But it would be really weird if we start getting lunar animals that are not horror-themed right next to the horror mobs.

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did they actually say they didn't intend to continue working on designs like these? I would hope they continue to come up with new and interesting forms for the creatures of the lunar island, perhaps the lack of skin is a bit odd and out of place but the moon-glass shards seem fitting. The glass wobsters and the shattered spiders are wonderful examples of what appealing mutations can look like. 

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Well...I voted yes for the toggle, said that I could see horror variants of fish as a thing (there're ALREADY insanely nightmare creature things in the deep deep ocean in _real_ life, after all, so it'd make sense) and when asked "Do you think the horror mobs fit Don't Starve?"...I had to say "No", but ONLY because a "maybe" "kinda" or best yet, a "It depends on the execution" option didn't exist.

I mean TECHNICALLY the answer is actually "Yes, I guess they do fit the previously-existing dark themes of the game...I just personally think they went a hair too far with it."  I admit they don't NOT fit.  I just don't..._like_ them.

(aaaaand now I'm sure I'm gonna get yelled at for being a wimp by multiple people, so I won't be returning to this thread!  G'bye.)


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I said it in previous threads like this but: I’ll say it once more, to ask if Lunar Horrors fit the theme of DST you have to ask the following questions.

Did Klei feel confident enough in adding them to the game to make them part of an Animated short? The answer is Yes.

When people criticized the mobs additions did Klei immediately scramble to remove the ones they implemented & discontinue that design direction? The answer is No, the mobs are still in the game.

Was the “Moon” and all the things the moon ALREADY effected cute & cutesy? The answer- No Heads on sticks animated back to life, pigs transformed into werepigs, flowers became evil flowers, ghosts roamed freely and angry at anything that moves, even in Solo DS mushrooms mutated in to gigantic alien mush trees.

Then Theres HAMLET: which takes place in the skies Above the world of Dont Starve- lets factor in what being closer to the moon and thus closer to its strange lunar powers.. does to mobs and environments:

Pigs become scary intelligent, Spiders and Splumonkey fuse together into some horrifying mutated spider ape combination, Plants become walking living hostile mobs, entire biomes become contaminated by poisons.

And now.. a chunk of that moon has crash landed directly INTO the oceans of the constant, there’s no telling what that will mutate by being the closest it’s ever been to everything.

I will end this by stating some people are begging for a third server shard where we actually go to the Moon.. the SOURCE of all the above.... and if it’s nothing but cute & cutesy content: It’s going to be a huge disappointment for me.

Im not sure how a content filter is going to work for existing or potential future horror mobs either- Would you just disable RoT content completely?? Or would you have some other design on the mobs that have the same attacks just look different? Maybe made of play-doh or clay or something.

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I very much want to see more of them. They feel like a natural extension of the game's progression, which generally increases in spoopiness and hostility as you progress from the overworld to the caves to the ruins. The lunar forces are implied to be an enemy that the shadow creatures fear, and the shadow creatures themselves are downright lovecraftian. Something that scares them is going to have to be legitimately horrifying or it's going to be a massive let down, and the horror mobs fit the bill perfectly for me.


Thoughts on other possible horror mobs...

  • Horror bees. Could produce something other than honey and be farmable by building bee boxes on the lunar island, which would immediately be corrupted into horror bee boxes by moonrocks springing out from the ground.
  • Horror bosses. Would be cool if they worked like hounds: kill the boss on the lunar island and get a free horror boss ready for Round 2. Easy to achieve for deerclops and bearger (player just needs to be on the island when they spawn) and I'd like to see a lunar spawn point added to the island for MGoose and her Moslings too.
  • Horror tallbirds. Might as well do something with them. I feel like the tallbirds have been overshadowed in more recent years in spite of being such an iconic mob.
  • Horror chester. Fill him up with moonrocks and turn him into something awful! No idea what horror chesters special ability would be. Maybe he can eat small mobs and store their drops or something.
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1 hour ago, 1bubbainpa said:

Is there a “meh” option?

Like, I like the designs of the horror mobs, but I won’t lose sleep knowing that there won’t be anymore added.

in this particular poll, i decided to exclude that option entirely and fully restrict the choices to a close-ended query; the "undecided/meh" option is to not vote in the poll entirely.

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