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  1. I don't even play DST. Like, at all. I'm just here to be jealous of all the stuff that singleplayer isn't getting.
  2. Better still, look at it from the perspective of someone who prefers singleplayer, but knows that singleplayer has basically been abandoned by the devs. We don't even get bug fixes anymore.
  3. Yeah, it's pretty weird getting used to digital, but hey, it's better than actually learning how to paint.
  4. "Shadows... the natural habitat of the roadie." Behold, Triumphant Wurzel! Replacing his burlap head with a nightmare-charred pumpkin, complete with a mass of black vines for hair (and a real big one for a tongue) and his measly frame of logs substituted with a skeleton of twisted driftwood! He's still filled with straw though.
  5. "Roses... the most regal flower of them all." Here's Wya's Roseate skin, all dressed up for a date! With who, you might ask? I'll never tell!
  6. As a single-player main, I can vouch for that. Sure, it's hunger value's kinda low, but it gives 33 sanity and a whopping 60 health!
  7. C'mon man, at least use the actual image macro.
  9. This tallbird looks like it’s preparing itself for it’s 9-5 job that it hates so much.
  10. Oooh, interesting! Still, voice acting in Don't Starve kinda skeeves me out a little.
  11. 'Voice' Maxwell? You mean, as in voice acting? In Don't Starve? WHAT WHAT THE FU
  12. Am I late to the party? Ah, who cares, I'm still the life of it! NEW CHARACTER PREVIEW, WOOHOO!!! ...Wonder who he (or she, always a possibility) will look like. Besides the fins and horns, of course.
  13. "The space between worlds is no place for mortal men." ~ The Ancestor, Darkest Dungeon
  14. "My Hallowed Nights costumes always attract the biggest buzz!" Hey everyone, it's spooky month! And that means Wya gets a spooky mosquito costume! While it was based around Don't Starve's mosquitos, I also took some inspiration from the Bloodsucker enemies from Darkest Dungeon, so this mosquito costume doubles as a vampire costume!
  15. Nobody knows where she got the octopus, not even Charlie. She just turned up with it. Wya hates the sea even more than WX, so she probably didn't sail for it.
  16. Here's Wya with an octopus on her head. She's trying something. (Thanks again to @minespatch for the idea)
  17. I connect with the Gobbler because I, too, am a Jive Turkey. And the lollipops are just a G-Rated stand in for cigarettes.
  18. "Rugged charm's still charm. I'm still kickin'!" Warren in his Survivor skin. The rugged scars and torn clothing only seem to highlight his handsome features.