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  1. It would be nice to have it officially, but in the meantime there's a mod that does the same for anyone that wants it:
  2. I didn't think people would be taken back by the horror mobs considering how dark Don't Starve's themes already are.
  3. Land water shoes! Pog Jokes aside, I don't think the beefalos should be affected by player specific damage increases. What @Toros and @ShadowDuelist said, basically, no need to repeat myself.
  4. Food scarcity is already a thing. Natural resources are limited and the more players there are the less food each one gets. Although, the 'Reap What You Sow' update completely negates this by allowing you to get as many giant crops as you want with near zero resource requirements. If you want to increase difficulty you could always put natural resources to 'Less' in world gen or install some difficulty mods to spice things up. There's some really great ones out there with tons of new mechanics instead of just more boss health and less food.
  5. Dammit, I didn't get notified of the reply, thank you for answering!
  6. Using a panflute causes him to become invisible forever
  7. I've been running some tests with structure animation and everything has been fine until now. Suddenly every structure I compile becomes invisible. The reason? The compiler decided to stop making the usual [anim.bin] [build.bin] [atlas-0.tex] and is instead making [animation.xml] [build.xml] and dropping all the images inside with no atlas. I've tried reinstalling the mod tools and even doing it on another computer I own but the problem persists on both. This only happens with structures any other equipable items are compiled just fine. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or how to manually compile the files myself?
  8. These are all so beautiful! Now looking back at my designs, they all seem boring. I like to keep them simple, compact and fireproof but they lack on the aesthetics department.
  9. I was aslo using paint tool SAI and you're right, I've made every line using lineart. I think it's time to dust of my drawing tablet. Thanks for your advice Edit: I've just finished a sketch. Now I have to figure out how to colour the hair. Done
  10. Thanks for the teamplate, it's incredibly usefull (^-^) I only have one problem. The art of my character is near finished... but I don't know how to make the lines look hand drawn like the ones shown in the game. Any suggestions? :S Here's a little example of how does it look: