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  1. Why not give Wurt the ability to make her own custom food? you could make it out of mushrooms and swamp junk and call it something weird like "shroomy swamp gumbo" or a new food she can make with durians? I dunno, I had some thoughts on her and thought id share that. looks fun, lets play her when it releases and make farms and merm houses. I was rushing farms on warly anyway because I love all the new foods so Im prob just gonna do the same on ol' wurt. should be fun!
  2. Wurt

    I really care about this game, and the people who work hard to bring it to us. I will wait here patiently, as of right now, that is all any of us can do. I shall store my hype in the deepest recesses of my mind and stare blankly into the void until It shall inevitable burst forth and energize me anew. (high key disappointing for me, but such is life)
  3. Wurt

    "A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth."
  4. Wurt

    okay... I am sad, I will now go and hibernate till exactly one week from now. good night friends.
  5. Wurt

  6. Wurt

    jokes aside, do they normally post that they are having the dev stream before it happens or is there just a notification? because i follow klei's streams on twitch and its 1:42 right now... ill just sit here drawing for my late night art class, and have one eye attached to the screen like some sort of freakish eye plant waiting... menacingly...
  7. Wurt

    merms as companions would be like, the best. they could take out all kinds of stuff since they are so dang slippery, er quick...
  8. Wurt

    Le Swimy Feeeish, Ha i can see it now, a Fish man and a goose racing to find the moon island
  9. Wurt

    a better question is what does wurt do? or what could he do as a character?
  10. so what would this merm boy/ dragon fellow do exactly? any suggestions? i was curious because a friend saw it and said "frog boi!" and i thought of an army of wurts just running around licking things to death like a frog or jumping around like a maniac. fire breath seems out of the question seeing as how that could go south pretty quick, shooting a projectile that ins't flammable would be nice though
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    that wx face is just in time for Halloween because that face is cursed and terrifying
  12. Legacy Skins?

    Well that sounds like it could be fun, hope you can enjoy the event still
  13. Legacy Skins?

    we'll have to see, but im sure it will turn out alright. Don't fret too much, lets see what surprises klei has for us plus I could be wrong but spools might be usable on them this time around
  14. Legacy Skins?

    since the events seem to be returning to some degree, or at least we know hollowed nights is coming around fairly soon, I would say that its safe to assume that this time around we will have new costumes for characters specifically, as webber wendy Wx and wilson got last time around whilst bringing back some of the old ones either for purchase, to be woven or earned of course by playing
  15. I loved the new song

    so should we start chanting "music options" to get their attention? lol just kidding I really need that music though, music adds to the over all feel and that music is REALLY good.