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  1. so what would this merm boy/ dragon fellow do exactly? any suggestions? i was curious because a friend saw it and said "frog boi!" and i thought of an army of wurts just running around licking things to death like a frog or jumping around like a maniac. fire breath seems out of the question seeing as how that could go south pretty quick, shooting a projectile that ins't flammable would be nice though
  2. that wx face is just in time for Halloween because that face is cursed and terrifying
  3. New Dst content?(*smile arises*) new dst character? I can’t begin to explain how hyped for this I am. I can barely focus on things as it is now I’m gonna be like “entranced” with this till it comes out. Good on you Klei for making content that makes people this happy even if it’s just a teaser sometimes.
  4. yeah I saw that when I was using geo placement there was a trail of stuff blocking my placement so the particles are def and issue as well
  5. some thing similar would happen to fog, (which should probably be fixed, although i do enjoy being able to cancel the fog)
  6. sorry about the way the images came out, i was originally going to post this some where else but realized that the bug forum was where i should post it. I just copy pasted from my original page because im lazy.
  7. So let me first say that i'm very happy that bug fixes are coming to hamlet, that said It seems I've found a new one for you guys. So I used the living artifact inside of the room with the Apocalypse calendar, and when i left... the whole room was pitch black except for the ghost, as in I was in a void except for all the intractable stuff (I was also playing wormwood when this happened not sure if his blooming had anything to do with it). and then on top of that after i re-logged to fix the issue, the music was gone. then when I used the artifact to kill the ancient he rald and made the cloak, i realized while using it, I can place anything down, the vortex cloak acts as if its no the ground and not a back pack. this is the strangest placement issue I have ever had.
  8. I added a video attachment using obs to capture it more clearly
  9. i dug up a tuft of tall grass and stood in the location it was originally and this happened everything on screen started twitching and glitching all over the place and when i moved slightly to the left where or right away from that original location... then it was fine? I have no idea why this happens. visualglitch_hamlet_ds.mp4
  10. When is in her werepig form, she can craft a bunch of things like normal, how ever... when she crafts a trap like this and places it, once a creature goes in, its as if the trap caught nothing and no durability is taxed on the trap, along with nothing to show for it. so basically, make trap as wilba, place, have creature get into trap, pick up the trap, yield nothing, sadness
  11. seems the BFB is morning the loss of its spider friend, he just wanted to show you his nest... but then tragedy strikes... I guess the bfb's brain doesn't account for the player meeting their demise so when the bfb noticed you were dead its brain couldn't process that and just sat there staring like "what do... I wasn't trained for this...".
  12. The same thing happens to anything rotting on the ground in a building, not just eggs
  13. So for what ever reason, my day 60 world seems to be having an issue when im inside of buildings of any kind, cave clefts, ruins, my own house, you name it. upon further investigation I saw that when i pressed backspace it said something like "Entity count: 42,529 (1436 awake)" when i was outside, but when I walked inside of anything the "entity count" would jump up to like (6850 awake) which i assume has something to do with the sudden performance issues when I enter anything like this, I almost died because I was basically experiencing lag, the whole game would just stop or stutter. I hope this information helps.
  14. that's true but cappy was a big part of shipwrecked so the influence on the characters may be there, but... who's to say they wouldn't add another character hmm? frankly it seems like they don't mind giving us a character for seemingly no reason. *COUGH COUGH*(winnona)*HACK, COUGH*