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  1. Most of the time, if I want to farm spiders, using the duelist seems to more a detrimental than helpful. They tend to attack on sight like pigs do, although when they do it, it is only if they aggro onto max first. Ironic that it is actually easier to take out spiders with out the shadows rather than with them. The more I look at, come to think of it, I feels like wicker and max are in similar spots, they do function and have value when it comes to a team (funny that both of them also collect basic resources in mass) but beyond that it kinda leaves you wanting more from them huh? Im sure some people like simple gameplay but at the moment, its a bit too simple, get fuel, remove forest and rocks. At least wicker has the utility of sleepy time and silviculture for the long term.
  2. Yeah I was aware of the sanity locking so I could farm for fuel better but I just wish that there was something actually... combat related for the combat shadow y'know?
  3. I recently had a fascination with Maxwell and his abilities, I kinda liked the idea of playing as a previous "puppet master" or "king of shadows", but im... not feeling that as much? Now for the most part, I like the shadows, its nice to have the loggers and the diggers for production of logs, and if you do it long enough the acquisition of living logs, and infinite mining is pretty useful. My only issue with that is the fact that for a puppet master, he does not exert that much "control" over his puppets, if feels like wendy is better at being a puppet master then him at times purely because of the methods of control she can exert. Ghost sister getting overwhelmed? Vacuum her back into the flower. Need your ghost sister to help you out in a more pro active manor, Rile her up. Now with the shadows, I kinda got used to it, because there isn't really another option, but the duelist... good lord I can't find a actual use for them. Is there anyone who has actually been able to use them for anything combat related? I had used them to get rid of cookie cutters in the past but that is about it, they have pig AI it feels like but not pig health so they are not even good distractions at times, they feel like a waste of 2 nightmare fuel and a spear at the moment. If anyone has any use for the duelist I would love to know, I am patiently waiting for the rework, especially considering the fact that wicker would be more likely to show before max, what with the state of the books and what not.
  4. Bless, Now I just need to have it play on a phonograph or Wx's chorus box.
  5. So... after listening to ( and watching ) the wonderful Wx-78 animation for the rework, I thought to myself "I love all of this". The animation itself, great, story telling, fantastic, and the ending was spectacular. However... I wish that there was a good way to listen to some of these tracks, or if there is a more extended or separated score, to be able to listen to that as well. Now a while back I had purchased the sound track for Don't starve on steam, and as time has gone on, it seems that more tracks have been added with time ( which I am incredibly thankful for ) with the most recent one being "The Monster Marsh" for wurt's trailer. Question is, is there a way for us to purchase some of the more recent tracks used? Or could we expect to see some of those tracks make their way over to the to the sound track on steam? I would love to know since I genuinely love all the music used for Dst, and I would personally love to play Wx-78 with their track playing in the back.
  6. Same here, made a comment about it on the 505285 [Game Update] update
  7. at the moment I am playing on the beta branch, but it feels like the delay is still there? definitely felt like it was a bit quicker before, there is a weird stiffness to it that I am struggling to explain but when holding F or using the mouse it is the same speed which is very odd. It's weird because im not having connection issues, I normally turn off movement prediction in the settings, and I have spent ages, perhaps even years getting used to the minor delay in actions. But the swing speed here is noticeably slower, and im not sure why.
  8. As the title states, after this recent update, jimmy seems to be behaving weird. Sometimes when scanning a target he seems to just sit there and do nothing after completing a scan, giving you nothing and not unlocking the scan. Not sure why it is happening but jimmy could use some help.
  9. Just came to me whilst I was testing and playing, the concept of a battery has probably been thrown around a bit, but what would the batteries be made of? I had a couple ideas: 1) Simple potato battery - just seemed funny more than anything, perhaps a potential portal 2 reference from Maxwell when examining it, not much thought into it beyond that on my part though. Just seemed cool. 2) Volt-goat-ery - these probably should use volt-milk instead of the horns since the drop rates are low as is, perhaps this battery would contain more charge or just be another option in terms of charging up, perhaps you could hook up these batteries to things like lightning rods or perhaps up to wx himself when he is full charge so he can runoff power into the battery like a reserve. 3) "stat"-ery - a battery that would drain a stat to give you power, more of a converter but it could be interesting, sacrificing sanity, hp or hunger to get more power. The names are just silly concepts more than anything, just trying to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks best. I would love any addition to the angry evil automaton, I just would like his rework to offer him more depth in terms of gameplay. Now not everyone is going to be a complicated character, but its nice to have things that keep the player engaged. I love warly's encouragement to diversify his food, wormwoods focus on alternative healing and I always loved hoarding valuables in hamlet and as woodlegs. All these characters changed the way I play, I love messing with different foods, using healing I never considered before, and using my perks to explore in interesting ways, even when im not these characters.
  10. More interactions with plants in general seems great, I figured that wormwood would have more interactions period but they are quite simple, I liked the idea that wormwood could help trees grow or reduce the growth timers on plants when he is blooming near them (not food based but, grass, twigs, planted pinecones stuff like that) or perhaps even a sort of pollination mechanic where wormwood gains benefits from spreading the effects of his blooming state.
  11. I for one second the notion of more modules although, I am not too sure what would be a good addition...
  12. Although I do think that night vision is a bit on the strong side, alarmingly my biggest issue with it is the fact that the filter used for night vision is unpleasant to say the least. With were-beaver and the other transformations, the night vision applied is not heavy on the eyes, and is in fact rather pleasant by comparison. I am proposing the idea of an optional switch in the options menu to change the way the night vision is viewed by the player, most if not all other forms of night vision are a bit more easy on the eyes than what moggles or Wx's new module provide. In my case, I do not use moggles, and have not since their conception due to the fact that they tend to induce headaches, where as things light lanterns, miner hats and even my personal favorite, glow-berry mousse. I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into the reworks, especially Wx since they were my main character for years and even are the influence behind my current username.(the guest of honor left quite the impression, what with them looking like a little butler-bot) That said, I do hope this suggestion is considered.
  13. A quick question for clarity sake, would you qualify this as a update? In the March Qol post, it was stated that- "While part of the team has been working on putting in the final touches on the crafting menu changes, the rest of the team has been hard at work on the next two updates." just wondering if this counts as one of the two, with this being one and other the rework that is in the works. (the rework of course probably being the basis for this question to begin with, I am eagerly awaiting this one)
  14. perhaps Wx-78 is actually a device that helps wagstaff project himself into the constant, maybe wagstaffs inventions serve as anchors or tethers to the constant, allowing him to see into the constant but only for certain periods of time and under certain conditions. Wx was made for a reason, the question is why? To collect data? To test wagstaff's own ability to create a living entity? Perhaps an assistant around the lab? who knows, but im sure we will find out more soon enough. (as long as we don't have another woodie situation...)