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  1. Vortex cloak placement issue

    yeah I saw that when I was using geo placement there was a trail of stuff blocking my placement so the particles are def and issue as well
  2. some thing similar would happen to fog, (which should probably be fixed, although i do enjoy being able to cancel the fog)
  3. Vortex cloak placement issue

    sorry about the way the images came out, i was originally going to post this some where else but realized that the bug forum was where i should post it. I just copy pasted from my original page because im lazy.
  4. So let me first say that i'm very happy that bug fixes are coming to hamlet, that said It seems I've found a new one for you guys. So I used the living artifact inside of the room with the Apocalypse calendar, and when i left... the whole room was pitch black except for the ghost, as in I was in a void except for all the intractable stuff (I was also playing wormwood when this happened not sure if his blooming had anything to do with it). and then on top of that after i re-logged to fix the issue, the music was gone. then when I used the artifact to kill the ancient he rald and made the cloak, i realized while using it, I can place anything down, the vortex cloak acts as if its no the ground and not a back pack. this is the strangest placement issue I have ever had.
  5. I added a video attachment using obs to capture it more clearly
  6. i dug up a tuft of tall grass and stood in the location it was originally and this happened everything on screen started twitching and glitching all over the place and when i moved slightly to the left where or right away from that original location... then it was fine? I have no idea why this happens. visualglitch_hamlet_ds.mp4
  7. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    Ah cool, Bone Boss... er wait a sec... (glances over at fuel-weaver) Fuel-weaver: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
  8. Wormwood Bug, i guess?

    I really hope they fix this issue soon, perhaps it will change either during his update on june 6th or it will happen some time before then, but for now the lighting rod is my friend and shipwrecked seasons are my enemy.
  9. Wormwood Skin Idea

    It seems nice, it's most likely that the devs already had some skin ideas in mind since his release is like,14 days from now. It would be nice to see some chroma's kinda like how lol has the basic look of a character and then gives them a different color palette, how ever I only think this could work for a couple characters like webber, wx-78, wortox and wormwood as other characters would kinda just look odd. kinda like webber having a spider warrior skin or any of the spiders from the depths. I like the idea but its more than likely that klei would like to make skins that have some more major appearance changes rather then just a color swap.
  10. Ideas for boats and sea mechanics.

    and who wouldn't?
  11. Boat speed and balance

    I definitely think that is just meant to be the ground work as they said for future content so perhaps the boat types we have now are just place holder, the beta is for us eager "Guinea Pigs" to play around with after all. I have no doubt these things will either be the ground work for bigger vessels or for house boats in due time. If we are lucky they may try to incorporate the housing system like they did in hamlet, or not we shall see.
  12. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    It would be nice to see something similar to the bone helm where you could where it to see through enlightened vision, for those who wish to be insane all the time with out an issue I suppose, probably would have a durability. Not a perfect idea by any means but perhaps enlightenment in the future will hold more purpose.
  13. It's funny in a way, linking it in this discussion seems like it could cause some distress based off the overall perspective so... not sure if their is some sort of "spoiler" tag I can use to not reveal the image to much. Im sure you can find it in one of the other forums like the one that data mines the images. ill try to find a link to it. But in my honest opinion of the subject... Klei entertainment has stated that is loves this community and its willingness to cooperate, its general excitement for new things, and experiencing the world they have created. since they said that they wanted to release the updates in a non-dlc format to avoid separation of players, there is no doubt in my mind that the designs will be acknowledged in some way so as not to upset those with a... "uncomfortable disposition" towards these mobs, and this is a good thing seeing as how this most likely is not the end of these "Horror mobs". We are more than likely to see more monstrous versions of beast and critters. (im a bit exited for this... just a little...). WARNING: for those of you who find the new mobs mutated skin variants to be unpleasant, do not click here, this is for clarification purposes only. WARNING: for those of you who find the new mobs mutated skin variants to be unpleasant, do not click here, this is for clarification purposes only. Although now that I look at them... I can understand the discomfort, I'm not bothered but I see where others are coming from.
  14. i accidentally used the wrong resolution for dst and now I cant fix it, i cant actually reach the buttons help please.
  15. When i was running around as wormwood I realized something, worm wood and his interactions with his hungry "friends" the snap tooths seem to have some serious inconsistency's. sometimes they strike when you have meat, sometimes they don't pay you any mind. seeing this made me think for a bit, wouldn't it be nice if worm wood could actually get the plants to cooperate with him? Could the plant fellow have some fellow plants assist him, kinda like how webber has an crew of spiders that come to his aid except seeing as how worm wood doesn't have an easy access to healing always available having these hungry beast help him out seems nice. (or at the very least being able to spawn more of them by making seedlings for them or something I dunno, where to all these guys come from anyhow, not sure how their spawning works)