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  1. 13 god damn skins. Why does she have so many compared to everybody else having an average of 11 if reworked. Like Jesus Christ Wormwood only has 3. What was the point in giving her so many skins?
  2. I hate how I deleted most of my screenshots. But most of them were cringe anyway.
  3. 1,444 hours. Shenanigans because I like screwing around in creative mode. Number 1 used to be Dragonfly before I got a new computer.
  4. The Large Iron Hulks left arm. I got a really good world and when I was trying to assemble the hulk the left arm attacked me and I died instantly.
  5. I'm also beginning to get bored of my old main Wormwood. Especially since he hasn't gotten a single skin since his introduction to the game. While Winona has gotten a skin during every single event.
  6. To be more clear I don't like how they are creatures compared to everyone else being human. I feel like it's pandering to a certain group in the Don't Starve community.
  7. I just hate Wortox's whole deal. He's probably the most overpowered character across both Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together. Low health? Drop some souls. Low hunger? Eat some souls. The only problem I can really think of is sanity. I also hate him because he isn't human. Along with Wurt. I also don't like Wigfrid because if anyone plays her you have to put in constant effort to hunt which is a hassle. And Wes. Because his players are probably the most toxic people I've ever met. And people who play him take themselves so seriously. And I dislike Winona because her Tinkering tab is useless. The generators are just space wasters, The catapults are useless, I guess the spotlights can be useful but in very specific situations, and I guess the tape is useful since it can repair things. I just would prefer Wagstaff in the game because his Tinkering tab is much better. But I guess it only benefits him with the glasses? But the Telepad and Telebrella would be much more useful than a weak catapult.
  8. Can I please get Wagstaff in DST.

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      You want Swagstaff in DST? If you're on pc... Try that "hamlet characters" mod. You'll love it. 

  9. Me when I notice this thread has the "Hot!" tag and like 1000 views within a day.
  10. All I was trying to say is that I want him in the game. What have I started
  11. Klei. Please, Add Wagstaff to Don't starve together. He is the only character I will ever actually want in the game. He probably has the most interesting lore. His whole tinkering tab and near sighted perk is probably my favorite. If you add him I will return to the game and probably play it a lot more often than I ever did. Even when I was beta testing. Just Please. Add him.