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  1. "That captivating dark fuel is concentrated in these stones" - Wagstaff examining Thulecite. "Emitting a psychokinetic energy" - Wagstaff examining Abigail's flower.
  2. I hate Winona with a passion. Simply for the reason that the forum users consider her a "replacement" for Wagstaff
  3. It's pretty much proximity chat. When you whisper only people that are visible on your screen will see it.
  4. I wouldn't think it would be a benefit as a whole but it would make the game funny as hell.
  5. I switch mains for DST somewhat frequently so I usually buy skins for the characters I switch to. I also don't really buy item skins that much unless I really want them.
  6. Does anyone have the Wagstaff animations from the menu during Eye of the Storm?
  7. Don't forget that the moon storm can lead to possible roaming weather events like hurricanes or blizzards. So many possibilities.