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  1. I liked how simplistic the old farming was but I love the amount of food you get from the RWYS farms
  2. I went idle in the main menu and came back to this pleasant surprise.
  3. All the effortless anime characters that infest the workshop He is pay to win.
  4. Are the disguises for wild merms then? Since whenever a wurt builds structures in worlds I host they always say that they have to make disguises whenever they try to put the buildings next to base.
  5. I hate Wortox with every fiber of my being. He is such an overpowered and unbalanced character. Does 20 health from 1 butterfly sound fair to you? Along with teleporting, he gets invincibility frames while teleporting. And you're telling me he's a "balanced and fair character" suuuure. His debuff isn't even strong enough to balance the character either. And finally, his original design of looking like a demon from German folklore was so much better than the furry design we got now. But I guess that's just my personal preference. I would say the only good thing about him is killing him in PVP to get health. I mainly hate Winona because most people that play her are clueless about how to play her. Plus I dislike how people use her as an excuse for why Wagstaff can't be added. That is usually their only argument against why he can't be added. Plus her buildings are only really useful in bulk. You need at least 4-5 catapults for them to be useful. The spotlight is also completely useless as well. Wurt. A character that I feel like doesn't belong in DST. Her whole motif relies on her being alone and away from everyone else. "Oh BuT sHe CaN mAkE dISgUiSeS" but then she has to make them over and over again. Plus she can be used as a trolling character by just building merm huts at base.
  6. Are people really bothered by the horror mobs? Unless you decide to base at lunar island you will barely see them. Or is there another reason people would want a "toggle"
  7. Cherub's heart. Since that was the oldest skin of the heart collection and I believe it was the first one I got.
  8. I would love to see it since Hamlet is my favorite DLC from the single player experience.(Especially since Wagstaff would get a guaranteed port)
  9. My main priority is usually finding gears for an ice box. But I usually get an alchemy up and running first in the deciduous biome.
  10. I just want to know where Wagstaff is. Since he was brought right before Winona. Where did he go? Is he still on this "island" Why?