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  1. I wanted to ask, did you intentionally call JoeW a fool in your maxwell meme post?

    1. LinknAllie


      Up to your interpretation

  2. Still waiting on that "Wagstaff Advocate" role

  3. Why would they give away the beta skin. It's so stupid. Who exactly was crying over not having the bottomless pit skin?
  4. Wagstaff Wagstaff Wagstaff

  5. Forgive my horrible tracing but this is what I saw when I he was looking into his reflection in the short. The seemingly white or greying hair around the edges also seems to signify that he's also old like Wagstaff. Probably why he decided to put himself into a robot body to begin with.
  6. Even if the intention of shoving him into the portal seems evil I'm still on Wagstaff's side. I mean, WX tried to harm Wagstaff by throwing the part at him which even breaks the rules being AI and Robots in the real world. So destroying everything relating to WX is the sensible solution. Also, he cared about his partner at first, seeming concerned when he looked at his hands after transferring consciousness into the robot body.
  7. At certain points you can see flashes of other Automata or parts. Mainly towards the end before the argument with Wagstaff
  8. I still remember asking a Webber player how he got the triumphant skin when I first started beta testing.
  9. There ain't no way it's been 6 years. It's only been like 3. Right?
  10. I'm a fan of the new WX-78 rework, he feels much more fun to play. Never really been a big fan of Wurt though.