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  1. Artist saving themselves some time by not drawing the beefalo herd behind that bush.
  2. Even after all this time, the waterproof airlock is still one of my favorite builds.
  3. If showing a new player the ropes, try to ask them for something that only their character can contribute. Asking an inexperienced Wendy to cut a path through a bee biome or build a sisturn, getting bramble armour and compost wrap from Wormwood or showing Willow how to farm nightmare fuel with Bernie will make them feel like they’re helping the team in ways that even the more experienced players around them cannot.
  4. WX-78's quote about Big Woby needs to be more well known: Big Woby: "THE DROOL CREATURE HAS EXPANDED" Also, WIlson's beard hair quote: Beard Hair: "I made them with my face." Otherwise, I agree with Just-guy's take. Wendy occasionally lets the grim façade drop, especially during the hallowed nights event, and it adds so much to her character: Candy Apple: "Oh... it's... g-good." Ghost Pops: "This is... fun..." Choco Pigs: "You have to bite their heads off first... heehee..." Also, her quote for Glommer is channeling her uncle Maxwell: Glommer: "Well aren't you a happy little fuzzball. Die." And finally, on the very opposite end of the spectrum, her favorite food is Banana Pops and her reason for that is a painfully real reminder: Banana Pops: "I used to eat these with Abigail"
  5. I very much want to see more of them. They feel like a natural extension of the game's progression, which generally increases in spoopiness and hostility as you progress from the overworld to the caves to the ruins. The lunar forces are implied to be an enemy that the shadow creatures fear, and the shadow creatures themselves are downright lovecraftian. Something that scares them is going to have to be legitimately horrifying or it's going to be a massive let down, and the horror mobs fit the bill perfectly for me. Thoughts on other possible horror mobs... Horror bees. Could produce something other than honey and be farmable by building bee boxes on the lunar island, which would immediately be corrupted into horror bee boxes by moonrocks springing out from the ground. Horror bosses. Would be cool if they worked like hounds: kill the boss on the lunar island and get a free horror boss ready for Round 2. Easy to achieve for deerclops and bearger (player just needs to be on the island when they spawn) and I'd like to see a lunar spawn point added to the island for MGoose and her Moslings too. Horror tallbirds. Might as well do something with them. I feel like the tallbirds have been overshadowed in more recent years in spite of being such an iconic mob. Horror chester. Fill him up with moonrocks and turn him into something awful! No idea what horror chesters special ability would be. Maybe he can eat small mobs and store their drops or something.
  6. I sometimes log in to get the daily gift, then immediately quit. (Edit) I hated MacTusk too until I tried a different strategy on him. MacTusk doesn't reward caution the way other mobs do: if you flee or try to pick off the members of the hunting party one by one he hunts you down like a dog, but if you ignore everyone but MacTusk and charge in screaming like a lunatic he's fairly easy to run down and kill.
  7. I relate to Wendy because she's a massive nerd. Not saying her grief isn't real, a few of her quotes hit hard because of how real they are (banana pops. Just... banana pops), but I've always read her as being melodramatically morbid to suit a persona she enjoys playing.
  8. I'm not disagreeing, these are obviously straight-up better recipes than meatballs. But they also require appropriately higher-tier ingredients. Getting access to both honey and eggs means tackling spider nests and bee hives, adventuring through the swamp for reeds, and crafting the intermediary tools required to catch the appropriate animal(s) to imprison. Trivial for an experienced player: less so for an newbie. My perspective on it is that meatballs is a level 1 recipe for level 1 ingredients. Sure, it becomes redundant once you get access to level 2 ingredients, and most experienced players will skip it entirely, but it still has a place for players new to the game who bound to the base and reliant on rabbit traps to survive their first winter.
  9. I stand corrected. I'd still characterize it as a newbie-friendly recipe when utilizing newbie-friendly ingredients, such as berries, carrots, ice, morsels and monster meat. Once you gain enough experience to reliably obtain large meat and rarer types of vegetables, you should definitely adjust your playstyle.
  10. Either can work. The new farms *do* produce food during winter. and are a viable source of filler vegetables for the meatballs recipe (as a new player, meatballs are your best friend. Any meat item plus 3 filler will give you them). However, meatball filler isn't difficult to get, even during winter. Berries and carrots both qualify as filler. Plus, in winter you can get ice, which is also a filler ingredient (and doesn't spoil in an ice box to boot!).
  11. Suggestion: Staff of Disintegration, craftable at an ancient pseudoscience station. Vaporizes any loose item on the screen. Would save late game players the trouble of picking up all those stingers, and the cost of finding a pseudoscience station makes it unwieldy for griefers to obtain. I also like Muzarello's idea of the scaled furnace moonlighting as an industrial incinerator. It's a logical ability for that structure to have. Also, are we certain there isn't something in the game that eliminates rot naturally? This is just anecdotal, but I've been dumping all my rot on one tile in the corner of my base and I feel like the total number of stacks on that tile has gone down several times throughout my playthrough. I'm getting increasingly paranoid that some mob is invading my base to eat my rot while I'm not looking... ... wait, I just thought of the perfect name for a new critter in Don't Starve... Suggestion: Litterbug. A creature that wanders the world and cleans up any piece of trash that's been on the ground for more than a year or two. If it steals something you wanted, you can attack it to get items back in reverse order to how were picked up.
  12. Set up a werepig farm! 1 pig skin protected by a small fence, surrounded by pig houses. When full moon comes, kill the werepigs one by one for 2 meat and 1 pig skin each.
  13. An Icebox can only hold 9 seed types and there are 14 total crops in the game(I would love to store them all in the 14 slots of a seed pack-it, but those doesn't prolong their spoilage time...), meaning I have to be at least somewhat selective about which crops to grow each season. So... which crops do you store seeds for, and why? For me... 1. Dragonfruit. Is always the priority. Can be cooked into Dragonpies, which are among the best foods for both hunger efficiency and healing. 3. Potato. Consumes the same nutrients as dragonfruit during the seasons that dragonfruit doesn't. Also a component for Creamy Potato Purée, an excellent sanity food. 4. Garlic. The other component for Creamy Potato Purée. Grows in any season, and really the only compost consumer worth growing. 2. Toma Root. A nutrient counterweight to Dragonfruit, plus it can be combined with ice to make Vegetable Stingers for sanity. It's downside is that it spoils quickly. 5. Carrot. Mainly useful to have on hand as vegetable filler for recipes like Beefy Greens and Butter Muffins, and of course for building bunnymen hutches. Long spoil time means they'll last a good long time after harvest. Thus, my preferred crop rotation is: AUTUMN = 2 Carrot : 1 Garlic : 2 Potato WINTER = 2 Carrot : 1 Garlic : 2 Potato SPRING = 2 Carrot : 1 Garlic : 1 Dragonfruit. SUMMER = 2 Toma Root : 1 Dragonfruit Note: I'm aware my autumn and winter crops combinations are not very space-efficient, but it really is hard to find vegetable based recipes that suit. I'm up to change them if someone's got better options, though.
  14. Let's talk about WX-78. I don't think they're particularly overpowered, certainly not for new players, but as I've mentioned I do thoroughly dislike their perks. Gaining a permanent advantage from eating an extremely valuable resource that the other members of the server need for shared structures like ice boxes and ice flingomatics is just... bad. And then there's overcharge, a very powerful ability which is applied basically at random, unless a specific other character is available to help or late game gear is available. So, let's assume we want to maintain their dual role as a ruins specialist and as a weak early game character who becomes a powerhouse with upgrades. Firstly, their upgrade material simply should not be gears: instead, it should be Frazzled Wires. Wires are useless trinkets to everyone else, basically just a source of pig king gold, and they are just as prevalent in the ruins as gears are, making them a perfect consumable for a WX-78 in the midst of clearing the ruins. It also encourages grave robbing over murdering robots, which is more fitting for WX's character. Secondly, WX should have multiple upgrade paths that the player can choose from: by combining wires with another resource, they can craft augmentations that permanently upgrade one of their stats or abilities, up to a maximum of 9. Inversely, they should also be able to craft a consumable that resets their augmentations so players can change their loadout down the line. WX should also be able to consume something (perhaps electrical doodads) that allows them to activate overcharge at will, just as Woodie can with his idol's, rather than relying on Wicker. Possible upgrade paths would include the food, health and sanity stats, as well as improvements and buffs for overcharge. An electrical damage buff would be an obvious one. Maybe even an AOE or chain lightning effect to damage multiple attackers and give him utility against swarm enemies. Combine that with a stun resistance upgrade and WX could serve as an alternative to Abigail for crowd control needs. I dislike WX at the moment, but I think they are a character with a lot of untapped potential and I look forward to their rework.
  15. Personally, I find kiting groups of hounds and spiders dull and repetitive, and consider riling up Abi to melt an entire horde of trash mobs one of the most satisfying things in the game. Different strokes.