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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to fix it in my save file, it really means a lot to me! That explains why I kept seeing Ruby put on exosuits without the exosuit actually appearing on her body! I figured it for a display glitch and ignored it. I'll check the oldest autosave: if fake-Ruby isn't there, I might be able to work out when exactly it happened and send you before-and-after save files. And since I now feel sorry for the alien shapeshifter we just unpersoned, I am definitely going to be printing another Ruby in their honour. I'm sure the forums are already hard at work trying to figure out how to abuse duplicate dupes for cooling.
  2. Hi! I've got a reproducible crash for you in the latest update (359645). Present in the attached save file: it crashes within a couple of minutes of play after loading. Just set it to 3x speed and you should see the crash very quickly. Starjack Citadel - 100% Crash.sav
  3. @Ipsquiggle Hi! I've got a 100% reproducible crash for you in the latest update. Present in the attached save file: it crashes within a couple of minutes of play after loading. Just set it to 3-times speed and you should see the crash very quickly. Hope this helps fix the issue! Would very much like to be able to continue with this save, have put a lot of effort into it. Starjack Citadel - 100% Crash.sav
  4. When clicked, the "Sort By" arrow next to "Hat" on the Skills Screen does nothing. A minor thing, but I find it useful in large colonies since it allows me to quickly see what jobs don't have enough dupes assigned to them.
  5. Can confirm this also occurs on Windows. Have seen exactly this behaviour this with hatch eggs.
  6. Clearly, creatures now both starve and don't starve when offscreen. Schrodinger's Hatch?
  7. Additional point: the problem does not seem to be specific to the fork in the middle of the design. I revised the design to output hydrogen and oxygen from separate vents rather than from the same vent, and thus remove all forking in the piping, but still experienced gas loss.
  8. The attached save file and images demonstrate a closed system as part of an oxygen liquidizer. A mix of Polluted Oxygen/Hydrogen is pumped out of the lower room using the pump on the right: the hydrogen is send through the Thermo-cooler before being returned to the room, and the oxygen is fed back into the room directly. All gas that leaves the room is returned to the room. This system was originally primed with hydrogen and oxygen to the point where I could not pump any more into the room. As you can see, it is now a near-vaccum in the lower room despite there being no way for gas to exit the system. I've attached two versions of the save: "Gas loss Bug.sav" demonstrates the room in the near-vaccum state it ended up in, while "Gas loss Bug - Primed.sav" has the room already primed with Oxygen and Hydrogen, and should allow you to easily replicate the error simply by allowing the game to run for a cycle or two. Gas loss Bug.sav Gas loss Bug - Primed.sav
  9. Well, this is interesting... In the upper left corner of my base (14 left, 28 up, from the center of the portal) is the tile shown in the attached image. Before I penetrated the chlorine bubble above it it appeared as granite, but I could not place a ladder over it's location: the ladder was red. Now that it's been excavated (I think when the airlock below it was installed?), I can see what it is: a "Steel door <DO NOT TRANSLATE>". I can't build, dig or do anything in that tile. Judging by it's stats, it actually is made of steel. My duplicants can jump through it so it's not keeping anyone from doing their job, but I could imagine an obstacle like this causing problems. Quasar - Spacecamp Ridley - Steel Door Bug.sav