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  1. Oh I completely agree, I really liked the horror mobs and it's a shame we won't be seeing more of them.
  2. My bad. The short version is that the first two seasons of Stranger Things provided an extremely suspenseful Lovecraftian cosmic horror story, and then season 3 made a switch to nauseatingly extreme body horror, and is generally agreed to be the weakest season thus far. For me personally, it put me off the series for good. (Edit) [paragraph deleted] I don't want to be responsible for turning this thread into yet another horror mob discussion. My intention was simply to share JoeW's actual words on the matter. So I'll end my remarks here.
  3. As far as I know, the following is the only official statement on the subject of horror mobs, by @JoeW in response to a thread that had gotten heated and needed to be locked: I think that's fair, to be honest. As much as I like both the designs and the sense of progression and increasing stakes they provide, moving from psychological horror to body horror is... a risky move. Go even a smidge too far and you'll end up where Stranger Things season 3 ended up, which I'm pretty sure nobody wants.
  4. Something to keep in mind: pigs and merms both use the same follower AI. If pigs teleport home when unloaded, werepig farms will be much less effective because the pigs will all disappear while offscreen and be indoors when you arrive to harvest the farm at nightfall. Side effects are a thing.
  5. This is true. Webbers spiders do exactly this if you shut down the server or unload the caves if you haven't picked them up to break their link to their nest.
  6. They spawn periodically every one-to-two days when the player is on the ocean. The wiki also states they spawn naturally in the coastal ocean, but I'm not sure if that's actually true. Regardless, the only real way to amass them is to find any excuse to go sailing. Go visit the crabby hermit, the lunar island, waterlogged biome, salt stacks or sea weeds.
  7. I got an army of 30+ spitters and nurse spiders killed by going to the tooth trap field during a hound wave.
  8. One Mushy Cake plus a few cooked Moon Shrooms make it possible to completely negate Beargers yawn and utilize the big guy for harvesting logs at any time of the year. Only if you can keep him alive, though. If you planted evergreens he won't survive the first harvest.
  9. Excellent! Can I ask for some specifics? 20%? 5%? I'm thinking of powering the fridges in my walk-in freezer simply to get rid of the unpowered icon and am wondering how much it will cost me.
  10. If showing a new player the ropes, try to ask them for something that only their character can contribute. Asking an inexperienced Wendy to cut a path through a bee biome or build a sisturn, getting bramble armour and compost wrap from Wormwood or showing Willow how to farm nightmare fuel with Bernie will make them feel like they’re helping the team in ways that even the more experienced players around them cannot.
  11. I sometimes log in to get the daily gift, then immediately quit. (Edit) I hated MacTusk too until I tried a different strategy on him. MacTusk doesn't reward caution the way other mobs do: if you flee or try to pick off the members of the hunting party one by one he hunts you down like a dog, but if you ignore everyone but MacTusk and charge in screaming like a lunatic he's fairly easy to run down and kill.
  12. Anenemies I planted myself have killed me more often than any of the bosses. Same goes for bunnymen.
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to fix it in my save file, it really means a lot to me! That explains why I kept seeing Ruby put on exosuits without the exosuit actually appearing on her body! I figured it for a display glitch and ignored it. I'll check the oldest autosave: if fake-Ruby isn't there, I might be able to work out when exactly it happened and send you before-and-after save files. And since I now feel sorry for the alien shapeshifter we just unpersoned, I am definitely going to be printing another Ruby in their honour. I'm sure the forums are already hard at work trying to figure out how to abuse duplicate dupes for cooling.
  14. Hi! I've got a reproducible crash for you in the latest update (359645). Present in the attached save file: it crashes within a couple of minutes of play after loading. Just set it to 3x speed and you should see the crash very quickly. Starjack Citadel - 100% Crash.sav
  15. @Ipsquiggle Hi! I've got a 100% reproducible crash for you in the latest update. Present in the attached save file: it crashes within a couple of minutes of play after loading. Just set it to 3-times speed and you should see the crash very quickly. Hope this helps fix the issue! Would very much like to be able to continue with this save, have put a lot of effort into it. Starjack Citadel - 100% Crash.sav