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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      Update 5/11/2018 We do not have any more information at this time. The last we spoke to 505 indicated that the discs should be ready very soon. We will likely have more information next week; hopefully with full explanation of when and how to get new discs.    Updated: 4/27/2018

      On April 17th, the Don't Starve Megapack was released. Almost immediately, it was discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). The disc contained Don't Starve Together, but was without Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. As soon as we confirmed the problem we contacted our retail publisher to find out how this happened and what could be done. It's taken some time to get this far, but this is all the information we have at this time. The current status of the issue is as follows: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks.  When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc previous to 4/26/2018 can now contact Klei support HERE for a Playstation Store voucher code that includes Don't Starve Together, Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC that you can play now. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  New purchasers of the Megapack in store as of 4/26/2018 should be given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt. If you do not get a code, contact us ALL purchasers will have a path to get a new disc when they are ready. We do not have details at this time, but we are comitted to ensuring that all players get what they purchased.  We are hearing from some players that some retailers are telling players that they will not be exchanging discs. We believe this to be incorrect and that particular person or location is just misinformed. 505 has ensured us that they are doing their best to make sure these discs are being replaced for all players. We will not allow anybody to fall through the cracks here. We will buy and ship the discs ourselves if we have too.   This was our first major retail release and we're extremely disappointed that our players have been let down with their purchase of the Don't Starve Megapack. We're doing our best to make sure this issue gets resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks everybody for your support and patience. We'll keep you updated.    UPDATE: (4/26/2018) We are now ready to send out vouchers to players who purchased the physical version of the Don't Starve Megapack - These codes will allow players to download and play Don't Starve and DLC as well as Don't Starve Together To get a voucher players can contact as at our support site: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new  For the subject, choose "PS4 Megapack" and fill in the form and we'll get you fixed up as soon as possible.  We will require a picture of your receipt, your Klei account ID and the region you are located in (so we can give you the proper voucher).  UPDATE: (4/24/2018) Earlier this week, we discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). It’s a really unfortunate situation and we’ve been working hard with 505 to resolve this as soon as possible. Below is the latest information: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks. When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc will also be able to contact Klei support for a voucher code that includes Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC until the new disc is ready. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  We will have more details when they become available including details on contacting us and what information we might need.  Once again, thanks to everybody for their patience while we work this out. For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   


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  1. Premise 1: On miserable immune system settings, immunity doesn't regenerate passively. All immune loss must be countered with vitamins. Premise 2: Upon recovering from an illness, duplicants get a 10% immunity boost to prevent them from immediately getting sick from the same illness again. Premise 3: As of the Cosmic Update, hypothermia and heat stroke both count as illness despite not being caused by immune system loss. Conclusion: to keep your duplicants healthy without wasting vitamins, you should cryo-torture them on a regular basis. PS: I realise you might be concerned about frostbite. Try not to worry unduly. I have it on good authority that toes grow back.
  2. Throw me some dirt !

    By the way, if you are using farm tiles and built them early-game, they are probably made of dirt. Deconstructing them, and re-building them with clay, will buy you a small amount of food.
  3. I don't use my youtube account, but I can still share some advice: Mush bars will chew through your dirt and water and ultimately get you killed. Upgrade to meal lice asap. Look for buried objects and dig them up to get seeds and provide food (muck root) in the meantime. +5 specialised duplicants are better than jack-of-all-trade +2's. Research jobs in particular benefit hugely from the Learning stat. Those stacked batteries will never be built. They need a foundation. Use tiles and a door to turn the outhouse into a latrine room for a free stress-relief bonus.
  4. You win. I didn't even know you could run <1kG of gas through liquid pipes. Plus your "Accurate Valve" design would have come in handy for my Mk 1. This opens up a fair number of additional options.
  5. You've got the right idea: a breeding stable can supply critters to all your other stables, and doesn't need to be full size: just big enough to support a breeder or two. The idea is to ensure the eggs are laid somewhere the dupes can't get to them, so they incubate and hatch without your intervention. Here's a couple designs that work well for me: Turn on Autowrangle, set Critter Maximum to 2, and never worry about micromanaging your stables again. Your dupes will truss up a spare critter and deliver it to your other stables whenever one is needed, and you can set your egg crackers to continuous and not worry about killing off the population.
  6. AnotherBoris built a far simpler device to do the same thing. They say if a name is stupid enough it loops around to being cool. They're wrong. Regardless, here's the Glass Powered Olliebollie, or G-POB! (Mk II) How it works: 1. 80 C Oil is pumped into Preheating chamber 1, where it exchanges heat with 272 C gas coming from preheating chamber 2. 2. At intervals, determined by the rate of vaporization in the vaporization chamber, the vacuum seals will open, allowing oil to fall into the next preheating chamber (2 -> 3 -> 4), and gas to rise into the previous one. 3. In pre-heating chamber 2, 176 C oil interacts with 368 C gas. Each chamber enables equalization between progressively hotter oil and gas. NOTE: if you're willing to take a hit to efficiency, you can remove chambers 2 and 3 and compress the build a bit. 4. In pre-heating chamber 4, the oil is stored atop the vaporization chamber, which is necessary for proper vaporization function. 5. The vaporization chamber converts petrol to gas. As soon as this happens, more petrol is dropped in, displacing the newly created gas upwards. The lower door then closes, displacing the gas upwards again, followed by the upper door, pushing the gas into pre-heating chamber 4. Finally, the lower door opens, establishing a vaccum seal between pre-heating chamber 4 and the vaporization chamber. 6. From here, the heated gas gradually pushes it's way out to the cooling and extraction chamber via the pre-heating chambers (4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1). Note that it will take a number of vaporization events for the gas to reach the exit, and significantly more for the device to reach optimal efficiency. Building in survival: 1. Vacuum. This design should be built in a vacuum to save yourself a lot of pain later on. It's up to you how you establish said vacuum: if you can find a large space of rock where it's possible to dig out a vaccum behind a water/oil lock. Otherwise, gas pumps will eventually evacuate the area. 2. Prime the Heat Source Before you do anything else, build and prime the heating chamber and automation with magma (you can extract it from the magma sea with an abyssalite pump). The magma will cool to igneous rock as you build the rest of the vaporization chamber atop of it. Pre-heating is important for two reasons: a. while this build is quite efficient once it reaches it's equilibrium, it takes an immense amount of heat to reach that point (I found it takes about 500 Kg glass before it even starts outputting gas from a cold start). Preheating with high-capacity igneous rock will accelerate the priming process significantly. b. if you've accidentally built any automation wires or liquid vents out of meltables, you'll find out when it melts now rather at the end of the build. Fail fast! 3. Set up the Glass Extractor. So long as it's middle tile is in a vacuum, this device will gain no heat from the glass it's picking up. The small amount of operational heat it generates can be transferred to the metal block via a drop of petroleum on the corner, and the block can be cooled by any means. 4. Build the heat plate. ... and pump hot water into the heat chamber. It will steam immediately upon contact with the igneous rock that used to be magma. 5. Build everything else In general, use abyssalite for insulation, tungsten for condutivity, and gold amalgam/wolframite for machinery. The liquid vents in the Heat Source chamber should be wolframite. The materials are expensive, but there's no special construction requirements here. Use ladders here and there to help your dupes get around. 6. Connect the coolant pipes If you don't have a slush geyser, you can replace the slush vat with wheezeworts in hydrogen or an AETN. The cooler only needs to handle the tail end of cooling the gas to a pumpable temperature: assuming everything's functioning correctly, most of it's heat will go into the next batch of oil. 7. Connect the oil pipes ... to fill the first chamber with a few Kg of oil 8. Prime the system with oil. Flick the hydro sensor in the vaporization chamber on and off a few times, until a small amount of oil reaches the vaporization chamber. Leave it on "Below 0.1 Kg". 9. The boiler is now functional The heat from the igneous rock you added in step 2 will boil a fair amount of oil, causing the device to cycle a few times and push a bit of gas into the upper chambers. It's unlikely much gas will reach the exit pump at first: that's okay. As more heat is provided via the glass forge, the lower chambers will become more pressurized, pushing more gas towards the upper chambers every time the device cycles. Gradually, it will reach an equilibrium point where oil-in equals gas-out. Cheers, Qu G-POB Mk II.yaml
  7. Fair cop, those numbers are different from what I had in my head. With that said, I still stand by my assertion that liceloaf are absolutely not worth making. It takes 1200 kCal of edible meal lice to produce 1700 kCal of liceloaf, which (assuming you're already growing lice, which... well, duh) means you're actually using 50 kG of water to make 500 kCal of food. From that perspective liceloaf costs 100 g/kCal, or nearly twice as much as gristle berry. Also, are you sure the water usage is the same even if you use the farming station? Unless something has changed, I thought farmers touch caused blossoms to grow twice as fast with no change in water consumption, further increasing the attractiveness of berries.
  8. Water: - You can often gravity-drain polluted water pools above you into your vats with a good base design. This is a lot faster than piping. - Ice can be dug up and carted back home (with a 50% loss), or melted and piped/drained to the appropriate location. This is generally more valuable for cooling than water, but it can be a bonus. - Fertilizer makers no longer generate significant amounts of natural gas: they're really only good for making fertilizer now. Food: - Gristle Berries use significantly less water than liceloaf/Mush Fry, and are a logical step up from mealwood. Dusk caps use no water at all and are another step up. Most of your water was probably eaten by liceloaf. I never make the stuff except in emergencies: better to overproduce and eat the mealwood raw. Oxygen: - As mentioned, most of your water was probably eaten by inefficient food sources. Electrolyzers are the correct approach. Dupes: - 10 is a reasonable number. Med beds will only work if your dupes have "Care" set to high priority in the "Priorities" tab, otherwise they often won't recieve treatment and die. But prevention is better than cure: make sure your waste is quarantined, spam deoderizers, and use airlocks and submerged storage compactors to keep slimelung away. - Yes, you should have several couriers and groundskeepers. Debris on the floor has a massive impact on decor, so sweep it all up.
  9. New Lore?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that [REDACTED] hates lookin' at people's knees.
  10. That would probably be easier than steam, actually. Use a storage compactor to drop a couple tons of phosphorus in at the start of the build. Once the glass melts it, it will displace whatever gas is already in the chamber (you’d need a small amount of gas to allow it to exchange heat with the glass). Wouldn’t even have to build any piping. There is a way to extract the glass from this design without any changes: dupes can't do it anymore, but an autosweeper in the right place can still pick stuff up through the bottom left corner. Extracting the glass still means extracting the heat, however, which reduces the efficiency of the design significantly. I can offset this impact a bit by running the shipping conveyers through the pre-heating chambers, but it's still an impact, and this means hotter pre-heating chambers, which forces me to get rid of the radiant pipes. I will provide a manual switch for it as part of the Mk II design. In theory, the pre-heating chamber should balance itself out naturally between the incoming 80 C oil and the outgoing 540 C gas, so it should have an temperature somewhere between 300 and 400 C. The small amount of petroleum in the chamber in the screenshot is from brief moments of overheating as the oil is dropped into the vaporization chamber. Even when I spam glass production with debug mode, I've been unable to break the radiant pipes, so that seems to work as theorized. It might be more of a problem with a volcano. I'm still working on the Mk II boiler, which I plan to give two or maybe three pre-heating chambers to improve heat recycling. The hottest chambers won't have radiant pipes in them for this reason. Losing heat is not an option for me. Heat is expensive to produce, requiring a lot of dupe time and power (you folks with volcanoes don't know how good you've got it), so I have no choice but to recycle it as efficiently as possible. Fair assessment. That's not actually a door pump, though: it's a vaccum seal. The gas isn't being pumped out, it's just being allowed to leave in batches so that the recently boiled gas has time to equilibriate with the incoming oil. That's not fair, you know I'm a sucker for stupid names. Olliebollie it is!
  11. I don't have any numbers at the moment: I keep making improvements and haven't quite reached the point of doing number testing. I'm only sharing it now because the central conceit (the vaporization chamber) worked really well. The pre-heating chamber seems to hover around 300C, but it's been slowly increasing over time. Can't tell you off hand. It's not a huge amount compared to what a volcano can output, but it should easily be power-positive. Extracting the glass would require a fair amount of additional thought. I'd want to find a way not just to extract it, but to ensure it transferred as much of it's heat as possible into the oil first. Something involving shipping rails, presumably.
  12. I'm going to call this one the Oilboiloiler. My current seed (99) doesn't have any volcanoes at all, so this oil boiler was designed with heat efficiency in mind, not throughput. It works best when your heat source is small or irregular. It's also smaller than most boilers I've seen. I do like to keep things compact. The overriding principle here is "never cool oil, never heat gas". The two vaccum seals work to ensure that happens. This design is still a work in progress and there's still space for some safeguards, but it's quite functional in it's current state. It's powered by glass from the forge, although the metal refinery or kiln might also be potential heat sources. I haven't experimented too much. Overlays: How it works: Cool oil enters the pre-heating chamber, where it exchanges heat with recently-boiled gas. Meanwhile, a small amount of oil/petroleum in the vaporization chamber awaits enough heat to turn into gas. The moment the petroleum in the vaporization chamber turns to gas, the heating plate is disabled (the door opens, establishing a vacuum seal) and more oil/petrol is dropped in from above. This displaces the natural gas, allowing it to be door-pumped upwards into the pre-heating chamber. The lowest door then opens, re-establishing a vaccum seal to ensure the natural gas is not heated unnecessarily. From there it's just a regular cooling corridor, using slush as a cooling source. The vaccum seal above the pre-heating chamber ensures the oil in the chamber cannot be cooled unnecessarily (yes, I'm aware the radiant pipes in the corridor defeat the purpose a bit here. Am still adjusting the design).
  13. Yup. Growing immediately to 35 dupes on fatalistic/miserable is at the upper end of my competence right now. Combine that with a religious devotion to symmetry and spending a dozen cycles building a comically over-engineered outer shell in the most inefficient shape possible, and this base has been shambling from crisis to crisis for the last 50 cycles. I keep forgetting to upgrade them. I'm going to skip sinks (same amount of water out as in) and go straight for hand sanitizers, but I really do need to implement lav's.
  14. 20 cycles in and things are going... okay. Nearly killed my base in the rush to convert everything in time, first with stress (due to neglect on my part), then food poisoning (ran out of cool clean water for the basins), then with slimelung (some got into the polluted oxygen emitted by my algae terrariums in the lower parts of the base), but ultimately I managed to stretch my dirt out till now by deconstructing the dirt farms as I harvested the plants on them (to avoid wasting fertilizer) and rebuilding them with clay. I've only just run out completely. I had 0 fungal spores at the start of this: I now have somewhere around 30, attained via some hasty prospecting in the slime biome. I've now thoroughly infected the exterior caverns with slimelung, so no more going outside without exosuits. I've also increased my access to wild sleet wheat by piercing a few additional ice caves. At some point I'll need to remember to pump CO2 to the wild wheat, since I've stifled a lot of it by letting hydrogen and chlorine into it's cave. I'm not out of the woods yet, not by a long shot, but I'm hopeful our food stores will hold long enough for the 'shroom farm to expand to full size. @Neotuck Yeah, I'll be working on additional ranches once everything is stabilized. I plan to start building four specialized satelite bases in the distant corners of the map (should give me a reason to actually use tubes for once), and my agricultural bubble will likely include morb/puft ranches. @Gurgel This seed (99) is a pain. There's barely any natural polluted water in the slime biomes, which are few and far between, no volcano or metal volcano, and three of the geysers (2 chlorine, 1 hot CO2) are useless unless/until I fill the map with squeaky pufts and slicksters. However, 99 apologises for it's general awfulness with above-average water geysers. I need 7kg/s to maintain 35 dupes without any water saving measures. I've confirmed a constant flow of around 6kg/s so far from steam and slush, and still have a hot water geyser I haven't analysed yet. @asmallrabbit MSPaint. I decide on a size and crop the image, then zoom in, draw a circle with the circle tool, and count the pixels. It might sound like a pain, but once you've planned out an eighth of the circle you can keep mirroring the pattern to fill out the rest of it.
  15. This is my current base. Cycle 114, 35 dupes, fatalistic/miserable. . As you can see, our staple is mealwood, offset by two bristle berry farms, two hatch ranches, and a fair amount of wild sleet wheat. The ranch at the top is only to keep shine bugs from going extinct. Unfortunately, we're down to 4.7 t of dirt. Between that and the 112,000 kCal in storage, I'd say we've got around 10 cycles before starvation sets in. I need to find enough food for 35 dupes that I can switch to before that happens. Any idea's?