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  1. It would appear this hotfix has broken down many basic functions such as repair or mob AI
  2. honestly every problem with Wurt are directly related to merm kings and merm AI
  3. what are the perks of a "offline world"? All it does is you lose cosmetics and characters. You still need to load the caves on another server.
  4. The sad thing is this isn't even overpowered. moon axes and cutters are not even worth the travel.
  5. alot yes either way, I understand the exploit now. I'm grateful you've exposed it to the attention of the developers and I hope they fix this.
  6. Klei are real people with jobs at stake. This isn't wonderland, as much as you want game development to be a fairy tale. DST in 2017 was basically the same but with a cardboard sea. Nobody is insulting anyone. Arguing is good and healthy for discussions boards. Disagreeing is a right and you will not shut anyone down simply because they disagree with you. You need a better grasp on how things work on the internet aswell as in the videogame industry, and maybe even real life. That way most forum goers would not instantly skim over your replies on sight.
  7. It will not happen. For dont starve to work in multiplayer you basically have to remake everything from the ground up. For Klei to take on such a monumental task they would have to literally make it a new stand-alone game in the same way DST branched off from DS1. Shipwrecked and Hamlet are ironically whats keeping Dont Starve from becoming obsolete. Your suggestion would do that.
  8. plus FK is completely out of bounds for players who can't host caves.
  9. I think it's about time Klei fixes boss blockers once and for all. Not just this one.
  10. Can confirm this problem. It seems to me the grogginess is applied a few ticks *after* the consumption, but during that delay you're free to do whatever you want. Infact you have enough time to eat a second mushroom and the game will trigger the sleep twice.
  11. strong grip doesn't even affect bearger or mgoose and if you sink in the sea you still drop whatever you held in your hand slot. boo bad perk