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  1. The vast majority of multiplayer videogames can be launched solo. It's basic functionality. They're still meant to be played with others. Just use a HP mod.
  2. The repair rate doesn't have to be 1:1
  3. only if you intend on never using cutters against virtually anything else which is very unlikely.
  4. planting 40 kelp stalks around a stray boat is an incredible, underestimated farm.
  5. Glass Cutter should regenerate durability vs shadows, not just have a reduction.
  6. yes please more crafts too. Overworld needs a decent armor headwear.
  7. and yeah where are the world gen settings for RoT? I feel it's overdue. Or are they just waiting until everything is in?
  8. In 8 different worlds it was always super far away in a random corner. Do you have any trick in mind?
  9. It's fine but I'd wish for more types of boats. And trying to find the moon island, salts and shoals can be seriously annoying since it's basically all RNG and 90% of the sea is an empty waste of time.
  10. Giants atack pattern

    just give deerclops his laser attack all-year around. I did it and it's not hard to do.
  11. Have wildfires happen twice as much but it can't target player structures sounds perfect
  12. The basalt prison is definitely the king of setpieces. It rarely spawns even with mods that force set pieces.
  13. Beefs can't take damage from starve, don't worry. Rule of thumb, it's basically impossible to tell the right things to do without a mod that shows the beefalo's values in numerical.
  14. Only beasts that use beefalo animations make sense for saddles to work on. That means the koalefant, the spat and the varg. I think we can safely rule out ewecus and varg from this, so we need koalefant taming.
  15. When you force a character to be mute via inst.components.talker:IgnoreAll(), both hounds and giant growls do not emit their sounds upon their "approach" sequence.