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  1. Unfortunate that she has no interaction with the sea (swimming!) but ok.
  2. how about fixing up the sound mess brought by the "turn your windows volume up" update first?
  3. the ice staff works great on the red deer, however the burn of the red staff takes too long to take effect and doesn't stop the blue deer. (why is burning so bad in this game?)
  4. only if its stuff like health info and fishing rod reeling in floatsam
  5. Of course people would cry their easy exploits are being taken away. Just look at the Fuelweaver's recent bone edge fix. That doesn't matter the slightest. Ignore the wailing and bathe in better gameplay.
  6. Sailing is Fun!

    good. All of my previous posts involve doing that.
  7. Sailing is Fun!

    does "raise" mean shutting it off because now I'm very confused.
  8. Sailing is Fun!

    That momentum never rescinds though. I believe this is why people fully dock their boat properly, do everything they need to, leave the area and still come back to it exploded. also by "heave" I mean the sail is taken down. I may be using that word wrong. I'm not a pirate.
  9. Sailing is Fun!

    what I don't get is why the boat still moves a tiny bit even with anchor down and all sails heaved. How did this get past testing?
  10. they just need a way to detect they're stuck. Such as being in a movable state without actually closing in any distance.