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  1. you're free to turn off hounds. From the sound of it, it's likely your own server.
  2. The way to tame a default is you basically do whatever you want up until it's at 90% domestication. Then you train it the opposite of the method you first used to cancel the tendency. If it's semi-pudgy or semi-ornery then you just ride a while until the tendency goes away. If it's semi-rider then you just attack a wall or a lureplant or something until the tendency is countered. The shifts between tendencies always goes through default first, so you have to nail that exact moment before the domestication. Also yeah you kind of need a domestication info mod to see the %. If no mod, you just have to constantly bring it down back to default and pray. also for the record I haven't really played DST since the YOTB, I hear there's many new bugs with domestication now. It's probably a mess.
  3. Default + War Saddle is my go-to. Zero downside and you still retain the 50 damage threshold.
  4. We've already established enduring summer isn't particularly hard but it's still a chore. In this very thread. they don't exist
  5. The point is having borrowed characters in DST does not make their home games any less special. as for wheter vanilla DS is worth playing without DLCs, well that's probably another topic because it seems like a problem that the entirety of a game would apparently rest on the shoulders of wagstaff
  6. If it makes you feel better, none of the PC playerbase have it fair toward eachother either, because of various clientside mods.
  7. yes i have. we don't need a new bird type either. shoe-horning random loose ends only to justify a single character quote is poor design to say the least.
  8. so you're essentially asking for redbirds to drop ash instead of morsel during summer no thank you. it's a pointless nerf.
  9. yeah just make a temporary camp to prototype things with. If you're fast enough you could pitchfork the layout of your base before snow comes in, but in my experience I always wait until spring for that part
  10. because console forums are mostly for reporting bugs specific to that console. the gameplay is the same regardless of the platform.
  11. I think you may be mistaking DST for those RPG games where clones of the same classes can be difficult. Twice as much Wendy is just ... wendy power x2.