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  1. who said the game needs to be more uncompromising?
  2. I would never want to waste glasscutters just to obtain mediocre and bothersome food. your idea sucks and the razor is perfectly fine for this.
  3. locking important mechanics behind time-limited events is not an acceptable solution.
  4. would be fun but I don't think this is possible with how limited the game engine is. (i.e can't have caves on the same server)
  5. it is common in the videogame industry for devs to rarely play with the public on the off chance they get egged on in arguments or bad PR.
  6. Unfortunately I don't think you can change the amount of slots on-the-fly. It needs to be a pre-configured graphic.
  7. the graphics of held items aswell as hats and clothes are inherently part of the character I believe. I very much doubt you can target them individually.
  8. Happened to me once, but I wasn't too surprised since I see mctusks slap other mobs all the time. They do that.
  9. No new crafts* is already very low scoring to me. *not boat related
  10. I much prefer them all using the same farm system over dealing with 20 different tree types.
  11. klei probably takes perish time in account when balancing foods.
  12. honestly it's not even that good of a move because green staffs are extremely expensive.