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  1. Starter GlassCutter

    No luck either, oddly enough. Do you think it's because the recipe doesn't exist in blueprint form?
  2. Hi I wanna make my character know the glasscutter recipe innately I did inst:PushEvent("unlockrecipe", { recipe = "glasscutter" }) in postinits but it doesn't work. Any idea?
  3. Did bearger get bufffed?

    now give deerclops his laser all-year around
  4. about celestial orb

    at the very least, make the curvy meteor spawn on the island.
  5. Is there no way to lure it to land anymore? The recent patch removed this, right?
  6. I can't think of any mob that has it. This isn't just about playable character, it's a first in the entire game.
  7. I cannot fathom what they'll do with the top tier chars. Anyone trying to will just set themselves up for disappointment or unpleasant surprises.
  8. does this make weregoose the only character with proper diagonal animations?
  9. I'm quite certain they imitated the face of the sleeping hound which in turn likely means they appreciate the image and think good of it. I don't quite possibly fathom how you could misunderstand this.
  10. Salt Formations

    i'm pretty sure the fate of the ancient civilization was far more ... "morbid".
  11. ok but make bearger, antlion, clops and goose immune to gunpowder too
  12. well you can cook with jerky. The front post is rather misleading.
  13. Item balance issue.

    I'm rather bummed by malbatross drops. I know it's early but that's terrible. Sail is cool but the beak is pathetic.