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  1. alot more people get hit by terrorbeaks than you think, even in idle situations
  2. I've said it often, but the ocean is mainly lacking setpieces. Real survivor shipwrecks (not just a few planks), haunted dwellings, sunken lighthouses, watery graveyards, gnarwails vs sharks, pig or merm rafts, tentacles, rock formations that involve rock lobsters, icebergs, small walkable lands, maybe the implied tentacle monster, ect. it's really a no brainer
  3. All bottles should 100% spawn a marked spot after all Pearl quests are finished
  4. Having to make choices is an important part of gameplay. I understand most teens have a attention disorder nowadays but that's not how things work unfortunately. You can't have everything you want. anyway thermal stones in a backpack already do this
  5. have you considered that "rushing ruins" should prove difficult and shouldn't be easily accessible? if worldgen allows you to pull it off, consider it a blessing or a gift even. Otherwise cope and build your forces like everyone else.
  6. then fix the other too, genius is there some hard limit for patching?
  7. No it is not outdated. simplicity drags in a bigger audience than you might think. klei would not be smart to risk a large playerbase for a few disgruntled veterans. proof: that's the whole idea behind the new crafting menu
  8. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Unimplemented_Features#Brightmare_Alterego I don't know what these guys were meant to do but please please klei do something with it. It's so cool looking and spooky at the same time
  9. the part where he kidnapped 90% of the survivors and robbed them of their normal lives to face arguable torture for eternity
  10. They're really bad headwear and toadstool truly has awful loot