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  1. Boy, you sure do love yourself some mangoes, eh?
  2. I've always believed that monster meat contains trace amounts of nightmare fuel.
  3. Well that depends on which part of Upstate New York. It is, after all, an Albany expression.
  4. Wait, which ruins with the herald statue? There's two, and one is used to get to the island with the other herald ruins.
  5. Heh, I could imagine him (and the rest of the survivors that weren't around during the Forge or the Gorge) just watching and eating popcorn; Warly: Shouldn't we be helping them, mon amis? Wortox: Nah, they'll be fine. Anyways, we have to focus ourselves on trying to keep Wormwood from catching fire and keeping Wurt from starting any fights with our fellow spectators. Warly: Oui, you have a point. Plus, this popcorn is quite excellent!
  6. Yeah, it's pretty weird getting used to digital, but hey, it's better than actually learning how to paint.
  7. "Shadows... the natural habitat of the roadie." Behold, Triumphant Wurzel! Replacing his burlap head with a nightmare-charred pumpkin, complete with a mass of black vines for hair (and a real big one for a tongue) and his measly frame of logs substituted with a skeleton of twisted driftwood! He's still filled with straw though.
  8. "Roses... the most regal flower of them all." Here's Wya's Roseate skin, all dressed up for a date! With who, you might ask? I'll never tell!