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  1. Wagstaff Villain Or Victim?

    I see. In that case, replace 'lived through the horrors of the Great War' to 'lost a son in the Great War'. That way, we have an explanation for WX-78 as well!
  2. Uhh... I have an art thread now?

    Yeah, I really oughta do some more art of my other characters.
  3. Uhh... I have an art thread now?

    "Roses... the most regal flower of them all." Here's Wya's Roseate skin, all dressed up for a date! With who, you might ask? I'll never tell!
  4. Dumpster for Lore

    Shame that it's probably only DST that's getting lore. I really wanna know the story behind that Iron Hulk...
  5. I live for the Lore.
  6. is dst dead like tf2

    Maybe, but optional CONTENT is still CONTENT
  7. is dst dead like tf2

    Oh, I see.
  8. is dst dead like tf2

    Bruh There's an entire new island, SEVERAL new gameplay mechanics, plenty of new items, mobs, and resources, and you're seriously trying to say there's no new content? Are... are you okay? Do we need to call you a doctor?
  9. Wagstaff Villain Or Victim?

    Honestly, I would say a victim. Considering his age, it's not impossible that he lived through the horrors of the Great War (WWI to you and me) and his desire to obtain the nightmare throne is likely fueled by wanting to prevent similar wars from happening.
  10. Uhh... I have an art thread now?

    Wyami'ina - in full colour!
  11. Well, you could always use cryogenic stasis, but that's a little costly, so just do what I do, and whack yourself in the head hard enough to put yourself in a coma for a few days.* Not too hard though, or else you'll end up on the next cart to Helgen. *Disclaimer: don't actually do this, or else you'll die and your family will sue me.
  12. 7Meias: "Nobody plays Wilson" Wilson Mains:
  13. What would you do?

    Try and convert the Nightmare Throne into a Nightmare Mech, or at least give the damn thing wheels.
  14. [Game Update] - 379886

    As a single-player main, I can vouch for that. Sure, it's hunger value's kinda low, but it gives 33 sanity and a whopping 60 health!