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  1. I honestly do not care how much they cost, as long as they are somehow ported to singleplayer, as I am a near-friendless cretin who doesn't play Together often.
  2. Aww, I wish I could get these new characters for single player.
  3. Thread about Autumn tint.

    Hold on. What exactly am I copying where?
  4. Hamlet color changes poll

    Some things I do like, some things I don't. For instance, I quite like the new claw palm look, and the tuber trees, too. However, the grassy tufts being green seems out of place. And I miss the vibrant tint that the temperate season had, because now, everything seems... well, as hrugl said above, washed out.
  6. J-5 before Q.O.L

    Yep. Makes sense, doesn't it?
  7. J-5 before Q.O.L

    Honestly, I think all magical items should be refuelable with nightmare fuel.
  8. What would you add to the Aporkalipse?

    [FYI, not a serious answer] The song Demons, by Chelsea Wolfe, on repeat. Constantly, until the Aporkalypse ends. Oh, and to be clear, the Apokalypsis version, not The Grime and The Glow version.
  9. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    Okay, I have a rather... controversial opinion, so try to remain open-minded... I actually quite like his skin tone. Please don't kill me
  10. Conflicting world custumization

    I encountered a similar predicament. I set the temperate season to be longer and the crumbling statues to more (don't judge me) and the world seemed to have a greenish-yellow tint. It may have been caused by a mod (the season clock told me it was autumn) but I'll have to check.
  11. I mean, they're nettles. That's what they're known for.
  12. I think they can be burnt.
  13. Remove The Unnecessary Holes

    I agree, it it quite frustrating, especially when you're trying to find somewhere to set up base.
  14. First off, I wanna say that I love the currency and shopping in hamlet. It allows me to get items that I would otherwise have spend countless hours gathering resources for. However, it's frustrating when I want something, and I know the shop sells it... but it's not currently in stock. A solution to this problem? Shop catalogs! Just go into the shop, order from the catalog, and have it delivered to your house in 2-3 business days! Off course, to balance this out, you should have to pay a premium (you know, logistics fees and what have you) and it should only be available to those who own property.